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Chapter 98 – Teaching Like Crazy

Sleeping Moon naturally felt depressed. This clearly meant that Seven Field’s and his skill weren’t good enough. Sleeping Moon didn’t want to accept it, but after seeing Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion, they were clearly better than them by a grade.

Their constant moving and quick skill release all reflected high hand speed. The gap in their microing was difficult to see, but the fact that they could see it meant that the gap was quite large.

Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon fought monsters while heartbroken. Ye Xiu was still continuously instructing the two on what to do. Sleeping Moon wanted to learn too, but he wasn’t of the same class. The other side was teaching them about the Battle Mage and Brawler. Actively ask for Lord Grim to teach him? It’d be better to just die. In the end, Sleeping Moon thought of a way: he should stick with Sunset Clouds more. That guy was a Blade Master like him. If he shamelessly went to that guy to ask for guidance, then couldn’t he eavesdrop and learn too?

Right when he was thinking of this, he suddenly heard that guy say: “Little Moon Moon, what are you doing?”

Sleeping Moon recovered and looked. He started sweating. While he was thinking, he had already killed off his target. He was hacking at nothing right now!

Pretending as if nothing had happened, he immediately went back to fighting. Then, he heard that new girl say: “So it’s this easy?”

“When the time comes, we’re going to have to pull more of them. I’m just letting you get familiar with the dungeon right now. Each monster’s position, attack patterns, attack speed, movement speed, you need to pay attention to them all. Steamed Bun too.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why do you need to pay attention to them so much?” Steamed Bun Invasion was killing the Goblins in the dungeon quite relaxed, so he didn’t really take things very seriously.

“Sometimes the final record will only be better by a few seconds. This small difference comes from these small details.” Ye Xiu explained.

“So I’m not doing well enough right now?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“Not good enough. But it’ll be enough for today! In this run, I’ll just give you a rough explanation. A bit later, you go back and continue fighting in the Arena. Save up your experience for now. Wait until I gather a few more people and when the time comes, we’ll practice properly.” Ye Xiu suddenly had this cautious thought. It really was all because this Steamed Bun Invasion behaved too much like a noob. This type of guy wasn’t stable. It’s be best to spend more time practicing.

Luckily, Steamed Bun Invasion was also addicted to PK. Hearing that he didn’t need to dungeon, he was actually quite happy. He unreservedly agreed.

Ye Xiu followed and then suddenly thought of something else: “Right, how many points are you at in the Arena?”

“98 Points.” Steamed Bun Invasion said proudly. He had been playing one on one duels in the Arena. Each win would only earn him 1 point, so 98 points meant that he had already won against 98 opponents.

“Don’t randomly use your points. Save up until you have 250 points and then trade for a Level 25 Purple weapon.” Ye Xiu said.

The Arena was similar to the pro scene. There were different types of matches that could be played. One on one was 1 win, 1 point. The group single-elimination competition (winner stays on until defeated) was 2 points for every member on the victorious group. The team competition was different from the pro scene though. It wasn’t a 5 players and 1 sub set-up. In this competition, players could set it up however they liked. 2v2, 3v3, were all fine. The highest it could go to was a 5v5 with 1 sub, just like in the pro-scene.

The points earned could be used to trade for equipment. In the Level 50, Level 60, and Level 70 stage, there was even Orange equipment that could be traded.

Level 50 Orange equipment required 8000 points. Level 60 Orange equipment required 10,000 points. Level 70 Orange equipment required 12,000 points.

This Orange equipment couldn’t be obtained with just perseverance. That was because starting from Level 50 in the Arena, besides earning points from winning, players would also lose points. Like this, players unable to achieve a 50% win rate couldn’t profit.

However, it wasn’t like there weren’t any shortcuts. There was one method that could earn a player enough points in a single round: gambling.

Players could gamble with points, in-game currency, and even equipment.

There was no betting limit. In the default setting, if a player opened with 1000 points, then a challenger could join as long as he had 1000 points. In addition to this, players could also negotiate. For example, if a player opened with 1000 points, then if the challenger lost, the challenger would only have to pay 500 points. As long as both sides agreed to it, this sort of set-up was possible. The system always acted as the mediator, so it wasn’t possible to shamelessly cheat others.

Those who dared to open a gamble undoubtedly had a trick or two up their sleeves. But most of the time, players made a profit of 100 points or less, because no one was confident in winning 100% of the time. Of course, there definitely were brave gamblers that made huge bets on one match. These types were usually between two sides with enmity towards each other and used the bet decide who was better. Apart from this, there were quite a few who had no idea what they were doing. In such a large game with so many players, there were definitely strange players with gambling mindsets that could not be understood by ordinary players.

The tenth server was only a new server. With Steamed Bun Invasion’s level, there was no difference in fighting in the free-for-all matches or the same-level matches. Apart from the Fixed Field, which didn’t give any points or rewards, the other places were all the same. Ye Xiu had suddenly recalled that the Arena’s Level 25 Purple Weapon was a good weapon. Steamed Bun Invasion was currently addicted to PK and he just happened to have the ability to obtain this weapon and increase his strength.

“Oh? Is that weapon powerful?” Noobs always had questions. Ye Xiu naturally explained it to him.

They continued dungeoning and Ye Xiu explained to them the entire way. When they reached the BOSS, he said even more. This was because once the party reached a certain level, as long as they didn’t make any mistakes, then the small monsters were nothing and nothing would surprise them. On the other hand, more changes could occur during the long fight with the BOSS. The few seconds of time that could be improved on came from here.

It was Tang Rou’s first time in Frost Forest, so Ye Xiu taught her the BOSS’s characteristics in detail. Steamed Bun Invasion had already cleared the dungeon several times already, but who else gave such a detailed explanation like this? So he learned quite a bit too. Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon had cleared it before too, so they roughly knew the dungeon. However, after hearing him, they also learned about quite a few details. Especially Ye Xiu’s lessons on how to deal with certain situations. A lot of those parts made the two widen their scope.

In the end, this dungeon took 35 minutes to clear. All because Ye Xiu was talking too much.

After leaving the dungeon, Ye Xiu, whose throat was about to catch fire from being too dry, grabbed the green tea and madly drank a few mouthfuls. He turned his head and asked Tang Rou: “How about it? Do you understand everything now?” This lesson was mainly for Tang Rou.

In the end, Tang Rou was happily laughing: “No more guessing. No more guessing. I really don’t know.”

Ye Xiu turned his head and looked. Steamed Bun Invasion was once again asking her to guess his astrological sign. A mouthful of tea almost spurted out from his nose. Fortunately, Tang Rou immediately replied: “It’s all so easy!”

“Then go solo it!” Ye Xiu said.

“Solo?” Tang Rou stared blankly.

“It shouldn’t be a problem for you right? It’s all so easy!” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ll clear it for you to see!” Tang Rou didn’t say anything further and entered the dungeon. The Frost Forest dungeon really was a lot harder than the beginner village’s educational dungeons. But Tang Rou was still confident she could do it.

Soft Mist left the party and then entered the dungeon alone, which made Seven Fields and the others all at a loss.

“Brother expert?” Seven Fields was puzzled.

“Oh, she’s going to practice.” Ye Xiu said.

“Solo Frost Forest?” Seven Fields felt as if he was going to faint. These guys weren’t humans!

“Ha ha, she won’t be able to do it.” Ye Xiu said.

Although Tang Rou was no longer in the same voice channel as them when she entered the dungeon, she herself was sitting next to Ye Xiu. She directly heard it and turned her head: “Who said I won’t be able to finish it!”

“I said so!” Ye Xiu laughed.

Tang Rou didn’t reply and wildly killed monsters.

“You guys go look for other players to dungeon with. I’m not going to clear it for now.” Ye Xiu said to Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon.

“Oh!” As a result, the two looked for other players to party with. Steamed Bun Invasion now had a goal to trade for the Purple weapon and seemed even more excited. He yelled loudly “250! 250! My goal is 250!” Among the surrounding surprised players, he ran off to the Arena, making Ye Xiu feel another shadow over his heart: Will this guy really be okay?

Noobs couldn’t be managed, but this sister next to him could still be taught. Ye Xiu pulled up his stool to behind Tang Rou. He drank tea and smoked his cigarette, leisurely watching Tang Rou solo Frost Forest and waiting for a bad situation to occur.

With Tang Rou’s skill, soloing Frost Forest wasn’t an issue of skill. She was already quite proficient with using Level 20 and under Battle Mage skills. The newly learned Level 20 skills, Circle Swing and Neutral Chaser, had already been explained before by Ye Xiu. At this moment, she was also gradually getting absorbed into her playing. She had slaughtered her way through very smoothly and easily. It truly wasn’t something anyone could do.

But right before the first BOSS, in the last wave of monsters, something bad finally occurred.

Pulling a few monsters, her flowing playing continued. Her left hand beautifully swiped the keyboard and used Falling Flower Palm to attack. But Soft Mist didn’t respond. After staring blankly for a bit, Tang Rou looked at a system prompt: not enough mana.

Tang Rou immediately gave Soft Mist a mana potion to drink. But potions were either instant recovery or slow recovery. Instant recovery potions were high quality goods. How could beginner village NPCs sell that type of instant recovery potions. Naturally, her potions were the slow recovery ones that required some time before the potion completely took effect. This duration was usually ten seconds. But different quality potions recovered different amounts every second.

While Tang Rou waited for the potion’s effects, she used skills to kill off the monsters. In the end, after ten seconds, the effects disappeared and her mana was also used up again. Potions had a cooldown of 1 minute, so in the following 50 seconds, she had no way of using skills.

Tang Rou could only let Soft Mist dodge left and right and used a normal attack whenever there was an opening to. It put her in a somewhat difficult situation. After fighting with difficulty for 50 seconds, she drank another potion and used another 10 seconds worth of skills before her mana was all gone again.

“Ha ha ha…..” Ye Xiu laughed, which felt extremely ear-piercing to Tang Rou. She grinded her teeth and endured. Under such a vicious cycle, she was simply wasting her time on these small monsters. Her own injuries weren’t light either. And she had to hurriedly begin using food items to recover her health.

“When we’re going for a new clear record, how is there going to be time to rest and recover?” Ye Xiu said from behind.

“Oh, I’ll remember to drink potions.” Tang Rou said.

“It’s not just drinking potions. It’s the rhythm for when to use your skills and potions that’s needed to obtain the greatest endurance. You go to the side and watch me play for a bit! I’ll show you how it’s done.” Ye Xiu said.

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