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Chapter 97 – Stupid Noob

The quests for changing classes were difficult for normal newbies. They would often need to try it again several times before succeeding. But for Tang Rou, who had quick hand speed, it wasn’t difficult at all. She easily completed the quests for changing classes and Soft Mist officially became a Battle Mage.

“Where are you?” Tang Rou asked Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu sent some coordinates over to her. He, Seven Fields, and Sleeping Moon had already rushed over towards the dungeon. In addition, he sent Steamed Bun Invasion a message to come over too.

But Steamed Bun Invasion had already become addicted to PK in the Arena as if he were . He was actually unwilling to go dungeon. There was nothing Ye Xiu could do about this noob. No matter what a noob played, he’d quickly become addicted. No matter what a noob played, he’d find it fun.

While hurrying on, Ye Xiu sent a message to Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader Cold Night, asking him if he had gotten a hold of the information on Excellent Dynasty’s party.

“Not yet. It’s not easy finding what equipment they had.” Cold Night replied. Glory didn’t have any set up to directly check a player’s information. In order to figure out a stranger’s equipment, you had to be very familiar with equipment and then examine the clothing on a character. Cold Night was quite meticulous for this task. He sent an equipment specialist from his guild to study those five player’s equipment.

“Their classes then? You should at least know their classes by now, right?” Ye Xiu asked. That wasn’t hard to find.

“Yeah. We’ve already found it. Gray Black is a Spellblade. Sea Breeze is a Sharpshooter. Inherit is a Striker. Nowhere to Run is a Witch. Purse is an Elementalist.” Cold Night said.

“Okay, got it.” Ye Xiu replied. The corners of his mouth were grinning carelessly the whole time.

Spellblade, Striker, and Sharpshooter, just happened to be the classes that Liu Hao, Wang Ze, and Fang Fengran used. When he saw that these three and Excellent Dynasty’s guild leader Chen Yehui were together, Ye Xiu had already suspected this. Now that he got the info, sure enough, the tenth server’s Frost Forest clear record was indeed done by pro players.

But these three really did have a lot of free time. To actually come out and clear Frost Forest, that sort of low-leveled dungeon, what exactly were they planning? Just for fun? Ye Xiu couldn’t think of the reason why at this moment. If they wanted to play for fun, then they could have just gone to the Heavenly Domain to play.

Was it possible that they just did it because they wanted the pleasure of setting a new record? If it was like that, then Ye Xiu had to blush with shame on behalf of them. To challenge the the record for the new server’s Frost Forest, that was like if an NBA basketball star came to a high school match to determine the winner; how shameful was that?

But no matter how shameful that was, pro players coming out really was different. They had set the all-time record for Frost Forest in all ten servers. In fact, in each of the servers, there were many dungeons where the final record was set by pro players. Moreover, they were also the highest records in all of the servers.

However, these records weren’t admired by anyone. On the contrary, players were actually angry at them. These records set by pro players were clearly better than normal player’s by a large margin. No matter how hard a normal player tried, they wouldn’t be able to beat it. They lost the chance to get the rewards for setting a new record for no reason. Of course they wouldn’t be happy.

What happened to pro players? Pro players didn’t compete in the Alliance and ran to the game to bully others?

The forums were once filled with these posts, making the pro players that set new records look extremely bad and making them not dare to say that those records were set by them. The characters that set the records became disused and basically became characters hated by everyone. In reality, these pro players didn’t mean to be bullies. They had just casually played because they were bored. They didn’t think that they would have caused such a ruckus.

There were even conspiracy theorists. They thought that the game company invited these pro players to deliberately set impossible-to-beat records, so that players wouldn’t be able to set a new record and grab the rewards.

The game company had taken a bullet even though they weren’t involved as if they received an injust treament like . They had received unjust treatment. When the anger was at its peak, they even had to go out and explain it. In the end, they had to negotiate with the Professional Alliance and the Professional Alliance made a statement saying that pro-players were not allowed to do this sort of thing. But a statement was just a statement and no one monitored it. As a result, it all depended on the pro player. However, to be honest, pro players didn’t really have any interest in setting this sort of record. After this mess, such an act became even rarer.

After all, if the record was clearly made by a pro, then millions of players would hate them. Only those mentally twisted guys would like that sort of feeling.

So for those three to set the Frost Forest record, Ye Xiu really didn’t think too much of it. Seeing that they were together with Chen Yehui, it was probably Chen Yehui who mentioned it, so the three just conveniently played around. Low-end dungeons had their good points. Although it made them seem even more shameless, not many people paid attention to low-end dungeons.

“Are you there yet?” Ye Xiu turned his head to look at Tang Rou’s screen. His group of three had already arrived. The were currently waiting for Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion.

“On the way.” Tang Rou said.

“Do you know the way?” Tang Rou was still a noob, so Ye Xiu was afraid that she didn’t know the way there.

“I know!” It looks like Tang Rou wasn’t that noobish.

Outside of the dungeon, the five players met. Seeing that the new player was a female character, ordinarily, they would have went over to check her out. But because brother expert had brought her, Seven Fields restrained himself. Sleeping Moon, on the other hand, expressed that such an act was beneath him. Only Steamed Bun Invasion, that stupid noob, ran up in front of Soft Mist and bounced up and down: “Hey beautiful.”

Before Level 20, Tang Rou had leveled on her own. Previously, when she played with Chen Guo, she was only controlling the character and had never communicated with others. This was her first experience with Glory’s voice system. After staring blankly for a bit, she suddenly started laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Ye Xiu turned his head strangely.

“So that’s how you speak? It feel so stupid!” Tang Rou said.

After seeing Steamed Bun Invasion bouncing up and down and say a single greeting, Tang Rou had laughed uncontrollably. For the first time, Ye Xiu began to have a few doubts: were these two reliable? Beating a record set by pro-players isn’t something so easy to do……

“How do I speak?” Tang Rou asked.

“Oh? Is your voice option not turned on?” Ye Xiu recovered and instructed Tang Rou to turn on the voice option.

Tang Rou coughed twice and then greeted everyone with a “Hi everyone”. Immediately after, she began laughing again.

“What’s so funny……” Ye Xiu couldn’t understand.

“I don’t know either!” Tang Rou laughed while saying this.

In the game, Steamed Bun Invasion was quite excited: “Wow, it really is a beauty! Even her voice sounds nice. Brother Seven, Little Moon Moon, did you guys hear it?”

“Little Moon Moon YOU F*CKER!!” Sleeping Moon was alarmed. How terrible! How could someone he just met already know of this top-secret nickname? It must have been that son of a b*tch who privately taught him, right? Sleeping Moon began conspiring theories. He obviously didn’t know, that right now, whenever he was talked about, they would always use the name “Little Moon Moon”. Of course, Seven Fields and the others still used Sleeping Moon when they were in front of him, but Steamed Bun Invasion couldn’t care less. A noob! What was a noob? This was one.

“Okay, okay, stop being so noisy. Let’s party up and get ready to dungeon! This is Soft Mist’s first time doing this dungeon. Everyone take care of her.” Ye Xiu said.

“Your name is really pretty, beautiful.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Thank you.” Tang Rou politely replied.

“Beautiful, what’s your astrological sign?” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Aries.” Tang Rou answered.

“Cough!” Ye Xiu coughed.

“Beautiful, can you guess what sign I am?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“I don’t know!” Tang Rou said.

“Guess! I’ll give you three guesses.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Cough cough cough!! We’re going into the dungeon, you two!!!” Ye Xiu couldn’t bear it anymore.

But after going into the dungeon, would Steamed Bun Invasion calm down? Of course not! He continued to circle around Soft Mist and say: “Beautiful, be careful. This dungeon is very dangerous. You should stand behind me! Did you know? When I first came here……”

“Steamed Bun Steamed Bun Steamed Bun!!!” Ye Xiu felt that his IQ was rapidly declining, “You can chat when there’s time! I’m going to pull the monsters, Soft Mist come with me.”

“Okay.” Tang Rou controlled Soft Mist to follow Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim.

When Lord Grim took out his Thousand Chance Umbrella, it was already in the Battle Lance form. It was the same type as Tang Rou’s weapon.

“Look, the monsters in this dungeon……” Ye Xiu said to Tang Rou while pulling the monsters. He gathered together different types of monsters in combat, explaining them to her while instructing her on how to pull the monsters.

Steamed Bun Invasion was very lonely. He was bouncing about in front of Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon: “Can you guys guess what sign I am?”

“F*ck off!” The two said.

Steamed Bun Invasion was gloomy. He went to the side and began drawing circles. He still felt that the beautiful girl was more gentle and kind.

Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon, on the other hand, were watching Lord Grim pull monsters. The more they looked, the more they were amazed. It wasn’t because of brother expert. They were already used to brother expert’s skill. The one that amazed them was the girl that brother expert brought. After explaining and demonstrating it a few times, this girl had already begun personally going into battle. From her positioning to pulling monsters to attacking to dodging, how was this a new player who had never been to Frost Forest?

“Who is that person?” Seven Fields muttered. With so many experts like this, as a middle-ranked players, they really did feel jealous! In fact, not just these two, but even that Brawler noob over at the side drawing circles.. after Lord Grim had taught him for a bit, his skill had advanced by leaps and bounds. His hand speed was clearly faster than theirs by a large margin.

Right when Seven Fields was feeling heart-broken, brother expert and the newly joined girl had brought back a few monsters. Bringing this bunch, Ye Xiu didn’t dare use One Wave Rush. But there were still a lot more monsters that were pulled than normal.

Seven Fields and the two others immediately went up to support them. While fighting these monsters, Ye Xiu said this and that to Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion. Sleeping Moon heard this and was baffled. He asked Seven Fields: “Why is he speaking so much to them?”

Seven Fields heard this and became heart-broken again: “They’re planning on setting a new record for Frost Forest at Level 25!”

“Us five?” Sleeping Moon asked.

“Those three.” Seven Fields said.

“Three players? No way, right?” Sleeping Moon was stunned.

Seven Fields was helpless. This guy really did know how to invite trouble! He could only comprehensively explain: “To set a new record, brother expert is needed. Brother expert looks like he’s preparing Steamed Bun and that girl to help him challenge the record. I don’t know who the other two members are.”

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