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Chapter 95 – Unexpected Guests

“I just got up. Why should I sleep?” Tang Rou said.

“I’m feeling pretty good.” Ye Xiu said.

“When did you wake up?” Tang Rou asked.

“8 o’clock!”

The two chatted, each minding their own business, making Chen Guo speechless in anger. At this moment, the Internet Cafe door opened and an uncle came: “Is it you guys with no electricity?”

Ye Xiu and Tang Rou were overjoyed at the turn of events. They both welcomed him, nodding their heads and bowing: “Yeah, yeah. Uncle, you’ve arrived.”

“What happened?” The uncle carried his toolbox and entered.

“You two take care!” Chen Guo was already done with these two. Right when she was about to go upstairs, she heard Ye Xiu yell from behind: “Boss, we have to pay right?”

When Chen Guo heard this, her feet slipped and she nearly fell to the ground headfirst. After a long time, she recovered and said slowly: “Get it from the cash box.”

Ye Xiu and Tang Rou immediately became little robot servants. They followed him everywhere, waiting on the side with tea and water to serve. After the uncle electrician inspected the situation, he found the problem. But his expression didn’t look good. The problem was clearly difficult to resolve, already causing the electrician to think of withdrawing.

“How is it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“It’s not easy to fix. It’s too late right now, I’ll come back tomorrow!” The uncle said this and was about to pack up and leave.

Ye Xiu panicked. He was about to try and bribe the uncle with cigarettes, when he heard a “No way”, interrupting his move. At this crucial moment, the beauty Tang Rou showed her power. She went up and pulled at the uncle, telling him soft words and asking him for help. After a few words, she broke down the uncle’s defense. The uncle’s IQ and EQ drastically dropped. His hands waved as if he were wiping away his drool. Carrying his toolbox, he turned around without hesitation: “Watch me!”

Ye Xiu was delighted and gave a big thumbs up towards Tang Rou. Tang Rou returned a smile. The two became professional electrician apprentices. One of them held the flashlight and the other carried the tools, while listening to the uncle explain the reason for the malfunction. They had no idea what he was saying and used “Okay. Yeah. Sure”, every possible agreeing noise.

The electrician uncle was a kind and honest person. When he said that the problem was difficult to fix, it really did take a long time. In the end, he customers that had originally wanted to wait until the electricity came back all left. As time went on, Ye Xiu and Tang Rou also gradually felt a little sorry. It was already 11 o’clock. He had been fixing for two hours and no signs of the electricity coming back any time soon.

“Let’s go buy some midnight snacks and rest for a bit!” Tang Rou, who had made the move to have the uncle stay, felt even more sorry. She felt that she should at least bring the uncle some midnight snacks to eat.

“Okay, I’ll go.” Ye Xiu nodded. He rubbed his head while asking: “Take the money from the cash box?”

Tang Rou made a sideways glance. Ye Xiu quietly nodded his head and went to the nearby restaurant to buy some food. He returned to invite the electrician uncle. The uncle really was tired, so he didn’t decline.

“How much money?” Tang Rou asked Ye Xiu.


“Food.” Tang Rou said.

“86. You haven’t eaten dinner yet, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah……. 86, I only have 43. I owe you then!” Tang Rou said.

“No need!” Ye Xiu laughed. This sister really was earnest. She wanted both of them to split the bill.

“If you insist on inviting me, then I don’t mind.” Tang Rou smiled.

“Eat eat!” Ye Xiu didn’t mind. He turned around towards the uncle: “Uncle, thanks for your trouble. How much longer do you need?”

“Not much. Around half an hour!” The electrician uncle said.

The two let out a sigh. They finally saw some light.

He didn’t need thirty minutes. After twenty minutes, everything was restored and the Internet Cafe’s electricity came back. The bill went to the Internet Cafe.

After the uncle left and the Internet Cafe’s lights came back on, only Ye Xiu and Tang Rou were there. It was already past midnight. Ye Xiu didn’t have much work experience and asked Tang Rou: “Will there still be people coming?”

“I have no idea. Let’s keep watch!” Tang Rou turned off the useless lights. Ye Xiu sat at the reception desk and had already turned on the computer.

“Then I’ll sit down too!” Tang Rou went over and prepared to use the server computer. As long as there was one computer station that needed it, then the server computer would need to be turned on too. The electricity had only just come on at this time, so she didn’t know if anyone would come to the Cafe. And it’d just be better to just directly use the server computer than to turn on another one.

“You don’t mind me smoking, right?” Ye Xiu promptly asked.

“I don’t mind.” Tang Rou said.

“That’s good.” Ye Xiu let out a sigh.

“Would you like some tea?” Tang Rou carried her cup, about to go make tea.

“Thank you.” Ye Xiu didn’t decline.

“Your cup?”

“…….” How could Ye Xiu have his own cup. In the end, Tang Rou took out a bottle of Healthy Master Green Tea from the cupboard and handed it to Ye Xiu: “It’s my treat.”

“…….” Ye Xiu was speechless.

The majority of the Internet Cafe’s lights were turned off. In the huge space, only their reception desk had some light. It looked like a small island. Tang Rou didn’t say anything else and swiped her card to enter the game. She controlled her Soft Mist directly to Skeleton Graveyard. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, first went to open the web browser and went to the Glory Professional Alliance’s official site.

They lost!

As expected, Team Excellent Era lost the team competition. In the end, in this round, relying on Su Mucheng’s single victory in the individual competition and the second part’s group competition, Excellent Era earned 3 points. Team 301, on the other hand, earned 7 points.

In the 20th round of the league, Team Excellent Era’s ranking in the league didn’t change. They were still second to last place. However, all of the supporters all had their hopes reignited after this round. All because of Sun Xiang and One Autumn Leaf’s extraordinary 1v3 in the group competition. As for their loss in the team competition, everyone just blamed it on the fact that Sun Xiang had just entered the team and hadn’t broken in yet.

In short, everyone held high expectations for Sun Xiang. Many of the faithful fans had already researched how many points Excellent Era would need to enter the top eight spots in the regular season and qualify for playoffs. From these calculations, they found the Team Excellent Era still had the possibility of qualifying for playoffs from their second to last place position. Their final result: in theory, there was still a possibility, but it would be extremely difficult. Their performance in the first half of the season really was too poor. Among the comments, there were many complaints towards the previous team captain Ye Qiu.

Ye Xiu silently closed the web page and immediately swiped his card, entering the game. Once he got online, he received a greeting from Seven Fields. After the greeting, Seven Fields sent an invite: “Want to dungeon with us, brother expert?”

Ye Xiu turned his head to look at the level of Tang Rou’s Soft Mist. She was level 18, almost 19. She would definitely reach level 20 tonight. He only had a limited amount of entries for the Frost Forest dungeon. Ye Xiu felt that he should leave some entries and later bring Tang Rou over to get familiar with the map. As a result, he replied to Seven Fields: “How about a bit later! Train a bit first. I have a friend here. I’ll bring her over in a bit and then we can dungeon together.”

“Okay.” Seven Fields obviously didn’t object: “Then are we still going to Boneyard?”

“Yeah. You’re the only one on today, right?” Drifting Water and Sunset Clouds didn’t appear as online on his friends list.

“Sleeping Moon too!” Seven Fields replied.

“Then let’s go together!”

“Is Steamed Bun Invasion with you?” Ye Xiu’s friend list showed that Steamed Bun Invasion was online.

“No. He doesn’t dare level, so he ran over to the Arena to PK.”

Just when Ye Xiu was reading Seven Field’s reply, Steamed Bun Invasion sent a message: “God! When are we going to go dungeon?”

“Soon, soon. You keep polishing your skills in the Arena! How are you doing?” Ye Xiu asked.

Steamed Bun Invasion replied with a “He he” and a silly smiley face. It looked like he was doing quite well. Ye Xiu wasn’t surprised. With Steamed Bun Invasion’s hand speed, he was more than good enough to be a champion among the new players. As for the experts. Blue River? Plantago Seed? Cold Night? All of these experts were rushing to level up. Who would go play around in the Arena!

After joining up with Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon in the Boneyard, they began leveling, and didn’t have anything much to really chat about. Tang Rou was simply soloing dungeons, so she didn’t have anything to say either. The Internet Cafe was extremely quiet. Only the two people’s mouse-clicking and keyboard-tapping could be heard. This sort of atmosphere stayed for about an hour. Suddenly, they heard footsteps. The two shifted their gaze from their computer screens to the Internet Cafe entrance. It was almost two o’clock in the morning and there was unexpectedly a customer.

The person at the entrance glanced inside the Internet Cafe and then turned around and called in pleasant surprise: “Brother Hao, the Internet Cafe’s empty!”

While he said this, three more people walked to the entrance. They looked inside the Internet Cafe. The previous person already rushed towards the reception desk, where there was light, and asked: “Are you guys open?”

If there were customers, then they had to do their work! Tang Rou ignored them. She was here to play the game. She wasn’t on night duty. The one with the night shift was Ye Xiu, so Ye Xiu was in charge of the customers.

Ye Xiu immediately stopped playing. He brightened up the lights at the reception desk and greeted: “How many guests are with you?”

He raised his head and saw four people. Ye Xiu was startled. He completely recognized the four of them.

The person who had just been talking with him was called Chen Yehui. In Glory, he was Excellent Dynasty’s guild leader.

The three others that came with him, Liu Hao, Wang Ze, Fang Fengran, were all pro players in Team Excellent Era. The four people’s faces were all flushed and looked a little drunk. When they walked in, their angle just happened to be unable to see Ye Xiu, who was blocked by the computer. But they could see Tang Rou and their eyes all brightened.

When the four walked forward, Ye Xiu continued to sit calm and collected. That Liu Hao walked at the very front. Supporting his body with the table, he stretched out his neck and after glancing at Tang Rou’s computer screen, he immediately laughed: “Sister, you play Glory?”

Tang Rou turned her head and took a quick look at him. After smiling and saying “Yeah”, she turned her head back and continued playing.

“Cough!” Liu Hao coughed for no reason. It looked like he was trying to get her attention. He followed up as if nothing had happened: “You play pretty well!”

“Thanks.” Tang Rou turned her head and smiled politely at him. Soon after, she ignored him again.

Liu Hao was puzzled, extremely puzzled! If she played Glory, how could she not recognize him? He himself was a great and famous pro player! With such a short distance between them, and the lighting being good as well… could it be because his hairstyle was a little different today? So puzzled! The people behind him tugged at his clothing twice. Liu Hao turned his head and saw that the two people behind him looked uneasy. They were looking to the side with a meaningful glance.

Liu Hao turned his head and looked. He saw Ye Xiu with a cigarette in his mouth heading over towards them.

“Are you going to use the computers?” Ye Xiu asked.

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