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Chapter 94 – Dropping the Ball at a Crucial Moment

“Losing the group competition was unavoidable, but 301 has always looked towards victory. Their outstanding display in the group competition will lead them to the path for victory in the team competition. The most important part of this battle actually lies in the second part. Moreover, it’s not about winning; it’s about losing!” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was dumbstruck. Normally, she already felt that the analysis by commentator and the honored guest were already amazing. However, hearing what Ye Xiu said made her feel that the commentator’s and honored guest’s words were nothing worth mentioning. Was the commentator and honored guest intentionally holding back their analysis to keep the suspense? Or is Ye Xiu on a higher level? Chen Guo wasn’t sure, but hearing about hand speed going out of control, the team coming apart, etc. … They all felt like fantasies. This guy wasn’t blabbering nonsense, right?

“Young people! They’re not at that level yet.” Ye Xiu shook his head and sighed.

Chen Guo stared blankly towards the match. At this moment, the Internet Cafe was deathly silent, like how they were when Excellent Era lost the second round. Everyone was sweating and nervous on behalf of the team. They weren’t like Chen Guo. After hearing Ye Xiu’s analysis, Chen Guo couldn’t help but come to a conclusion. But these spectators still carried hope and still looked forward to Excellent Era’s powerful counterattack.

Unfortunately, their hopes never came. In the middle of Pan Lin’s loud shouts, Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain was the first to fall. Although they could call for the sixth player to switch in, the sixth player had to switch in a designated area. Under Scene Killer’s desperate chase, Su Mucheng wasn’t able to hold on until this step.

When Dancing Rain was killed off, Excellent Era’s sixth player automatically entered the battlefield. He also knew that the situation wasn’t looking good and hastily rushed over to rescue everyone.

Pan Lin’s commentating never stopped. Seeing Excellent Era’s sixth player enter the battlefield, he immediately said: “Good! Excellent Era’s sixth player has entered. Yeah, the player who’s come…… He Ming’s Merciless Magic, an Elementalist. Coach Li, do you think He Ming will be able to reverse Excellent Era’s current situation?”

“Yeah, the sixth player often becomes the turning point in the team competition. However, Excellent Era weren’t the ones to actively decide for a substitution. He Ming automatically entered the field. This in itself is already trouble for them. In addition, 301 has certainly prepared for this step. He Ming himself also isn’t a top-tier player. His Merciless Magic isn’t one either. I’m afraid that relying on him to instantly change the situation is a bit unrealistic.” Li Yibo said.

“Then what do you think he should do?” Pan Lin asked.

“He first needs to coordinate with his other team members. This is crucial.” Li Yibo said.

“But I feel like Excellent Era is already a bit disorganized. I can’t tell if they have a clear plan on what to do.” Pan Lin said.

“The crucial point is still on Sun Xiang. I feel like his individual performance has been a bit too outstanding. His sudden prominence up until now makes him feel like he’s not on the same page as the rest of his team members. This also confirms my previous points. Sun Xiang just recently joined Excellent Era a few days ago. There’s still the problem of breaking in!” Li Yibo unleashed another one of his great tricks: the concept of disguised replacement. By mentioning his previous point on Sun Xiang’s disadvantage of breaking into One Autumn Leaf, he briefly answered the question while making him look perceptive and very professional.

No one could tell if Pan Lin knew whether he had been tricked or not. In any case, he still repeatedly praised him in a you’re always right attitude.

At this moment, Chen Guo turned her head and looked at Ye Xiu in astonishment. What the professional honored guest had said was the same as what Ye Xiu analyzed. However, they were a bit different too. The honored guest had said that the team was coming apart because of the issue of breaking in, while Ye Xiu said that the reason was because it had been set up that way by their opponents.

“Good! Next up, let’s see if He Ming’s addition will turn the tables for Excellent Era.” Pan Lin continued to commentate on the match. Chen Guo didn’t ask any further. Although her idol, Su Mucheng, had already been defeated, she still had hopes for the substitute He Ming.

“Go go go!!” The spectators in the Internet Cafe all thought this to themselves, but no one yelled it out. They seemed as if they were afraid that the players on stage would hear them and be disturbed.

The only sounds remaining in the Internet Cafe were the sounds of fighting in the matches and the commentating. After He Ming entered the field, he cast magic all along the way, having learned from Su Mucheng’s mistakes. And this made things very difficult for Yang Cong’s Scene Killer, who needed to be up-close to assassinate. The Elementalist used everything he had to prevent Yang Cong from closing in. Keeping this sort of quick tempo all the way through, he met up with his team’s players.

He Ming’s display drew praise from honored guest Coach Li. Hearing it, Happy Internet Cafe’s spectators all became restless again. It looked as if they saw another hope for victory and the atmosphere immediately brightened up.

Right when it seemed like He Ming’s Merciless Magic was about to join forces with Excellent Era’s other characters, a sudden bang rang out. The scene on the massive projection curtain disappeared along with the working sounds of every computer in the Internet Cafe. The few lights that were on also died out. The entire Internet Cafe suddenly turned pitch-dark.

A sudden clamor of noise! The just recently excited viewers instantly exploded. Screeches, whistles, etc. they were all there. Many of them were loud shouts asking: “Cafe manager!!!! What’s going on?”

Amidst all of the yelling, the Internet Cafe’s emergency lights lit up, and everyone was free from the darkness. Once the emergency lights lit up, some people were able to figure out the reason: a blackout.

“How’d that happen?” Chen Guo went outside the Internet Cafe to look at the streetlights. They were still brightly lit.

Some of the guests patiently waited. Some of them were loudly asking for the situation. Some even immediately got up and left.

“Little Li, go check if the circuit breaker was tripped!” Chen Guo called the Cafe manager to go look. At this moment, the second floor customers also found their way down to ask what the situation was.

Little Li quickly returned: the circuit breaker was still in a good condition. She didn’t know what the problem was.

Chen Guo saw that there was nothing she herself could do to fix it and could only wait for the repairman to come. Once the customers all got the news, they immediately rushed like the tides to the reception desk in a hurry to pay their bills and leave.

“There’s no electricity, how are they going to pay?” Ye Xiu was originally next to the reception desk. Because the crowd rushed forward, he was immediately squeezed onto the reception desk and had to ask Chen Guo.

“Manually, how else?” Chen Guo’s situation was the same as Ye Xiu’s. She was also pushed onto the reception desk.While answering Ye Xiu’s question, she turned her head and roared: “Don’t squeeze!! Line up one by one!!!”

A customer who was tightly pressed behind Chen Guo recognized her and felt embarrassed: “There’s nothing I can do, Lady Boss. I can’t move, see for yourself.”

“If you take the chance to lean onto my body again, I’ll kill you!!” Chen Guo threatened.

This brother was of good quality. He really wasn’t doing it on purpose. After being threatened by Chen Guo, he alone had to hold back the huge army as if he were against the six major sects. He was in unspeakable pain and miserable beyond words.

Luckily, it was at the peak of the evening, the time when there were the most employees on duty. They came one after another to help the customers settle their bills and find change.

Chen Guo wanted to squeeze through the crowd to get behind the reception desk, but was unsuccessful. Looking to the side, Ye Xiu was also struggling in the crowd. With great effort, he was able to free one hand. And inside his hand was shockingly a cigarette!!!

“You’re going to smoke at this time!!!” Chen Guo saw Ye Xiu deliver the cigarette into his mouth and turned furious! What was this guy.

“What else should I be doing?” Ye Xiu said. Seeing that he had no lighter in his hand, he called the little sister at the reception desk: “Come here, come here. Help this brother light a cigarette.”

“Ignore him!!” Chen Guo said.

The little sister obviously listened to her boss and ignored Ye Xiu. But in the end, a caring person to the side said: “Brother, I have a lighter here.”

“Thank you, thank you!!” Ye Xiu borrowed the lighter and lit his cigarette. After sucking in a mouthful, he cast a glance at Chen Guo. Chen Guo spat blood. While this beast was happily smoking, she was crammed tight until her chest was almost flat.

Luckily, order was quickly found. After forcing her way to behind the reception desk, Chen Guo let out a sigh. Wielding his employee status, Ye Xiu was also able to get behind the reception desk. He didn’t do a thing and just stood there smoking.

Chen Guo had her hands full manually settling the customer bills. Seeing that this guy was still smoking there so easily and comfortably, she immediately ordered him: “ Go call the repairman to come over.”

“What number?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Look it up yourself.” Chen Guo handed over her cellphone.

Ye Xiu took the cellphone and opened the contacts list. Starting from letter B, Repairman 1, Repairman 2, Repairman 3, Repairman 4…..

Which Repairman?” Ye Xiu asked.
“Four…..” Chen Guo said.

“Boss, you’re a genius.” Ye Xiu worshipped. Flipping open Repairman 4, sure enough, it was the electrician’s number. The other side asked for the situation, the address, and said that there just happened to be someone nearby and could conveniently come and look.

After hanging up the phone, he informed Chen Guo of the situation. Chen Guo nodded her head and didn’t say anything more.

The customers were gradually sorted out. After hearing that they had called an electrician and that he was coming over, some of the addicted customers unexpectedly waited instead of leaving. However, this was just a small minority. Most of the customers quickly left. Chen Guo saw that even if the electrician came and fixed the electricity, she wouldn’t know what time it would be by then. She waved her hand saying that they would get off work early today. The employees in mid-shift happily left. They definitely didn’t care!

On the other hand, Ye Xiu looked quite worried. He’d even run outside from time to time to look around. Someone found their way downstairs and said: “What happened?”

“Nothing much, a power outage.” Chen Guo heard the voice and knew that it was Tang Rou.

“Ah? A power outage? Can it be fixed?” Tang Rou said.

“They said that someone nearby would come. But it’s been quite awhile and no signs of him yet!” Chen Guo said.

“Really? Then why isn’t he here yet!” Tang Rou immediately went out the door to look and happened to come across Ye Xiu, who had just come back after looking outside. Chen Guo looked. These two reacted so similarly! They cared so much about the Internet Cafe. Chen Guo felt very warm in her heart. After looking outside and running back, Tang Rou immediately asked Ye Xiu in disappointment: “If there’s no electricity, then we can’t level up?”

“Right!” Ye Xiu also knitted his brows in worry: “This is a very tense moment where I need to rush to Level 25. Boss, why did this lousy Internet Cafe have to drop the ball at such a crucial moment?”

“Both of you go to your rooms and sleep!!!!” Chen Guo stamped her feet furiously.

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