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Chapter 941 - Equipment Competition

Seven days of the Spring Festival passed by in a flash. It was as if every player in Happy was an employee. . After seven days,they returned to the Internet Cafe one after another. The two students, An Wenyi and Luo Ji, rushed over simultaneously. As for how these two youths told their families where they were going, this type of gossip was of little concern to Ye Xiu.

February 1st. On the tenth day of the lunar calendar, the first pro match after the spring festival would begin.

This was the so-called New Year’s new atmosphere. . On this day, Glory players witnessed the birth of the first Level 75 Silver equipment.

Silver Equipment was a luxury that normal players could only dream of. However, it was also the one thing that they loved to hear about and keep their eyes on. Towards the various colours and types of Silver Equipment in the pro circle, Many players knew about the various colors and types of Silver equipment in the pro circle as if it was their own.

The first piece of Silver Equipment upgraded to Level 75 came from Team Samsara.

Zhou Zekai, Cloud Piercer, Left Hand Revolver, Shattered Frost.

His reputation as the number one player in Glory continued to be solidified through all sorts of means. Zhou Zekai and Cloud Piercer had once again attracted lots of attention and zeal. This was probably the reward for having the first upgraded piece of Silver equipment.

Since the first piece of upgraded Silver equipment had appeared, the others wouldn’t be far behind. Moreover, they had been stuck at Level 70 for so long. As for the next step in upgrading Silver equipment, the big clubs must have already made sufficient preparations. As for whether Shattered Frost really was the first piece of Silver equipment that got upgraded to Level 75, it was uncertain.

The Silver equipment in the Alliance had a sudden breakthrough. As for Happy, their side had also finally made a slight breakthrough.

With lots of information on hand, Luo Ji started researching how to upgrade the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. Ye Xiu had lots of available information on the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. After handing it all over to Luo Ji, the research speed became quite satisfactory. Everything, except for one crucial component, was ready for the Level 60 upgrade. Luo Ji solved the problem and decided which of the two materials should be used

February 1st. The day the first Level 75 Silver Equipment appeared in the pro circle, the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella was also upgraded to Level 60.

As for the stats, additional stats, and form transformations, everything was perfect.

During the next few days, Wei Chen shamelessly fawned over Luo Ji, egging him to hurry and calculate how to upgrade his Death’s Hand to Level 75

"This will probably be an absolute advantage when we face Excellent Era." Wei Chen’s face was serious, pushing the importance of upgrading his Death’s Hand to maximum priority.

Of course, this wasn’t completely without reason. From the looks of things, the progress of Excellent Era’s silver weapon research was rather unsatisfactory.

Ye Xiu and the rest knew this because they knew that Excellent Dynasty’s Level 75 wild boss hunting wasn’t going well Their poor harvests were also due to Happy. This was extracting firewood from under the cauldron, diminishing Excellent Era’s opportunities to research the upgrades of their Silver Equipment.

If not for the recent special events and activities, Ye Xiu and co. would have confidently said that Excellent Era’s chances of upgrading their Silver Equipment to Level 75 was 0. Silver equipment that could be utilized in the Pro League required various materials from the Heavenly Domain. Materials from the normal server would be unusable. At most, they would be able to serve as substitute materials.

Their regimen also included causing trouble for Excellent Dynasty - even if they couldn’t steal the wild bosses for themselves. s. This was because they did not wish to see Excellent Era holding the equipment advantage when they faced off. As long as they could get rid of this advantage, it would already be a huge success. If the new update had not been released, they would undoubtedly not have had this kind of opportunity.

This was the so-called uncontrollable opportunity. Happy had the experienced Ye Xiu and Wei Chen watching over the team. They would obviously have this kind of opportunist reasoning. Wei Chen had transformed from being passive to active and had started to fantasize about Excellent Era not having a single piece of Level 75 Silver equipment while he swaggered on stage with his own Level 75 Silver weapon….

However, researching Level 75 Silver Equipment was not that easy

Luo Ji’s calculations were done through crunching numbers and could not be completed with the snap of a finger.

Luo Ji was currently unable to do the calculations for Level 75 equipment because they did not have the basic statistics for all of the Level 75 materials. If not, the pro circle would have been flooded with Level 75 Silver equipment a long time ago. A talent like Luo Ji wasn’t exclusive to Happy. . The other big teams had these kinds of talents in their relevant departments too.

Therefore, for upgrading equipment to Level 75, the main people to rely on was Ye Xiu and Wei Chen, since they had the most experience. Although Wei Chen asked Luo Ji daily to do some calculations, he himself had also been working hard. He scrolled through the guild storage and looked at the acquired Level 75 materials daily, determining which materials could be used to upgrade his Death’s Hand. As of now, he had some ideas, but he dared not try them out. Although Happy had some materials accumulated, Wei Chen could not find the courage to be brave enough to try out these materials. In the end, Wei Chen chose to play it safe, and waited for Luo Ji’s calculations.

Luo Ji was unable to figure out how to upgrade Death Hand’s, but he displayed his flair for the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. The plan for the Level 65 upgrade for the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was confirmed within a week after coordinating with Ye Xiu. This made Ye Xiu emotional. If not for Luo Ji, there would be a total of five materials and two parts that would have been incorrect in this upgrading phase. This was more complex compared to the two specific materials during the Level 60 upgrade.

February 8th. The second pro match after the spring festival. In this round, the number of Level 75 equipment finally increased. Each big team obviously wanted to upgrade their team’s ace character. As for the equipment on the character, the weapon would always be the top priority.

On February 8th, four God-level accounts completed their weapon upgrades.

Samsara’s Cloud Piercer’s Right Hand Revolver, Wildfire

Tiny Herb’s Vaccaria’s Stardust Extermination

Blue Rain’s Troubling Rain’s Ice Rain

Tyranny’s Desert Dust’s Flame Fist

As for Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestation Umbrella, it was upgraded to Level 65 on the same day.

At the same time, Happy’s development for other Silver Equipment became shelved. Ye Xiu had intended to streamline the preparations and start making some equipment that he had knowledge of in order to begin equipping everyone, but now, Level 75 Orange Equipment seemed to have fulfilled this purpose well enough. Although a self-made Level 70 Silver equipment was usually better than a Level 75 Orange one, making one required a lot of effort and materials. At the moment there was a temporary substitute, so there was no need to rush. The offline portion of the Challengers League that put one in a life-and-death situation was still two months away. It neither near nor far. When Happy finally met their opponents, it wouldn’t be just a player team that they could easily trash. Everyone needed to prepare in advance, so other matters that required their focus and energy would be set aside.

Time passed day by day.

Starting from February 8th, upgraded Silver equipment within the pro circle started appearing. After the four God-level accounts, the weapons of famed characters completed their upgrades one after another.

Windy Rain’s Magic Staff, Ravaging Wind; Crying Devil’s Tachi, Ghost Killer Seal; Swoksaar’s Scepter, Curse of Destruction; Three Hit’s Claw, Blood Vanishing Soul; Peaceful Hermit’s Scythe, Death Savvy; Dazzling Hundred Blossoms’ Automatic Pistol, Hunting Seeker; Angelica’s Plate Shield, Wall of Sighs.

The names of these famous character’s equipment, especially the weapons in their hands, rang a bell for many fans. At this moment there was a list of completed upgrades. The fans only saw the list of names, yet they felt enjoyment.

Most fans that took note of character equipment did not forget about the relegated Excellent Era and their three famous characters.

One Autumn Leaf’s Evil Annihilation.

Life Extinguisher’s Flashing Shadow.

Dancing Rain’s Devouring Sun.

Had these renowned weapons completed their upgrades yet?

The relegated Excellent Era was far from the pro circle. Recently, they did not have any Challenger League matches. Fans had no way of confirming the upgrades themselves, so they could only make wild guesses.

In this wave of equipment replacement, there were a few non eye-catching teams that suddenly attracted a lot of attention.

Conquering Clouds, Parade, and Radiant.

These three brother squads were currently placed 13th to 15th, unmoved from their current position. From the looks of it they were safer than the teams that were drifting in the relegation zone, but there was nothing more to it. They were the most boring among all the teams. For those with higher rankings, a suspense of whether or not they would be able to make it to the playoffs was added. For those with lower rankings, a suspense of whether they would be relegated was added. According to official statistics, these three team’s competitions received the least amount of views online. The number of tickets they sold for their home games were also not booming.

As for these three boring teams, they actually made a small mark in the equipment competition this time around. The pace of their equipment development did not seem any weaker than the powerhorse teams. One look and one could tell they had a pretty good material stock.

Players saw the bustling and astoundment, but for the club guild players, seeing that these three teams finally showed their face, they clenched their teeth, and coincidentally shifted their hatred towards Lord Grim.

If this guy had not appeared and formed such a mysterious alliance, these three guilds would have been picking up lost goods. As a result of forming an alliance with Lord Grim and becoming the most competitive group in the game, at their peak, they set a record and claimed half of the wild bosses across the Heavenly Domain.

With this kind of harvest, their equipment started to become increasingly powerful. This resulted in teams that were stronger than them to burn through their stockpile, which led to the team’s harvest being inconsistent. For example, Wind Howl and Misty Rain had good results this season, but they were losing in the contest for wild bosses in the online game. Misty Rain even had a record of three consecutive weeks of no harvests. With no materials collected, how were they supposed to upgrade their equipment? Even with the huge number of wild bosses, the wild bosses refreshing weekly and accumulation of materials, these teams wouldn’t be too wealthy material-wise either.

It’s all Lord Grim’s fault!

All of the teams that were distressed over equipment upgrading agreed that Lord Grim was the root of their problem.

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