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Chapter 928 - Not An Easy Opponent

"Where’s your guy?!" Lou Guanning’s confidence instantly skyrocketed after handing his account card to Ye Xiu, giving a courageous yell.

"You seem very spirited, Old Lou. Don’t be impatient. Your opponent will be here soon," saying this, he made to walk over.

"Don’t come over! I won’t give you a chance in hell!" Lou Guanning feigned worry about the other sneaking a peak and cheating. In reality, he was just afraid that the other would come over and his action of getting Ye Xiu to fight in his stead would be exposed.

"Wow, so serious? The more serious you are, the worse off you’ll be!" He shook his head, sighing.

Though they were frenemies with one another, they were familiar with one another and knew each other well. Seeing how his guest was, Lou Guanning was quite surprised. This guy was strangely confident! Though this person didn’t really play Glory himself, he interacted all too often with Lou Guanning and other Glory fans, and now came to try and throw a blow at Team Heavenly Swords. He had some sense of judgement. He was clear about Lou Guanning’s current skill. A randomly found expert player probably wouldn’t be able to handle Lou Guanning team, so the only thing he could hope for was that Lou Guanning would make some mistakes in the match and then mock them over the result. Now he was so confident from the start; had he found some sort of incredible player? Otherwise, with the high chance of failing that a normal expert would have, wouldn’t his confidence be equal to holding his face out to be slapped?

Lou Guanning was a a little doubtful, but when remembering that a God was using his account, he felt much steadier. However, he still acted shocked after seeing this guy’s confidence, so that the other side wouldn’t see through him and asked, "Who did you find?" Being friends was a two way road. As Lou Guanning understood him, he also understood Lou Guanning. The other had displayed excessive confidence, so Lou Guanning had to seem not too confident to avoid suspicion.

"Haha, you’ll see," the other said.

This guy, he hadn’t managed to get a pro player, had he?

Lou Guanning mumbled to himself. After all, it was the All Star Weekend, so all of Glory’s pro players were gathered in City B. If this guy was willing to do whatever necessary to strike a blow at him, then he might’ve truly gotten a pro player to play for him!

As he was thinking, a figure came sight in the doorway. Lou Guanning stood up to take a look. Unfamiliar… This guy wasn’t a pro player.

"Great, you’re here. Then shall we start?" his frenemy looked eager, and made himself at home, giving his guest a seat at random.

The guest didn’t bother talking, sitting down and taking out an account card from his pocket, swiping it and logging in.

"Room number," Lou Guanning secretly sent the message to Ye Xiu and announced it loudly after getting a reply.

The opponent’s character quickly logged in and arrived at the arena, finding the room. The crowd had long since come to the room with their account cards to spectate. Using an account card to spectate made things much clearer than looking over one of the player’s shoulders. Lou Guanning himself was also among the crowd, watching the opponent enter the room with everyone else with his smurf.

Another Summer of Sleep.

Their opponent’s name was rather interesting, and, upon seeing the class, Lou Guanning immediately understood why he was the one challenged. This Another Summer of Sleep was also a Berserker.

"Let’s go with the usual rules. Random map, one match game," Lou Guanning said.

"You don’t want a few extra chances?" his frenemy asked.

"I don’t have the time," Lou Guanning grumbled, "Let’s start."

As he spoke, Ye Xiu very cooperatively chose the random map option, and begun the match. The countdown ended and the two were loaded into the map. Their randomly selected map was the one on one indoors map, Tavern.

One on one maps were never very large, but compared to the most commonly used map Arena, which was chosen when neither side wanted to spend too much time making a decision, it was much larger. For indoors maps, having many rooms was more annoying than having many obstacles. For this Tavern, there were five interconnected rooms along with an underground wine cellar, a total of six rooms.

Ye Xiu’s Loulan Slash and Another Summer of Sleep were each in their own rooms, not knowing where the other was and walking to their respective rooms’ exits.

All the spectators went to check out Another Summer of Sleep’s equipment. The equipment of normal players’ accounts could never compare to pro accounts. Yet, with the big update, normal players had a chance to close the gap between them and pros.

However, this was just a chance. Was level 75 Orange equipment something just anyone could get?

Yet when everyone checked Another Summer of Sleep’s equipment, they were shocked. He had four pieces of level 75 Orange equipment already and this included an Orange weapon: Broadsword Edgeless. There was no need to mention the eye-catching level 75 Orange equipment’s stats; but there was also a bonus effect at the end, Shatter, which increased the amount of durability equipment would lose in battle.

This was a vicious ability to have.

What was weapon durability? It was money!

If you simply found a blacksmith or something to repair your equipment in Glory, the equipment’s maximum durability would decrease with each repair until it reached the lowest it could get and was no longer repairable. In order to prevent the maximum from dropping, you needed to find special materials to repair it with. The better the equipment, the more expensive the materials needed were.That meant, the better the equipment, the more money its durability was worth.

This durability-wrecking weapon was like a thorn directly in his opponent’s head! What was even more terrifying, was if they entered a long endurance battle, then this durability-destroying weapon might even manage to use up all of its opponent’s weapon’s durability. In Glory, the lowest durability was one, if the durability fell to zero, the equipment would break and become more useless than trash.

"Could it be that this guy specifically got a weapon like this just to destroy our equipment?" Lou Guanning silently began to suspect again. Though the equipment of Team Heavenly Swords was comparatively low quality in the pro circle, it was still leagues above normal players. That was why, when this frenemy found people to play for them, they would provide the equipment. This guy might not be anything in Glory, but so long as you had money, getting equipment and other gear was rather easy. In order to make trouble for Lou Guanning and entertain himself, this guy was very willing to make these sorts of investments.

It must be that guy’s plan. Lou Guanning glared at his frenemy. However, with a god at the helm, Lou Guanning was certain that these schemes wouldn’t work.

The two Berserkers darted about within the Tavern. Neither of them ran into the wine cellar, simply darting between the five rooms in an attempt to find each other. Finally, in one of the rooms, the two characters barged in through different doors and met each other.

Collapsing Mountain!

The one that struck first was Ye Xiu, using a very typical engaging move for Berserkers.

His opponent was very familiar with these mainstream tactics. Another Summer of Sleep jumped back slightly, and attacked with a Sword Draw, swinging his boardsword through the air. Collapsing Mountain’s priority wasn’t any lower than Sword Draw, so this Sword Draw wouldn’t be able to send Loulan Slash, who was in the middle of performing a Collapsing Mountain, flying, but would still deal the damage. After completing this Sword Draw in close-quarters, Another Summer of Sleep jumped back a little again, accurately avoiding the range of even Collapsing Mountain’s shockwave.

Ye Xiu was secretly rather shocked. This guy’s counter attack with just these two jumps, the first jump was to avoid the blade itself so he could counterattack at the closest possible distance, and the second was to avoid the aftereffects of Collapsing Mountain that Sword Draw couldn’t negate. The timing of these two jumps was incredibly precise. Finesse could be seen from this detail and coincidences didn’t happen twice.

Ye Xiu immediately became more serious towards this. If this was a random opponent, he would probably not care if Collapsing Mountain had hit or not and directly continue striking down and attacking. However, after seeing the two jumps, Ye Xiu realized that if he continued this attack without care, then he would be struck down by the other’s counterattacks. So, without waiting for the Collapsing Mountain to finish, he cancelled the skill in midair and switched to a Guard.

With a loud clang, the Sword Draw hit Loulan Slash’s Guard, and Loulan Slash took this moment to land. The two Berserkers, in the first clash of their broadswords, had both chosen to use Blade Master skills. The sound of the two broadswords clashing caused Lou Guanning’s heart to jump. Who knew how much durability disappeared with this sound alone?

As Loulan Slash landed, Colliding Stab was immediately activated. The move was so swift it seemed like the character hadn’t even landed and flew straight over.

The other had obviously not expected such skill from their side, harried as he dodged the Colliding Stab. Ye Xiu had Loulan Slash follow up with a Whirlwind Strike. The other’s movements were swift as well, also using Whirlwind Strike. The two Berserkers wildly swung their respective broadswords at each other, the sound of the weapons clashing ringing out over and over again as blood splashed, their health dropping.

With Whirlwind Strike, it was required for a player to tech and change the angles of each swings to maximize damage. The two were obviously both teching the Whirlwind Strike, sometimes striking their opponent, sometimes parrying. By the time the two skills ended as one, the damage each of them had taken was about the same. As for the health of their weapons, the durability, Loulan Slash was definitely at a disadvantage.

Not bad!

The two thought to themselves. This sort of clash between two of the same skills was the best at portraying one’s skill. If they ended up with approximately the same result, that meant their skills were at around the same level.

Just who was this person?

Ye Xiu couldn’t help but carefully consider this question. How many people in the Glory circle could fight him to a standstill? Ye Xiu hadn’t thought anything of it and didn’t bother to look when the other came, but now he realized that this opponent wasn’t easy to beat. If he wanted to look again, it was too late, because the two screens were in the way.

As for the challenger, he wasn’t as surprised as Ye Xiu. After all, he thought his opponent was Lou Guanning and Lou Guanning was a pro player. It wasn’t surprising that they would be about the same skill level.


Neither side spoke, only letting the word ring in their heads. The characters struck as one, broadswords a streak of crimson shadow. With another loud clang, this Wild Blood Strike, both striking at similar angles, became parries in the end.

Lou Guanning’s heart was breaking!

God, don’t play around like this! If you continue like this, you’ll break my equipment! Please show a little more variation...

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