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Chapter 927 - Heavenly Sword’s Bad Friend

With Glory as a common ground, Ye Xiu’s group and Lou Guanning’s group naturally had much to talk about. Both parties talked joyously. It was just like Chen Guo said: eating wasn’t the main focus of this meetup.

It could even be said that none of them wanted the night to end. Lou Guanning invited the four of them to visit their Team Heavenly Swords tomorrow. After all, City B was also Heavenly Sword’s home city. The All-Stars event only took place at night, so no one had much to do during the daytime.

Ye Xiu’s group obviously had no reason to refuse. As a result, after scheduling it for sometime the next day, the two groups went back to their respective living places.

Next morning, Lou Guanning drove his car over to their hotel and brought Ye Xiu’s group over to Heavenly Sword’s base.

"How is it? It’s not bad, no?" Lou Guanning stood proudly underneath their team’s logo hanging on top of the main entrance. Team Heavenly Sword’s logo was the same as their guild’s. It was a picture of that famous sword, Swordpoint. However, the artist who drew it was clearly very skilled. It had been shrunken into a logo, but it was still easily recognized. As for the logo hanging above their main entrance, it was even bigger than a person. The picture of Swordpoint was even larger than if the in-game weapon was scaled to life size.

"Look. That place over there is our stadium." Lou Guanning pointed towards another direction at a stadium that didn’t lose out to Tiny Herb’s. 

"Incredible!" Ye Xiu praised. He was sincere. From this arena, Lou Guanning’s pride towards his success in Glory could be seen. In the Alliance, not every pro team had their own stadium. Many teams rented someone else’s stadium and used it as their home ground.

In order to build a standard stadium seen in the Alliance, the construction costs would reach hundreds of millions. It definitely wasn’t something an ordinary Club could afford. Only the powerhouses in the Alliance had their own stadiums. These weren’t only used for Glory either; they could also be used as normal sport venues. When it wasn’t a match day, it was rented out for all sorts of activities. It was an important part of a Club’s income.

Team Heavenly Swords had just entered the Alliance. Their futures were unknown, yet they had already invested a huge sum into a stadium already. Lou Guanning wasn’t a profligate who never treated money seriously. His decision to construct this stadium showed his determination towards Glory.

"Shall we take a look at the stadium?" Lou Guanning asked.

"There’ll be opportunities in the future." Ye Xiu smiled.

Lou Guanning stared blankly for a second, but then understood. He laughed: "When the time comes, please go easy on us!"

"How much money are you planning on giving us?" Ye Xiu asked.

"F*ck!" Lou Guanning shrunk back and looked left and right as if he had seen a ghost: "If you say it so directly, we’ll definitely be punished by the Alliance, no?"

"Hahaha, of course." Ye Xiu was obviously familiar with the Alliance’s rules. They would certainly be punished severely for violating the competitive integrity of the league. They had just been joking around. If it had been for real, they would have to take legal responsibility.

"Let’s hurry up and go..." Lou Guanning hastily brought everyone inside as if the Alliance would discover them immediately if they kept standing outside the base.

If Lou Guanning was willing to spend money on a stadium, how could their facilities be lacking?

After passing through a relaxing green garden, they reached the center of Club Heavenly Swords. Chen Guo felt ashamed. Compared to the other side, her "huge investment" into their "grand gaming house" was nothing! Team Happy’s players were so pitiful…...

Thinking of this, Chen Guo couldn’t help but steal a glance at the others from Happy. The other three wore their usual expressions. After Steamed Bun saw the practice center, he even grumbled: "Why’s it so far away! Our Happy is so much more convenient. It only takes a few steps to reach there after passing through the entrance to the neighborhood."

"Neighborhood?" Lou Guanning was at a loss.

"Yeah! Forest Park! It’s a high class neighborhood!" From Steamed Bun’s appearance, he seemed to be even more proud than when Lou Guanning had been standing beneath Team Heavenly Sword’s logo and pointing at his stadium.

"Shut up, Steamed Bun!" Chen Guo felt even more embarrassed. Even though she knew that the difference between the two sides were night and day, Chen Guo couldn’t help but compare herself to Lou Guanning as a boss, naturally making her want to cry. Steamed Bun was still feeling proud though. Chen Guo felt like she had been stabbed in the heart.

"What?" Steamed Bun scratched his head in confusion.  

"Come, come. Please come in." Lou Guanning didn’t understand what was going on and immediately shifted topics, inviting everyone inside.

The inside of the building was naturally luxurious. There was a leisure area, a gym, and so on, none of which Happy had. Chen Guo once again felt ashamed, and then Steamed Bun started talking again and instantly killed her with one question: "Where are the computers?"

"Ah? We’re almost there..." Lou Guanning said slightly embarrassed. He quickened the pace.

They soon arrived at Team Heavenly Sword’s practice room. The entire team was here. This time, it wasn’t just the five-man crew. The other six recruited players were there too. Although these players were nameless, they still possessed pro-level skills. Practically all of them had once been a part of a pro team. Even though they hadn’t directly been involved in the interactions between their team and Team Happy, they were still a part of Team Heavenly Swords, so they had an understanding of their relationship between them.

They gave a greeting and took a seat. Three sentences hadn’t been spoken yet, and they were already chatting about Glory.

This place had such a good atmosphere and such great conditions. If they said that they wouldn’t going to practice, it would be too impolite. Everyone was itching to play.

"Shall we play a round?" Lou Guanning said.

Ye Xiu hadn’t been able to reply, when a very loud and clear laugh came in from outside the practice room: "Hahahaha, I’m back! Where’s Old Lou? Hurry and come out?"

"Hm?" Ye Xiu didn’t understand what was going on. He looked at Lou Guanning and saw that his face had turned ugly. He strode forward to close the door quickly, but the other side had already reached the door and held the door in place: "Hey hey! What are you doing? I see you! Don’t hide!"

Helpless, Lou Guanning could only let him in. As a result, a person dressed brightly and neatly swaggered in flamboyantly. He completely fit the image of a rich person’s son with white silken breeches. He looked around the room. He clearly wasn’t a stranger to Heavenly Sword’s players and gave a polite greeting to Zou Yunhai and the others. As for the remaining six Heavenly Sword players, he directly ignored them. His gaze then fell onto the few from Happy. The sight of Chen Guo and Tang Rou, two pretty girls, made his eyes light up.

"Wow, Old Lou! You’ve recruited again! It seems like you’ve got good eyes this time!" The newcomer blabbered noisily.  

"Why haven’t you left yet?" Lou Guanning asked.

"Hahaha, you’re scared!" The newcomer said.

"I’m just annoyed, okay?" Lou Guanning said. 

"I’m doing this for you! Look at your team and their record. I’m ashamed on your behalf. Improving your skill level is something you need to urgently do." The newcomer reproached.

This person’s attitude made others feel disgusted. If it was Chen Guo and this took place in her domain, she would have already erupted, but this was Lou Guanning’s place, so she didn’t do anything. She was astonished when she heard these words. He sounded like he had some ability.

Before any conclusions could be made, he already waved his hands: "Wait a bit. When it’s convenient for me, I’ll immediately come back!" After saying these words, he ran out the door to the restroom. He was very familiar with the way there. It was as if Heavenly Swords was his own home.

"Who was that?" Ye Xiu and the others were curious.

Lou Guanning let out an expression of helplessness, "He’s my childhood friend. We’ve known each other since we were young. Now that I’ve created a team, one of his pleasures is to find all sorts of ways to bother me. When he has nothing to do, he’ll introduce experts for us to fight. He’s so annoying."

"What’s wrong with that?" Chen Guo didn’t understand.

Lou Guanning looked gloomy: "Because if we lose even once, he’ll blabber about it for an entire year!"

"How many times have you lost?" Chen Guo asked.

Lou Guanning couldn’t bear to reply: "Three times... even though the people he finds aren’t that good, but after enough times, an accident is bound to happen..."

"Little Bei, that shouldn’t have happened that time." Zou Yunhai said.

"That time Xiye lost wasn’t any better!" Wen Kebei complained at the injustice and shifted the subject.

"Old Lou losing that match was the worst!" Gu Xiye also shifted the aggro.

They shifted the blame back and forth. This wasn’t how a team should deal with conflicts, but it could also be seen that none of them really considered it very important. They still felt quite annoyed at it though, which was why they were blaming others.

"Who knows who he’s found this time!"

"Old Lou, hurry and lock the door!"

"I locked it last time too, but this guy set up a tent outside the door and almost started a barbecue outside."

The five entered a lively discussion. The others didn’t chime in. Anyone with eyes could see that, although Lou Guanning and the other four appeared annoyed at him, they were undoubtedly friends. Their relationship wasn’t shallow either. How else could he keep invading the team’s practice room again and again?

But from this guy’s behavior, he was clearly a bad friend.

The five were still chatting with each other. Their bad friend’s voice had already sounded out from outside their door: "I’m back! Old Lou, are you ready? This time, don’t run! He’s challenging you!"

"Oh oh oh, Old Lou is up." The other four hollered.

"I don’t have time." Lou Guanning replied roughly.

"Haha, I don’t think it’ll take too much of your time." The bad friend laughed and already entered the room.

"Old Lou, don’t hold back. Go!" The other four saw that the target was Lou Guanning and started urging him to accept the challenge.

Lou Guanning thought for a moment. He walked around in a circle and then picked a seat to sit down: "Hurry up and have your people come!"

As he said this, he took out his account card, but first logged into QQ.

"God, help me teach this punk a very very very very very good lesson!" Lou Guanning messaged Ye Xiu. Then, he tossed his account card to him. Under the cover of a row of monitors, the account card slid to Ye Xiu’s hands without anyone else noticing.

"Isn’t that a little too cruel?" Sure enough, Ye Xiu was on QQ, and he replied.

"Yeah, the cruler the better. Kill him in a second and not a second and a half!" Lou Guanning replied.

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