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Chapter 92 – 1v3

“Dragon Tooth interrupts him, Sun Xiang begins his counterattack!!”

“That was the Neutral Chaser from the Dragon Tooth….. Ah, too bad. Scene Killer’s dual swords blocked it. However, as long as the Chaser explodes, then the additional effects will apply. Right now, One Autumn Leaf’s movement speed has increased.”

“Sky Strike, Full Swing, Normal Stab, Double Stab……”

“Scene Killer dodged them all, but it looks like he’s having trouble doing so, right Coach Li?” Pan Lin felt that Li Yibo hadn’t said anything in awhile and customarily raised a topic to talk about.

“Yeah…..” Li Yibo agreed with great difficulty.

Pan Lin couldn’t sense that Li Yibo was a little unusual. The match was extremely intense. Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf used a normal attack to steal time for his skills to come off cooldown. He attacked again and again without stopping. Although he wasn’t able to continuously hit Scene Killer, Scene Killer was suppressed to the point that he didn’t have any opportunities to fight back.

In this process, Scene Killer was hit a few times by One Autumn Leaf. As Scene Killer’s life slowly dwindled, One Autumn Leaf’s skills created Five Chasers that shot out and exploded. All of the additional effects buffed him and the Battle Mage’s specialty of “the longer one fought the stronger one got” was displayed.

“It looks like Sun Xiang broke into One Autumn Leaf quite well, right?” Pan Lin commentated while bringing up a subject to his honored guest after seeing that he wasn’t speaking.

“Yeah…..” In the end, Li Yibo said this again.

“He deserves to be called a talented new player. Coach Li, do you think the current Sun Xiang’s skill has reached the top-tier level?” Pan Lin asked.

“This…..isn’t so easy to say. All of the Alliance’s top-tier experts use god-level accounts, but this is only Sun Xiang’s first time controlling this type of god-level account, so I need to see a bit more before I can make a judgement.” Li Yibo finally recovered. He became so absent-minded all because Sun Xiang’s skill far surpassed his imagination. He suddenly felt that he had become outdated. Nowadays, he appeared every day on the program and talked big, discussing the players on paper. How long had it been since he’d touched Glory? Had today’s Glory already developed to such a level?

Thinking about his past commentating, there were frequently parts he didn’t really understand and had to skillfully bring the discussion elsewhere. However, this time, Sun Xiang gave him a huge shock. So large that he even forgot to display his skill in pretending to understand when he actually didn’t.

The situation on the field was completely one-sided. Li Yibo’s analysis of Yang Cong’s advantages couldn’t be seen at all. He could only see Sun Xiang’s skill and One Autumn Leaf’s dominance.

His overwhelming offence completely sparked excitement in Happy Internet Cafe. Everyone was cheering loudly. Even Chen Guo was endlessly excited.

“The Battle God’s still here!!” Someone suddenly yelled this out and all of the spectators immediately responded. Everyone yelled it one after another in a rhythm. Even Chen Guo couldn’t help but follow everyone and clap her hands, yelling with all her might.

The commentating from the broadcast had already been completely covered. But did everyone still need commentating? No need! One Autumn Leaf’s overwhelming offense didn’t need to be explained to them.

When Scene Killer fell under One Autumn Leaf’s Battle Lance Evil Annihilation, the Internet Cafe’s atmosphere reached its peak. Everyone was clapping, cheering, screeching, and whistling. This wasn’t simply a victory. Sun Xiang’s dominance with One Autumn Leaf ignited everyone’s hopes. His overwhelming victory reminded them of One Autumn Leaf’s golden age, when its fame and glory swept across the Alliance.

Once one team member fell, another would take his place on the field. There was no time to rest. At this moment, 301 chose another player to battle. Not knowing whether it was because of One Autumn Leaf’s previous intimidating victory, this next player’s display was clearly off. And up until now, became the quickest one to fall in the five 1v1 matches.

One Autumn Leaf fought twice, yet its life had only decreased by one fourth. The commentators Pan Lin and Lin Yibo and Happy Internet Cafe’s spectators all began enthusiastically discussing the possibility of a 1v3 scenario. Looking at the current situation, this scenario looked extremely likely.

301’s third player came out. Compared to the second player, this player was even more cowardly. He practically didn’t dare to fight One Autumn Leaf up close. He worked very hard on his positioning. As soon as One Autumn Leaf even hinted at an attack, he would immediately dodge as if he were running for his life.

The Internet Cafe’s spectators had all already curled up in laughter. This third player looked as if he completely didn’t dare to fight hand to hand with Sun Xiang, but had no choice but to put a brace himself. After coming up on stage, he didn’t dare play around half-heartedly and cold only bounce around the stage looking very cute.

“This guy really is cowardly. Ha ha ha ha!” Someone loudly commented. In a flash, the hazy two matches in the individual competition had already sweeped past everyone. 301’s third player looked like a little clown, making everyone laugh. In comparison, it only made Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf look even mightier.

“Brother Xu, you’re really making things very difficult!” Sun Xiang sent out a message clearly jeering at his opponent.

But from beginning to end, his opponent kept his guard up and ran around. It looked like he wasn’t prepared to fight at all. Carefully, Sun Xiang spent a long time catching him. Feeling as if it wasn’t good enough, after his opponent fell, he sent another message: “What was the point? Wasn’t the end result the same?”

At this instant, everyone all had one thought: “God d*mn, it’s finally over.”

Pan Lin and Li Yibo were all holding back their fire watching this match. However, as commentators, they weren’t allowed to insult players. In the end, they heard Pan Lin say: “Sun Xiang had a difficult time this round. Xu Bin deserves to be called ‘Grind King’! Whether it be his match or his opponent, even the viewers out there and us commentators are all feeling extremely exhausted!”

“However, this also reflects the spirit of pro-players. In this match, even when there was no chance of success, we’ve all witnessed Xu Bin’s strengths.” Li Yibo said.

“Right, I’ve really opened my eyes today.” Pan Lin replied. The two continued to echo each other. They praised him on the surface but implicitly mocked 301’s third player Xu Bin.

“Okay, there’s a bit of time to rest before the team competition. Let’s all enjoy the highlights of Sun Xiang and his One Autumn Leaf’s brilliant 1v3.”

The highlight reel rolled, while Pan Lin and Li Yibo commented a bit. Sun Xiang’s third round versus Xu Bin was even longer than the combined time for the first and second rounds. However, there was no shortage of highlights from the first two rounds. Pan Lin and Li Yibo couldn’t help but make a few furtive attacks on 301’s players.

After the highlight reel ended, there was still a bit of time before the final and most important team competition. The program played a few ads, while everyone rested a little. They lined up to use the restroom, went over to drink some water, ran over to smoke a cigarette…… people ran all over the Internet Cafe as if they were at a market.

Chen Guo was clearly accustomed to this. She turned her head to look and Ye Xiu was still as before standing at the Internet Cafe entrance smoking a cigarette. The night sky shrouded over him as the cigarette light glowed and glowed, making him seem very lonely.

But the problem was, there was clearly space here. Why did this guy need to stand at the door and look so pitiful? Chen Guo couldn’t restrain herself. She headed over to Ye Xiu and called out to him.

“What are you doing here?” Ye Xiu asked.

“What are you doing standing there? Come over here and sit!” Chen Guo said.

“I was afraid my smoke would irritate you.” Ye Xiu shook the cigarette in his mouth twice. This guy could hold onto his cigarette without it affecting him speaking. The cigarette wouldn’t fall out either. His skill over his cigarette was appalling.

Chen Guo was startled. This guy hid away because he was afraid to bother me? As if you were that good!

“Can’t you just smoke less?” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu lifted his hand and took his cigarette. He stretched out his fingers. Smoke drew out an arc in the night sky and then was accurately thrown into the trashcan. Following after, Ye Xiu walked back in to sit down.

Chen Guo looked towards him and didn’t say anything to him in the end. The broadcast had also finally entered into the most important part of each match: the team competition.

In most circumstances, each team had six main players to ensure that they could fight in all three parts of the match. The Glory Professional Alliance set up a rule that a limit of nine players could sign up for one match. Before the match began, the list of names would be announced. As a result, most clubs had 9 to 11 pro-players in a team. Although there were times when a few of the poorer new clubs had the minimum of six players, they would quickly expand their numbers. After all, if they only relied on these six members, then if one of them happened to be sick or something unexpected happened, then it would affect their match results.

In the Clubs currently in the Professional Alliance, they all had at least one famous and outstanding shot-caller supplemented by five reputed players. Besides these six players, everyone liked to sign on and nurture a few newcomers with potential.

There were many ways to find potential newcomers. Some recommended themselves. Some were discovered through non-pro matches. Some were exceptionally accomplished players in Glory’s Arena……In short, after drawing lessons from past e-sports scenes, the Glory Alliance operated smoothly for almost seven years. There was a relatively developed system for everything. The scene wasn’t lacking in any way compared to traditional sporting events like soccer or basketball.

Under the situation where nothing unexpected had happened to the six main players, the three parts of the competition were usually fought for by these six players.

301’s and Excellent Era’s match was even more so. In this final team competition, the previous twelve players from the individual and group competitions participated.

Along with the commentator Pan Lin’s impassioned shout, the team competition officially started.

301 was the home team, so the map was chosen by them. However, Team Excellent Era’s Sun Xiang had just recently pulled off a magnificent 1v3 feat. The wind favored neither side. Pan Lin and Li Yibo also discussed whether or not this round would mark the turning point in Team Excellent Era’s decline.

“It’s started! It’s started!” When the match started, Chen Guo followed the Internet Cafe viewers and clapped together.

“Don’t be so excited!” Ye Xiu said.

“We’re watching a competition. If you don’t throw yourself in, then it’s no fun. You should also get excited!” Chen Guo felt helpless towards Ye Xiu. He played all-night and even continued playing afterwards with so much energy. But the rest of time, why was he always so lifeless? I don’t understand him.

“The greater your hopes, the greater your disappointment!” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean?” Chen Guo heard this and was a little puzzled.

“Watch the match. It’s started.” Ye Xiu calmly said.

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