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Chapter 91 – Excellent Era’s Trump Card

“Really?” Chen Guo said blankly and thought of an idiom: the expert grasps the essence, while the amateur sees the surface.

She always thought that Glory players like her already grasped the essence, but today, hearing Ye Xiu’s words made Chen Guo suddenly feel that they were only amateurs who knew what skills were used.

Chen Guo continued to watch the match and was somewhat baffled. She already had trouble concentrating.

Sure enough, the following development was just as Ye Xiu had predicted. Gao Jie’s Stellar Sword was in a complete disadvantage. Under the suppression of the long-ranged fire from Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain, he could only take a beating without any chance to fight back.

Although there were a few times where he rushed forward to Dancing Rain, Su Mucheng quickly broke away from him every time. She kept a distance between herself and Stellar Sword and continued to relentlessly attack.

The scene continuously changed camera angles, letting everyone see the skill and control of a pro player.

The commentator and the honored guest continued to echo each other. Time and time again, they could only feel sorry for Gao Jie’s numerous attempts to close in. On the other hand, every time Su Mucheng sent out a beautiful attack, they applauded and praised her. For them, they had to take an absolutely neutral standpoint. Although they might favor one side in their minds, they rarely displayed it when commentating.

The white snow-covered town had already destroyed by the intense battle between the two. Thick smoke billowed out from the heavy artillery explosions everywhere, and sword scars lay etched into the fields by the numerous sword slashes.

Finally, the word Glory violently jumped onto the screen. The broadcast quickly zoomed in onto Stellar Sword. The scene also went into slow-motion showing Stellar Sword killed by an Anti-Tank Missile. From the slow-motion, they could clearly see that what had originally been three missiles in a one straight line was pulled into a triangle shape by Su Mucheng.

“Ha ha, it’s a Tri-Shot!” Chen Guo, who was familiar with Launchers, recognized this move. The player rapidly moved the front sight on their guns making the three consecutive missiles pull apart at an angle, expanding the Anti-Tank Missile’s explosion radius.

“Yup, can you do it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I can’t. I can only do two of them.” Chen Guo said regretfully. After a bit of hesitation, she said: “This is hard right? Little Tang can’t do it either.”

“Her hand speed isn’t a problem, but timing between the three consecutive Anti-Tank Missiles has to be grasped. If you don’t have enough experience, then you definitely can’t do it.” Ye Xiu said.

“So it’s like that.” Chen Guo nodded her head.

The broadcast had already zoomed in on the victorious Dancing Rain. Afterwards, they broadcasted a few of the highlights while the commentator and the honored guest continuously commentated. Team Excellent Era won the first round and earned a point.

There were three parts in the Glory League’s competition.

The first part was an individual competition. Each team sent three players to play three 1 on 1 matches. Each victory won them 1 point.

The second part was the group competition. Each team made a three-player group and fought in a KOF format. Each team would send out one player to compete. The loser would leave the field and switch with another team member. Once one team ran out of players, the other team would obtain victory and would earn 2 points.

The third part was the team competition. Each team had a total of six players competing, but each battle would be a 5v5 team battle. The sixth player could be called to substitute a player. Once all players in a team were defeated, the other team would obtain victory and earn 5 points.

In this format, players chosen in the first part cannot be chosen to play in the second part. For example, Gao Jie and Su Mucheng had already played in the first round of the 1v1 competition, so these two could not participate in the second part. However, they were allowed to participate in the third part.

In this match, a total of 10 points could be won. The Glory League ranked teams by the total amount of points they had. In this 301 vs Excellent Era match, Su Mucheng won the first round and earned 1 point for the team. Happy Internet Cafe cheered and every one of them was extremely excited.

Among all of the noise, the highlights from the first round ended and the second round of the individual competition began.

In this round, 301 didn’t waste their home ground advantage. Relying on their familiarity with the map, Team 301 won the second round.

Of course, this time no one in the Internet Cafe could smile. The same type of highlight reel rolled, but the Internet Cafe was completely lifeless.

In the third round of the individual competition, Team Excellent Era lost again. The spectators in the Internet Cafe began to look sinister. Everyone felt extremely terrible in their hearts. Some cursed at 301, some sighed in disappointment at Team Excellent Era.

Chen Guo wasn’t feeling good either. She didn’t know when, but looking to the side she saw that Ye Xiu had already left her side and stood outside the door to smoke. The cigarette butt glowed brightly in the dusky night, but the person’s expression was indistinct.

After the highlight reel and the commentating, the second part, the group competition, began.

Both sides revealed their group arrangements. All of the spectator’s spirits in Happy Internet Cafe ignited.

Excellent Era’s trump card finally stepped into the spotlight. Battle God One Autumn Leaf was in the first position of the group.

And his opponent was also 301’s best player, the team captain Yang Cong’s Assassin: Scene Killer.

One Autumn Leaf had been the recent subject of discussion in the recent few days. In this moment, it was hard to avoid talking about it. Ye Qiu’s name was naturally touched upon from time to time until the match started. Pan Lin and Li Yibo hadn’t finished talking about what they wanted to. There was nothing to be done. There were far too many stories about Ye Qiu and One Autumn Leaf.

“Okay, the competition has started. Let’s pay attention to the match. This is Sun Xiang’s first time using One Autumn Leaf as the representative of Excellent Era. Coach Li, what do you think?” Pan Lin skillfully cut off the previous topic and switched over the the competition.

“If we compare their individual skill levels, Sun Xiang is above Yang Cong. Not to mention their characters. All of the 301’s character strengths are all around the same. Yang Cong’s Scene Killer and Gao Jie’s Stellar Sword are almost on par and isn’t comparable to the Battle God One Autumn Leaf.” Li Yibo said.

“Yeah, we know. One Autumn Leaf should be the character with the most Silver equipment in the Professional Alliance, right?” Pan Lin said.

“Yes, it’s true if you just look at the amount. However, as we all know, because the Silver equipment’s attributes are rarely publicized, we don’t know the attributes, so the amount of Silver equipment isn’t an accurate indicator.” Li Yibo said.

“You’re right. After all, sometimes Silver equipment are at the same level as Orange Equipment, or even Purple equipment, Blue equipment, are all possible, right?” Pan Lin said.

“Correct. From my observations of the first half in the season, I feel that ‘God’ level characters like Troubling Rain, Desert Dust, Peaceful Hermit, etc., although they don’t have as many Silver equipment as One Autumn Leaf, they aren’t in any way weaker than One Autumn Leaf.” Li Yibo said.

“There’s also the question of skill points.” Pan Lin said.

“As ‘God’ level characters, how could they be losing in skill points?” Li Yibo laughed.

“That’s true. But no matter how you say it, Scene Killer should be inferior by a level right?” Pan Lin said.

“Of course.” Li Yibo said, “However, this doesn’t mean that Yang Cong is certainly going to lose. After all, in Glory, you can never tell who’s going to win or lose just by looking at their stats on paper.”

“Then what advantages does Yang Cong have?” Pan Lin said.

“First of all, he has the home ground advantage. I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about this. Second, Sun Xiang has just recently transferred to Excellent Era. He should still have some trouble getting used to One Autumn Leaf. We also know that his previously played character wasn’t a Battle Mage. This is a very big obstacle. These are Sun Xiang’s disadvantages. Switch them around and these are Yang Cong’s advantages.” Li Yibo said.

“But I heard that Sun Xiang has done quite some research on Battle Mages.” Pan Lin said.

“He definitely has. For Excellent Era to have replaced Ye Qiu with Sun Xiang, this is something they definitely considered. If they brought over someone who didn’t know anything about Battle Mages, this would be just like in soccer. If the forward was put in as the rear guard, that’d be too funny. No matter how you say it, even if you gave Ye Qiu a Battle Mage with different equipment and skills, he would also need some time to adjust to it right?” Li Yibo said.

“With Ye Qiu’s experience, he might not need to!” Pan Lin laughed.

“Right, speaking of experience, Sun Xiang has only been in the Professional Alliance for a year and a half. He could be considered a new player. There’s a considerable difference between him and Yang Cong……”

“Good! Everyone look, Yang Cong decided to directly attack. Right now, Scene Killer has already appeared in in One Autumn Leaf’s view!!” Before, the two competitors were standing in position, so Pan Lin and Li Yibo analyzed and made a few predictions on the outcome of the match. But now, the two sides suddenly met. A fight could break out at any moment, so Pan Lin immediately ended their idle talk and began commentating on the current situation.

“Was Yang Cong a bit too impatient?” Li Yibo said.

“Scene Killer has rushed forward! He’s moving towards One Autumn Leaf’s right side!” Pan Lin passionately shouted.

“Oh?…….. He’s not directly going at him…..” Scene Killer rushed forward, but right when he was about to close in on One Autumn Leaf, he suddenly stopped and began to circle around, patiently looking for an opportunity.

“Ha ha, I thought so. Someone so experienced like Yang Cong wouldn’t be so impatient. He should have enough patience to slowly wear down the opponent. Let’s see how Sun Xiang is going to deal with this.” Li Yibo laughed.

“Sun Xiang’s moved!! One Autumn Leaf has rushed forward to meet Scene Killer.” Pan Lin shouted.

“Tsk tsk, young people, young people.” Li Yibo sighed with sorrow.

“He’s opened with Sky Strike! Scene Killer leaped back to avoid it and used Shining Cut to counter!!!”

“This time……”

“What!! Interrupt!!! Sun Xiang actually used Dragon Tooth to interrupt Shining Cut!! That’s too unfathomable. Everyone watching should know of Shining Cut’s speed. For Sun Xiang to actually used Dragon Tooth to interrupt it, that’s too terrifying. Coach Li, what do you think?” Pan Lin was no longer commentating. He was hollering.

“Ah! He…..really is…..a young person…….this…..” Li Yibo was unexpectedly at a loss for words. Because for Dragon Tooth to actually interrupt Shining Cut? Even he didn’t know what type of crazy skill that was.

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