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Chapter 916 - Ambush

Lower Your Head’s cursor swayed about Listened Promise’s head. It looked like her character was repeatedly aiming at him. If she clicked, even an immortal wouldn’t be able to dodge at this distance.

I’ll just give him a scare! It’s just a game, so it’s not like he would die from a headshot.

Lower Your Head agreed to deal with Excellent Era together first. She wasn’t a petty person, who went back on her word. However, at this moment, she really did have these mischievous thoughts. Listened Promise didn’t turn his head, but his voice could be heard: "Stop messing around. They’re almost here."

"How did you know?" Lower Your Head was astonished.

"From my analysis of their search route, it’s about time for them to arrive." Ye Xiu said.

"I was asking how’d you know I... was doing that….." Lower Your Head said.

"Hm? You were doing what?" Listened Promise’s character turned around.

Lower Your Head felt extremely embarrassed. She realized that Ye Xiu’s "Stop messing around" was just a reminder before the battle began. She thought he had some ulterior motive and accidentally took a general comment as a personal attack.

"It’s nothing! Let’s focus!" Lower Your Head adjusted her camera. She didn’t look at Listened Promise and looked ahead.

"Make sure you’re hidden." Ye Xiu said and didn’t say anything more. His Listened Promise raised his automatic pistol and quietly stood there, paying attention to what was ahead.

Lower Your Head felt like it was the calm before a storm*. When she thought of how Excellent Era had killed the two of them previously, she still had some lingering fears. The strength of a pro team wasn’t as simple as the sum of the individual players. Their team was just a temporary alliance. Let alone not having the tacit understanding and the tactical coordination of a pro team, they were even lacking a player, an irreplaceable healer class too. Thinking of the incoming challenge, Lower Your Head suddenly became somewhat nervous. Her confidence and pride had started to waver after facing a pro team.

"What are your thoughts on our chances of winning?" Lower Your Head couldn’t help but ask Ye Xiu.

"Pretty high." Ye Xiu said.

"Why?" Lower Your Head said.

"Because we have more people." Ye Xiu said.

"How do we have more people!" Lower Your Head almost cried out loudly.

"Are you thinking that all five of them are moving together? I don’t think so. They’re probably using the most efficient way to search for us. Their plan is to split up, find the target, gather together. Then, after making ample preparations, they deal with us in one strike." Ye Xiu said.

"Uh...." Lower Your Head couldn’t make any arguments. Ye Xiu’s words were very logical.

"So it shouldn’t be the entire team passing through here. It should just be one player maybe two. The others definitely won’t be too far away though. Their searching won’t be random. It will definitely be planned, so even if we have the numbers advantage, we can’t be careless. If we miss this opportunity, we’ll need to face their entire team." Ye Xiu’s aid.  

"If we face their entire team, what happens?" Lower Your Head asked.

"You two protect us and then we’ll take the stockings and run. How does that sound?" Ye Xiu said.

Lower Your Head’s cursor suddenly flashed to Listened Promise’s head. This time, it wasn’t the back of his head, but at his forehead.

"Calm down and think about it. What’s important isn’t your or me, but the stockings. If we can keep our stockings, we’ll have the advantage. So letting us protect the stockings and escape is the smart choice. You can’t expect us to just hand over our stockings to you two and sacrifice ourselves valiantly to let you two escape, right?" Ye Xiu said.

"Okay..." Lower Your Head lowered her gun. She agreed that Ye Xiu was right.

"Good. Then let’s stop chatting. The other side could be here at any moment. Our voices will expose us. If you want to say anything, type it out." Ye Xiu said.

The calm before the storm continued. This time, the moment they were waiting for finally came. 

A Mechanic and a Cleric stepped into this area. It was Xiao Shiqin and Zhang Jiaxing. The two characters would look around from time to time, naturally to check any hiding places in their surroundings. At this moment, Lower Your Head felt a bit of admiration for this Listened Promise. His prediction was completely on point. This hiding spot was absolutely perfect too. If those two were just casually glancing around, they definitely wouldn’t be found by them.

Xiao Shiqin and Zhang Jiaxing were searching around, but they clearly didn’t think the other side would hide so meticulously. The two stepped closer and closer to Ye Xiu’s trap. Lower Your Head had already raised her gun. All she needed to do was click to attack. But at this moment, the Mechanic suddenly stopped moving. His gaze shifted towards them.

"Attack!" Ye Xiu immediately said.

Xiao Shiqin might not have seen them, but his intuition was very sharp. His glance in this direction might just be an instinctive move, but this move was enough for him to discover their hiding place, so Ye Xiu made his decision. They stopped hiding and Lower Your Head attacked.  

A gunshot broke the silence.

Lower Your Head had been waiting for this moment to come, but this sudden change made her react a half beat too slow despite Ye Xiu’s warning. Her Thunder Snipe didn’t achieve the desired effect. Xiao Shiqin’s Mechanic rolled away.


None Dare Attack’s attack closely followed. As the two attacked, they flew out and surprise attacked the enemies. 

"Hm.... it’s you two again….." Xiao Shiqin sounded rather helpless. As for Zhang Jiaxing, their helplessness made him irritated: "You two just never stop!"

Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack didn’t answer and continued attacking.

"Did you really think we can’t deal with you?" Zhang Jiaxing was a Cleric, but his battle spirit was hoisted high like a powerful combat class. He seemed to want to lead the charge.  

Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were sighing at Listened Promise’s plan. They had four players, but they weren’t going to come out all at once. The two of them would first attack, giving the misperception that they were the only two enemies. Then, the other two would wait for a good opportunity and catch the enemies off guard. It was clearly more threatening than four people swarming the enemies all together.  

The two didn’t need to think too much. They just fought with their opponents like they usually did. Listened Promise and Rain would seize the right opportunity on their own accord.

Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack had backup, so facing these two, they attacked with confidence. Zhang Jiaxing was like a combat class in the beginning. His Cleric looked like he was about to charge at them, but their assault made him shrink back. He cursed, "These two girls are really fierce," and then obediently took the role of a support class.

Xiao Shiqin was obviously the target of his support. Xiao Shiqin’s Mechanic shouldered the responsibility of attacking the two Sharpshooters. He seemed to have lost his cool and directly pounced on None Dare Attack.

Only a highly skilled player would understand that Xiao Shiqin’s simple and crude move was to close the distance with None Dare Attack and to pull apart the distance from Lower Your Head. It was a method of disrupting the coordination between the two’s pincer attack.

However, Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack had extraordinary synergy with each other. This move didn’t seem to be too useful. Their attacks continued to suppress their target. But Xiao Shiqin had set his heart on completing the charge. He had a Cleric supporting him, so he could bear to take some damage. Simple and efficient. Xiao Shiqin’s Mechanic utilized several skills to quickly close the distance with None Dare Attack.

Both sides were gunners, and the two entered a close quarter fight. In this situation, the duo couldn’t coordinate with each other. As a result, Lower Your Head might as well turn her gun away. She let None Dare Attack fight with Xiao Shiqin, while she fired at Zhang Jiaxing’s Cleric.

Zhang Jiaxing’s Cleric was left on his own, but just because he was alone didn’t mean he would be thrashed around, even more so since he was a pro player. He might be inferior in trading blows with the opponent, but self-preservation was a compulsory course for healers.

Seeing that Lower Your Head had made this decision, Zhang Jiaxing sneered. She felt like that girl didn’t know the difference between heaven and earth. Did she think she could instantly kill him and then calmly help her partner face Xiao Shiqin?

"It looks like I should let you witness the power of a Cleric!" Zhang Jiaxing shouted. His Cleric raised his staff. Then, he heard an explosion. His character’s camera shook violently. Zhang Jiaxing knew that he had been ambushed, but Lower Your Head was in front of him. Where did that attack come from? Zhang Jiaxing immediately steadied himself, when he heard a voice from behind.

"Healers can have murderous intent, but a healer with too heavy of a murderous intent cannot be a good healer."

Zhang Jiaxing turned his head.

It wasn’t his character that turned around, but Zhang Jiaxing himself.

There was no one behind him!

He instantly snapped back to reality. Ye Qiu wasn’t in their team anymore. There was no way he could be standing behind him preaching.

By the time he turned his head around, his character’s camera shook extremely violently. In the amount of time it took for him to turn his head, he had suffered even fiercer attacks. While stabilizing his camera, Zhang Jiaxing found his attacker: Listened Promise. Mechanic, Listened Promise. Ye Qiu’s alternate account. So it really is him!

"Why are you here!" Zhang Jiaxing shouted. This time, his character directly flew out. It wasn’t just Listened Promise here, but Rain as well. The Brawler, Rain, had dashed to him and started beating him wildly.

Xiao Shiqin had noticed the situation. The first thing he did wasn’t to rescue Zhang Jiaxing, but to use a skill to get away from None Dare Attack and Aerial Fire backwards. Seeing this scene, it looked like Xiao Shiqin was planning on leaving Zhang Jiaxing to die, while he ran away for his life.

Lower Your Head and the others were very surprised by it, but it was within Ye Xiu’s expectations. His Listened Promise had already moved ahead to block him.

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