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Chapter 915 - An Expert

"Do you think we can accept just letting you free to steal stockings?" Lower Your Head replied, "Or do you plan to say that you’ll share a portion of your stockings with us if we cooperate?"

Going by Lower Your Head’s tone, it was clear that she didn’t believe that they would do this. As for Xiao Shiqin, was unable to respond due to their tone. While on the battlefield, he had no trouble using deceiving and cunning tactics against his opponent, but for something like this, he found it hard to make false promises.

As for using stockings to bribe the two? Too little, and they wouldn’t think it was worth it; too many, then why would they still need to go after Ye Qiu? There was no way to implement this realistically, yet Xiao Shiqin couldn’t bring himself to deceive them either.

So under the watchful gaze of Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack, Excellent Era’s members completed a trade, distributing some stockings to those without anyone before the five split up, each going their own way.

Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were flummoxed. Their opponent had five people who all had stockings. Any of them could throw away one. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were only two. They would have no way of being certain who would drop the stocking.

But after a moment of thought, the two suddenly realized: under these circumstances, did they have to be certain of who would drop the stocking?

The two Sharpshooters quickly picked someone and chased after them together.

While Excellent Era operating as a group, the two could only watch on. Now that they split up voluntarily, would Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack still feel pressure engaging them as a pair? Of course not! These two even dared to challenge Sun Xiang. How could the two be afraid of challenging the members of Excellent Era as individuals?

They set their sights on Shen Jian. The two knew that the person they were onto would definitely not drop stockings, but this time they were aiming to steal the stockings and not just pick up what scraps they could get.

At first, they were afraid that their opponents might see through their intentions, feigning hesitation in an attempt to hide their plans, but when they saw Excellent Era split up, they suddenly started to put all their effort into chasing them down.

The countdown was still ticking. Excellent Era seemed to have decided to wait till the last second to throw a stocking away. However, the two sisters didn’t care anymore. They only cared if they could catch up to Shen Jian and strike.

Their control of stamina usage was equally skilled. At first, the two sisters had a hard time making up for the distance they had gained while hiding their intentions and pretending to have been shaken off. It was a good thing that they hadn’t let Shen Jian out of their sight. The two Sharpshooters combined Aerial Fire with Swift Run, pulling closer to their target. By now, the countdown had stopped and the number of collected stockings returned to 19.

The two sisters weren’t certain if it was Shen Jian’s Striker that threw away the stocking, but they had a clear view of the path the Striker had gone on. If he dropped anything, it would be on this path, so long as they kept chasing, they would be fine.

Searching as they chased, they quickly confirmed that Shen Jian really hadn’t dropped any stocking and the distance between the two sides shrunk significantly. Shen Jian had noticed his two tails, too, and decisively had his character come to a stop, turning to meet the two.

"As expected of a pro player, he’s very confident!" To Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack, it looked like this guy had confidence in fighting one on two against them, stopping to wait for them. They didn’t hesitate either, raising their guns as soon as they were in range.


Yet, the first gunshot didn’t come from their chamber.

Bang! Bang! Bang bang!

The two hadn’t even begun to attack before they were attacked by repeated fire. Having experience on the battlefield, the two quickly figured out where the bullets were coming from and turned to look at each side. Xiao Shqin’s Mechanic and Wang Ze’s Sharpshooter had arrived to flank them.

Looking behind them, Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage was as bold as ever, charging forward as if he were a bullet himself. The opponent’s Cleric didn’t even position himself in a place where he could cover everyone with his healing. This was an offensive positioning, prepared to buff their own attacks.

"It’s a trap!" The two immediately realized.

It their plan, but now they realized that their opponents had long since guessed what they would do and made such an arrangement to trap them.

Where were the dropped stockings? They had no clue.

Stealing the stockings from Shen Jian? That , too, had become an impossible task. What was important was if they could escape from Excellent Era.

The answer seemed to be negative….

Five against two, a perfect trap, completely surrounded. If they still couldn’t crush two players with no pro match experience under these circumstances, then Excellent Era wouldn’t be worthy of being called a powerhouse in the pro league.

"Don’t cause any more trouble," Xiao Shiqin said this like he was giving a piece of advice, but it sounded like a threat to the two. And then, they were sent to the nearest revival point.

The two sisters were depressed!

Excellent Era’s encirclement had completely wiped the floor with them. They had finally truly witnessed the power of pro players. However, it was because of this pro team that their future had been stained. Two consecutive stockingless rounds would make their score today look terrible, and if their efforts were viewed as just a sudden burst of luck, then their futures were in jeopardy.

"What should we do?"

"At the very least, we can’t let them get away scot-free!"

Knowing that getting a good score in this round would be exceptionally hard, the sisters were just about to give up and simply cause the others as much trouble as they could.

Thus, Ye Xiu’s Mechanic Listened Promise received a message from Lower Your Head: "Let’s work together!"


"We can work together against Excellent Era, four versus five," Lower Your Head said.

"And then?" Ye Xiu asked.

"We can take their stockings first, anything else and we’ll just cross that bridge when we get there," Lower Your Head replied.

"Haha, I like your ‘cross that bridge when we get there’."

"Let’s band together and defeat our biggest adversary first!" Lower Your Head said.

"Ok, do you know their current location?" Ye Xiu asked.

"They just left coordinate 124, 45," Lower Your Head reported.

"Hm, their current target is definitely us. So, we should find a place to set up and ambush and just lie in wait," Ye Xiu said.

"You’re right."

"Then, come to 186, 151."

"See you there," Lower Your Head replied.

Near coordinates 186, 151, Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack soon saw Mechanic Listened Promise and Brawler Rain upon arriving. They didn’t hide themselves at all, boldly standing in the open and looking around, waiting. Seeing the two rush over, the two characters turned one after the other and walked towards them.

"You’re planning an ambush here?" Lower Your Head carefully scanned the terrain. There were a set of ruins buried under the white snow. It wasn’t clear as to what they used to be, but if they dusted the snow away, they could find many scorch marks. It seemed to have been devoured up by flames, and now it was covered by snow.

"In our four man team, there are three Gunners. There’s plenty of cover here, which is good for a ranged encirclement. However, we can’t play an endurance match against Excellent Era because we don’t have any healers, so we need to find a way to scatter them and quickly deal with them individually. This terrain is much more suitable for that," Ye Xiu said.

"En…" Lower Your Head felt that what Ye Xiu had said was very reasonable, unable to find anything wrong with it.

"We can analyze the problem of their direction of approach from the coordinates you gave us just now. Their target is me, so this gives us a starting point. What they definitely know is the point where I collected the stockings that they dropped. Calculating our movements from there, your possible pathings are…"

Ye Xiu began to analyze with eloquence, bringing up a ton of coordinates and analyses. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack listened, half lost.

"So, I think they’re most likely to come from the North to this point, a little to the East, and pass through this area," Ye Xiu concluded from his mass of analyses.

"Who are you, really?" Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack had long since started looking at him with shock.

"An expert," Ye Xiu replied.

"Now, we’ll make the arrangements for our positioning for this ambush and the possible pathing and movements we’ll force a fight. I know you two are very in sync with each other, but right now, you have to remember that we are four, so you have to think from the perspective of a four man team. You might not be able to adapt to it immediately, but do your best to overcome it. When needed, I’ll warn you guys," Ye Xiu said.

After a while, they finished their tactics meetings. It wasn’t too in depth, but very obviously used the terrain to its fullest. Soon enough, they all stood at their starting positions. Steamed Bun’s Rain was a melee character, yet he wasn’t set at the front of their formation, but lying in wait in the deepest area. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack, who were never seen apart had been separated by Ye Xiu. None Dare Attack was hidden a little deeper, while Lower Your Head was at the very outside with Ye Xiu’s Listened Promise.

They each hid in their respective positions, quietly awaiting Excellent Era’s players. Lower Your Head turned her view and saw Listened Promise playing with his automatic handgun. She knew this was just a repeated action done out of boredom.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes...

Time passed and, actually, in this time, stocking ownership had been changed twice, but this was all between those small normal player teams. Excellent Era still hadn’t arrived.

"Hey…" Lower Your Head couldn’t help but speak up, watching Listened Promise silently playing around with this repeated animation.


"You aren’t afraid of the possibility that we are tricking you into meeting us and planning to steal your stockings when we have the chance?" Lower Your Head said.

"Nope," Ye Xiu said.

"You trust us so much?" Lower Your Head asked.

"I’m don’t trust you," Ye Xiu said, "I’m just simply not afraid of you two."

Lower Your Head paused before realizing this asshole was saying that he was confident in their ability to defeat the two sisters, and that was why he wasn’t afraid that this was a scheme.

In this moment, Lower Your Head really wanted to take out her gun and just murder this guy.

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