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Chapter 90 – The Footprints are a Trap

“Oh, so it was the footprints……” The commentator suddenly realized, “Everyone look, the map 301 chose is a snowy land, so after a character moves, the character will leave behind a footprint.” Following his explanation, the broadcast showed a few of the footprints Dancing Rain left behind.

“But if he goes out to check the footprints, then he’ll expose himself to Dancing Rain’s fire!” The commentator felt.

“So look here.…..” Stellar Sword began moving, while Li Yibo explained: “Gao Jie should be going to a footprint where Su Mucheng can’t see him. 301 has studied this map very thoroughly!”

“Oh? Is there such a spot?” The commentator was unconvinced.

“Probably only Gao Jie can answer this question.” Li Yibo pretended to move back and forth in suspense.

“Ha ha ha…..” The commentator laughed. Actually, to be a professional Glory commentator, Pan Lin had already done this for several years. He himself was a Glory fan. Although he wasn’t at the level of a pro-player, he had done this as work for a long time so his scope on the game wasn’t ordinary. He probably already knew the answers to his previous doubts and questions, but no choice, that’s what the program wanted! The commentator and the honored guest were supposed to echo each other and chat.

The commentator and the honored guests did different work. The commentator usually introduced the subjects, while the honored guest analyzed. Pan Lin had commentated for many years and had worked together with Li Yibo many times. They could be considered well-coordinated.

Gao Jie controlled Stellar Sword to go around the surroundings. After finding a spot, the camera angle changed, giving everyone Stellar Sword’s first person view. Just as expected, Stellar Sword found one of Dancing Rain’s footprints. As spectators who had seen the map from a bird’s eye view, they obviously knew that this footprint was already enough to expose Dancing Rain’s position.

“Sure enough, she was found.” The commentator said, “Su Mucheng is too careless! This mistake shouldn’t have been made.”

“Yeah, it looks like Ye Qiu’s retirement had a big mental impact on her. From when she first started her career, she had always been with Ye Qiu.” Li Yibo spoke as if he understood the situation well.

“Oh no! What should she do?” Chen Guo nervously tugged at Ye Xiu’s arm.

Ye Xiu laughed a little. He puffed out a smoke and said: “The footprint is the real trap.”

“What?” Chen Guo was startled. She turned her head towards Ye Xiu. Her previous question wasn’t actually aimed at Ye Xiu. She was simply nervous and was talking to herself.

“Look.” Ye Xiu pointed at the projection. The sound of a gun came through. Chen Guo immediately turned her head. Dancing Rain was using an Aerial Fire to move. In midair, she targeted Stellar Sword, who was behind the wall, and launched an Anti-Tank Missile.

Gao Jie clearly hadn’t anticipated this sudden attack. The Anti-Tank Missile sent out three artillery shells that whistled over. It was already too late to dodge them. The artillery shells exploded and the shock wave blasted Stellar Sword into the wall.

Su Mucheng landed on a roof. Her pitch-black gun aimed at Stellar Sword and a tongue of flame roared out. An artillery shell flew out a short distance and then suddenly exploded into several smaller artillery shells and dropped down in numerous arcs towards Stellar Sword. No matter what direction Stellar Sword moved, he was already trapped.

Launcher Skill: (FIM-92) Stinger. The fired artillery shell would explode into eight Stingers and drop down, carrying out an AoE attack.

This skill was usually used on flat grounds and pointed up towards the sky. After the initial artillery shell exploded, the smaller Stingers would envelop the target, dropping from the sky. However, Dancing Rain was already on higher grounds, so she saved time by not needing to calculate where to release Stinger.

Although Stellar Sword couldn’t avoid the shots, he could still try to minimize the damage. If he stood there without moving, then he would take damage from all eight Stingers. As a result, Gao Jie controlled Stellar Sword to rush forward. There was no way he could avoid the damage, so he decided that he might as well close the distance between Dancing Rain. Right now, he was already closing in. There was no point in trying to mount a sneak attack in his position.

He opened up a path with Triple Slash. After eating two Stingers, Stellar Sword rushed to underneath the house and immediately used Rising Dragon. He raised his sword above his head. Light flashed out and he flew up.

Relying on this skill’s powerful lift off, Gao Jie believed that the Gunner had no way of blocking his path up to the roof.

Just as expected, he rose onto the roof and looked. Dancing Rain had already pulled away, maintaining a certain distance from Stellar Sword.

Seeing that Stellar Sword was about to land on the roof after flying up, Dancing Rain’s hands made a clicking sound and a Heat-Seeking Missle launched in an arc dropping towards the edge of the house.

Heat-Seeking Missile! Using a heat source to find its target, it dropped from the sky to attack the opponent. It had a wide explosion radius and had high damage. It was an extremely powerful skill.

Except, it was too slow!!

The not yet landed Stellar Sword used a Sword Draw in midair. A snow-white sword light streaked across the sky. With a “Dong” it accurately hit the heat source.

“Beautiful!!” Pan Lin and Li Yibo exclaimed in admiration at this brilliant and outstanding move. But at this moment, a smiley face sent by Su Mucheng flashed on the chat box. Immediately following, a thick pillar of light dropped from the sky completely enveloping Stellar Sword from head to toe. Stellar Sword and the house underneath his feet exploded and then collapsed.

The light pillar spun and then split into six smaller light pillars. While spinning, they revolved around the center and then gradually spread out, causing the snow on the ground to fly up, covering the sky with a sheet of white snow.

Launcher Ultimate Skill: Satellite Beam.

“An amazing Satellite Beam!!!” The commentator Pan Lin reacted quite quickly. Immediately following with these words, the original high praise “Beautiful” looked as if they had anticipated this and were praising Su Mucheng.

Li Yibo’s reaction wasn’t slow either; he immediately followed: “It looks like Gao Jie miscalculated this time.”

“Let’s all see how much damage this Satellite Beam did…….” Pan Lin directed the cameraman to look at Stellar Sword’s life.

“It looks like it’s gone down a third.” Li Yibo said.

“Let me see…… you’re right!! Stellar Sword’s life dropped by one third. This Satellite Beam really did some work. Adding onto the previous Anti-Tank Missile and Stinger damage, Gao Jie is not in a good situation!” Pan Lin shouted.

“Correct, let’s see if he has any new methods to close in on Dancing Rain. If the distance between them is kept like this, then there’s no way he’ll be able to beat a Launcher.” Li Yibo said extensively.

“The point you’ve analyzed is correct.” Pan Lin immediately followed.

From when Dancing Rain was about to be sneak attacked to Stellar Sword being caught unprepared and losing a third of his life in an instant, Happy Internet Cafe’s fans all stared in awe and all forgot to cheer. This included Chen Guo.

Until she heard Ye Xiu say: “It’s over for Gao Jie. Su Mucheng is in an extremely good situation.”

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