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Chapter 898 - Stocking Robbery

Steamed Bun was more than skilled enough to handle normal players. When Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim arrived, Ye Xiu didn’t see anyone named Wooden Crate.

“Where did he go?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I killed him!”  Steamed Bun had Steamed Bun Invasion wave his fists around.

“Stocking……” Ye Xiu was about to ask, but he realized that Steamed Bun definitely didn’t have it. If not, the system would have announced that Steamed Bun had picked up a stocking.

“It looks like the stocking is with the other three.” Ye Xiu said. At the same time, he checked the current totals. Only this stocking had been found so far, and it was in the possession of Wooden Crate’s team.

“When you ran into them last time, was there an ambush waiting?” It was only until now that Ye Xiu had an opportunity to ask this question. When he heard Steamed Bun’s description, he immediately knew that this “ambush” was just Steamed Bun’s understanding of the situation.

“Come over here.” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim figured out which direction to head towards and started moving.

“Are we going to continue splitting up?” Steamed Bun Invasion was eager to go in the opposite direction.

“We’ll stick together for now.” Ye Xiu called after him.

"From the way they do things, this team is rather cautious. They’re very attentive towards their coordination with one another. Even though they split up, they weren’t far from each other, so if something happened, the other four could quickly arrive to rescue him. We just killed two of them. They’ll certainly choose to revive. The other three will probably head towards the revival point to continue to provide support and then continue helping each other out.”

Ye Xiu didn’t know whether Steamed Bun would understand what he said or not, but he still explained his reasoning in detail.He hoped Steamed Bun could be more normal and think more logically.

“How insightful! You really deserve to be called the boss. Let’s go.” Steamed Bun expressed his respect towards Ye Xiu and immediately had Steamed Bun Invasion chase after Lord Grim.

Every map only had one revival point. Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun were more skilled and had better equipment than normal players, so they moved quite a bit faster. Not long after hurrying in this direction, they saw three figures heading towards the revival point in the snowstorm. 

“That’s probably them. Hurry!” They were a bit far, so Ye Xiu couldn’t clearly see their names. After calling out to Steamed Bun, he consumed more stamina to close in quickly on them until he could confirm their names.

“Stay low!” Ye Xiu was afraid Steamed Bun would “greet” them again, so he hastily warned him.  


“We can’t let them run away again.” Ye Xiu said.  


The two quietly and quickly crept up on the three players. The noise from the heavy snowstorm concealed the noise of their footsteps. The three were unaware of any enemies nearby and continued forward.

“You take the one on the right. I’ll take the other two.”

Ye Xiu said once they were close enough. Steamed Bun wasn’t the only one who heard him. The three players ahead jumped in fright. By the time they turned around, Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion had already started attacking them.

The three clearly didn’t want to fight. They tried their usual tactic and split up to escape. This time, Ye Xiu was ready and had launched a sneak attack at such a close distance. He wasn’t going to give them a chance to escape again.

If running away wasn’t an option, then fighting back was the only option they could choose.

There were no penalties for dying, so it freed them of many worries, but even with a different mentality, normal players couldn’t suddenly become pro-level players. The three planned on putting their all into the fight, but by the time they set their hearts and steeled their resolves, their characters were already on the ground. From then on, they were unable to get back up all the way until they died.

In the end, Ye Xiu didn’t know which character had dropped the stocking.


Once Ye Xiu picked up the stocking, the system announcement came out. Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun once again had no targets in sight. The progress was going so slowly. Perhaps it was because of the nasty weather that affected everyone’s ability to search for stockings. The others in Happy had started the event at around the same time as Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun. At the moment, their maps were all bustling with activity. In the other maps, at least five stockings had already been found. None of them were like Ye Xiu’s situation.

Just when Ye Xiu was grumbling about it, a system announcement came out. The player Orange Jasmine had picked up a stocking.

From the name, Orange Jasmine seemed to be a player from Herb Garden. In reality, not all Herb Garden players had herb names and not all players with herb names were Tiny Herb fans. This Orange Jasmine wasn’t an Herb Garden player. He was part of a team with his friends, similar to Wooden Crate’s team. As soon as he picked up this stocking, he started to panic because last time the system announcement came, quite a few players inside the map knew Lord Grim was here too. Lord Grim had just stolen a stocking too.

“Mm, Orange Jasmine. Let’s look for him…..” As a result, Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun once again split up and searched all over the map. This time, Ye Xiu was the one to find the target. The entire team was together. Ye Xiu didn’t know if they had traded the stocking to someone else, so he didn’t act rashly. He stealthily lied in wait nearby and then called for Steamed Bun to come over.

In just that brief amount of time, the third and fourth stockings had been found. Ye Xiu could only note down their names for the time being.

Steamed Bun rushed overy quite swiftly, but this time, beating their opponents wouldn’t be as easy. Ye Xiu gave Steamed Bun two targets, while he took three. Once an opportunity arrived, they pounced.

The opposing five players reacted quickly and immediately engaged in battle, but as soon as Ye Xiu saw them fall into formation, he immediately saw that they were defending a single target.

Orange Jasmine!

They were protecting the player who had picked up a stocking. As a result, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim charged decisively towards Orange Jasmine.

Orange Jasmine was a Sharpshooter. He immediately attacked, while moving backwards with Aerial Fire. The other four in his team prepared to stop Lord Grim, but with their pitiful skill level, how could they hope to block Ye Xiu? Even less likely with Steamed Bun assisting him.

Orange Jasmine saw that the situation wasn’t looking good and Aerial Fired away. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim didn’t chase after him. With a Shadow Clone Technique, his real body suddenly flickered to the enemy team’s Paladin.

Lord Grim caught the Paladin completely unprepared and struck the Paladin down. The other three impatiently rushed over even more zealously than when they had protected Orange Jasmine. At this moment, Orange Jasmine suddenly stopped. As soon as he saw that the situation had changed, he immediately ran back.

The stocking clearly wasn’t on Orange Jasmine, but rather this team’s Paladin.

Who was Ye Xiu? He was a God of Glory with top-notch awareness, tactical skills, and experience. After a quick exchange, he quickly saw through the other side’s strategy. They were using Orange Jasmine was bait. Their true target of protection was this Paladin.

Reality confirmed Ye Xiu’s deduction. After telling Steamed Bun to ignore the other four and focus on beating up this Paladin, this healing class soon fell. As expected, the stocking dropped. He quickly picked it up. Lord Grim was once again announced by the system.

Lord Grim’s strength was terrifying, but in this map, dying didn’t incur any penalties. The remaining four did not have any stockings and did not need to be protected. They had nothing to lose, so they decided to surround Ye Xiu and try to fight him to the death.

“To the next one!” Once Ye Xiu picked up that stocking, he didn’t plan on tangling with them and ran. Lord Grim flew backwards with Aerial Fire. Steamed Bun Invasion accompanied him and the two quickly vanished into the snowstorm. The four players were furious, but they were powerless to do anything.

Third, fourth, fifth pair…….

Lord Grim kept on appearing on TV. Every time he went on TV, the number of stockings wouldn’t change, but the number of stockings every other team had would decrease.

Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun didn’t know what type of luck they had. They had yet to find a single stocking, but they managed to find all of the players that had found a stocking and scooped up the whole lot.

These two had undoubtedly offended those five. Normally, Lord Grim’s fame was beyond them. Normal players didn’t dare to challenge him, but just like Orange Jasmine’s party, they didn’t have any stockings and wouldn’t receive any penalties for dying, so why should they be scared of Lord Grim? Who cared if they lived or died. Might as well try. If they actually killed him, then that was five stockings collected in one go!

As a result, to these fearless players, Lord Grim was not seen as the suspected God Ye Qiu, but rather a moving stocking. Everyone wanted to try and take it.

Ye Xiu didn’t fear these normal players, but there was no need to waste time fighting them, so he tried to evade them. During this time, stockings spawned and stockings were picked up. The players who picked up the stocking had their misgivings. They didn’t dare to provoke an expert like Lord Grim.

But even if they weren’t going to provoke Lord Grim, Ye Xiu wasn’t going to let them go.

When a total of 15 stockings had spawned, 12 stockings had been picked up. Of these 12, Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun had 9. They hadn’t found any of these, but stolen them all from others.

At this moment, they flagged down a team. Tyrannical Ambition’s team saw Lord Grim and tried to go around, but they were still caught.

“Sigh, I feel like…… whether it’s finding a player or a team, it’s easier than finding a pair of stockings.” Ye Xiu sighed and acted.

In the eyes of normal players, this team consisted of experts from a powerful guild, but in front of Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun, they were no different from the other mediocre teams made up of friends. In the end, of the five players, three died and two escaped. The stocking just happened to be on one of the three who had died. Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion took their tenth stocking, half of all the possible stockings.

But in the eyes of others in Team Happy, such a dazzling achievement was being mocked.

“Ha, you two still aren’t done yet!”

Wei Chen and his team were the first to finish a round of the event. In the end, they took 18 stockings for themselves, a complete sweep. Following afterwards, he delightedly went over to laugh at Ye Xiu.

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