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Chapter 897 - Can’t Hear, the Wind’s Too Strong

Based on a pro player’s hand speed, it was no trouble to type faster than one could speak talk. However, Ye Xiu couldn’t be bothered to type. It wasn’t because he was slow, but because he was worried that Steamed Bun wouldn’t notice see his messages. As a result, he also asked as he raised his voice: “What are you so surprised at?”

“They’re gone!” Steamed Bun immediately replied with an equally loud voice.

“It’s Invisible Cloak, isn’t it? Be careful!” Ye Xiu shouted.

“Understood.” Steamed Bun’s voice was loud and clear.

“Do you guys need to talk like thatis!?” Chen Guo slammed the table.

“The wind is too strong, we can’t hear if we’re not loud enough don’t yell.” Steamed Bun explained hurriedly.

Ye Xiu was speechless. That wasn’t the reason why they needed to speak loudly. It was because they weren’t in the same region, so they needed to deliver the sound from outside of the game! It was obvious that they needed to speak louder with their headphones on. What do you mean the wind is too strong so you can’t hear? Ye Xiu realised that he was too careless. He should’ve sat next to Steamed Bun from the start. That way he could understand and communicate with him more conveniently.

“Punk, Invisible Cloak? I see you already! Come out quickly!” Steamed Bun spoke as he started to pressure and lure his opponents.

“Ah, it’s an ambush! B*stards, let me fix you up!”

“Ah! There’s another!”

“Yah, another one!”

“What in the world, there’s still……”

Steamed Bun shouted nonstop. Even Chen Guo, who was in a completely different map, became nervous.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” Chen Guo moved her head and tried to see the situation from Ye Xiu’s screen.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was busy hurrying over. He hadn’t yet reached the location, so how could he see Steamed Bun! He lifted his head and pushed Chen Guo’s head away. “Focus on your side.”

“What’s the situation like?” Ye Xiu asked Steamed Bun.

“Five thieves!” Steamed Bun said.

At first, Steamed Bun only saw the player called Wooden Crate, but soon, Wooden Crate’s companions came to aid him. They were a five-player team made up of friends, so they originally split up to complete different jobs. However, when Wooden Crate picked up a pair of stockings, the other four immediately hurried there to aid him. As a result, they ran into Steamed Bun, whom came to snatch away the stocking, so they immediately started fighting without uttering another word.

In reality, those players simply reached the destination one after the other. It wasn’t an “ambush” like what Steamed Bun had described it as.

“Hey, there’s a good man who’s willing to give a hand!” Steamed Bun called again at that moment.

Ye Xiu gave it a thought. It wasn’t a ‘good man’, they probably came to snatch Wooden Crate’s stockings as well!

“Bro, we’re on the same side!”

Ye Xiu heard Steamed Bun greet the good man warmly.

Even Ye Xiu felt bad for Steamed Bun, but he would never have expected that Steamed Bun’s greeting caused the opponent to become at a loss in return.

This was because the group was a team from Tyrannical Ambition. Players from big guilds took up a large proportion of the current Level 75 players. Because everyone was randomly assigned to a map, it was possible to encounter players from the same guild. The guilds had previously given instructions to their members that if they ran into players from the same guild, they should work together and aim for a better score as a whole.

So when Steamed Bun popped up with: “Bro, we’re on the same side.” The opponent was extremely confused. They subconsciously replied with an “oh”, and then viewed Steamed Bun as part of Tyrannical Ambition. They immediately brought people forward and shielded Steamed Bun. They even rushed straight to the front before immediately realising something. They turned around and checked his name: Steamed Bun Invasion!

What same side! That was a wolf from Happy!

As someone who followed Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim starting from the tenth server, Steamed Bun was viewed as a super permanent member by the big guilds early on.

“He’s from Happy. Attack!”

The team captain reacted at once. Without speaking a second word, he stopped going after Wooden Crate. He turned around and stabbed Steamed Bun Invasion with his sword.

“You even fight your own people! So shameless!” Steamed Bun yelled.

Such an unwavering voice put the few from Tyrannical Ambition to be at loss. This was because it was possible for a character from the Heavenly Domain to share the same name. In order to tell apart two characters with the same name, apart from looking at things like their class or equipment, the most reliable way was to check the character’s ID number. Every character had a unique number, like their personal ID. The character’s ID would never be the same. 

They had never heard of such a strange name like Steamed Bun Invasion before, let alone someone from their own guild! However, Steamed Bun’s confident voice managed to cause the few players from Tyrannical Ambition to freeze for a few seconds.

After that, they soon came back to their senses: “Nonsense! We don’t have any Steamed Bun Invasions in our guild. Attack!” 


They were the ones who called for an attack, but it was them who were attacked first. When they were about to leap towards Steamed Bun Invasion, a cannonball was fired at them. Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t have a scratch on him, and the players of Tyrannical Ambition were sent flying back by the explosion’s blast. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had finally arrived.

“Lord Grim!”

The players of Tyrannical Ambition cried with despair.The name Lord Grim wasn’t rare, but Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was too easy to recognise. They didn’t even need to check the character’s information to see if he was unspecialised. Judging by the character’s brightly colored appearance, there couldn’t be another one in the Heavenly Domain.


The team captain showed his resolution. Seeing that a Lord Grim had arrived, he took the lead and ran without wanting Wooden Crate’s stockings.

“You want to run after seeing my boss, what a shameless guy!” Steamed Bun’s brick flew ahead, and the team captain successfully dodged it as he ran, without understanding how Steamed Bun’s words worked. Everyone was an enemy,, so it wasn’t rare to have someone spurting foul language, but there was no reason to call him a ‘shameless guy’. He didn’t even have the chance to be shameless!

“Steamed Bun, don’t chase them.” Ye Xiu called for Steamed Bun to stop. Wooden Crate’s five-player team didn’t want to fight at all, so when Ye Xiu turned his view around, they had already taken this gap as opportunity and escaped quite far away.

“Quickly chase here.” Ye Xiu called for Steamed Bun. 

“Hurry!” It was unknown whom Steamed Bun was calling for.

“Did you see them trade?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Hm?” Steamed Bun asked with a single word.

Ye Xiu firmly shut up, Steamed Bun wouldn’t have noticed such a detail. There were in a team battle, so the ranking was listed with teams as units. The system announced who picked up the stocking, but if it was traded within the team, the system wouldn’t be announced to the public. The ranking list would only show that their team had a pair of stockings, so it was hard to tell whether the stockings were on Wooden Crate, who had first picked it up.

This friend team didn’t have any important figures, but they had a brain. When Ye Xiu looked, the other side had split up. He immediately realized that the stocking might have been traded to someone else. The stockings might not be on Wooden Crate anymore.

“You follow Wooden Crate closely, I’ll pursue the others!” Ye Xiu quickly organised. He thought that the opponent could have purposely placed the decoys, so the stocking might still be on Wooden Crate all along.

Wooden Crate’s luck was pretty good. He was the first to pick up the stocking in this map, and had picked up the item Invisible Cloak before that.

After picking up the stockings, appearing in the announcement, and encountering Steamed Bun, Wooden Crate decisively used the Invisible Cloak. Soon afterwards, his friends arrived. In addition, the players who came were no longer just Steamed Bun alone. Normal players weren’t tyrannical enough to be press forward fearlessly and slay anything that blocked their path. All they thought about was how to keep their pair of stockings, so when they were given the chance, they immediately fled. The five players scattered in five different directions. After all, they wouldn’t lose any experience or equipment when they died, so naturally, everyone was willing to sacrifice themselves. 

Which character had the stocking?

Even someone rich with experience like Ye Xiu couldn’t guess the answer to this problem. As a result, he let Steamed Bun continue to watch Wooden Crate closely, while he made the easiest decision: pursue the one closest to him.

The closest one was a Berserker. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim attacked while moving forward, which didn’t affect his accuracy in the slightest. The Berserker player’s skills was a lot rougher, so when he heard the cannon behind him, the character jumped without looking back. This was a thoughtless and subconscious action made by normal players because they felt the need to do something.

Due to this jump, along with the air blast created by the explosion, the Berserker player shocked himself: Ho! I can fly this high!

After that, he originally wanted to quick recover when he landed, but he didn’t succeed. He was only able to complete a half-roll He landed in a crooked way, burying his head beneath a pile of snow.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

“Don’t chase me. The stockings aren’t with me!” The player saw that he couldn’t fight with strength so he immediately used words.

“Oh? Then who is it with?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I don’t know. He didn’t trade with me.” This person spoke, and a sword light suddenly shot up from under the snow. This sneak attack was rather sudden and abrupt. However, Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was even quicker. When it was swung, it changed into its spear form, and the Dragon Fang managed to stun the Berserker.

This player only managed to clearly see, with astonishment, the name of the person before him at this moment. Lord Grim was the last to arrive, during that time, his team was already escaping, so no one paid too much attention.

“Lord Grim!” This person blurted out. Lord Grim was more well known than Steamed Bun Invasion.

“It’s me.” Ye Xiu replied without stopping. He needed to seize the moment and deal with the opponent to check if he had the stocking.

“I’ve watched your matches. You’re amazing...” The opponent called out.

“Is that so? Which match did you see?” Ye Xiu asked casually.

“The match with Everlasting.”

“Really? Why didn’t I see you?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Uh……” This person was speechless for a moment. This was because one could watch the Challenger League by squeezing into the arena’s room. The names of the audience would be listed, so if someone came to watch, their name could be seen. This person couldn’t come up with an answer in time, so he obviously hadn’t watched it, which was why was so lacking in confidence. 

 Ye Xiu laughed, but he didn’t mind. Whether he watched it or not wouldn’t stop him from continuing to kill him. Stockings. The most important thing was stockings.

The Berserker obviously couldn’t rival Ye Xiu, so he was dealt with in less than a minute. Ye Xiu took a look. His luck wasn’t good. He didn’t drop any stockings. No wonder this person was so talkative. He might have been wanting to divert Ye Xiu’s focus to drag the time.

Ye Xiu spun Lord Grim’s view around to look. The other players couldn’t be found. Their viewing distance was quite bad in this windy and snowy map.

“Steamed Bun, have you caught up to him?” Ye Xiu could only continue the ‘I can’t hear because the wind’s too strong, so I must speak louder’ conversation.

“I’ve caught up, I’m fixing him up right now.” Steamed Bun replied.

“Position!” Ye Xiu didn’t have any target on his side, so he decided to support Steamed Bun.

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