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Chapter 882 - Twenty Player Dungeon Rewards

The final boss was more powerful than the previous four bosses, but facing these formidable players, it wasn’t anything to look at. Everyone was paying more attention to Deception’s transformation than the boss. In the end, the boss was mowed down.

Boss First Kill, dungeon First Clear, both system announcements were released. It was the fifth and sixth time these eye-catching names were displayed to the world. The players were all looking at each other cluelessly.

Ye Qiu, Wang Jiexi…...

If those two people were truly the ones playing on those characters, this First Clear record was just too beautiful. Who were these two? Since the start of the Glory Pro League to now, of the eight championships, these two had won a combined total of five of them. And now, these two had actually teamed up together to clear a dungeon. This First Clear record felt like a historic moment for them. All of the players witnessing these names listed out felt like they were a part of this history.

But the players creating history didn’t think much of the record. After the boss fell, they checked the DPS charts immediately. Deception was currently the star of the show. Everyone’s eyes were on him.

In terms of placing, Deception was still at the back of the pack, but in comparison to the previous boss, his DPS had clearly improved. The self-taught genius Mo Fan was improving at lightning speed.

Mo Fan wasn’t in a hurry to chase after a higher ranking. When he checked the DPS charts, he felt very pleased at the improvement. He wanted to hurry up and start another dungeon, so he could continue to practice, but these guys were now dilly-dallying, receiving the First Kill and First Clear rewards. Mo Fan was feeling impatient.

First Kill and First Clear rewards. These were what the two sides valued the most. 

“Let’s confirm the distribution plan again.” Wang Jiexi’s attitude seemed as if he were playing fighting Ye Qiu in a match.

“Distribution will be according to each other’s needs.” Ye Xiu said.

“Materials will be split fifty-fifty.” Wang Jiexi added.

“Unspecialized needs everything.” Ye Xiu said.


“I’m just joking, I’m just joking. I only need Battle Mage, Ghostblade, and Cleric class equipment.” Ye Xiu said.  

“You’ve promised!” Wang Jiexi said.

“Why do I feel that you don’t trust me?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Because I’m used to treating you as an opponent and not a teammate.” Wang Jiexi said.

Afterwards, the First Kill and First Clear rewards were received.  

The amount of rewards given for a twenty player dungeon would certainly be more numerous than that of a ten player dungeon. Before, the rewards had to be split between ten players, but with twenty players, ten more players needed to be accounted for.

The first boss First Kill gave them two pieces of Orange equipment.  

Everyone hastily checked the stats to see which class it was most suited for.

“We neglected one point.” Wang Jiexi suddenly spoke up.


“If none of us need the equipment, is everyone going to roll or  just one representative from each team?” Wang Jiexi said.

“Or maybe we just give it to the unspecialized who needs everything?” Ye Xiu said.

“Let’s just have representatives from both sides roll for it.” Wang Jiexi completely ignored Ye Xiu. Instead of picking someone from Tiny Herb to roll, he just took it on himself and rolled.

A beautiful 99.

“Fine, then let’s start rolling. Who’s going to go on your side?” Ye Xiu returned the favor by ignoring Wang Jiexi. Tiny Herb’s side booed. Ye Xiu could even hear some boos from Happy’s side.

“I’ve already rolled a 99.” Wang Jiexi said.

“You’re forcing us to roll a 100!” Ye Xiu said.

“Go ahead.” Wang Jiexi said.

”I’ll show you the might of our boss.” Ye Xiu said and indicated for Chen Guo to step forward.

Chen Guo trembled with fear. Oftentimes, she couldn’t change her fan mentality. When she saw that her opponent was God Wang Jiexi, she couldn’t help but panic.

Chasing Haze rolled a 42. A crushing defeat.

Vaccaria took one of the two pieces of Orange equipment.

“Loser first!” Ye Xiu shouted.

Chen Guo stared blankly.

“It means you roll first.” Ye Xiu could only explain.

As a result, Chasing Haze rolled again. Her roll was even more tragic than her previous one. 25. There was only a 25% chance of her winning. Chen Guo wanted to cry: “I don’t want to roll anymore. Someone else!”

“Don’t panic. There are two types of victories. One where you’re better and the other where your opponent is worse, see……”

Ye Xiu wasn’t even able to complete his sentence. Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria had already rolled. It wasn’t too high, a 61,  but it was enough to bully a 25.

“This isn’t scientific!” Ye Xiu stirred, “You’re cheating.”

Boooo. You’re a God. Bickering over a roll is too shameful!

Team Tiny Herb took both pieces of Orange equipment. However, the two items that needed to be rolled for by both sides were equipment that neither of them needed.

For the seconds boss, there were two more pieces of Orange equipment. This time, they didn’t need to be rolled. One was suitable for Blade Masters, so Tiny Herb’s Liu Xiaobie took it for his Flying Sword. The other was suitable for Brawlers. Happy’s side took it for Steamed Bun Invasion.

The difference was that on Happy’s side, Steamed Bun Invasion directly took it, while captain Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria took it for his team.

For the third boss, a battle arose for a piece of Cleric equipment. 

“I’ll go!” This time, Wang Jiexi wasn’t fast enough. Their team’s Cleric, Yuan Boqing, went out to battle. His character Aweto* rolled.

82. A high chance of victory.

“Haha.” Yuan Boqing’s laugh carried a hint of provocation.

“Little Hands, you’re up.” Ye Xiu called.

An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands rolled a 75. Loss.

“Tsk, the pressure’s on!” On Happy’s side, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim also had an opportunity to roll, so he clicked his tongue.

“Hurry up.” Yuan Boqing said.

“Go die!” Ye Xiu shouted. Lord Grim rolled.


“Hahahaha, this is what you call real skill.” Ye Xiu laughed. 

Yuan Boqing was furious!

He wasn’t angry about losing an Orange equipment, but losing to Ye Xiu was irritating, especially since it was only by one point. Nothing could be more infuriating.

“Little Colds, you take it.” A healer’s cloak was handed to Little Cold Hands.

The other piece of equipment wasn’t needed by either side.

“Let’s go!” Ye Xiu said and rolled this time.

An invincible 100.

“Who’s the best?” Ye Xiu asked and dropped it into his inventory.

“How do you know that none of us can roll a 100?” Yuan Boqing shouted. If a roll was a tie, it wasn’t who went first wins or anything. It would be a reroll.

“Then you roll!” Ye Xiu said to Yuan Boqing.

Yuan Boqing didn’t move. A 99% chance of losing was truly too high.

At this moment, God Wang Jiexi was calm. He rolled a mediocre 51 and ignored it.

The fourth boss didn’t need to be rolled for. There were six materials because they didn’t know the usage of these materials, there was no point discussing who needed what. As a result, each side randomly grabbed three materials.

For the final boss, each side had equipment that was needed. Tiny Herb’s Knight, Angelica, took one. The other was Launcher equipment. Happy had two Launchers, so they obviously took it.

The distribution for the First Kill rewards for the five bosses were now complete. There were no weapons. Chen Guo expressed her disappointment.

Then, the most important part came, the First Clear rewards.


Four pieces of Orange equipment. Ten materials. Sure enough, the First Clear rewards were worth three times as much as First Kill rewards.

The materials were easy to split. Each side randomly took five. When everyone checked the stats for the equipment, everyone was stunned.

Among the four pieces of equipment, two were suitable for Ninjas. There was even a weapon.

Ninja Kukri.

Level 75 Ninjato.

Weight: 2.3kg

Durability: 23 

Attack speed: 8

Physical Attack: 769

Magic Attack: 767

Strength +36

Intelligence +36

Back Attack +30%

Seal Ninjutsu Critical Strike Chance +12%

Attack Speed +2

Underground Tunneling Technique Level +2

When an attack strikes, there is a 5% chance of inducing a Dizzy to the target lasting four seconds.

There weren’t any abnormal stats. It was a steady improvement over a Level 75 Orange weapon. Apart from this Ninjato, there was also a cloth belt.

The two pieces of equipment were given to Deception without contest. Everyone was thinking that perhaps the system had taken pity on this guy, so it gave him two pieces of equipment?

Apart from these two pieces of equipment, it was another roll war. In the end, each side won once and each took one. Now, the twenty player dungeon, Rebel Army Vanguard Camp was completed. From a rewards perspective, to only see one weapon out of all the First Kill and First Clear rewards was quite unsatisfactory.

There wasn’t just one twenty player dungeon. In the end, Ye Xiu asked if everyone wanted to continue. Mo Fan definitely wanted to, but he quietly waited. As for the others, everyone was a bit tired after staying up all night, but when they thought about all of the First Kill rewards that were waiting, if they slept, the rewards would mostly be gone by the time they woke up. The pro players were active right now!

When Happy and Tiny Herb took down the twenty player dungeon first clear, Tyrannical Ambition had snatched the final ten player dungeon. The five player dungeon first clears were being competed for by the various club guilds. All of the names on those records were undoubtedly pro characters.

“Let’s keep going!” Seeing that everyone was still full of spirit, Ye Xiu spoke out.

“Oh, you guys aren’t going to take a break after staying up all night?” Wang Jiexi said.

“Hm? You could tell we’ve been up all night?” Ye Xiu said.

“The record board is filled with your names!” Wang Jiexi said.

“As expected, it couldn’t be hidden from you!” Ye Xiu sighed.

Another round of boos. That wasn’t anything hard. As expected? A sigh?

“Then, let’s find another twenty player dungeon to run?” Ye Xiu said.

“This time…… getting a First Clear might be a lot more difficult.” Wang Jiexi said.


“Take a look at the chat group.” Wang Jiexi said. 

Ye Xiu immediately checked the pro player chat group. Following his method of forming groups, there were all sorts of messages asking people to press 1 to join their group. From the chat record, several twenty player groups had already been formed. They were probably in the middle of dungeons at this point. Everyone here was a pro player. In-game challenges were a walk in the park for them, so the clear speed between them wouldn’t be too far off. For a dungeon speed records, which were a race against time, might be more intense, but for First Clears, they were off by several minutes, so there wasn’t much room for competition. By the time they got to the entrance of the dungeon, the other side’s First Kill record would probably be announced.

*Aweto - The Chinese name literally translates to Winter Worm Summer Grass. It is also known as Caterpillar Fungus. The fungus parasitizes larvae of ghost moths, germinating in the living larvae, killing it and mummifying it. A fruiting body emerges from the larvae corpse, hence the name Caterpillar Fungus. It starts as a spore that spreads in the winter and then sprouts in the larvae in the spring, which is why it's called Winter Worm Summer Grass. It is extremely rare, used partly as a status symbol and as an herbal medicine, and is worth $50,000 a pound. You can look it up if you want to see pictures, but just imagine a fuzzy worm on a stick.

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