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Chapter 881 - Self-Taught

The first Boss of their 20 player dungeon dropped three pieces of equipment, all either blue or purple. This was something even Happy didn’t care about, let alone Tiny Herb. Even so, everyone still divided up the equipment with the method that they had agreed on: by necessity of classes. Then they found out that Lord Grim had a right to all three, rolling the dice for each.

Wang Jiexi had expected this sort of shamelessness from Ye Qiu, but his demands weren’t completely unreasonable. Theoretically, unspecialized characters did need equipment from all classes, but there was no way Wang Jiexi would just allow that sort of behavior. If it were all blue and purple, then he wouldn’t mind, but orange equipment was useful for pro teams too. Lord Grim’s need for all-class equipment was just too much of a competitive advantage for him.

“Then what do you propose?” Ye Xiu asked helplessly.

“Choose one class,” Wang Jiexi was always someone with ideas.

“Have you no shame? I’m a class that needs equipment across all the classes and now you’re as cruel as to ask me to give up on 23 of them?” Ye Xiu retorted.

“It’s only fair. Otherwise you’re too much of a bug,” Wang Jiexi replied.

“No way can I accept that,” Ye Xiu declared. “Just one class, at most two,” Wang Jiexi made a small compromise.

“Just tell me what your limit is!” Ye Xiu expressed that he refused to bargain with Wang Jiexi over this any longer.

“That is my limit!” Wang Jiexi responded.

“Four class types,” Ye Xiu suggested.

“Not possible!” Wang Jiexi rejected decisively. Four class types was 16 out of the 24 classes.

As the two gods argued, the members of the teams exchanged helpless glances. Two Gods at the Peak of Glory Argue Over Dungeon Drops, this might have a chance at becoming the headlines of Esports Home if they knew what was happening!

“Fine, fine,” in the end, it was Ye Xiu who made the biggest compromise. “But at least three classes.”

Going from wanting all 24 classes to three was a huge compromise. Wang Jiexi didn’t fixiate on his two class limit and also compromised, agreeing. The Tiny Herb members all believed that their Captain had won this debate, cheering.

“Which three classes do you want?” Wang Jiexi didn’t hesitate to make the negotiations completely clear.

“Battle Mage, Ghostblade, and Cleric!” Ye Xiu didn’t hesitate either, giving an answer that was obviously planned ahead for.

Wang Jiexi paused for a moment, but understood Ye Xiu’s reasoning after looking over the class lineups for each of their teams.

Tiny Herb and Happy had three overlapping classes, which were none other than Ye Xiu’s requested Battle Mage, Ghostblade, and Cleric. That meant, the equipment they would come into competition over would all be for these three classes. Now that Ye Xiu had set his Lord Grim to these three classes as well, he had increased the chances of Happy’s victory in the competition over those specific pieces of equipment. It was too late for Wang Jiexi to regret his decisions by now.

With the negotiations over, Ye Xiu then pulled up the DPS chart to comment.

“Hm, Tiny Herb’s members did very well. Everyone has to look towards them as examples.” Ye Xiu sent the DPS charts into the chat. The highest ranked was Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria, and after that was a column of Tiny Herb members. With more refined teamwork and synchronization, Tiny Herb’s DPS was miles ahead of Happy in the Boss fight.

Apart from the two Clerics, the worst DPSer was Deception.

This time, he hadn’t even done any better than Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze or Luo Ji’s Concealed Light and had been left in the dust.

For one, he had frozen for a long time in the middle of the match. Afterwards, he had only occasionally jumped in to grab openings. He hadn’t gone with the flow and his attacks weren’t continuous. It would be weird if his his DPS was high!

“A certain someone needs to work really, really, really hard!” Ye Xiu lamented aloud.

Mo Fan’s emotions were tumultuous. After setting his resolve to improve his DPS again and again, only to do continuously worse, even worse than Chasing Haze and Concealed Light, Mo Fan was unable to raise his head.

However, Tiny Herb’s members were much more professional than normal players. They didn’t mock and disdain someone with such a terrible DPS, and continued on without any comments.

Their attitude didn’t cheer Mo Fan up at all.

The reason no one commented was because no one cared. Mo Fan might like being on his own, but he didn’t enjoy being ignored like this.

I already know what to do; I’ll show all of you when we get to the second Boss. Mo Fan’s thoughts were so, but they were too naive. For the second Boss, Mo Fan’s Deception continued to jump in and out to deal damage, using the same method he was familiar with and thought to be right.

Without fighting as a part of the team, what achievements could he obtain? After the second Boss had been taken down, he was still the last on the DPS charts, worse than Chasing Haze and Concealed Light.

How is this still possible!?” The silent Mo Fan couldn’t help but yell.

What a clueless guy! Tiny Herb’s members thought to themselves. With your method, having such a low DPS was only expected.

With such results, Mo Fan naturally realized that the way he had been playing was still incorrect. He still didn’t actively seek help, stopping to observe during the third Boss.

Everyone ignored him again. Tiny Herb continued their perfect DPS while Ye Xiu continued to give everyone a role.

A perfect symphony, just waiting for Mo Fan to become an appropriate tune to harmonize with them, instead of jumping in with a bang and running straight back out. Deception didn’t act at all during the third Boss fight, reducing his DPS to a 0, ranking him at the very bottom of the list, even lower than the Clerics. When Clerics were bored, they might throw out a damaging skill, putting them above Deception.

No one knew if this guy had made any discoveries. They had finally progressed to Boss number four. With the powerful Team Tiny Herb as their allies, their progress was even smoother than it had been in the easier 10 player dungeons. From the DPS charts, it was evident that Tiny Herb was the group holding down the fort, far above Happy in both healing and DPS. Happy’s members didn’t really care to much about how fast they were progressing anymore, having guessed Ye Xiu’s motive and were waiting to see when Mo Fan would be fully enlightened.

The fourth Boss fight started. This time, Deception didn’t just spectate, standing with Happy’s attack team from the start.

Ye Xiu began to lead and Happy’s battle system grinded into action. Mo Fan also quickly found the place left open for Deception and finally didn’t desynchronize. He was in the middle, working with the system.

Ye Xiu was elated. Mo Fan might have some problems with the way he was cooperating, but at least he finally understood what they were trying to do now.

Should he speak up to bring him under command? Ye Xiu was hesitant.

In truth, when he and Mo Fan first met, they had fought side by side. Back then, Ye Xiu had taken command and their teamwork wasn’t bad at all.

However it was different today. When the two first met, they had no bones to pick! And now, Mo Fan had only come to Happy after having been harried to the point where he couldn’t even play the game properly anymore.

There was bad blood between them now! That was why Ye Xiu didn’t order this guy around. He could guess that if he said East, that guy would probably go West on purpose, so Ye Xiu had decided to silently guide him from afar, hoping that Mo Fan would become interested of his own violation, and figure out where his problems lay, adjusting these areas accordingly. Now, Mo Fan had finally taken a huge step. If he could accept being ordered around by Ye Xiu, then everything would be that much easier. However, Ye Xiu was afraid that if he spoke, it would only have the opposite effect. So, he decided to keep using the same method, not saying a word, and just creating openings for Mo Fan to take by himself, learn by himself.

Everyone watched his performance and knew that he was working hard, struggling through figuring out what he should do without any pointers.

The Tiny Herb members who didn’t understand the situation started to become a little sympathetic towards Mo Fan, inwardly thinking that God Ye Qiu was too cruel! He didn’t give him any guidance at all. There had to be a limit to how strict you were, right?

The fight with the fourth Boss was like fighting through disaster for Mo Fan. When the fourth Boss fell, he felt like a mess. His mind was on the verge of blanking, forgetting everything he had done. He only had one feeling: he was chasing after a speeding train, wanting to crawl onto it, but was always getting thrown off. How pitiful he had been was easy to imagine.

When the results for the fourth Boss came out, Mo Fan’s score was still bad, still last.

However, while he might’ve not improved in rankings, but everyone could see his improvement in data. Fighting to follow the rhythm, his DPS had a great improvement compared to before, when he only darted in for a single blow when an opening revealed itself. Tiny Herb’s members were on the precipice of giving him a round of applause, yet all Ye Xiu said was “keep it up, everyone.”

There were also five Bosses in twenty player dungeons. The two teams cooperated, taking the First Kills as they went, and finally arrived at the last section. By then, everyone had forgotten their original intentions, and focused on Mo Fan’s Deception instead.

After opening fire on the last Boss, the members of Tiny Herb kept throwing glances at Happy’s side every now and then.

Deception was stubbornly trying to synchronize with the pace of the team. For him, who had never been taught or tried to learn such a thing, it was a tough job.

The other members of Happy had, in fact, practiced cooperation in their daily trainings. They couldn’t compare to Tiny Herb, but they weren’t some rogues either.

Mo Fan had set an impossible task for himself, learning to run before he learned how to walk*, and he was figuring it out himself, too. Yet, everyone could tell Deception had definitely improved since the last Boss.


This guy, he had taught himself!

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