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Chapter 879 - Teamwork

Team Tiny Herb did, in fact, have one female player called Liu Fei. However, since they were very much familiar with each other, Xiao Yun didn’t have any interest in chatting with her. Looking at Happy’s line-up, there was only one other female character: Chasing Haze.

Unfortunately, Xiao Yun’s character was a Battle Mage and Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze was a Launcher. As soon as the battle started, the two characters had been as far as can be from each other. Running over to Little Cold Hands had already been the limit to the amount of the monsters his character could reach. If he ran to where ranged attackers like Launchers were positioned, then he would really become a sightseer. Although familiarizing yourself with the new update didn’t require the serious and strict attitude that training did, even their Captain Wang Jiexi was doing his all to DPS, so Xiao Yun didn’t dare to let down his guard. In the end, he could only admire from afar and sigh. Running back into the mobs, he decided to still aim for Soft Mist and see if there was any chance.

When Tang Rou fought, she didn’t hold anything back at all, and Xiao Yun silently hid his shock. If he hadn’t already known that she was a girl, Xiao Yun would’ve thought she was a G.I.R.L.*.

Like the other members of Tiny Herb, he too was amazed by how much Soft Mist had improved after watching her fight. Now, if they were to PKed, they wouldn’t dare to be certain of their own victory.

“She’s improved so fast. Talented, as expected!” Wang Jiexi had hoped to recruit Tang Rou a long time ago, but had been rejected. Seeing her current skill, he couldn’t help but lament aloud.

“Isn’t she?” Ye Xiu replied with a smile after hearing his laments.

“Prodigious.” Wang Jiexi agreed to that. Even among the pro players of Team Tiny Herb, Tang Rou’s valiance was very eye catching.

“What about the others? What do you think?” Ye Xiu asked.

“That Warlock and Launcher seem very familiar with their roles; they’re both veterans! I heard that the Warlock is the ex-Captain of Blue Rain?” Wang Jiexi asked.


“That Launcher called Dawn Rifle, how come it feels like I’ve seen him on the field before?” Wang Jiexi asked.

“He used to be part of Everlasting,” Ye Xiu said.

“The ex pro team you eliminated from the Challenger League?” Wang Jiexi said.

“You read the papers?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Qiao Yifan has become very accustomed to the Phantom Demon class as well.” Wang Jiexi commented.

“This might just be the class that suits him the most.” Ye Xiu said.

“Maybe!” Wang Jiexi replied.

Apart from the few just mentioned, there was also Steamed Bun Invasion, Concealed Light, Deception, Little Cold Hands, and Chasing Haze that Wang Jiexi hadn’t commented on, still observing them.

In reality, Ye Xiu knew that this guy wasn’t truly here to clear the dungeon, but was mostly here to see how Happy was doing. Although most people would be certain that this seasons Challenger League was no more than Excellent Era’s Revival Tournament, Wang Jiexi had never blindly gone with the masses, just like the Magician style he had once used. Though he might’ve changed his style to cooperate with the team, his personality wouldn’t change.

It was very much Wang Jiexi’s style to look to the underdog when everyone else was certain of Excellent Era’s victory.

Ye Xiu, of course, knew that he was here to observe and Wang Jiexi could clearly see that, so, he didn’t bother to hide it. When Ye Xiu asked, he would answer. The aforementioned four’s skill was rather eye catching, and no one would be surprised if they were a part of the Pro League.

As for the others...

Wang Jiexi continued to observe as he fought and, by the time he opened his mouth to comment again, he looked around only to see that Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had charged off to fight and was no longer standing beside him.

Soon enough, the team arrived at the first boss of the Rebel Army’s Vanguard Camp. Sharp Blades Captain Leo. The mobs they had cleared on the way were all members of the Sharp Blades. “Tank, pull the boss. Healers, watch our health. Everyone else, prepare to deal damage,” Ye Xiu said.

With a new section, that was all he had to say as a command. Yet, those who were listening could tell that “everyone else, deal damage” had become “everyone else, prepare to deal damage”. With the addition of two words, the entire meaning had changed. So, when Xu Bin’s Angelica charged up, everyone stayed where they were, instead of charging with him.

However, they were all experts. They might have been facing a boss, but no one was nervous, casually chatting with one another as they waited. For a moment, Sharp Blades Captain Leo was being taken care of by Tiny Herb’s Knight and the two healers. After a few minutes of fighting and still no orders from Ye Xiu, everyone was wondering that this should’ve been enough to figure out the boss, right? Cleric Yuan Baiqing couldn’t help but yell, “We should be able to start now, right?”

Yet it wasn’t Ye Xiu who replied, but Chen Guo’s awkward voice, “He went to the bathroom…” “F*ck!” Yuan Baiqing’s voice was angered, but by then Ye Xiu had come back, immediately replying, “So, how is it?”

“Can we start already?!” Yuan Bai yelled.

“Does anyone else need to use the restroom?” Ye Xiu asked.

“What the f*ck, man!” Yuan Baiqing raged.

“F*cking hell, are you planning to give up on me?!” Xu Bin said with horror, thinking, if you’re angry, don’t take it out on me! I’ve been giving it my all, too!

“If no one needs to go, then let’s begin,” Ye Xiu said.

“Have you figured out the boss?” Yuan Baiqing asked.

“Of course, I went to the bathroom only after I had the boss figured out,” Ye Xiu said.

“...” Yuan Baiqing had no idea how to retort. That guy managed to do what he needed and still had time to go to the bathroom.

“Go on, go on, I don’t think I need to tell you guys how to fight this boss; there’s nothing surprising about him.” Ye Xiu said.

This was something that everyone who had been observing the boss agreed with, so none of them said anything more, all swarming forth to DPS.

“Melee players, be careful of your positioning! Make sure to give the others and the ranged characters space to attack!” This was something Ye Xiu had to mention. Pro players were very much used to running in five man teams when cooperating with other players. Now, with 20 people together, and attacking the same target, too, they weren’t very used to the positioning and made it harder for many to attack at a time. This was something vital to hundred man dungeons. The reason for hundred man dungeons being the limit despite the amount of players in Glory, was because Glory didn’t let two players stand in the same space. If they didn’t watch rhythm and spacing with one hundred people fighting as one against a single target, it could easily become a situation where some attacked and most would just watch, only joining in when those in the front had died, causing the team to wipe.

So, the reason for larger team dungeons being harder was partially due to this. The more people there were, the harder it was for an individual to perform at their best, causing their overall strength to fall collective and making it harder to clear the dungeon.

In a ten-player dungeon, with both ranged and melee cooperating, this problem wasn’t as evident, but in a 20 person dungeon it was slightly more apparent. Especially in their team, where there were less healers and more DPSers.

Yet this team was also filled with experts and were able to deal with it much better than normal players. As soon as Ye Xiu spoke, everyone began to pay more attention. Without Ye Xiu having to arrange anything, the members of Team Tiny Herb became a cooperating fighting system.

At times like this, the difference between Happy and Tiny Herb was obvious. Happy wasn’t very good at this sort of thing. Especially since Tiny Herb had taken up half the space, leaving them with the rest, their synchronization was messy. Ye Xiu finally had to start speaking up more with his commands, mostly focusing on Happy’s side. He didn’t need to worry about Team Tiny Herb’s positioning.

Under these circumstances, Deception became the obvious odd one out. Mo Fan had no idea what teamwork was. Whatever actions that looked like teamwork was really just Deception charging up to land a few hits after finding an opening, but the current situation wasn’t one where he could just charge up upon finding an opening. Many openings were purposefully created for specific uses, but Mo Fan didn’t understand this and Ye Xiu didn’t give him any orders either, so this guy seemed like he was just causing trouble on purpose and soon caused rage to spread.

The members of Team Tiny Herb didn’t express their rage at first, hoping that command would correct him, but Ye Xiu continued to lead the other members of Happy as a successful team, seeming to have completely forgotten Deception existed, completely ignoring him.

Then, when Mo Fan ran to steal another opening,  messing up the system Team Tiny Herb had been using, the members of the champion team couldn’t take it anymore.

“Hey you! What the hell are you doing?!” Tiny Herb’s Berserker, Liang Fang, was a guy with a rather short fuse. Having his pace broken by Deception over and over again, he was the first to erupt.

“That’s right, why do you keep snatching our openings?” Xiao Yun asked. Melee classes like them were a lot more affected by Deception’s running around.

“My angle of attack sometimes even gets blocked,” Sharpshooter Li Ji complained. Deception’s influence was very widespread indeed. This was only on Tiny Herb, too; Happy hadn’t even said anything! Mo Fan’s snatching of openings was indiscriminate; it didn’t matter if it was Happy’s or Tiny Herb’s!

“Leader, aren’t you forgetting someone?” Cleric Yuan Baiqing also spoke up. Though he might not be affected by what Deception was doing, it had messed up their rhythm and synchronization. A highly skilled healer would synchronize with the rhythm the team was battling at, like the accompaniment to a symphony. With the pace of the team in chaos, his methods would lose their meaning and he would become especially harried.

The continuous accusations made Mo Fan unsure of what to do. Was his method incorrect?

T/N: *G.I.R.L. - a funny and ironic acronym used online for Guy In Real Life, based on the trope “there are no girls on the internet” and used to refer to guys who play as female characters. What is actually here is 人妖, which means lady men, or traps (guys that look like girls), but I thought G.I.R.L. fit more ~Jouissance

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