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Chapter 878 - 20 Player Dungeon, Start


After Ye Xiu asked the chat, there was someone who actually pressed 1. Most of the players in the chat were just here to watch. When they saw someone actually raise his hand, of course they would be delighted, but the person who pressed 1 was too much of a heavyweight! Many of the players were dumbstruck. If these Gods allied together to run a dungeon…… what type of scene would that be? 

“Just you or your entire team?” Ye Xiu replied calmly.

“Entire team.” The other side replied.

“Perfect. Each side has ten players.” Ye Xiu said.

“Which dungeon do you want to run?” The other side asked.

“Barrier Mountains!” Ye Xiu said.

“Rebel Army Vanguard Camp?” The other side asked.

“I think that’s the one.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Contact me in game.”


After finishing the conversation, the two left at once. The remaining players were left stunned, admiring the chat log between the two Gods.

Ye Qiu. Wang Jiexi.

Lord Grim. Vaccaria.

Clearing dungeons wasn’t anything amazing. Right now, all of the pro players were running dungeons. It was just that these two Gods combining forces to run a dungeon was too crazy.

“Twenty-player dungeon! Set out!” After Ye Xiu finished his business in the group chat, he immediately called out to his teammates.  

“Twenty players? We don’t have enough people.” Wei Chen asked dubiously.

“We’re going to run it together with Team Tiny Herb to get a twenty player team.” Ye Xiu said.


Who knew what made that sound. In any case, someone lost had his cool. Everyone traced the sound back to its source, which turned out to be Qiao Yifan, who was always cautious and never overstepped the boundaries.

It had been half a year since Qiao Yifan had left Tiny Herb. Qiao Yifan had only spent a year together with Tiny Herb. However, his days there couldn’t be forgotten so easily. His excitement when he was chosen by the team to admiring his seniors when he first joined to his friendship with Gao Yingjie to having no opportunities to perform to his doubt towards himself…… Qiao Yifan’s invisibility in Tiny Herb wasn’t false. Perhaps others might not remember what he had done in Tiny Herb during that year, but for him, many things had happened.

He had left Tiny Herb, or to be more accurate, Tiny Herb had given up on him. Qiao Yifan didn’t blame Team Tiny Herb though. Everyone in Team Tiny Herb had been more outstanding than he had been. That was just the reality of things. However, he still hoped to one day improve enough and stand on stage against Tiny Herb, letting them see how far he had come. He couldn’t help but occasionally dream of this scene.

He had never imagined that his first encounter with Tiny Herb would be in a dungeon team inside the game. In front of Ye Xiu, it seemed like he always had to be prepared to face the unexpected!

Qiao Yifan felt a myriad of emotions because of a few personal matters, but for Wu Chen, suddenly pulling along Team Tiny Herb to play together for a twenty-player dungeon was simply too shocking. Wu Chen felt the same as many of the players in the pro player group chat. He felt like he was going crazy.

As for Tang Rou and Steamed Bun, their greenhorn minds stayed steady.

Mo Fan cared even less. He just felt pleased at having another chance to run a dungeon.

Normally, Chen Guo would be the most excited, but because Chen Guo was sitting next to Ye Xiu, she had seen Ye Xiu pulling up the QQ chat and advertising. Having seen everything from start to finish with her own eyes, her emotions were quite stable.

“We’ll restock and head out!” Ye Xiu instructed, “We’ll be running Barrier Mountain’s twenty-player dungeon.”

Soon afterawrds, the two teams gathered together in front of the entrance to Barrier Mountain’s twenty-player dungeon, Rebel Army Vanguard Camp.  

“Everyone’s here?” Ye Xiu saw Tiny Herb’s characters. None of them were unfamiliar. All of them were Team Tiny Herb’s brave heroes.

“We’re all here.” On Team Tiny Herb’s side, Vaccaria stepped forward. Wang Jiexi talked to Ye Xiu, while measuring up Team Happy. He had seen some of their faces before, but there were a few unfamiliar faces too.  

“Before we begin, how will we be splitting the rewards?” Ye Xiu said.

“According to each other’s needs!” Wang Jiexi said.

“By class?” Ye Xiu asked.


“What if there are conflicting classes?” Ye Xiu asked.  

“Roll.” Wang Jiexi said.


“Fifty fifty.”

“Alright, let’s do that then.” Ye Xiu had no objections to the standard method of distribution, but the others behind them were still in admiration.

Look, that’s the aura of Gods. We haven’t even started yet and they’ve already finished discussing how to split the spoils. 

“How are we assigning roles?” Next, everyone in the team needed to have a specific role.

“We can take care of tanking!” Wang Jiexi said.  

“Of course.” Ye Xiu agreed.

Chen Guo had been calm the entire time, but if she could still hold her excitement, she wouldn’t be Chen Guo. A dungeon! And who would be their tank? Xu Bin! Who would be the tank character? Angelica!

Glory’s number one Knight! To think she would have the opportunity to run a dungeon with him as a tank, this this this…… Chen Guo finally couldn’t keep her calm. Not crying out excitedly so the team wouldn’t lose face took great effort on her part.

“Healer?” This time, Wang Jiexi asked first. His character’s line of view couldn’t help but look towards Ye Xiu’s Little Cold Hands. Wang Jiexi was treating them like a pro team.

For a pro team, the tank wasn’t too important, but the healer role couldn’t be neglected. What type of person was the person who held such an important role in Ye Qiu’s team? Wang Jiexi wanted to know.

“Mm…… I’ll have to trouble you guys with healing!” Ye Xiu said.

“What? Is there a problem with your side?” Wang Jiexi asked.

“There isn’t a problem, but in front of Team Tiny Herb’s great healer, being modest is a must!” Ye Xiu said.

“Cough……” An Wenyi couldn’t help but cough. Talking big didn’t need all the chatter! Just being compared to a champion team’s healer made An Wenyi feel ashamed. 

Wang Jiexi chuckled. He could see the implications of those words. It probably wasn’t Happy being modest, but rather an issue with his skill level!

“Group up. Group up.” Ye Xiu shouted and the twenty players joined together.


“You can be the leader.” Wang Jiexi arranged directly.

“Sure!” Ye Xiu didn’t object, “Then let’s go?”

“Go!” Wang Jiexi ordered. Team Tiny Herb’s ten players immediately entered the dungeon. Happy’s side followed.

“Tank, pull monsters. Healers, watch our health. Everyone else, deal damage.” Ye Xiu began instructing.

They were pioneering, after all. Apart from these words, there wasn’t much else a shot caller could say.

Glory’s number one Knight took up his shield and charged forward. The others readied their skills according to their class. Gao Yingjie’s Kind Tree rode his broom and nimbly flew over to Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash.

“Yifan?” Gao Yingjie’s greeting wasn’t very certain, even though he had heard the news long ago.

“Yeah…..” Qiao Yifan felt a bit apologetic towards Gao Yingjie  because he had left without a word. He had never told his best friend what his plans had been either.

“Hey, this kid’s got some manners. He took the initiative to say hi?” Steamed Bun Invasion passed by and immediately stopped to comment.

“Ah?” Gao Yingjie was at a loss.

“Not bad, not bad. I think well of you. You don’t need to be afraid of the ground! There’s me to protect you.” Steamed Bun said.

“Oh……” Gao Yingjie replied in confusion. He immediately controlled Kind Heart to attack the monsters, not daring to delay. When this talent erupted, even Steamed Bun was a bit stunned.

“It seems like he’s better than even me?” Steamed Bun said to Qiao Yifan.

“Haha…….” Qiao Yifan didn’t know what to say, but he was quite proud of his friend.

“Yes yes, it seems like it’ll be easy! Everyone go, everyone go! Wang Jiexi, don’t be a leecher. If you’re not the number one damage dealer here, you can’t come on the next raid.” Ye Xiu observed the battlefield.

Team Tiny Herb was in uproar. Leecher? Can’t come? They never thought that there would be a day these words would be placed onto their team captain.

“Number one Knight, stabilize it! You’re not thinking of letting an OT happen, right!!” Ye Xiu instructed Xu Bin.

“Great healer! Don’t only heal your Tiny Herb friends. Our side has ten fresh health bars too!” After instructing the tank, Ye Xiu started chattering to the healer.

“That’s all you’ve got to say!” Team Tiny Herb’s healer, Yang Baiqing, was no stranger with Ye Xiu. After hearing his name mentioned, he couldn’t help but reply back. 

“There’s just….. Nothing worth saying. If I don’t say something, won’t it seem like I’m doing nothing?” Ye Xiu said.

It was true. Against these small monsters, their skill level was more than enough, but Ye Xiu’s nitpicky shotcalling style was difficult to look at with straight eyes.

But in general, their dungeon progress went smoothly and harmoniously. Not just friends like Gao Yingjie and Qiao Yifan, but the others on the two sides started to talk with each other.

“Sister, how fierce!!” Team Tiny Herb’s Liu Xiaobie was a hand speed expert. Right now, he was surprised at Tang Rou’s ferociousness. It wasn’t Tiny Herb’s first encounter with Soft Mist. When the tenth server had just opened, Wang Jiexi had led Tiny Herb’s members to spar with Ye Xiu on multiple occasions. Their interactions with each other weren’t few. At that time, Soft Mist had just been some noob to be crushed by them, but after a year had passed, she had improved by leaps and bounds, making them feel a bit frightened.

“You’re very good too.” Tang Rou politely replied back.

“How about we see who can kill more?” Liu Xiaobie said.

“Okay!” This suggestion was exactly what Tang Rou wanted, so she happily accepted.

Team Tiny Herb’s Xiao Yun was a Battle Mage player too. He was having fun in the dungeon. His thoughts were similar to normal players. He wanted to find a girl to get closer to. Soft Mist was a Battle Mage too, so she was his first choice. However, Liu Xiaobie took her away. He had no choice but to switch targets.

“Girl, your rhthym’s pretty good!” After moving closer to Little Cold Hands, Xiao Yun found an opportunity to chat. 

“I’m a guy.” An Wenyi replied back adeptly.

F*ck….. Xiao Yun’s Battle Mage turned away and left.

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