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Chapter 857 - Charging Up

On stage, Sun Xiang was undoubtedly a God. No one would argue against that. However, outside of the stage, Sun Xiang made everyone feel embarrassed again and again.

Although his words weren’t necessarily wrong, they were very ill-timed. His thoughts were on a completely different track than what was going around the table.

Sun Xiang’s behavior suited his age. What could they do though? The responsibilities that came with his position needed him to be mature. Unfortunately, while Sun Xiang’s skill in Glory was constantly improving, his growth outside of the game over the past two years in the pro scene was disappointing.

He didn’t understand what Chen Yehui was hinting at. Xiao Shiqin once again reduced the scope, but he still didn’t understand what they were hinting at.

After he raised the topic of an invitational, everyone in the room was speechless. However, this guy actually looked quite pleased with himself. He felt like he had accurately pointed out the problem, leaving no room for doubt.

“Ahem…… it would be very difficult to invite any high-level opponents for an invitational during this point in the season.” Cui Li had no choice but to speak up at this moment.

“The update is about to be released though. In order to obtain the new resources, the environment in the game will certainly be abnormally intense. It might even be a perfect smelting furnace, a place where we can try out the new skills and new equipment.” Chen Yehui didn’t beat around the bush this time.

“Test equipment in the game? Is that okay?” Sun Xiang was doubtful.

Chen Yehui really wanted to slap himself! He had blurted out new equipment without thinking. In reality, they definitely wouldn’t be able to test their new equipment in the game. The game was a very dangerous place. If one of the pieces of equipment dropped on accident, who would be held responsible?

Sun Xiang clearly recognized this issue. As a result, he only looked at the surface and didn’t understand the purpose of those words, so he immediately grabbed Chen Yehui’s slip of the tongue and raised an objection.

“New equipment doesn’t necessarily mean Silver equipment!” At this moment, Xiao Shiqin quickly made up for the mistake. In terms of theory, it appeared true, but was actually false. It still made it seem ambiguous though. Everyone looked at Sun Xiang. What was their captain thinking now? Could you please have a bit of depth to your thoughts? If not, today all we’ll be doing is attempting to instruct you, and you won’t even graduate at the end.

Sure enough, after what appeared to be a moment of serious thinking, he spoke with a bit of hesitation: “In the game?”

And then, there was no after. Sun Xiang stopped here. Everyone wanted to pull out their hair: bro, what are you even asking?

Cui Li couldn’t bear it anymore. He directly stated his intentions: “That makes a lot of sense! We’re not having any trouble in the Challenger League. If it doesn’t interfere with practice, having you guys go into the game and familiarize yourself with the new update is a good suggestion. We have ample time to prepare for next season. From this point of view, we have the advantage over any other team in the Alliance!”

Although Cui Li had completely revealed the main point of their conversation here, he still covered up a few things. If Sun Xiang still didn’t understand, then he was way too stupid. Sun Xiang didn’t understand what was being implied in the beginning, but he seemed to understand their words now.

This time, he didn’t say anything. Sun Xiang had a shadow in his heart! It wasn’t like he had never run to the game to be a helper, but what had been the result? He led Team Excellent Era’s main roster to fight against some randoms led by Ye Qiu and lost. It had been a miserable defeat too.

Sun Xiang wouldn’t admit that he was above that, but now that someone once again hoped he could go to help out in the game, he couldn’t help but think about it more carefully.

Everyone in the room waited for him to make his decision. Finally, Sun Xiang nodded his head slightly: “That’s reasonable.”

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. Cui Li immediately seized this chance to speak up. He didn’t look for Sun Xiang, but Xiao Shiqin instead: “Vice-captain, keep an eye out from the sidelines and keep in touch with the guild department. If there’s a suitable opportunity, please bring everyone together to the game to practice.”

“Okay.” Xiao Shiqin nodded his head. He completely understood Cui Li’s intentions. Familiarizing themselves with the new release had been established as the reason. However, these few knew that the end goal was to borrow the pro players and rise during this period of time. Of course, the purpose was to strengthen the team. In addition, the Challenger League wasn’t as stressful for the players, so Xiao Shiqin didn’t have any objections to this arrangement.

After this topic, the other departments stated how they would face this new release. The meeting ended shortly afterwards.

The various teams were also holding similar meetings. Happy also needed to discuss their plans for the release.

“The battle against us is about to officially begin……” Ye Xiu started the meeting with these words.  

As the various teams actively made their preparations, the last week of November passed.

The first match of the sixth round of the Challenger League had just ended. Happy had yet to encounter Excellent Era and easily defeated this week’s opponent. In the Pro Alliance, the rankings hadn’t changed much after the thirteenth round. However, everyone knew that this would be their final moments of peace. For their future matches in December, they would need to face the new Glory update. The Pro Alliance would pause for one week. In the second week, on 12/14, the fourteenth round would start and the effects of the new update would appear in the pro scene.

12/3 was Glory’s anniversary. The contents of the update had already been publicly released. As soon as the clock hit midnight on 12/3, the new update would be released and Glory’s eleventh server would open.

Including today, there were 11 days until the match on the 14th.

During these 11 days, the various teams would first force all of their characters to level 75 before anything else. If there was a character level difference in the match on the fourteenth, it would definitely be a deciding factor.

How many levels they could get during these 11 days depended on each team’s leveling methods, but at this point, getting even a one level difference wouldn’t be easy.

Apart from that, during these 11 days, the club guilds would work hard to find ways to improve their team’s strength through the new content. Perhaps some Level 75 Orange equipment would be better than their Level 70 Silver equipment. The company didn’t release any information on the newly released equipment. The players had to find out for themselves. During this period of time, the company only announced the new level 75 areas in the normal server and Heavenly Domain.

In the Heavenly Domain, there was also New Weir Peninsula and Weaving Silver Lake.

New Weir Peninsula was located on the east side of the Heavenly Domain’s mainland. It was a peninsula that extended from the original coastline. The background for it was a place where pirates engaged in battle. The main city in New Weir Peninsula was called New Weir City. In the area was a 5 player dungeon, a 50 player dungeon, and a 100 player raid. The wild boss was called Ruila, Daughter of the Sea.

The other new area, Weaving Silver Lake, took a part out of three other areas in the Heavenly Domain to form a new section of the map. Weaving Silver Lake was the smallest of the six new areas. This lake, which suddenly popped out of nowhere, naturally had a mysterious story behind it. As before, no one in the pro scene cared for it.

Weaving Silver Lake only had a 5 player dungeon and two 20 player dungeons. The wild boss was Silver Lake Guardian Frederica. Even though there wasn’t much information released on her, in the pictures of Silver Lake Guardian Frederica, it was very easy to deduce the boss’ class: gunner.

That was all the information that had been given. Even the pro clubs had no way of making too many preparations based on this info. Everyone could only keep a close eye on the calendar and wait for the update to drop.

At 10PM on 12/2, Glory’s servers temporarily shut down to prepare for the update. However, this didn’t affect the excitement of the players. Happy Internet Cafe was packed with people. The majority of them had even reserved their seats for an overnight stay.

As for the clubs?

The pro players had to restrain themselves from their curiosity and had to rest. All of the pro player account cards had been collected by the club and then given to the guild deparment for the employees to level up. 

These powerful characters appeared very ordinary because the self-made equipment created for them had been replaced with temporary equipment. The guilds had already arranged for guard teams to protect the levels of these pro characters.

This sort of protection was necessary! It was rare for pro characters to appear in the game. Let alone regular players crowding around them, if the players surrounded and started attacked them, it would be very troublesome. The pro characters that had logged on to the game to level up would not only not gain levels, but lose levels instead. When match time came, they might as well not even appear on stage.

Happy didn’t have the same conditions as those clubs, who had people appointed to leveling these characters. Their characters had to be leveled up on their own. In light of the amount of hostility towards them in Glory, their safety was also an issue that had to be considered. Their characters had been escorted by their guild troops to the northern parts of the Heavenly Domain mainland ahead of time.

The update notes had stated that Barrier Mountains would be merged into the Heavenly Domain over here. When midnight struck, Ye Xiu’s group would appear here and head directly into the Barrier Mountains.

Ye Xiu’s intent was to directly enter the dungeons. This was an undoubtedly bold move. In the new area, although the monsters in the levelling areas were between level 71 and level 75, every monster in the dungeon was level 75. It was supposed to be for max-leveled players to challenge, but for Happy, in order to have an environment safe from other players, they decided to try this five-level-higher dungeon.

The Heavenly Domain consisted of players from all ten servers. It could be imagined just how much more pressure there was in these six Heavenly Domain areas than in the normal servers. It was also why the Heavenly Domain was so vast. Heavenly Domain areas were much larger than normal server areas. These six new areas were no exception.

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