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Chapter 856 - Meeting Change

The news of the level limit update didn’t send the pro circle into a panic, but also didn’t ignite a wave of excitement like it did with the normal players. The pro players still continued with their business as usual. However, the other departments of the clubs had to work a lot harder. For logistics, they had already begun to start taking inventory of their rare materials. Since all their silver equipment had to be upgraded, taking them to unknown heights, the consumption of materials could instantly deplete the stockpiles that they had been building up for years.

The guilds of their respective clubs also put more time and effort into team dungeons. Though this last minute effort might not be of much help, it was a matter of attitude that showed their boss just how much everyone cared!

Dungeon materials were easy to guarantee; it was the rare materials from wild bosses that were hard. Especially in the Heavenly Domain, it had come to the point where the big guilds didn’t seem to care any longer about their usual order and mustered all of their members to show how serious they could be. At this moment, it was a matter of headcount and the grounds were filled with corpses. Ye Xiu and his alliance were less successful under such circumstances. It was far too chaotic and lacking in method. The competitiveness of the big guilds were getting absurd and all they had in mind was one word: charge.

Charging recklessly all over the place, no one was certain how the Bosses even managed to fall into one guild’s hands or another.

This chaos continued for a week. It was probably because the guild leaders felt that they had done their part in this act, and decided to restore order.

Rare materials were very valuable, but after so many years it wasn’t possible to not have stockpiled any. In reality, everyone knew that what really would influence the bigger picture was going to be the new level 75 dungeons and wild Bosses.

The level 75 materials that would come from these sources were the real deciders. And for these new dungeons and Bosses, they had to first figure out how to beat them before they could even think about planning on how to snatch them. What sort of chaos would the release of the information on these bosses and dungeons lead to? It was something everyone could imagine. Even Esports Home weekly had decided to focus on publishing articles on the release of the information. Of course, they analyzed it according to how it might possibly affect the pro scene.

As for the specifics, they were being slowly leaked to the public through official channels.

First, they announced that the normal servers and Heavenly Domain would all be expanded. There would be six more areas in each server. These six areas would, without doubt, become the most active areas for players for the following year.

Six areas naturally meant at least six new dungeons and six new wild Bosses. So far, the Glory company had leaked the specifics of one area each for the Heavenly Domain and normal servers. Of course, the Heavenly Domain’s area caught the most attention.

Barrier Mountains. That was the name of the level 75 area announced for the Heavenly Domain, appearing in the north most section.

Among these endless mountains that seemed to form a barrier, was the main city of this area, Thousand Peak City.

Thousand Peak City wasn’t particularly large in area, but it was a crucial point in the defense of the mountains. Now, there were a pile of problems, both internal and external, awaiting a warrior to solve them or something similar. This sort of background was a must have in the game, but it wasn’t something the pro circle would bother to care about knowing.

In the pro circle, they paid attention to the other information released about Barrier Mountains.

In the Barrier Mountains, there would be two small five player dungeons, a ten player dungeon, a twenty player dungeon and a hundred player dungeon.

Shadow Tactician Sandy was the wild Boss of the Barrier Mountains, crafted from the storyline and background. Of course, the story behind the boss wasn’t something the pro circle cared about. What they cared about for Sandy was what class it was, what skills it had, what it would do at red-blood, and what good stuff you could get from killing it.

This information wasn’t leaked yet. All they received was a minute and forty-seven second long video that showed how powerful Shadow Tactician Sandy was.

The one minute and forty-seven second video was researched over and over again by the powerhouses. They came to the conclusion that Sandy was a Nightwalker, and the skills Sandy used in the demonstration spanned across the Warlock, Ninja, and Assassin classes.

The wild Boss was immensely powerful, but that wasn’t what normal players would pay attention to. Those who had experience in Glory knew that such a difficult challenger was beyond normal players already. It was something for the big clubs.

What the players cared about was things like dungeons that they could experience for themselves. The background stories that the pro circle didn’t bother with was something the players enjoyed. Not long after the information was leaked, people had already started making comments on the story. Some were lamentful, some were shocked, and some had already started writing fanfictions.

The game, of course, cooperated with all the publicity, launching all sorts of offline events to interact with players. Suddenly, the entire Glory circle was bustling with activity, celebrating the long-awaited update. The high end pro circle suddenly seemed more like onlookers. The normal players were excitedly celebrating, while they were busy making preparations to try and grasp future victories.

Club Excellent Era.

As soon as the announcements were made, Cui Li, Chen Yehui, and the others were all elated. Like how Wei Chen realized this was a terrible situation for Happy, they realized that this was another insurance bolt for Excellent Era.   Cui Li didn’t waste any time in calling a meeting with all of the department heads. Of course, that nonsense about preparing for the release of information on Bosses and dungeons had to talked about. After that, he directed his words to Chen Yehui’s guild department, telling them to muster their people, and prepare for the new dungeons and Bosses.

As Cui Li spoke to Chen Yehui, his gaze was very meaningful. Chen Yehui and him were old partners and knew each other very well. With Cui Li’s speech concluded, he immediately started speaking, first speaking for his own department before beginning to analyze their current situation.    

“I think this is a very big opportunity for Excellent Era,” Chen Yehui said, “Although we’re in the Challenger League, I trust that none of us present have limited their sights to a barren land like the Challenger League. Tyranny, Blue Rain, Tiny Herb, Samsara… Although we might not be on the same stage as them this season, they are our true rivals and always have been. However, this season, they not only have the pro matches to worry about, but also the upcoming information on the new update, so they’ll be feeling a lot more pressure than we will. In comparison, being in the Challenger League means that we have more time to expend our efforts on researching the new information. We can take this chance to make preparations for our return to the Alliance next season, and overwhelm them. This opportunity is like a blessing in disguise*. Though valuable, I trust that no one is willing to try and recreate it. So, I think that everyone should put in their best efforts and see how much we can improve with this opportunity.”

Chen Yehui said this mildly, but as he spoke, his gaze often shifted to the captain and vice captain, Sun Xiang and Qiao Shiqing, sitting opposite him.

Everyone present was a higher up in the club, a core member, so they weren’t dumb. Seeing where Chen Yehui’s gaze kept falling and hearing his words, they instantly understood. This guy wanted the pro players to help out in game!

They were in the Challenger’s League this season, but in these departments it was business as usual. Only the team, despite still having one match per week, felt like they were on holiday; since all their opponents were insignificant, they didn’t have to give it their all. In the Pro League, pro players wouldn’t go into the game at all, afraid of messing up their mood and rhythm, which might affect their match performance. However, since Excellent Era was in the Challenger’s League, they didn’t have to worry about all that.

It was just that this wasn’t a part of their responsibilities, so the club couldn’t force them to help out. So, Chen Yehui could only hint at it in his speech like this and hope that the two captains would understand and willingly take up his suggestions.

Everyone’s gaze turned to the two. Cui Li, seeing this, made it clear that it was their turn to speak. “The team should also put effort into preparing for the update!”

Seeing this, Captain Sun Xiang realized it was his turn to speak! He cleared his throat. “That’s true. The new information released will be followed by new level limits, changing the stats and skills of our characters. If we were in the League, we would have to figure it out as we compete, so there will inevitably be some things they can’t cover while focusing on the match. We, on the other hand, have the chance to carefully research and test it. It’s just a little unfortunate that our opponents in the Challenger League are too weak to be lab rats. We will need to watch more professional matches to figure things out!”

Sun Xiang looked lamentful as he finished, but the other heads in the room all felt as if there were black lines on their faces.

This guy really is a newbie! He completely misunderstood what the manager and Chen Yehui were trying to imply. He was even seriously analyzing how the team could prepare for the new update.

Though your analysis was rather good, unfortunately, you’re way off topic!Everyone could see that when Sun Xiang ended his little monologue with triumph, Xiao Shiqing, who was next to him, revealed a little of his awkwardness in his expression. It was clear that he had figured out what the club wanted the pro players to do. It was unfortunate that Sun Xiang didn’t get it at all, getting off topic in all seriousness. Now, he had to go and fix this blunder. This sort of captain wasn’t even as good as Zhou Zekai, who only ever expressed his thoughts with “um… ah… oh…”

Xiao Shiqing was, after all, an experienced veteran, so he didn’t fuss about having to make up for this blunder, immediately adding, “If it’s just through the Challenger League, then we really can’t do much and there aren’t many chances anyways. I think we can find other places to help us test our strength.”

“Oh? You mean to organize invitationals with other teams? But we’re in the middle of the season, would they even accept?” Sun Xiang said.

You… There’s really no saving you! Xiao Shiqing was instantly speechless.

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