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Chapter 851 - Good Luck

After a pro player retired, the pro player would often be recruited into an internal section of the club. Often times, these opportunities would be given to hardworking and loyal individuals, or someone very competent at that sort of work.

Wu Chen originally had these sorts of hopes for his future. He had sincere feelings for Team Everlasting and hoped to never leave or abandon it, but now everything turned to nothing. Everlasting was on the brink of disappearing. What work opportunities could there be?

Wu Chen’s last stand was no longer only a part of his duties as the team captain. As a pro player, if he chose to leave at this moment, the team wouldn’t object to it either. However, where would he leave to? Wu Chen was at a loss and didn’t want to think about it. Now, Ye Xiu had given him a choice.

The guild…...

Wu Chen obviously understood that although the guild was established inside the game along with other player founded guilds, it was an important foundation for a team to be successful. Those in charge of the guild were definitely a core part of the club’s management. Their importance was no lower than any other manager in the club.

But truthfully speaking, Wu Chen had hoped to continue developing alongside Team Everlasting. If he had to switch to a different team, he wouldn’t be as interested. He was used to relating all of his experiences in in Glory to Everlasting.

But he could no longer relate those two together anymore. This was the cruel reality of things. He had to seriously consider this choice. In comparison, if he could continue in the pro scene to fill up his desire for Glory, that would still be his top priority. However, Wu Chen was only a small character in the scene. The top pro teams most likely wouldn’t give him this kind of opportunity. Only a new team like Happy would consider it.

But Happy was the main culprit for Everlasting disbanding. Even though Wu Chen was a rational person, he found it difficult to accept suddenly going over to serve Happy.

Just when he was about to refuse, another message in his chat window popped up: “Building up a team from nothing together is a very good feeling!”

Wu Chen’s heart suddenly began to thump. Not long ago, Team Everlasting had been like this: starting from nothing, establishing players and characters bit by bit. Even though their win record had always been pitiful, they had never given up. Even though they failed in the end, those memories were still as beautiful to him as ever.

He was kind of looking forward to it!

Wu Chen was moved. He understood that another similar opportunity wouldn’t come easy with his age and reputation. He just happened to have chanced upon one. If not, as a nobody, no one would think of him.

“Think about it!” Wu Chen hadn’t replied yet. The other side didn’t press him or ask if he was still there and simply left this message there.

“I will……” Wu Chen finally replied. The other side sent a bye bye emoji and then left.

Wu Chen began thinking about his future. After Everlasting completed the trade with Happy, Heavenly Swords joined in and their negotiations began.

These were the negotiations that Team Everlasting had been hoping for. Everlasting’s boss personally went out to battle. All of the employees were working together on this issue.

Day by day passed. Team Everlasting and Team Heavenly Swords had finally reached an agreement. Heavenly Swords did not completely buyout all of Everlasting, but for 10 million RMB, they bought around 50% of their goods, which made Everlasting feel quite satisfied.

Compared to the normal market, it was indeed on the lower side. However, their disbanded team had to sell everything off for cheap. Being able to sell so much for 10 million RMB was already quite satisfactory. Everlasting wasn’t some brand name. For a powerhouse team, let alone the resources, it would be hard to say if that amount could even buy a player on the team. That was the brand name effect!

Once the trade with Heavenly Swords was complete, the large stone in Everlasting’s heart had finally dissolved. For the rest of their resources, they wouldn’t argue and began taking the initiative to sell them to other places. The termination of the internal employees of the club had begun as well. Employee after employee left. Pro player after pro player left too. In the end, only Wu Chen remained. Everlasting’s boss personally handled his termination.

The grand strategy meeting room was empty. Only the boss remained. When Wu Chen entered the room, he saw the boss staring in a daze in front of the projector screen. His head was raised, looking up at the emblem of Team Everlasting hanging on the wall.

Wu Chen didn’t say anything. He quietly walked over. The boss sensed his arrival and didn’t give any polite greetings. The two were already good friends.

“Don’t you think this team emblem is a bit crooked?” The boss didn’t turn his head and spoke to Wu Chen.

“How could that be? It’s been fastened tightly. It can’t be moved.” Wu Chen didn’t even look and replied. When their team moved here, he had personally put up the team emblem, so he couldn’t be any clearer about it.

“Oh, really?” The boss heard his reply and looked at it from a tilted angle, “Then I guess my eyes are just bad.”

Wu Chen didn’t reply. The boss turned around and walked towards the table. He asked: “What plans do you have for the future?”

“I’m still not sure. You?” Wu Chen asked.

“Me? If another chance comes, I still want to form another team.” The boss said.  

“Would you still call it Everlasting?” Wu Chen smiled.

“Of course.” The boss said.

“Then you will have to remember to leave a spot for me.” Wu Chen said.

“Certainly.” The boss also smiled. Team Everlasting’s history wasn’t long, but it had gone through numerous changes. The only things that never changed was their team’s name, their team’s emblem, and their most loyal member, Wu Chen.

“I’m just afraid that when the time comes, I won’t be able to play competitively anymore.” Wu Chen said.

“Don’t worry. The team doesn’t only need pro players. With your capabilities, you can contribute to the team in many other ways.” The boss said.


Wu Chen replied pensively. The boss noticed his expression and suddenly guessed: “Did a team already invite you to do something like that?”

“Yes.” Wu Chen nodded his head. He didn’t need to hide the truth any longer.

“What do they want you to do?” The boss asked.

“Probably guild related matters.” Wu Chen said.

“Go then! It fits you well.” The boss nodded his head in affirmation. He obviously knew of Wu Chen’s talent in this area. If he hadn’t respected Wu Chen’s decision, he would have been the club manager.

“It’s Happy who invited me.” Wu Chen forced a smile.

The boss’s smile froze. He clearly hadn’t expected that response. His brows wrinkled: “Happy…… that’s not too good. They’re a Challenger League team, but this season, there’s Excellent Era! If they fail to make it out, would their team be able to continue? I feel like you should clear this up first.”

The boss only discussed matters with Wu Chen from Happy’s future prospects, but he didn’t mention anything about what Happy meant to their Everlasting. Wu Chen instantly understood his boss’s attitude. Although what he said was clear, what he didn’t say was equivalent to telling Wu Chen: you don’t need to care about anything else.

“Okay. I’ll think about it well.” Wu Chen smiled.

“Then that’s good.” Everlasting’s boss nodded his head and smiled back. He understood that Wu Chen had realized his intentions.

“The team’s matters have been pretty much been settled.” Everlasting’s boss switched the subject and began talking about his current situation, “The current offers that we’ve received will just be that. Negotiating any further would be pointless. The amount of time and effort needed wouldn’t be worth it, so I think that if there’s anything remaining, you can take them!”

“Me?” Wu Chen was surprised.

“Find a good team and do a good job.” Everlasting’s boss patted Wu Chen’s shoulders

At this instant, Wu Chen understood again. The boss’s words about establishing another team one day had just been talk. His final gift was to have Wu Chen bear the weight of Everlasting’s final belongings and continue on in the Glory scene.  

“I’m leaving everything to you.” Everlasting’s boss extended his hands. Wu Chen reached out and grabbed his hands. The boss shook it firmly and nodded his head: “I have somethings that I need to do still, so I’ll be going. The things are over there…… good luck!”

The boss left. Wu Chen went over to look at the items on the meeting room table. Apart from the papers involved in every player’s termination, there were two fine card cases. Each of the cases had a word carved into them. One had an “Ever”, while the other had a “Lasting”. When he opened the two card cases, they were filled with account cards. The card on top was one he recognized. It was the one he had used for all these years, which he had returned to the club a few days ago: Launcher, Dawn Rifle.

As for the other account cards, besides the pro characters that had been sold off, the remaining were all from the guild. With the team gone, the guild’s existence was meaningless as well.

Is this my only choice?

He watched as the boss left. The door was left half open. Wu Chen looked at the team emblem that hung on the wall over there and gave one last sigh.

Two days later. City H, Happy Internet Cafe.

Wu Chen carried his luggage in one hand. On the other hand, he had a piece of paper. He looked at it carefully one more time and after confirming that it was the correct address, he walked in.

The Internet cafe was bustling with noise and unusually busy. After Team Happy beat Team Everlasting and made it onto the the Esports Home, Happy Internet Cafe’s business instantly exploded. And this time, the new customers weren’t face slappers or anything. They were truly curious about Team Happy and looked forward to their future.

With a new atmosphere in the Internet cafe, Chen Guo often strolled around happily. With her personality, she was able to instantly form a tight group with customers who looked forward to Happy’s future prospects.

Che Guo was currently at the front desk checking this month’s business records. She was happy at the team’s outstanding record. She was also happy at the Internet cafe’s booming business. While she was in high spirits, she heard someone speak to her.

“Is this where Team Happy is? I’m Wu Chen. I said that I would be coming today.”

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