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Chapter 852 - Let’s Grow Stronger Together

When Chen Guo heard, she lifted her head. Both were stunned, as this was not the first time they had met. When Wu Chen came with He An to visit Happy last time, Chen Guo received the visitors along with Ye Xiu. 

“Hello.” Chen Guo nodded as she greeted Wu Chen. As the boss, she obviously knew that Wu Chen would come and join them today. 

Thanks to Chen Guo’s fast and furious way in completing her job, Wu Chen was soon introduced to everyone. 

“This is Wu Chen, the one we fought before, the former captain of Team Everlasting.” Chen Guo introduced to everyone. Recently, Wu Chen was constantly in contact with Ye Xiu online, but for other people, it was kind of something in the past. Now that the third match in the Challenger League finished, Team Happy was able to eliminate a normal player’s team with ease. Happy was able to attract even more peoples’ interest in them. Furthermore, the Weekly News for eSports had reported a word or two about them twice in a row after their match, the treatment was comparable to Excellent Era.

“Hi everyone……” Wu Chen greeted the people, who stood up from behind their computers. Apart from Ye Xiu, he didn’t recognize any of them, Wu Chen was trying to mentally work out who was who. 

Of course, Wei Chen was the one whom he determined his identity at first glance. After all, his abnormal and outstanding age seemed marginal and extreme among the group, so his identity was confirmed. As for the others, Wu Chen wasn’t able to grasp accurately. But before he could ask, Ye Xiu took the lead in applauding while shouting. “Everyone, let’s welcome him!”

Clap clap clap clap…...

Everyone responded, and the applause was quite warming, but because of this, Mo Fan, who didn’t clap, seemed like an outsider. Even though Wu Chen wasn’t the type to be bothered by this kind of thing, he couldn’t help but take notice of this guy. But that guy wasn’t even looking at him! He could use his computer without guilt even when he was left out and everyone else was clapping.  

“Welcome, comrade Wu Chen!” Ye Xiu came up to wave at Wu Chen. 

“God Ye Qiu……” Wu Chen was in between tears and laughter. He had constantly been in contact with Lord Grim on QQ for the past few days. At the start, he couldn’t be sure, but now. he could be certain that this person was Ye Qiu, but if this guy was Ye Qiu, then who was controlling Lord Grim in the competition? If it was still him, then he would be breaking the rules! Then Team Everlasting shouldn't be eliminated!

But Ye Xiu already gave him an answer in the next second. “Uh, I’m called Ye Xiu here.”

“Ye Xiu?” Wu Chen was at loss.

“It’s a long story. I’m explaining this because I don’t want you to think that I substituted in to play Lord Grim. In fact, I’m the one who registered for Lord Grim, but I’m not actually Ye Qiu. Do you understand now?” Ye Xiu said. 

“I don’t understand at all!” Wu Chen’s tone was unusually certain. 

“You will understand sooner or later, let’s not talk about it for now. How about introducing you to everybody first.” Ye Xiu said. 

“How about telling me first!” 

“This is Wei Chen - the former captain of Team Blue Rain many years ago. You might’ve heard of him. He’s currently using the Warlock Windward Formation.” Ye Xiu said. 

“It's an honor to meet you…… hey hey hey!” Wu Chen was deeply troubled. He didn’t want to be impolite when he was introduced to someone, but on the other hand, he wanted to return to the previous topic. 

“This is Tang Rou. She’s Soft Mist.” Ye Xiu seemed as if he didn’t hear the three hey’s at all. 

“Hello……” Wu Chen couldn’t help but divide part of his attention when he was before a beauty. Before he could continue to struggle with that question, Ye Xiu had already moved onto the next person. 

“This is Bao Rongxing, we all call him Steamed Bun. He’s Steamed Bun Invasion.”

“You beat me before.” Steamed Bun said magnanimously. 

This immediately caused Wu Chen to think that this guy took the matter to heart, so he felt the need to say something. “There’s always wins and losses in a competition……”

“This is Qiao Yifan, One Inch Ash.” Ye Xiu already moved onto the next person. 

“Hello.” Qiao Yifan was very polite. 

“Hello.” Wu Chen looked at Qiao Yifan. Was this the youth who came from the champion team Tiny Herb?

“And that one’s Mo Fan.” Then Mo Fan was introduced, who Ye Xiu merely pointed at and didn’t bring Wu Chen over to greet. Wu Chen then understood that he was quite strange. When he glanced across, he saw Mo Fan turn around to look at him due to being called. Wu Chen nodded and greeted his “hi”, but that guy already turned his head to his previous position. 

What a strange person….. Wu Chen mentally thought, and temporarily forgot to ask about the Ye Xiu-Ye Qiu matter.

“There’s two more too, An Wenyi and Luo Ji. They’re our Cleric, Little Cold Hands, and our Summoner, Concealed Light. Both are university students, so they’re not currently living with us.” Ye Xiu said. Soon after eliminating Team Everlasting, An Wenyi returned to his school. After all, it wouldn’t be right to be absent from school for a long time.

Everyone had been introduced, but Ye Xiu’s mouth ceased to stop. He continued by introducing Wu Chen’s job. “As for the guilds, even though our results from snatching wild bosses from high-end places like Heavenly Domain have been quite good, our basic foundation is still very, very poor. Among the normal servers, the only bit of power we have is in the tenth server. We’ve just begun in the Heavenly Domain, so the burden on your shoulders isn’t light! What sort of useful advice do you have for opening up our phase as soon as possible?”

Since Ye Xiu asked, Wu Chen could only follow by replying. “I have a bunch of account cards with me.”

“Account cards?” Ye Xiu was startled. 

“From Team Everlasting.” Wu Chen said. 

“Oh, are they empty accounts whose equipment have been sold?” Ye Xiu guessed. 

“Some are, some aren’t.” Wu Chen said. 


“For example, we have an account card for each of the ten servers.” Wu Chen added. “The guild leader accounts for Guild Everlasting.”

When he said so, Ye Xiu was stunned for even longer. This opening phase was rather tyrannical! A batch of ready-made guilds were directly delivered into his hands. Something as wonderful as pie falling from the sky actually happened?

Possessing these guild account cards was equivalent to possessing a batch of guilds. Furthermore, those were the guilds left over by a professional team, so their system was definitely fully complete. The main job Happy had to do was to exchange the guild members, so all of the members were supporters of Happy. Then, the guild could begin to operate proactively.  

Due to this, they were quite frustrated over having 10 guilds all at once. Who would they hand this over to be in charge of? For clubs, the status of every normal server’s guild leaders weren’t low at all. After all, the normal servers would also export large amounts of original materials for the team. Especially for the fact that Heavenly Domain didn’t have any materials below Level 55! Some were only produced in the normal servers. 

“There’s also two guild leader account cards for the Heavenly Domain.” Wu Chen continued to add to Happy’s frustrations. 

But no matter how one looked at it, those frustrations were blessings. When Ye Xiu recovered his senses, Chen Guo had already figured out what wonderful things Wu Chen had brought along, but because those things were of such high value, it seemed neither suitable nor realistic to accept them easily. Chen Guo still asked with caution. “Are these all for us to use?” 

“How about telling me about the Ye Xiu-Ye Qiu matter, God Ye Qiu?” Wu Chen finally managed to bring this topic back to light. 

“Sigh, you really are…… Alright! To put it simply, Ye Qiu is fake, and Ye Xiu is my actual identity, do you understand now?” Ye Xiu said. 

It was finally Wu Chen’s turn to be stunned. Even though the words were few, but the information was too great! How many secrets or details were involved in this? Wu Chen didn’t know if it was suitable for him to keep asking. but because of this, he at least knew that there was no violation in the rules for Ye Xiu or Ye Qiu to control Lord Grim. Even though there was the suspicion of him finding a loophole in the rule, Happy had Ye Qiu, a strong presence indeed. Even if he directly used Ye Qiu’s name to sign up, it wouldn’t have violated any of the rules. So there was no point in finding a reason for Team Everlasting’s loss in this aspect. In addition, Everlasting had already been disbanded for good. 

Wu Chen was no longer troubled over this matter, so he returned to the problem of bringing so many account cards. Wu Chen didn’t speak, instead, he opened his luggage and seriously brought out the two card containers labelled with the words ‘Ever’ and ‘Lasting’. Inside those two card containers, was everything that Everlasting had left. They were finally able to find its final home. 

Chen Guo grew nervous because she already realized what Wu Chen was about to do. She looked on as Wu Chen placed the two card containers before them. 

“Let Happy continue to grow stronger!” When Wu Chen spoke those words, his gaze stopped on the card containers, it stopped upon the words on the container. 

Chen Guo was able to somewhat understand Wu Chen’s mood. This was some kind of entrustment for Team Everlasting’s incomplete ideals. Chen Guo didn’t receive the two containers, instead, she pushed them in the opposite direction, so they were returned to Wu Chen. “Let’s continue to make Happy grow stronger!”

Wu Chen was stunned. It appeared that he didn’t expect her to say and do such things. He was baffled and a bit moved. 

“Yes, let us, together…..” When Wu Chen spoke those words, he felt as if he went back a few years in time. At that time, he and his friends had built Team Everlasting under the matching support of Everlasting’s boss. During the very summer that year, they also said the same thing: “Let’s grow stronger together.”

Wu Chen wouldn’t have thought that, on that day and moment, he would once again  work hard to strive for these words with another group of people. 

Everything was expressed in the lack of words, unnecessary declarations were no longer needed. 

“We are still in short of manpower, so everyone will have to work hard.” What Ye Xiu said was quite factual.

“Haha, this kind of hard work is better than being poor and blank.” Wu Chen had the experience of building a team from scratch, so he was extremely positive towards the current condition.

“Well said, one can just tell by the looks that comrade Wu Chen is very trustworthy. According to the rules of Challenger League, even though Team Everlasting has been eliminated, their players have one more chance to register. Before the next round, you will register for the application to become one of the members of Team Happy, right?” Ye Xiu said. 

“Oh sure. I can.” Wu Chen was slightly lost in thought, but still nodded and agreed. His skills were more than enough to deal with a majority of the opponents in the Challenger League. Even though his character Dawn Rifle was almost an empty account, with his skill, he could bully his opponents without needing to rely on equipment. 

“Then there will be two Launchers on the team.” Wu Chen didn’t forget Chasing Haze’s existence. 

“There’s going to be an even better one in the future!” Chen Guo smiled. 

“Oh? Who?” Wu Chen doubted.

Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu, who replied without the slightest hesitation. “Dancing Rain.”

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