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Chapter 828 - I Once Had a Friend

Chang Xian wasn’t just an eSports reporter. He was also a fan of Glory. His work revolved around Glory. Outside of work, he spent most of his free time on Glory too.

In the Heavenly Domain, Chang Xian had a Striker account. He was a normal player in the game. As a result, he had suffered under the hands of the most infamous scrap picker in Glory, Deception.

When he had prepared for his interview, Chang Xian had seen the name Deception among the registered members in Team Happy, but from the time Team Happy accepted challenges to the recent three matches in the Challenger League, Deception’s character had never appeared a single time. Chang Xian thought that he wasn’t with Team Happy. Who would have thought that Deception really was a part of the team? Suddenly, Chang Xian’s grievances towards Deception exploded. At that time, he had lost the PK and died. His weapon dropped and before he could call over his friends to get it back, he saw Deception nimbly blend back into the chaotic crowd. After stealing his weapon, he just swaggered off without a second thought.

Chang Xian had seen everything clearly from his ghost’s view. That Thunder Fist was a weapon that he had spent who knew how much time and effort to obtain, but in just a quick PK, a scrap picker snatched it away. Chang Xian felt so disgusted that he stopped playing for a week.

He had thought of taking revenge on Deception, but in the vast Heavenly Domain, finding a single person wasn’t something that could be done with just patience and perseverance. Chang Xian persisted for a period of time, before finally giving up out of helplessness. Even though this incident had passed a while ago, seeing Deception among the members of Team Happy stirred up his previous anger. However, facing Team Happy, he needed to be professional. It wasn’t good to mix his personal emotions with his work. Deception may have been among the list of registered team members, he had never appeared on stage before. It wasn’t certain if he was actually in the team or not! The Challenger League rules were truly lax.

Chang Xian didn’t take the matter of Deception to heart up until now. When he heard the sudden introduction and realized that the cold, arrogant guy he thought was Ye Qiu actually turned out to be Deception, Mo Fan’s expression made him extremely annoyed. Impulse overcame him. He suddenly turned around and got into a fighting position in front of Mo Fan.

Everyone was astonished. To think such a coincidence would happen! Everyone clicked their tongues in wonder, but no one said anything. Mo Fan no longer had his expressionless face. He was somewhat dumbstruck. He probably wasn’t prepared to meet a victim of his in real life.

“Who….. are you?” Mo Fan finally asked.

“I’m called Death Reaper. My Lightning Fist was stolen by you. It seems like you don’t remember me?” Chang Xian shouted.

“Yes.” Mo Fan said.

“Now that I’ve helped you remember, return it to me!” Chang Xian demanded. In reality, he already had a similar weapon now, but his arguing wasn’t over the weapon itself, but rather because of the grief he felt when he watched as his beloved weapon was stolen away. Chang Xian was already fairly calm at this point. After all, it had been awhile  since that incident had occurred. If this meeting had happened within a week of that incident, he might have had the courage to physically kick him down.

“It’s gone.” Mo Fan replied honestly, but it drove Chang Xian mad. He didn’t really want his equipment back. Now that you’ve been caught in real life by one of your victims, shouldn’t you at least have some sort of reaction? What is this?

“You you……” Chang Xian didn’t know what else to say. He wasn’t seeking his lost equipment, but looking to vent his anger. But now he realized that he didn’t know how the other side could make it up to him. Allow himself to get beat up? Chang Xian knew that wasn’t realistic.

The two were in the middle of their confrontation, when Qiao Yifan came back with water. He had no idea what had happened. When he saw Chang Xian over there, he delivered a cup of water to him under the gazes of everyone.

“Have some water.” A fellow had popped up next to Mo Fan to give him some water. Chang Xian didn’t know how to respond.

Everyone had their hands to their foreheads. What type of scene was this!

“Cough, Little Chang, it looks like Mo Fan took your equipment. Today you’ve gotten a chance to meet us. How about we call it even? Arguing is pointless.” Chen Guo revealed the air of a big sister and resolved this matter. In reality, her logic made no sense. However, Chen Guo could see Chang Xian’s anger. It wasn’t as exaggerated as his reaction had been. It had probably been a long time since that incident, so he wasn’t that angry anymore. That scar would still remain in his heart though. Someone more sociable might have even said a few words and ended up friends with him! Unfortunately, Mo Fan wasn’t that type of person. He replied with an earnest: “It’s gone.” It was as if he were deliberately provoking him. 

Chang Xian found himself facing such a person and found himself in an awkward spot. Chen Guo gave him a suitable excuse to get over this matter.

Chang Xian had been a reporter for a year. He was clever. He immediately understood that this was Chen Guo handing giving him a way out of the awkward situation between him and Mo Fan. He seized the opportunity, taking the water and thanking Qiao Yifan, while politely responding to Chen Guo.

QIao Yifan had gone to get water for the guest, so he didn’t know what had happened. He asked Mo Fan, next to him: “What’s going on?”

“He’s asking me for equipment!” Mo Fan replied with a simple answer. Chang Xian almost dropped his cup. He wasn’t asking for equipment! He wanted him to return his equipment. A single word made all the difference!

Chen Guo didn’t have a good impression of Mo Fan either way. Hearing his sharp and concise answer, she wasn’t happy. She said to Chang Xian: “Little Chang, how about we get down to business first. You two can talk about your private grievances later. No one will stop you.”

“Oh oh, sure, sure. Then let’s start now? Speaking of which, I don’t have a good understanding of you guys. If I say something wrong, please forgive me!” Chang Xian spoke methodically.

“Haha, ask away.” Chen Guo said.

“I really want to know if Ye Qiu, Team Excellent Era’s former captain, if God Ye Qiu is in Team Happy?” Chang Xian started off with the question he wanted to know the answer the most.

Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu. Everyone looked at Ye Xiu. They also wanted to know how he would answer this question.

“Ah, him! You could say he’s here. You could also say he’s not here.” Ye Xiu said.

“What does that mean?” Chang Xian didn’t understand.

“You’ll understand when the time comes.” Ye Xiu smiled.

How crafty! Everyone gasped in surprise. So he’s dodging the question? The reporter won’t pursue it, right?

Chang Xian didn’t pursue the matter. For an exclusive interview, he needed to pay attention to propriety. If he insisted on asking a question that the other side didn’t want to answer, he would bring the mood down. It would be very bad for the following questions. From this point, Chang Xian wasn’t experienced enough. If an experienced reporter like Cao Guangcheng had come for the interview, the reporter would not have let this opportunity pass. The reporter would not have asked this question first either. Asking this question last would not have been any better. If no valuable answer came, the reporter could just laugh it off and end the interview on a high note. If a juicy hint appeared, the reporter could pursue it relentlessly. Even if it irritated the other side, it at least wouldn’t affect the overall interview.

Chang Xian had been too impatient and started the interview with this question. He knew he couldn’t press too hard in the beginning of the interview, so when Ye Xiu dodged the question, he had to let this question go.

Afterwards, Chang Xian naturally asked about their thoughts on people denouncing them as being arrogant.

Ye Xiu smiled again: “The following match will prove everything.”

“I can see that you guys are very confident. Do you think that your team is good enough to topple Team Excellent Era?” Chang Xian asked.

“As long as it’s a competitive match, anything is possible.” Ye Xiu smiled.

Everyone wanted to boo in their hearts. There was no way Team Excellent Era would be a breeze to fight! If they had to fight against Team Excellent Era right now, Team Happy wasn’t confident in their chances. Ye Xiu was relying on the hope that the players on Team Happy would have a lot of time to improve. The current them and the future them would be completely different.

Ye Xiu had said these words to them, but facing an interview, he shut his mouth and didn’t mention it. He made it sound like they were very confident in their chances against Team Excellent Era.

“Uh, could I ask about your unspecialized? From what I know, your unspecialized Lord Grim possesses a unique Silver weapon that can switch forms.”


“This weapon seems to have been created especially for unspecialized. Could you talk about how you came up with the idea for it? I feel that you must have exerted a lot of effort designing this weapon, right?”  

Everyone looked at Ye Xiu.

Especially Chen Guo. This question very likely brought out a lot of emotions for Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu said that that youth, who had passed away already, was the most gifted talent he had known. Chen Guo had followed Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng to sweep his tomb. She didn’t doubt his words.

“I once had a friend……” Chen Guo heard Ye Xiu said.

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