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Chapter 827 - All Rather Impressive

Ye Xiu and Chen Guo had thought of Tang Rou, but reality was very different from their expectations.

Hearing that there would be a reporter coming to interview them, Tang Rou had no intention of avoiding it. Instead, it was An Wenyi who shook his head furiously at the news. Everyone curiously inquired as to why and was struck speechless by his response. This guy hadn’t gone to his school to check in since school had started. It would be fine if he was inconspicuous about it, but if he went and accepted an interview and appeared on news, it allowed his school to know that he had skipped to play games, they would definitely have a hard time accepting that.

“Okay then, do as you wish, Little An. Everyone else should wait here for a while, the reporter is coming soon,” Chen Guo ordered before going outside to welcome the reporter.

Not long after, Chen Guo came back, but she was limping as she pushed open the door and came inside. Everyone stared in shock, Tang Rou running up to help her. “What happened?”

“I’m very sorry about that! My biking skills are… Not the best.” Not far behind Chen Guo was a young man, scratching his head in embarrassment as he walked in timidly. After getting the address that Team Happy was at from the Internet cafe, he had rushed over.

Chen Guo had, of course, asked after what Chang Xian was like so she could take him up from downstairs. Seeing the electric bike, she more or less knew that this was who she was waiting for. She had been walking into the road to greet him, but didn’t think there could be someone so terrible at biking. Seeing someone walk out, Chang Xian had anxiously yelled out a warning, but even as one of them tried to dodge and the other tried to swerve, Chen Guo had still gotten hit….

“This is Little Chang from Esports Home….” Chen Guo was still in quite a bit of pain! But she still gritted her teeth and introduced Chang Xian to everyone.

“Boss Chen… I’m really sorry, are you sure you’re okay? Should we go to the hospital first?” Chang Xian chattered nervously at the side. Though Chen Guo had been hit by Chang Xian’s bike, they hadn’t wasted any time in introducing themselves to each each other.

“I’m fine, let me introduce you first,” Chen Guo said.

“I think you should sit down first!” Tang Rou helped Chen Guo make her way over to the sofa, so Chen Guo went ahead and introduced her first. “This is Tang Rou, the player behind the Battle Mage Soft Mist.”

“Ah!” Chang Xian expressed in surprise. He had, of course, done some research before coming to conduct an interview. The more he understood, the more topics he could bring up. And in the match against Everlasting yesterday, she had defeated two players in the group arena. She was definitely the most famous player in Team Happy. Now, she had turned out to be a beautiful woman in real life as well. Did he really need to write anything? Just a few photos were probably enough to create waves.

And Boss Chen was also a beauty! He was pretty sure the Glory circle had yet to have such a beautiful lady as a boss.

He had, of course, also brought his camera to this interview. It was currently held in his hand, but Tang Rou was busy taking care of Chen Guo, who he had unfortunately injured. He wasn’t shameless enough to ask them for a few photos first. By then, Chen Guo was already introducing the next person.

“This is Qiao Yifan,” Chen Guo was just introducing them by who she saw first, “Little Qiao was originally from Team Tiny Herb. After his contract expired, he came over. He plays the Ghostblade, One Inch Ash.”

“What?!” Chang Xian, who had been waiting for a chance to take pictures of the two attractive ladies, suddenly heard Chen Guo introducing the next person. He was instantly thunderstruck.

Team Tiny Herb! A member from a team that had been two time champions had joined Team Happy? What was this?

Chang Xian stared in shock. Information on One Inch Ash was lrare. He only knew that it was an account for the tenth server and the second under max level character to reach the Heavenly Domain in the tenth server, after Lord Grim. He hadn’t appeared much during the time where Happy was accepting challengers, but in yesterday’s match against Everlasting, he had won them their first point, giving a calm and mature impression. He hadn’t thought this person would be from the Pro League, and Tiny Herb too! 

Chang Xian didn’t hide the shock on his face as he gazed at Qiao Yifan. Qiao Yifan became nervous with all the staring. He had been someone without presence in Team Tiny Herb, and wouldn’t had never had the chance to be interviewed. Now, seeing Chang Xian’s shocked gaze, Qiao Yifan was also a little startled. “I… I…” he stuttered for a while before suddenly blurting out, “I’ll go pour some water,” and fleeing.

“That’s Wei Chen, maybe you’ve heard of him?” Chen Guo was still making introductions, “He’s currently our Warlock, Windward Formation.”

Wei Chen?

Chang Xian considered this name, feeling a little lost. It was completely unfamiliar to him, but Windward Formation was definitely someone who had ability. However this guy…. Chang Xian looked at Wei Chen, taking in the stubble that hinted at his comparatively old age. Wasn’t he a little… too old?

“Hahaha, young people these days wouldn’t have heard of me.” Wei Chen, of course, wouldn’t nervously run away like Qiao Yifan. Seeing that Chang Xian didn’t recognize him, he shamelessly started to introduce himself. “The former captain of Team Blue Rain and the original owner of Swoksaar, that’s me.”

“Ah!” Hearing this, Chang Xian jumped once again.

He might not know who Wei Chen was, but the captain of Team Blue Rain, the owner of Swoksaar, he understood what these two identities meant. This middle aged man was actually that impressive a character?

“Hahaha, calm down, kid, don’t get so nervous upon hearing someone’s reputation. Look at you, how are you going to interview us like this?” Wei Chen shamelessly started lecturing.

“I… I…” Now it was Chang Xian who was stuttering like Qiao Yifan. It was a good thing that Chen Guo had started introducing the next person already. “This is Bao Rongxing, we all call him Steamed Bun, he’s the Brawler Steamed Bun Invasion.”

Chang Xian listened with both ears perked, but didn’t hear anything after “owner”. Chang Xian hastily ran over the introduction in his head again. It seemed to be just as he had heard. That’s weird! Something seemed to be lacking! Did this Steamed Bun have no impressive sort of background?

With there being beauties and ex-Team Tiny Herb members and Team Blue Rain captains, Chang Xian immediately expected each of the members of Happy to have some sort of impressive background. Yet Steamed Bun seemed to be a normal person, making Chang Xian a little disoriented. As he gazed at Steamed Bun, he heard Steamed Bun speak. “Good thing that you seem like a honest little reporter, otherwise I would have your leg for injuring the boss.”

Holy crap!

Chang Xuan felt his legs turn to jelly. What kind of person was this! What kind of response was that! Seeing Steamed Bun seriously considering his leg, Chang Xian couldn’t take it as a joke. He wouldn’t really lose a leg upon leaving, would he?”

“Don’t mess around, Steamed Bun” Then, a guy with a cigarette in his mouth told Steamed Bun off. Chang Xian looked over and Chen Guo was already introducing him, “This is our captain, Ye Xiu, the player behind Lord Grim.”

Ye Xiu!

Chang Xian had listened carefully. It was Xiu not Qiu. And, as a member of Esports Home, he knew for certain that in the registered players for Team Happy, Lord Grim’s player was definitely not Ye Qiu, but many people were suspicious that even if Ye Qiu hadn’t registered, he was still hiding in Team Happy, playing for them, and were therefore suspicious of who was the player behind Lord Grim.

But now, this player was introduced to him just like that, and as the captain, too. Chang Xian suddenly didn’t to dare suspect his identity.

“There’s also a Cleric, Little Cold Hands, but he’s busy today,” Chen Guo continued.

Chang Xian nodded, going over the names and faces of each person he had been introduced to so far, but as he counted the people present, he suddenly realized there was one extra. This person kept his distance from everyone else, leaning against the wall stoically and watching on.

This person… was he the legendary god Ye Qiu!?

Chang Xian thought he had definitely managed to make a right guess, but saw how Chen Guo seemed to have no intentions of introducing him, but this was god Ye Qiu! That topic far outstripped anything like beautiful ladies, or Tiny Herb members or Blue Rain captains. In the media circle, nobody had managed to interview him except for Cao Guang. And even for Cao Guang, the interviews had been done over QQ.

Now that God Ye Qiu was in front of him, he couldn’t let go of the opportunity given to him, or else he couldn’t be called a reporter.

Chang Xian gathered his courage and stepped forwards without any prompting.

“Excuse me… are you God Ye Qiu?” Chang Xian greeted this cool guy. In his heart, god Ye Qiu who always refused to be interviewed was definitely someone who was aloof and proud like this.

“No.” But the other person coldly denied it.

Chang Xian was waiting for him to speak again when Chen Guo introduced him as well. “This is Mo Fan, Ninja, Deception. He’s still considering whether or not he wants to join.”

“Ah?” Chang Xian startled, disappointed upon knowing that this person wasn’t Ye Qiu. If Ye Qiu was really at Happy but didn’t want to come out for an interview, then he probably wouldn’t get a chance today.

Chang Xian turned his focus back to the others as he thought over this, but the name Chen Guo had given him flashed through his mind and he turned suddenly. “You’re Deception?”

Mo Fan glacned at him. He wouldn’t respond to a useless question like that.

“You… Give me back my equipment!!!” Then, Chang Xian said something that made everyone a little taken aback.

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