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Chapter 816 - Too Naive

Reverse sweep!

At this moment, whether it was in the spectator chat or Team Everlasting’s practice room, these two words were mentioned the most. The second-most mentioned words added an adjective to it: super reverse sweep.

In a 1v3 situation, He An actually managed to beat two opponents in a row and entered the final deciding match with nearly full health. Such a turnaround filled the audience with anticipation.

Team Everlasting had been half-dead. As the second opponent was triumphed over, each and every player’s morale started to revive. When He An nearly obtained a perfect victory over Chasing Haze, silence filled the practice room for two seconds, before the players erupted into cheers.

Everyone was standing around He An, pushing and shoving each other. If they didn’t know that one more match still needed to be played, they might have started lifting He An up into the air.

He An obviously had to show confidence and give off a feeling of superiority at this moment. Apart from that, the victory already said everything. Their current situation said everything. He didn’t need to give any words of encouragement. The players of Team Everlasting had already come back to life. Next up, if he could win this deciding match, Team Everlasting’s morale would be at its peak for the team competition.

Morale cannot be underestimated.

Morale represented the player’s mental state. Having high morale made it easier for the player to play to the best of his or her ability. After all, a player was a person, not a robot. A player’s mental state decided how well a player performed.

He An was very satisfied with the morale of the team right now. Moreover, he was certain that after having a huge lead reduced to nothing, Team Happy’s morale must be very low. The two sides were on nearly even ground coming into the deciding match. If it had to be said, in terms of health, He An had lost a bit. However, in terms of the overall situation, He An felt that their Team Everlasting had the advantage. The pressure from a reverse sweep was terrifying. Just look at the countless spectators spamming the chat. Everyone was looking forward to this scene. 

He An was too busy to think too much. After a short break, the deciding match began. On Team Happy’s side, the character that should have originally been paid attention to the most, but had been hiding the entire time appeared: Lord Grim.

He An wasn’t surprised about this arrangement. Lord Grim had always been seen as Team Happy’s core. This was undoubtedly Ye Qiu’s character. Even though the media reported that the person, who registered Lord Grim, wasn’t Ye Qiu. However, when He An paid a visit to Happy Internet Cafe, he personally saw Ye Qiu at Happy. If the player behind Lord Grim wasn’t Ye Qiu, who could he be?

The Challenger League had this type of loophole. He An could only look at things from a worst-case scenario standpoint. He thought his confidence was unbreakable, but when he thought about having to face Ye Qiu, the king of a past era, the innovator of countless techniques, and the Glory Textbook, He An suddenly felt the sweat dripping his two hands.  

He An grabbed the towel on the table and dried his two hands.

There was no time for him to adjust his mental state. The stage came into view. Three, two, one, and the match began. He An put down the towel and took a deep breath.

No matter who his opponent, victory was his only path. It was only path for Team Everlasting too.

Team Everlasting had failed to pass through the Challenger League last year. A year without the Pro League naturally led to losses. Another year of losses would be needed again. The team’s ace player, He An, also had to be the club’s manager. It was evidence of Team Everlasting being in difficult financial straits. If they couldn’t return to the Pro League this year, the team might not last for another year. Let alone being able to support high salaries for the players, anyone worthy of a high salary would not continue playing for Team Everlasting. The team would need to sell characters, equipment, and materials to survive. In that case, the team would definitely weaken, making it even harder to get through the Challenger League. Many relegated teams fell into this vicious cycle until they disbanded.

I can’t lose!

He An reminded himself once again.

He had originally considered himself invincible, but after thinking that Lord Grim might be Ye Qiu, his confidence wavered. He couldn’t help but remind himself.

The spectator chat was as lively as ever. The face slappers resurrected just like Team Everlasting. This scene was simply too exciting. Team Happy had a huge lead, but they lost it all. Moreover, Team Everlasting’s character had barely lost any health. He had the momentum from winning two matches in a row and had high morale, but Team Happy? They were probably too nervous to even move.

The crowd jeered loudly. However, their remarks could no longer be seen by the two sides playing.

My opponent is Ye Qiu…..

Unable to get rid of this thought, He An was unable to play boldly. He repeated his old strategy and started by directly entering the water.

He slowly swam towards a section and found a hiding spot. It was obviously different from the hiding spots from the other two matches. He An once again began observing his opponent.

But he couldn’t find him…..

With the water and the veranda, his line of sight was naturally limited. Within this limited space, He An couldn’t find any traces of his opponent. He patiently waited for awhile, but still didn’t see Lord Grim. He finally felt like something wasn’t right…..

If Lord Grim was Ye Qiu, then…… he shouldn’t be afraid of a battle in the water, so he might have gone into the water too. Could he be moving closer to me? 

He An thought and hastily dove into the water. After looking 360 degrees around him, he still didn’t see anything.

Where is he?

He An suddenly panicked. This situation was completely outside of his expectations. Could he just be standing at his original position? He An had his character switch positions. From a new perspective, he looked at Lord Grim’s starting position. No, Lord Grim hadn’t remained there. He had moved, but He An didn’t know where.

Two choices.

Take the initiative to search for Lord Grim, or continue hiding there and wait for Lord Grim to find him.

After a moment of hesitation, He An decided to choose the safer option and quietly hid there, waiting for Lord Grim to enter his attack range, but considering his opponent’s skill, he didn’t dare look only in one direction. Above the water, under the water, front, back, left, right, he didn’t stop looking around.

Even so, He An still didn’t see Lord Grim. His heart was beating madly. What’s going on?

Above the water, under the water, front, back, left, right…...  

He kept scouting around. He was starting to get tired. He suddenly began to regret choosing this map. Wasn’t he causing himself trouble? If he had chosen a simpler map, he wouldn’t be in this type of situation.

He An was sighing with sorrow, when he suddenly caught himself.

I’m actually complaining about the map!

This would mean that this map was giving him trouble, putting him at a disadvantage. The map might have already been taken advantage of by the opponent.

He An’s reaction was quick. Under this situation, he needed to switch strategies. He had already fallen into his opponent’s trap! Even though neither side could see each other, this was an attack in and of itself. The attack wasn’t physical, but mental. He An was currently feeling troubled, making him the one affected by the attack.

He An swam underneath the veranda. He was just about to go back onto the veranda before making his next step, when he suddenly heard a shout: “He’s on top!!”

He An was startled. His character immediately turned. He saw Lord Grim’s spear come down with a Circle Swing. Like a fish being hooked, he was dragged out.

The shout had obviously come from a Team Everlasting player. They were in spectator mode and could look at the match from any perspective. He An’s trouble and confusion could clearly be seen by them.

Lord Grim kept moving, but not completely underwater or on the veranda. He did both, making it difficult to understand his intent. 

Then, everyone discovered that Lord Grim was coming and closer to He An, while He An was looking around without a clue.

He An didn’t seem to be faking it. Everyone now understood that Lord Grim’s strange pathing was to hide in He An’s blind spots.

Could he have guessed his hiding place? Or was he also going to blind spots for all possible hiding spots? They couldn’t tell, but they knew that Lord Grim had quietly snuck up above He An. On the other hand, He An was still looking below the water, above the water, and searching around left and right…..

The crowd had already started shouting it out, but He An couldn’t see any of it.

The players on Team Everlasting could obviously warn him, but they maintained their competitive integrity. They were bitterly conflicted.

Finally, He An naively swam out from below that veranda, not knowing that his opponent was already waiting for him with his spear out. Someone on Team Everlasting abandoned his competitive integrity and gave a warning.

But it was too late.

Dodging an attack from land while in the water wasn’t an easy task. Even more so against someone as skilled as Ye Xiu. He An was dragged onto the veranda. Lord Grim stepped down and shot him in the head a few times. Sharpshooter skill: Punisher.

“The same map. The same strategy. How naive.” In the match public chat, a message from Lord Grim appeared.

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