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Chapter 817 - Never Before Seen Combo

How could He An have the time to start trash talking with Ye Xiu? Once the Punisher ended, he hastily took the chance to make Go Forth roll, but Lord Grim’s movements were as quick as ever, striking down with a Berserker’s Collapsing Mountain. The curled up Go Forth was instantly struck flat to the ground.

Dodging wasn’t enough!

Knowing that Lord Grim was a critical member of the opposing team, Team Everlasting would naturally do their research on the unspecialized class. Unspecialized characters only had low level skills. Compared to high level skills, they had lower damage, but they activated quickly, had little ending lag, and low cooldown times. And to think an unspecialized character had 120 of these skills; there were too much variations for combinations. Even more importantly, the tactics for unspecialized characters in the Glory circle were unknown. Unspecialized characters had long been eliminated. Who would go and and research what combinations could be performed with the low level skills of all 24 classes?  Even though Team Everlasting put effort into researching, they didn’t have that sort of time. They hadn’t managed to make much progress yet!

Lord Grim had approached He An without notice. He had gained the upper hand with a successful sneak attack, but this wasn’t enough to grasp victory. Whether he could keep this advantage in the following fight depended on the skill of the players.

But now, Go Forth had been beaten into the ground; was there really any need to consider their skill levels any further? He An now had a basic understanding of this unknown unspecialized. He couldn’t make accurate judgements because he lacked experience, so dodging wasn’t enough. What about parrying?

He An glued his gaze on Lord Grim’s attacking hand, preparing to parry. Then Lord Grim raised his strange weapon and… made a circle with it. He An didn’t have the time to figure out what attack was being made. Seeing how the weapon started to swing, he hurriedly struck out with his sword in a parry, but Lord Grim’s weapon drew a circle in the air and then made no more moves.

He An paused in surprise. His parry was only half finished! Now that his opponent wasn’t pressing forward anymore, then… should he turn his parry into an attack? As the thought passed through his mind, Go Forth involuntarily slipped backwards and then his feet left the ground.

This is!

He An was shocked, and then he realized that the circle Lord Grim drew was an Elemental Power.

The Elementalist’s knock-up skill.

He An wanted to cry. This was the problem with facing an unspecialized. Even if you tried to prepare yourself, even if their skill had been activated, your brain might not be able to catch up. Did He An not recognize this Elementalist’s knock-up skill? Of course not. The point was that the unspecialized skill tree wasn’t something he was used to. Against any of the other classes, He An would be able to subconsciously list out all of their skills. This was a habit of any experienced pro player and didn’t require any extra effort on their part, but now, facing an unspecialized, it was something he had to consciously do, reducing his reaction speed by a little. But just this little bit had a decisive effect. Having been caught by Elemental Power, Go Forth was now airborne. Lord Grim slid over, his Thousand Chance Umbrella swinging up as a spear and reinforcing the effects of Elemental Power with a Sky Strike. Go Forth was knocked even higher. Then, the spear shrunk back, and the point of the umbrella opened up to reveal the dark holes of the muzzle of his gun. Bullets swept out and across without hesitation.

The Launcher’s Gatling Gun technique pushed Go Forth even higher than he already was, making him spin uncontrollably in mid-air.

This really didn’t do much damage...

Seeing Go Forth’s health fall, He An had this sort of experience.

Though Lord Grim borrowed quite a few pieces of equipment from Heavenly Swords, Go Forth’s equipment was still better. And the equipment that DPS depended most on, Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, was still in the midst of leveling up.

Calm down! Unspecialized characters don’t deal very high damage, I can still find plenty of chances.

He An hurriedly reassured himself. His palms were all sweaty by now, but how could he have the time to go and wipe them? Not a single one was wasted with Gatling Gun’s hail of bullets, all hitting Go Forth. Finally free from his uncontrollable spin, Go Forth started to freefall. Lord Grim had already taken steps to charge over. He An hastily adjusted Go Forth’s position, preparing to sneak in an attack before anything could happen and hopefully turn the situation around.

But, he raised his sword, where was his target? He looked around. Lord Grim had somehow taken that moment to disappear...

“Under you!!!” Uncaring for the rules and having already broken them once, the members of Team Everlasting didn’t hesitate to help He An again. Lord Grim was currently right under Go Forth, waiting for him to fall!

Under him? He An quickly looked that was, but he still couldn’t see anything. He An then had a realization.

Vanishing Step, this was Vanishing Step! Nevermind He An, even All Stars wouldn’t dare say they could perform such a high skilled technique so well without a certain amount of experience and awareness.

Ye Qiu, this guy must be Ye Qiu!

He An felt unbalanced. If his opponent really was Ye Qiu, then that was cheating! They should lose the right to participate; their character should be sealed, but the problem was, could he prove it? With just Vanishing Step, he couldn’t prove anything. This move did have incredible technical difficulty, but it was one that every pro player was working toward. Even He An would attempt to accomplish Vanishing Step when he managed to knock-up an opponent. It was just that he wouldn’t always be able to perform it accurately, but he could occasionally succeed.

Ye Qiu could definitely perform Vanishing Step, but it wasn’t an if-and-only-if situation where whoever could perform Vanishing Step was definitely Ye Qiu.

He An was frustrated at his opponent finding someone to fight on their behalf, but had forgotten that his teammates gave him outside help, which also violated the rules.

He An knew that picking at these details would do nothing to help him. There was a way to deal with Vanishing Step, but for such a terrifyingly powerful technique, it would naturally be difficult to deal with. If it was easy to deal with, then the practicality of such a technically demanding move would be questioned.

He An had no confidence that he could deal with this move directly. Eventually, Go Forth unsheathed his sword and swung out with a Falling Light Blade. He An couldn’t determine Lord Grim’s exact position, so this use Falling Light Blade seemed rather dumb, like he was struggling mindlessly, trying to escape, but since Falling Light Blade created a small shockwave upon hitting the ground, he might get lucky and deal some damage.

Everyone else could see that with this Falling Light Blade from Go Forth, he really did “go forth”. Coming down at this angle, his back became perfectly exposed to Lord Grim.

As for Lord Grim? He had his palm raised for quite a while. It wasn’t posing, but charging up a Falling Flower Palm.

Charging would naturally give the attack more power. Having exposed his back so perfectly, how could Lord Grim miss Go Forth? Lord Grim’s Falling Flower Palm struck the center of Go Forth’s back. Go Forth’s Falling Light Blade hadn’t even managed to touch the ground yet when he was blown flying, his body stretching out and lunging forwards.

When activating Falling Flower Palm, you could choose to stand still or slip forward. As Lord Grim sent out his Falling Flower Palm, he slid forwards to catch up. The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella had long since turned from a spear into a gun by the time he struck with his palm. Boom boom boom, three rockets were launched, preparing to push Go Forth even further.

Wasn’t this attack equal to sending Go Forth out of attack range and helping him escape? Just when people started thinking that, Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella swung out, neck and neck with the rockets. With another slide at his feet, Lord Grim’s spear stabbed into Go Forth’s body at the same time that the first rocket exploded behind him.

Circle Swing.

The technique that had fished Go Forth out from the water’s cooldown was up. Everyone had thought Go Forth would get blasted flying, but now he was pulled back with a stab. With the smoke that had yet to disperse from Go Forth’s body, he was slammed into the ground again.

Nevermind normal players, even the experienced pros in Team Everlasting were struck dumb with this combo. Falling Flower Palm, Anti-Tank Missiles and then a Circle Swing to pull them back. This was definitely not a combo that a normal class could perform, but it wasn’t something that just any Unspecialized player could do either. Linking Anti-Tank Missiles after Falling Flower Palm wasn’t hard, but then you had to somehow pull your target back with a Circle Swing! That required an extreme understanding of each skill.

The smoke from the explosion had yet to disperse from Go Forth’s body!

Though he was continuously being attacked, his health hadn’t even gone down by a tenth because of the difference in equipment and skills. This gave the audience hope in him, wishing that he would still be able to turn the tides.

He An wanted to do that, too, and quickly got up from where he had been smashed to the floor. But then a foot came crashing down from the sky, treading him back into the ground, and then several shots were fired at Go Forth’s head.

Punisher… the cooldown for that skill was finished, too.

Everybody became speechless. When Go Forth was fished out of the water, it was with a combo of Circle Swing and Punisher. Now, this scene repeated itself. Was he going to cycle through sending Go Forth into the air, onto the ground, Circle Swing and Punisher infinitely?

The audience was a little too worried. Glory wasn’t something you could win by simply cycling through a sequence. He An had already fallen prey to this routine once. After getting up, he would exceptionally wary.

He had to give it everything!

He An had realized that just getting up wasn’t possible. If he wanted to get up, he had to link it with an attack. This time when he jumped up, he took note of Lord Grim’s position and struck as he rolled. A Wave Wheel Slasher sped towards Lord Grim.

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