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Chapter 777 - Direct Challenge

“You….. you’re……” Mo Fan was never a nimble speaker. Now it became even more stuttered.

He had experienced Su Mucheng’s Launcher in the game before and had died to her hands. He admitted that her skill level wasn’t bad, but it had always been a one versus many situation every time. Ye Xiu was usually among them, so of course, he wasn’t too convinced.

After seeing Su Mucheng watch TV shows and play flash games all day, he became even more doubtful of Su Mucheng’s skill. He started to regard her as just a pretty flower vase. As a result, when he fought against her, he went all out, so he could teach that flower vase a lesson. But contrary to his expectations, it hadn’t even been a minute before that flower vase Launcher blasted him into smithereens.

At Mo Fan’s skill level, he could differentiate between a good and bad situation. Halfway through, he realized the flower vase that he wanted to kick to pieces was actually made of metal. She wasn’t just there to look pretty.

“I’m also a pro player!” Su Mucheng replied.

“Pro player…..” Mo Fan frequently heard this term. He wasn’t someone without a conscious. He couldn’t help but be a bit curious about it, especially in this type of environment. The ones who he recognized beside him and in the Internet cafe all seemed very fascinated with pro players, puzzling Mo Fan.

Is it really that interesting?

Recently, Mo Fan constantly thought about this question, when he lay in bed. But he wasn’t the type of person, who would speak his thoughts to others. He quietly observed and paid attention. The others never knew whether he was interested in any of this. Now, a pro player had beaten him senseless in about a minute. This was another huge blow to him. If all pro players were this good, what was the competitive world like?

Mo Fan wouldn’t discuss it with anyone. He just pondered over it himself. After Su Mucheng replied, he just sat there dumbly. After a while, he regained his composure and looked to the side. Su Mucheng wasn’t paying attention to him anymore. She was watching a TV show again, continuing her progress from the day before.

After sensing Mo Fan look at her, Su Mucheng didn’t turn her head to look back. She poured out a handful of melon seeds onto Mo Fan’s table.

Mo Fan was used to this kind of scene. He felt like he had expressed his refusal before by not eating it, but Su Mucheng acted like she didn’t notice. Whenever she ate any snacks, she would occasionally give him some, but she wasn’t always very diligent with it. From time to time, she would forget to give him some. Sometimes, she would be eating and suddenly remember. Then, she would give him a bit of the snack. She wasn’t putting on any fake airs.

After getting crushed by her, Mo Fan’s disdain towards Su Mucheng was gone. He even felt like he had been mistaken and felt embarrassed. However, apologizing directly wasn’t his style. Finally, Mo Fan extended his hands. He had never eaten anything Su Mucheng had given to him, but this time, he made an exception. He thought it was a way of expressing his good will…...

As he shakily cracked open the melon seeds, Mo Fan glanced at Su Mucheng. Su Mucheng was fully engrossed into her TV show and wasn’t paying attention to his side.

Mo Fan didn’t take the initiative to say anything. He just quietly cracked open all of the melon seeds on his table.

In the other room, Chen Guo finally finished explaining her plan. Mo Fan never showed up. No one really bothered with him. Even if he came, he probably wouldn’t say anything, so him coming didn’t matter. Right now, everyone was reflecting on Chen Guo’s plan.

“How aggressive. I think it’s not bad.” Wei Chen spoke first.

“A risky move!” Ye Xiu said.

These two usually shared their opinions. Ye Xiu didn’t need to be mentioned. Everyone knew how sharp he was. No one had any objections if he had the largest voice. As for Wei Chen! His background couldn’t compare to Ye Xiu’s, but he was also their senior. He also prided himself on his seniority, so he had the authority too.

As for the others, Tang Rou and An Wenyi were people with their own thoughts, but because of their unfamiliarity with the scene, even if they wanted to say something, they usually wouldn’t be the first to speak.

Qiao Yifan was used to quietly listening on the side. He was the type of person who only spoke if he was called on.

Luo Ji didn’t say much. As a mathematician, he wasn’t too good at things without definite answers. Steamed Bun didn’t need to be talked about. Anything he said would certainly be interpreting it through an extended meaning of the topic. It was that type of talking about the earth as a star kind of extended meaning too.

“Anyone else?” Chen Guo wanted to hear more opinions. Even though she didn’t think the others would be any better than Wei Chen’s or Ye Xiu’s.

“This…..” An Wenyi seemed to be hesitant.

“If you have something you want to say, just say it.” Chen Guo didn’t like people mumbling.

“Uh, I feel like this approach is kind of similar to cutting off our means of retreat, especially for you. After all, if it doesn’t work out for us, there might be other opportunities. But what about your Internet cafe?” An Wenyi said.

“You’re worrying about me? No need.” Chen Guo waved her hands: “Just think about yourself!”

“I have no issues then.” An Wenyi said.  

“What about you, Little Tang?” Chen Guo asked Tang Rou. Chen Guo knew Tang Rou the best. Even though her understanding of Tang Rou wasn’t very thorough, she was good friends with her. She didn’t need her to speak to know how she felt.

“If you want to do it this way, then let’s do it!” Tang Rou said.

“Doing things however you want it to be done! You really are the boss!” Steamed Bun jumped up to say something. As expected, his words were off the mark. Chen Guo never said her word was law. That was what Tang Rou said.

Chen Guo could hear Tang Rou’s unconditional support and encouragement. She nodded her head and pretended like Steamed Bun didn’t exist. When she looked at Qiao Yifan and Luo Ji, they seemed to suddenly tense up as if they didn’t know what to say. Chen Guo might as well just end it: “Then I guess it’s decided.”

“Ha ha, now we’ve really become the villains. Not bad!” Wei Chen said.

“With your shamelessness, of course something as trifling as this wouldn’t trouble you.” Ye Xiu said.

“No way. The pressure on me definitely isn’t as great as yours. As Excellent Era’s former God, I highly suspect that you’ll be physically harmed. In the future, when you leave the door, be careful of any stray bricks!” Wei Chen said.

“I just need to be wary of you seizing any opportunities to take revenge and I’ll be fine.” Ye Xiu said.

Their trash talk wasn’t a good use of their time, so everyone else left and returned to the practice room.

The real waves started two days later. That morning, Chen Guo had the Internet cafe employees start arranging things.

“Boss, are you planning some sort of event?” The Internet cafe employees asked to see what Chen Guo wanted them to hang up. All of them were stunned.

“What are you all standing there for. Hurry up and start moving.” Chen Guo pointed.

“Boss, if you hang these up, what about your business?” Someone offered a word of advice.

“Less talking more action. Even if there’s no business, I won’t lower your wages, so just do it.” Chen Guo said.

The Internet cafe employees didn’t get a percentage of the Internet cafe, so what did they need to worry about? Chen Guo was very kind to them and they trusted her, so they immediately started arranging the things that Chen Guo wanted. The arrangement was the same as when the Internet cafe hosted an event. Everyone was familiar with the procedure, so it was soon completed. There weren’t many customers early in the morning. Even so, Happy Internet Cafe’s promotion attracted numerous eyes.


This one word was enough to attract the eyes of the entire street. It didn’t matter if it was real or fake. Those who saw it couldn’t help but be curious.

Customers could use the computers at Happy Internet Cafe for free. In addition, there was no time limit. It would be lasting up until the start of Glory’s new season; the promotion would be for an entire two weeks of time.

Those who didn’t know about Glory were at a loss. Those who did know about Glory were already talking about this joke.

Two weeks for free? What type of scheme was this?

Everyone nowadays was shrewd. When they saw “free”, they wouldn’t hastily go and enjoy it. Everyone understood the words “there’s no such thing as free lunch”. The word “free” made everyone think that it was some sort of trap.

When Happy Internet Cafe’s employees were still hanging up the signs, the word “free” attracted quite a few people. Once they cleared up any questions on their mind, the whole truth was revealed.

Those who didn’t know about Glory still curiously listened. Those who knew about Glory, especially those who played it and followed the competitive scene, were in an uproar.

Why was Happy Internet Cafe going to be free?

Because Happy Internet Cafe had created a team. Those two weeks of free usage was a send off to their team participating in the Challenger League.

Why was the Internet cafe going so far for their team? Because the team’s goal was to enter the pro scene. Could they not see the building right across street from them?

“F*ck, where’d these nobodies come from? Are they delusional?” Someone from the crowd finally cursed. Not only was this person familiar with Glory, but he was certainly an Excellent Era fan too. If not, why would he go so far as to curse out loud?

“Haha, ignore him. It’s just a way to get attention.” Someone mocked.

“People will do anything to make a name for themselves in this day and age!”

“Team Happy. I’m terrified! Ha ha ha ha!”

The crowd of Glory players were already starting to discuss with each other. They didn’t need to be Excellent Era fans to ridicule Happy.

Chen Guo had already expected such a reaction. She didn’t fear and calmly responded. She personally stood outside of the entrance and knocked on the billboard. She pointed at the banner hanging above: “Our new Team Happy is quite good. We have confidence in making it into the pro scene. Before 9/1, using the computers will be completely free. Friends who are interested may even have a chance to spar with our team!”

“Ha ha ha ha, sparring with you nobodies is stupid. Free usage isn’t so bad though. Can I just go in and start using a computer?” Someone sneered.

Chen Guo didn’t become angry. She just smiled: “Of course.”

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