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Chapter 776 - Unable to Be Serious

Chen Guo was someone, who did the things she said she would. After realizing this problem, she prepared to proactively resolve it, so she immediately called all of the members together to discuss their thoughts on the matter. As a result, the first meeting convened by Team Happy’s owner began. When everyone got the news and heard that Chen Guo wanted to hold a meeting, everyone’s expression became strange. Chen Guo didn’t really feel like a boss. She felt more like the team’s nanny, dealing with all of the odd jobs…...

“Cough, the boss wants to hold a meeting. Everyone, take this a bit more seriously.” Seeing that everyone wanted to laugh, Ye Xiu hastily gave a reminder.  

As a result, everyone sat up straight, while Ye Xiu asked the employee, who told them the news: “Did the boss say where she was going to hold the meeting?”

“Oh, the room over there.” The employee replied.

“Can we fit?”

“We’ve moved chairs into it.” The employee answered.

She prepared especially for this! Everyone looked each other in the eye. Ye Xiu nodded his head: “Tell the boss that we’ll be there immediately.”  

The employee left. Everyone continued to look at each other incredulously.

“What does she want?” Wei Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“Won’t we know once we go?” Tang Rou got up and said.

They left the practice room together and went over to the area, where Chen Guo lived in. That area was separate from the rest of the second floor, but it wasn’t very large. The living room felt very crowded with so many people inside. Chen Guo was already in the room. She appeared very serious and nodded her head at seeing everyone arrive: “Everyone’s here.”

The tea table in the living room was moved aside and the sofa was used. Along with other seats taken from the Internet Cafe, everyone had their own seat.

“Everyone sit down.” Chen Guo called out and they took their seats. Chen Guo looked at all of them one by one. Midway through, she paused for a moment and seemed to hesitate, but she quickly moved on. Everyone was staring at her curiously. They noticed her pause and looked at who she had paused on: the person sitting on the right of Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng!

“Why are you here too? Go away! You’re an enemy!” Ye Xiu shooed away Su Mucheng.  

“Oh oh, is that what’s happening?” Su Mucheng immediately got up.

“Then why are there enough seats?” Wei Chen suspected. It meant that Su Mucheng had been calculated into the planning.

“Yeah!” Su Mucheng was also baffled.

“She’s trying to sow dissension!” Wei Chen suddenly shouted.

“You’re retarded!” Ye Xiu looked down in disdain.

Then, Su Mucheng discovered the issue: ‘Mo Fan isn’t here.”

“It’s normal for him not to be here. He’s not a team member, no?” Wei Chen said.

“I see that he practices very hard every day.” Su Mucheng had been sitting together with Mo Fan, so she knew quite a bit about him.

“I’m sure he’s already felt that the practice content is the real deal.” Ye Xiu said.

“He’s not planning on practicing to become an expert, so he can take revenge, right?” Tang Rou said.

“That’s possible…..” Ye Xiu thought of Mo Fan’s personality and couldn’t eliminate that possibility.  

“I’ll go exterminate him.” Steamed Bun got up and even picked up his chair.  

“Force isn’t the answer.” Ye Xiu said, “Is you alone enough?”

“There’s Concealed Light too!” Steamed Bun grabbed Luo Ji. Even though Steamed Bun knew Luo Ji’s real name, he was still used to calling him by his in-game ID. The two interacted with other fairly often, so it was a habit now. He wasn’t like Ye Xiu and the others, who didn’t see Concealed Light often in the game, so their familiarity with Luo Ji in real life was greater than their familiarity with his character in the game. As a result, it felt more natural for everyone else to call Luo Ji by his real name.

“I won’t fight!” Luo Ji heard Steamed Bun’s words and was scared white. He frantically dodged Steamed Bun’s evil clutches.

“It’s just a joke……” An Wenyi laughed.

“It might not be for a certain someone!” Luo Ji emphasized. It wasn’t like he couldn’t tell that it was a joke, but it was hard to tell if Steamed Bun was actually joking or not.

“Okay okay, stop fighting.” Su Mucheng said, “I’ll go over and get him. I’ll see if he’ll come or not!”

Su Mucheng left after saying those words. Wei Chen immediately looked towards Chen Guo with a smile: “Boss, if there’s anything you want to say, you should say it now. It doesn’t matter if that guy’s here or not. I’m afraid his sour face will ruin your mood.”

“What’s that smell?” Ye Xiu suddenly interrupted.

“What?” Everyone was puzzled.

“You guys don’t smell the scent of a dog kissing up to his master?” Ye Xiu asked.

Everyone laughed. Even Chen Guo couldn’t help but laugh too. She wanted this to be serious, but it looked like a serious atmosphere couldn’t be done with this team! Just look at that other day how such a serious topic, which crushed her heart, eventually devolved into a verbal fight between those two guys. She didn’t know what to say.

Sometimes, Chen Guo just couldn’t understand. Whenever Ye Xiu said anything serious, she wasn’t sure if he was actually trying to tell everyone something or if it was all just nonsense. Just like the other day. Ye Xiu said that those words were to question themselves on why they want to become pro players. It sounded very logical. But Wei Chen came over and turned into a quarrel. Ye Xiu also followed the flow and began quarreling too. Chen Guo couldn’t help but suspect that those words were just a fluke.

This God usually seemed to be indifferent and carefree, but from time to time, he would suddenly jump out to say very serious words. However, no one could properly digest the information in time before he returned to his usual carefree state, making everyone doubt whether he was just messing with them!

Can’t this guy just act normal for once? Chen Guo felt like she couldn’t be like him. She needed to be proper. But now she realized that it was quite difficult to say anything serious to this team. The atmosphere was never right! She had initially been trying hard, but not long afterwards, she was laughing alongside everyone.

“We’re in a meeting! Everyone take this more seriously!” Wei Chen shouted.

“If there’s anything you want to say, you should say it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Mm, it mainly has to do with what happened that day with Little Ming. That event made me seriously think about our current situation. I’m sure everyone already knows about our team’s strength, so I won’t talk about it. I want to talk about the environment on the outside. City H is Excellent Era’s home field. We’re right across street from Excellent Era. We can be considered as part of Excellent Era’s core region. Countless Excellent Era fans walk around here. My Internet Cafe’s business is indebted to them. But now, we’ve created a team that will need to fight to the death with Excellent Era, so in the majority of people’s eyes, we’re the evil villain. We might receive curses and insults from numerous Glory fans. I’ve been running this Internet Cafe for so many years. I’ve streamed their matches before and understand what the fans can be like.” Chen Guo said.

“Oh, this problem!” Wei Chen nodded his head. The old soldier was the first to speak, “This is certainly a problem. As for myself, I won’t be affected in any way. This senior was still in the scene, these brats were still playing who knew what lame game! My worry is that you babies will cry, when everyone points their fingers at you.” 

“Point their fingers? Middle finger? We can just return the favor! Just like this!” Steamed Bun immediately pointed both his middle fingers at Wei Chen.

“Okay, it’s not a problem for Steamed Bun. What about you guys?” Wei Chen said.

“I think it’s more fun like that!” Tang Rou smiled.

“How aggressive!” Wei Chen praised. He turned to Qiao Yifan: “What about you?”

“I think I can deal with it.” Qiao Yifan didn’t say too much. Even though he was an invisible player, he still came from a champion team, so his experience was very different from the other rookies.

“Mm, what about you two?” Wei Chen looked at Luo Ji and An Wenyi.

“Me? I have enough on my hands with those summoned creatures. I don’t have the energy to pay attention to any of that.” Luo Ji said gloomily. Everyone laughed. Whenever Luo Ji summoned a bunch of creatures, he would turn into a mess and it would be a huge spectacle.

Finally, An Wenyi said: “I don’t think this is a bad thing. As an unknown team, we can ride on Excellent Era’s fame and get more attention that way.”  

“Woah, you little punk……” Wei Chen was speechless. He didn’t bother asking Ye Xiu. If Ye Xiu was bothered by stuff like this, how could he have become a God? A God had to stand over who knew how many butthurt fans. He had even won the championships three times. He wasn’t a senior, who would be easily affected by fans.

“Everyone’s prepared. I can relax then. My plan is this……” Chen Guo didn’t wait for Mo Fan and just started talking. At the practice room, when Su Mucheng returned, she saw Mo Fan playing the game as usual.

“There’s a meeting. Why aren’t you going?” Su Mucheng went back to her seat and asked Mo Fan. 

Mo Fan turned his head to look at Su Mucheng. They had been sitting together for several days now. It was hard to avoid contact. In Su Mucheng’s eyes, Mo Fan was practicing diligently. But in Mo Fan’s eyes, this girl was just there as a pretty face. She never did any proper business. While everyone was practicing hard, if she wasn’t watching a TV show, she was playing some stupid game. She would even sometimes watch a show, while playing.

“I’m not going.” Mo Fan glanced at Su Mucheng and then turned his head to continue playing the game. His reply said nothing.  

“How’s practice going?’ Su Mucheng wasn’t going to bother arguing with him. Seeing that he was practicing, she asked casually.

“Good.” Mo Fan said.

“Would you like me to help you practice?” Su Mucheng asked.

Mo Fan turned his head to look at Su Mucheng. His expression was filled with disdain: “You?”

“I can’t?” Su Mucheng smiled like a flower.  

“Come!” Mo Fan returned to the city and went to the Arena.

Su Mucheng had already set up a room. She was using one of Ye Xiu’s alternate accounts, a random Launcher with terrible equipment.

“Start.” Mo Fan didn’t look at any of this and entered the room.

After a minute, Mo Fan’s face was deathly pale. His Deception lay dead on the ground. His opponent’s health bar hadn’t even dropped by 25%.

“You’re not bad.” Su Mucheng smiled like a flower just like before.

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