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Chapter 773 - Paying Respects

“Haha, he’s coming to find me after losing?” Chen Guo heard Little Ming’s cry and became even more delighted. She could understand what Little Mang was feeling right now. Losing in ten minutes was utterly embarrassing. If he couldn’t see the difference in skill, Little Ming had played Glory so long for nothing. To be fair, before Chen Guo met Ye Xiu, she respected Little Ming’s skill. After all, at that time, pro players were a far-away existence to them. No one would talk about pro players, when comparing skill levels. However, after meeting Ye Xiu and hanging around him everyday, Chen Guo’s eye for measuring skill level had gradually begun to change. Compared to Ye Xiu, everyone at Happy Internet Cafe was trash!

“I’ll go get him.” Chen Guo was quite excited, hearing Little Ming looking for her, so she went out to greet him.

“What are you yelling for? The second floor is my VIP area. Stop being so noisy.” Chen Guo lectured Little Ming.

Little Ming looked like he was about to cry. He stopped shouting loudly and jogged over: “Sis Chen, I’m here to pay my respects.”

“To who?” Chen Guo asked with a laugh.

“Stop pretending. Lord Grim is a legend in the outside world. Isn’t that God Ye Qiu? Why is he here? What’s going on? God Ye Qiu is planning on creating a team to make his way back into the Alliance?” Little Ming lowered his voice lower and lower as if he were whispering a secret.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had once been seen a long time ago at Happy Internet Cafe, when he played a money match with Tang Rou. At that time, only people from the tenth server paid attention to the name Lord Grim. The tenth server was a new server, consisting of mostly new players. Because Glory had the Heavenly Domain as a final destination, for older players, starting over in a new server wasn’t meaningful, unless they didn’t plan on going to the Heavenly Domain and only wanted to play in the normal servers.

The spectators at that time witnessed Ye Xiu’s skill and his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. Even if people who knew what was what could see his impressive skill, they were just strangers coming together by chance. After chatting for a bit, that would be all that would happen. Who would be so thick-skinned as to follow around an expert, after seeing on? Those who felt like Ye Xiu was pretty good would never imagine that he was a famous God.

Later, Lord Grim’s fame grew and grew, but to onlookers, it had nothing to do with them. Some were jealous, but few would cling onto someone famous. After all, in the Internet Cafe was real life. It wasn’t so easy to shout out “Brothers, sisters, carry me!”

Even later, when rumors that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu came out, those who had spectated that money match awhile back didn’t know where he went. They were just customers, not employees. No matter how regular of a customer someone was, it wasn’t like you needed to tell him you wouldn’t be showing up anymore.

Ye Xiu and Lord Grim being in Happy Internet Cafe never spread mainly because the onlookers were new players from the new server. Little Ming played in the Heavenly Domain, so no matter how much of a regular he was, he wouldn’t know about it. Players in the Heavenly Domain wouldn’t care about what happened in the new server. By the time they heard the news of a Level 50 tenth server players entering the Heavenly Domain, how could they know Lord Grim was playing under the same roof as them?

As a result, when Little Ming played the friendly match and saw Lord Grim jump out, his eyes almost fell. He wasn’t in any mood to fight and accepted his loss. Then, he immediately rushed over to pay respects to a god.

“Quiet!” Chen Guo said.

“What? Lord Grim really is God Ye Qiu?” Little Ming was dumbstruck.

The pro scene and the core members of the Club guilds knew Lord Grim was Ye Qiu, but for anyone else, it was only rumors. Ye Xiu never came out and admitted it. As for the Club guilds, of course, they wouldn’t announce it! Ye Xiu alone was making them toss and turn and cough blood. If they helped him reveal his identity, the fans would swarm to him. Wouldn’t the Heavenly Domain be united?

“Yes, he is!” Chen Guo admitted. She didn’t need to hide it. People would know of the truth sooner or later. Ye Xiu never admitted it, but he also never denied it. In the beginning, Chen Guo didn’t understand, but she did later. He was very busy with his own work. He didn’t have time to be concerned about any of that.

“Can I see him?” Little Ming asked like a beggar.

“That’s…… not good, I think?” Chen Guo said. She wasn’t trying to be arrogant. Ye Xiu never showed himself, when he was a pro player. Little Ming’s request felt difficult to complete.

“How could I not know about God Ye Qiu’s habit? Haven’t I come to you alone?” Little Ming said.

Chen Guo was hesitating, when the door behind her opened up. Ye Xiu walked out from the practice room.

Little Ming saw Chen Guo come out from this room and guessed that God Ye Qiu was probably in this room. When he saw the person come out, he immediately became excited, but after seeing who it was clearly, he let out a “Hm?”

“So it’s Little Ming!” Ye Xiu said.

“Hey, you’re still here? I thought you stopped working and left!” Little Ming had chatted with Ye Xiu before.

“Haha, I’m still here!” Ye Xiu said.

Little Ming was a frequent regular at Happy Internet Cafe. He knew Happy very well. He knew who came and who left as clearly as Chen Guo did. However, he wouldn’t know about Ye Xiu’s special arrangement. Chen Guo wouldn’t tell him either. Later, Ye Xiu mainly moved about on the second floor, so Little Ming no longer saw him and thought he left. Many employees came and went over the course of the year, so it wasn’t anything strange. Little Ming and Ye Xiu weren’t good friends, so he didn’t pay too much attention when he stopped showing up.

“You’re…... also a part of the team?” Little Ming was astonished, when he saw Ye Xiu walk out from the door. He knew that this manager also played Glory, but he didn’t pay too much attention to him. Glory was too common. Countless people played the game. The Internet Cafe was filled with screens of Glory, so it was nothing to be surprised about. But when he saw Ye Xiu come out from that room, he realized that Ye Xiu might be one of the super skilled opponents he had just played against. So it turns out there had been an expert beside him, which he hadn’t noticed at all.

‘Yup!” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“Is God Ye Qiu in there?” Little Ming asked.

“That’s me!” Ye Xiu answered.

“......” Little Ming stared with wide eyes. His chin looked like it was about to fall off. After a moment of silence, he turned his head towards Chen Guo: “Sis Chen, don’t joke with me! You had Ye Qiu serve everyone as an employee?”

Chen Guo heard his question and wasn’t sure if she should be embarrassed for being blind or be proud for being so amazing that she could get a God to become one of her Internet Cafe employees. For a moment, she didn’t know what to answer.

“You guys keep chatting!” Ye Xiu called out, preparing to leave.

“Where are you going?” Chen Guo asked.

“To buy cigarettes. I ran out.” Ye Xiu said.

Little Ming watched as his figure disappeared down the stairs before looking at Chen Guo: “Are you serious?”

“Yeah!” Chen Guo nodded her head.

“How did all this happen?” Little Ming was puzzled.

“Nothing really. He wanted to play Glory, but he had no computer. I just happened to have a bunch of computers and that’s how we met.” Chen Guo said.

“I I I…… give me some time to digest this. It’s too much information to take in…..” Little Ming looked as if he couldn’t sit still, making Chen Guo feel extremely happy. Suddenly revealing a God and then watching others be dumbstruck was a scene she liked to see.

By the time Little Ming finished digesting all of the information, Ye Xiu had come back after buying cigarettes. His mouth was already holding a cigarette. When Ye Xiu saw the two still there, he nodded his head: “You’re still chatting?”

He said, while handing a cigarette over to Little Ming. Little Ming received it dumbly. Ye Xiu fished out a lighter and lit it. Little Ming went over stupidly to light his cigarette.

Ye Xiu nodded his head again: “I’ll be going in first.”

Little Ming held the cigarette between his fingers and stood there staring blankly for half a minute. Then, he suddenly lifted his head to look at Chen Guo: “God Ye Qiu give me a cigarette and lit it?”

“Yes.” Chen Guo answered. This Little Ming was like him before, always feeling like a god was high up in status unlike normal people. Handing over a cigarette and lighting it for him was a very normal set of actions, yet he felt like it was unbelievable. The difference was that Little Ming probably felt excited for God Ye Qiu performing such a kind act. As for her? She had felt her image of God Ye Qiu shattering.

“I I I……”

“Stop with the Is. Let’s go in!” Chen Guo called out. Ye Xiu wasn’t hiding himself, so what did she need to worry about?

She opened the door and went in. Everyone was playing the game as usual. Little Ming followed behind Chen Guo in reverence. He looked around. There were quite a few people in this room!

“Little Ming, you came in.” Ye Xiu called out.

Chen Guo introduced to everyone: “This is Little Ming. He was in the match you guys played just now.”

“Oh oh.” Everyone replied.

Little Ming had to greet everyone after being introduced!

“Hi….. everyone…..” Little Ming tried to find a way to address everyone, but this room had male, female, old, and young. It was difficult finding a word to account for everyone!

“Little Ming, come sit down!” Ye Xiu said.

Little Ming quickly dashed over to the sofa. He put his two hands on his knees as if he were at a formal event.

Qiao Yifan got up and poured a cup of water for Little Ming. Little Ming saw that it was a kid, but he didn’t forget to say thank you. Chen Guo introduced him slightly: “This is Qiao Yifan. He used to be a part of Team Tiny Herb.”

“D*mn……” Little Ming was just about to take a sip, when he heard Chen Guo’s words and spilled a bit of water in surprise. Luckily, Qiao Yifan didn’t pour very hot water.

A player from a former champion team! Little Ming was astonished. But he had never heard of Qiao Yifan before? Little Ming was racking his brains, when his gaze shifted to behind a computer screen. She was wearing headphones, currently focused on the screen in front of her and smiling. She seems really familiar! He had been a bit frantic when he first entered the room, so he hadn’t noticed this area. This person is…….

Little Ming’s head seemed to have short circuited. After a long while, he finally remembered who it was and this time, his brain completely short circuited.

Isn’t that Su Mucheng???

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