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Chapter 772 - Repeat Names

On Glory’s official Challenger League website, the list of registered teams continued to update. After Chen Guo registered Team Happy, she immediately checked the home page and caught Team Happy’s name flash for an instant before disappearing.

“3647!” Chen Guo cried out in surprise. Before she had registered, there were only 3644 teams participating in the Challenger League. In the time it took her to put in information on everyone in the team, three more teams had joined. Chen Guo had never paid any attention to the Challenger League before, so she wouldn’t have gone on the Challenger League’s homepage during the registration period. She vaguely remembered that news of how many teams participating in the Challenger League would be reported at the start of every season, but she had no impression of the actual number.

“It’s nothing surprising.” Ye Xiu laughed, “The registration period isn’t even over yet. We’re only halfway into August.”

The requirements to register for the Challenger League were very low. The only requirements were to have six players and six max leveled characters. As a result, numerous players would join with their friends and play around. The average skill level was miserably low.

After Chen Guo registered, she stared at the webpage, watching the number of participating teams go up and the list of teams update. Right when she was feeling moved by the scene in front of her, the name Happy suddenly appeared again. Chen Guo excitedly pointed out: “Look, it’s us!”

Chen Guo proudly pulled over Ye Xiu to look.

“Are you sure that’s us?” Ye Xiu said.

“Who else could it be?”

“Haha, go search up Happy and you’ll see.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo stared blankly for a moment. She clicked on the search bar and typed in Happy. The webpage quickly loaded and the results came out. There were 40 teams with the name Happy.

“Cough.” Ye Xiu went over to look at the results and coughed: “There’s only 45. Not bad, not bad. That’s not too many.”

Chen Guo was speechless. She wasn’t happy at finding teams with the same name, but what could she do? Happy was a common word. It’s not like she had a patent on the word to prohibit others from using it. The Challenger League had lax policies and didn’t restrict repeat names, so of course there would be a bunch of common names.

“So many…… which one is us?” Chen Guo asked.

“Click on them and check the detailed info…..” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was very patient. She clicked on every name one by one until she actually found their team. Information on their team showed up. However, information on their real life identities weren’t shown, only their character IDs and classes. Information on their real life identities wouldn’t be seriously checked until the end of the Challenger League, when the Alliance needed to organize the offline matches. Only then would the information be announced publicly.

Chen Guo looked at their team and compared it to others. She immediately felt like their team had a good future ahead of them. The other Team Happy's all contained six player rosters. They only barely put the team together. Some didn’t even have a healing class like a Cleric or a Paladin. Such a team never did well competitively. They were certainly just there to have fun.

“When does the competition schedule come out?” Chen Guo clicked on the competition schedule link, but the webpage said that there was no information for it at the moment, so she asked Ye Xiu.

“That’ll have to be after the month finishes once the registration closes. The schedule will depend on the total number of teams. When the time comes, you can log in to the site using the registration information sent to you and check who our opponents will be.” Ye Xiu said.

“What if we want to know who Excellent Era’s opponent will be?” Chen Guo asked.

“Then we’ll have to ask Mucheng.” Ye Xiu said.


Chen Guo continued to be excited for several days after registering for the Challenger League. She strolled around Happy Internet Cafe to see who had joined the Challenger League. It turns out that there was only one team besides them at the Happy Internet Cafe.

“Sis Chen, we couldn’t think of a name, so we just borrowed your Internet Cafe’s name. Is that okay with you?” A person called Little Ming, who often came to the Internet Cafe, happened to bump into Chen Guo asking around and called out to her with a smile.

“Of course, use it!” Chen Guo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Who would have thought that she would be the reason for another team having the same name as them.

“Sis Chen, if you have time, would you like to play with our team. I think with your skill, you’ve got a good future ahead of you.” Little Ming joked. He frequently visited the Internet Cafe, so he was familiar with Chen Guo. He came with other people he knew and planned on playing around in the Challenger League. He wanted to see if the boss wanted to join, but he was instead looked down upon.

“As if I’d play with you disgraces!”

That was what Chen Guo initially told him. Everyone knew that the boss was devout fan of Glory and worshipped pro players. She clearly thought of these random players at the Happy Internet Cafe joining the Challenger League as being disrespectful to the pro scene.

Who would have thought that after Little Ming asked jokingly, Chen Guo delightedly gave him a smile: “No need. I already have a team.”

“What?” Little Ming’s eyes went wide: “Sis Chen, you have a team? Where’d the team come from?”

“I created it myself. I can’t do that?” Chen Guo said.

Little Ming looked at Chen Guo like he was looking at an alien. Finally, he snickered: “Sis Chen, when did you think it through? You’re planning on disgracing yourself?”

“Tch, how could my team be the same as yours. My team is planning on entering the pro scene.” Chen Guo refuted.

“HAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Little Ming heard her big words and paused for a moment. Then, he clutched his stomach and roared with laughter. He wasn’t faking it. It was just that after laughing for awhile, he realized that Chen Guo’s expression was very unfriendly. Only then did he start to calm himself down: “Sis Chen, that wasn’t a joke?”

“Was that funny?” Chen Guo grinded her teeth.

“Sis Chen, you’re serious?” Little Ming was astonished.

“Of course.”

“Sis Chen, look.” Little Ming pointed to outside of the door.

“Look at what?” Chen Guo looked over there, but was puzzled.

“Look over there.” Little Ming said.

“What’s over there?” Chen Guo was still confused.

“What do you see over there?” Little Ming said.

Chen Guo looked again and finally understood. What was over there? The entrance to Club Excellent Era!

“Sis Chen, if it was in the past, I would have just laughed it off as a joke. But this year, I think your joke is a bit too ridiculous!” Little Ming remarked.

“Hmph. You just watch!” Chen Guo humphed.

Little Ming saw Chen Guo’s attitude. It really didn’t look like she was joking. She suddenly asked curiously: “Sis Chen, from what I hear, you’re quite confident?”


“Forgive me for speaking bluntly, but if you called over Team Tyranny with their four big shots, even they wouldn’t be confident.” Little Ming said.

“That’s where you’re wrong. If your team has no confidence in themselves, your team has no future.” Chen Guo lectured Little Ming.

Little Ming giggled and then started laughing wildly again. Chen Guo was correct, but your Internet Cafe just had a bunch of random pieces of grass. How are they going to beat Team Excellent Era and their three stars? Wasn’t saying you had confidence versus them just nonsense?

“Sis Chen, talking like this is pointless! My guys will all be here soon. What about yours? If you’ve got the time, how about we practice together? We can warm up and have a friendly match!” Little Ming said.

“Practice with you guys? How could anyone improve by doing that?” Chen Guo smirked.

That remark was undisguised contempt, but the two were on friendly terms. Little Ming knew that boss Chen wasn’t the type of person, who looked down on others. From her words, her team might actually have some real skill. Little Ming was curious: “Let’s just play for fun! Give us a chance to widen our horizons! From what I can tell, I think your team might really be incredible. If they really are at a pro level, then give us the opportunity to experience it for ourselves. If you guys actually become champions one day, I can brag: our team practiced with the champion team back then!”

Little Ming picked out the sweetest words he could think of. Even he didn’t really believe himself. Chen Guo obviously knew that Little Ming was saying complete nonsense, but who cares? Chen Guo regarded these words as genuine and felt that it would be quite interesting. After thinking about it for a bit, she looked left and right: “Where’s your team?”

“Where else could they be? They’re at row 4 in Area A!” Little Ming pointed them out. He was as familiar with the Internet Cafe as his home.

“Oh, okay. I’ll go tell my team!” Chen Gou nodded her head and replied.

“Just like this?” Little Ming asked.

“I’ll PM you in the game in a bit.” Chen Guo said and went upstairs. Those who frequently came to the Internet Cafe to play Glory would have each other as friends.

She went to the second floor and told everybody the news. Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Are you setting up this friendly match, so you don’t let your own fertile water flow into others’ fields?”

“It’s just a friendly match. Just bully them a bit and let them know your might.” Chen Guo sounded as if she were just.

“How good are they?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No matter how good they are. In your eyes, how good could they be?” Chen Guo was puzzled. She didn’t answer Ye Xiu’s words. How could they considered as anything but trash in front of a God’s eyes. Wasn’t asking this question just mocking them?”

“We don’t have anything to do right now. Shall we give it a go, everyone?” Ye Xiu asked for everyone’s opinion. It was the weekend again. All of the wild bosses had been killed this week, so no one had anything to do.

“It wouldn’t interfere with practice, right?” Chen Guo also asked.

No one had any objections.

“This can be considered as our team’s first battle together!” Ye Xiu felt moved.

“If I say we have to win, would that be inappropriate?” Chen Guo said.

“Not at all. If we lose, we might as well just disband!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay, I’ll call them over!” Chen Guo immediately logged on to Chasing Haze and messaged Little Ming.

They could only compete in the Arena. Everyone went back to the main city, which took some time. The match would be quite formal, consisting of an individual competition, group arena, and team competition.

After around ten minutes, all three parts of the match were completed. Chen Guo was naturally delighted. Right when she was about to ask how Little Ming was feeling, she heard Little Ming’s shout from the second floor: “Sis Chen, Sis Chen!!”

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