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Chapter 752 - Record Breaking Transfer

July 4th. Day four of the summer transfer window.

The members of Team Happy gathered together in the practice room, greeted each other, and logged in to the game. Many of them were thinking about how many bosses had spawned, while they had been asleep. 

They had gone to bed fairly early today, so it was still the afternoon, when they woke up. Zhang Xinjie should still be playing. Even though they reversed their sleep schedules to dodge Zhang Xinjie for a good portion of time, it was still hard to completely avoid him. However, Ye Xiu’s side was full of energy right now, while Zhang Xinjie was tired. It would be much easier to deal with Zhang Xinjie at night compared to the morning, when their circumstances were reversed.

While the others were logging into the game, Chen Guo was casually browsing the Glory website. She saw that yesterday’s headline piece of Lin Jingyan transferring to Tyranny had already been removed. Another transfer had replaced it.

Team Hundred Blossom’s All Star player, Tang Hao, has been transferred to Team Wind Howl for a price of 10,000,000!

Club Wind Howl convened a press conference at noon. It had already ended at this time. Discussion over this transfer littered the various Glory news sites. This transfer was simply too astonishing.

10,000,000 yuan was the most expensive transfer in the history of competitive Glory as well as the first trade to reach a price of ten million yuan. Of course, the outside world didn’t know about Samsara’s 20,000,000 yuan deal with Ye Xiu for his skill book guide.

Moreover, this transfer was interconnected with Lin Jingyan’s transfer yesterday. It was a distinction between a new generation and an old generation Brawler expert. At the All Stars Rookie Challenge, the junior succeeded the senior. When Tang Hao defeated Lin Jingyan, many rumors started to spread about how Team Hundred Blossoms would purchase Three Hits for Tang Hao. However, it now appeared that Tang Hao instead sought out Team Wind Howl.

The moment Lin Jingyan transferred out of Team Wind Howl, Tang Hao transferred in. A transfer between ace players wasn’t a decision that could be made in a single day. As a result, most believed that Team Wind Howl had been planning to have Tang Hao succeed Lin Jingyan long ago. Lin Jingyan just happened to transfer out of the team before Tang Hao joined, saving the team from any awkwardness in Lin Jingyan’s succession. At the same time, Team Wind Howl exposed their ferociousness in this transfer.

Team Tyranny took in the old general, Lin Jingyan. It seemed as if Team Tyranny was offering him shelter. On the other hand, Team Wind Howl bought Tang Hao, an uprising star, for a record-breaking ten million yuan. It gave off a more valiant sense of determination and courage towards the team’s goal to be champions. At this moment, the fans to the officials of Team Wind Howl felt incredibly excited. Up until now, Team Wind Howl had never entered the finals, yet with a single leap, countless eyes now saw them as a new competitor for the championships.

The powerful Tang Hao, the master of playing dirty Fang Rui, the Best Rookie Zhao Yuzhe along with their other teammates, who weren’t lacking either, Team Wind Howl’s future looked very bright.

On the other hand, Team Hundred Blossoms let go of the only core member, who could  be relied upon. At first glance, it seemed inconceivable why they would make the trade. However, from a practical point, this trade was more reliable than them purchasing Three Hits.

Every team had their own style, the majority of which was constructed around their core player. The core player could not be without a core character. As a result, every team’s style frequently revolved around both the core player’s style as well as the core character’s class. Team Hundred Blossoms revolved around their Spitfire. As a result, they were very skilled at Spitfire tactics. On the other hand, Team Wind Howl played around their Brawler.

If Team Hundred Blossoms bought Three Hits and constructed their team around Tang Hao, their familiar style would need to be completely changed. Last season, Team Hundred Blossoms had pretty much changed their style because of Tang Hao’s outstanding performance and the mediocreness of their Spitfite player, Zou Yuan. Their achievements weren’t satisfactory though. Tang Hao’s Brawler character, Delilo, wasn’t particularly good. It was still at a pro level though, so it wouldn’t be too bad. With a skilled player like Tang Hao controlling it, Team Hundred Blossoms naturally put in effort to upgrade this character. The reason for their poor performance wasn’t because of their lacking strength, but the team’s unfamiliarity with new tactics.

In the next season, even if Team Hundred Blossoms purchased Three Hits for Tang Hao, would the team be able to welcome the coming of a new spring? Team Hundred Blossoms clearly didn’t think so, so they let go of Tang Hao. As for Team Wind Howl? A Brawler had always been their core. With the strongest Brawler character in their possession, the best Brawler player would naturally be extremely valuable. Under these conditions, Tang Hao was successfully transferred over for a record-breaking price.

Team Wind Howl got what they wanted, but what about Team Hundred Blossoms? After getting this sum of money, they would have enough to look for an outstanding Spitfire to replace their mediocre Zou Yuan. As a result, it was a win-win situation for both sides.

Chen Guo was wondering: “Why is Tang Hao going to Wind Howl? Wasn’t Hundred Blossoms supposed to buy Three Hits?”, when Ye Xiu commented: “A beautiful transfer.” Most of the analyses on the transfer gave the same comment as Ye Xiu. The reasoning behind why Team Wind Howl and Team Hundred Blossoms would make this deal was very obvious and logical. It made a lot more sense than Team Tyranny purchasing an old soldier like Lin Jingyan and claiming that it was “to be the champions”.

From this record-breaking deal onwards, the summer transfer window swung open. There were three other small transfers that day. However, these transfers were between middle or lower tier teams. The purchases or trades weren’t for anyone valuable, so none of them got as much attention as Tang Hao’s transfer.

After Team Happy discussed about the transfer, they logged into the game. Loulan Slash and the other three guild leaders came on too. They first exchanged information, checking to see which bosses had spawned during the daytime.

Four wild bosses had spawned in the morning and afternoon. It was an average amount. Their prayers weren’t met though. Zhang Xinjie was still on. Everyone gave a sigh. The four guild leaders readied their troops. While the guild leaders weren’t there, the guild members wouldn’t bother with the bosses. They either went to rest or had fun.

It was about time for Zhang Xinjie to rest, but the two sides would certainly meet beforehand. However, the alliance wasn’t too afraid. Tyrannical Ambition had slightly stronger troops, but it only made it so that their chances at getting the boss was somewhat higher. Even with a God in command, no side had a hundred percent chance at getting the boss. Sometimes, another guild might take it.

Not long after they logged on, the two sides encountered each other.

The alliance wasn’t able to win any easy advantages though.

This time, Tyrannical Ambition split their troops along two paths. While one path defended, the other path made a flank. Ye Xiu led the elite troops to try and directly smash the flank. His Battle Mage Let There Be Light led the charge like a great general, when a mysterious black brick suddenly flew at him, interrupting his charge.

“Who’s randomly throwing bricks?” Ye Xiu shouted. Let There Be Light looked around, but didn’t see anyone. At this moment, he suddenly guessed who it might be. Lin Jingyan! There was an eighty percent chance it was him. He didn’t rotate shifts with Zhang Xinjie and instead fought alongside him.

Brawlers could be played in a variety of ways They could be aggressive and they could play dirty. Lin Jingyan could play them all. His condition wasn’t the same as before. His reaction speed and hand speed was on the decline, but his experience and knowledge was great. Right now, it was a large-scale battle. Relying on the cover of many, even Ye Xiu couldn’t tell where this brick had been thrown from. This Brawler’s skill level couldn’t be ordinary.

Let There Be Light’s momentum was broken. Tyrannical Ambition’s troops immediately rushed over. Lin Jingyan wasn’t only attacking with his character, but also commanding his troops to seize the correct opportunities.

But Ye Xiu’s group of elites wasn’t so easy to deal with. All of them surpassed a normal player’s skill level. Against the assault, they could rely on their overwhelming skill to endure!

“Oh, he really is troublesome.” Lin Jingyan’s Brawler was currently in the middle of his troops. He watched over the state of the battle as he messaged Zhang Xinjie.

“Yes.” Zhang Xinjie had clearly introduced to Lin Jingyan who he might end up facing or else Lin Jingyan wouldn’t have responded with just a sigh.

“Su Mucheng is also here.” Lin Jingyan saw Let There Be Light coordinate exceptionally well with a Launcher. 

“Mm, every member in that small group of elites is very formidable. Fighting them head-on won’t work. The best way is still to make use of our stronger troops to restrict their small group of elites and nibble away at the rest of their troops.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Mm, that should be the way to do it.” Lin Jingyan replied, but before he could finish typing, his many years of experience instinctively let him know that there was something coming at him from behind. He immediately had his character dodge and saw a Brick whistle past him.

This brick gave Lin Jingyan a fright. Where did this brick come from? Lin Jingyan turned to look around and saw a very domineering Brawler punch and kick his way over.

What the heck? Did that Brick just happen to fly over here? Lin Jingyan thought the brick was aimed at him, but from the looks of it, the Brawler was fighting with other people. He didn’t even seem to notice him! 

Under normal circumstances, Lin Jingyan would have definitely taken time to observe this Brawler. However, today, he remembered that his main task was to command the troops and use the troop’s strength to obtain the boss.

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