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Chapter 751 - New Soldier Lin Jingyan

News of Lin Jingyan joining Team Tyranny didn’t explode like when Xiao Shiqin joined Team Excellent Era, but it still received widespread attention. After all, he was also an All Star player. Despite not doing well recently, his departure from the scene would still newsworthy. What’s more, Lin Jingyan’s transfer could hardly be considered a departure form the scene. Han Wenqin’s powerful and resonating statement at the press conference sparked the originally moderate amount of attention.

After the press conference, all sorts of discussions poured out. Just like before, some didn’t think highly of the transfer. Some felt like Team Tyranny must have some sort of plan in mind. Others surmised how the addition of Lin Jingyan would change Team Tyranny. After all, Team Tyranny didn’t have a Brawler right now. A change in classes meant a change in tactics.

After Ye Xiu and the others heard Chen Guo’s shout, they opened up their browser and searched for the newest information. Now they understood why Zhang Xinjie hadn’t appeared today.

With the arrival of a new member, the Club would usually host a welcoming party of some sort. Han Wenqing’s “creating a Brawler, just for him” very easily explained why Zhang Xinjie was busy in the game these past two days. He was most likely gathering materials for Lin Jingyan’s equipment.

“What are your thoughts on this transfer?” Wei Chen suddenly asked Ye Xiu.

“Very troublesome.” Ye Xiu furrowed his eyebrows.

“Troublesome?” Wei Chen was surprised, “This has nothing to do with us for now, no? Could you already be thinking of what future opponents we might face?”

“You’re thinking too much. They’re already a competitor.” Ye Xiu said.


“Zhang Xinjie is personally leading Tyranny’s troops to gather materials, most likely for Lin Jingyan’s Brawler. Lin Jingyan has also come. Do you think he’s the type of person, who would just watch while Zhang Xinjie worked hard to gather materials for him?” Ye Xiu said.

Not just Wei Chen, but everyone understood now.

Tyrannical Ambition with just Zhang Xinjie was troublesome enough already, but now an expert like Lin Jingyan would be joining too. It didn’t matter if his condition was deteriorating. With his experience and knowledge as an old general, his value in boss hunts far surpassed rookies like Zhao Yuzhe or Lu Hanwen. 

“Does Lin Jingyan also have a strict sleep schedule?” Chen Guo hastily asked. They were using a time difference to avoid a conflict with Zhang Xinjie for the majority of the day, but if Lin Jingyan didn’t have that type of sleep schedule, he and Zhang Xinjie could rotate day and night shifts. They would be in a thorny situation then.

Even though Chen Guo asked this question, she didn’t think it was very likely. Zhang Xinjie’s work and rest schedule wasn’t the main reason for playing the time difference game. The main reason was Zhang Xinjie’s strict personality. For normal people like the individuals in Team Happy, completely changing their work and rest schedule for a boss was perfectly fine. If they could do that, how could Lin Jingyan not? Team Tyranny showed a great amount of respect for Lin Jingyan. It was time for him to return the favor.

Sure enough, Ye Xiu shook his head in response to Chen Guo’s question: “What’s the point?” A change in their sleep schedule only worked on Zhang Xinjie.

“It seems like we can only do things one step at a time.” Wei Chen sighed.

Club Tyranny.

After the press conference, they held a welcome ceremony for Lin Jingyan. Captain Han Wenqing and vice captain Zhang Xinjie gave him a tour around the Club and then went to the equipment development department to show Lin Jingyan his new Brawler.

The character’s name was Dark Thunder, 4840 skill points and five Silver equipment. Lin Jingyan glanced at the stats of these Silver equipment and felt very satisfied. The missing equipment all had complete plans in place. The manager of the equipment development department personally explained these plans to Lin Jingyan.

This was another show of respect towards Lin Jingyan. After all, in front of the media, it was hard to say if their words were just for the public to hear. Lin Jingyan understood this logic well. Team Tyranny was afraid that he might think of this reasoning and still hold a few doubts. As a result, they intentionally made arrangements to put him at ease.

However, it seemed like the Club was thinking too much. When Lin Jingyan saw the Brawler created for him, he didn’t feel any weight come off of his mind. Instead, he checked if the Silver equipment suited him and hen started discussing the future pieces of Silver equipment with the manager. No one had more of a right to speak about Brawlers than him. He was quickly engrossed with the character in order to improve the character’s strength and contribute what he could to the team.

Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie listened on the side. They looked each other in the eye, but didn’t interrupt and quietly left. The two knew that their arrangements to introduce the new environment and other team members to Lin Jingyan wouldn’t be necessary. An experienced player like Lin Jingyan would quickly adapt to a new environment, sparing them of much worry.

Lin Jingyan forgot about the time as he talked with the manager. After chatting for half an hour, he suddenly thought of Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie. When the looked around, the two were already gone. Just as he was puzzled, the manager took out some new material and pulled Lin Jingyan over for a discussion. Tyranny’s equipment development manager, Yang Chi, was a fanatic. He was the type of person, who didn’t the meaning of rest, when he started working. After chatting with Lin Jingyan for half an hour, he suddenly had flashes of insight in many areas. Lin Jingyan deserved to be called the number one Brawler. How could he let Lin Jingyan leave!

Lin Jingyan thought again. Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie left with saying goodbye to not bother him. They wanted him to get a better understanding of his equipment, so he happily accepted. Lin Jingyan just joined Tyranny and he was already working with the equipment development department.

In truth, this showed Club Tyranny’s boldness. In a more stingy Club, the equipment development department might hide their work. They might not even let their own players understand their equipment too in depth. After all, players weren’t permanent. One day, a player might leave to a different team or retire. What would happen if this player leaked out information? Even if a non-disclosure agreement was signed, it wasn’t a guarantee.

Lin Jingyan was already making himself busy. He wasn’t paying attention to any of the discussion about his transfer nor was he thinking about how his transfer might be a concern to Ye Xiu and the others in Team Happy.

Ye Xiu and the others hadn’t slept last night. It was already noon now and they were getting tired. Everyone carried a let’s worry about it later attitude and didn’t continue persevering. They all went to sleep.

At night, they woke up according to Zhang Xinjie’s sleep schedule. They called over Loulan Slash and the others to figure out what had happened, while they were asleep.

When they asked, they found out that Zhang Xinjie was back again in the afternoon.

“Did you see any particularly eye-catching Brawler?” Ye Xiu asked.

“That…… we didn’t notice! Are you worried about Lin Jingyan joining?” The guild leaders responded quite well.

“Yeah! He just joined a new team and Tyranny said they were creating a character just for him. Zhang Xinjie’s recent activities might be related. Lin Jingyan might help out.” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ll have my people pay more attention.” Loulan Slash immediately said. The other three guild leaders had the same attitude. However, everyone’s mood turned heavy, when they thought of the possibility of another formidable opponent joining. Their boss hunting had so many ups and downs! They had never experienced anything like this before. However, suffering defeat battle after battle was something they could still endure.

That night, Ye Xiu thought of many things. 

When the first wild boss spawned that night, their troops quickly gathered together and they met with Tyrannical Ambition. Zhang Xinjie wouldn’t appear at this time, but what about Lin Jingyan?

Ye Xiu paid attention to any Brawlers in Tyrannical Ambition. He and Su Mucheng as well as other elite players clashed with Tyrannical Ambition’s elite troops. In the end, Tyrannical Ambition was thrown into chaos. Ye Xiu was now certain that Lin Jingyan wasn’t there. If not, with his skill level, despite not being a Master Tactician, his tactics wouldn’t be at a normal player’s level!

In the end, no Lin Jingyan appeared, but they had an unexpected harvest.


That little punk suddenly appeared on the battlefield, clearly back at scrap picking. Ye Xiu saw him. How could he let him go free? He let go of everything at hand and led his elite troops to kill him. How skilled could Deception be? He couldn’t escape from an encirclement specifically designed for him. When he died, Ye Xiu suddenly thought of something: “Did I forget to tell him who I was?”

Everyone witnessed his death and had no idea what Deception had done to offend Ye Qiu.

“It’s fine. If we kill him a few more times, he’ll find out who I am sooner or later.” Ye Xiu said in the end. Everyone continued to give a moment of silence for the dead Deception.

Lin Jingyan didn’t appear that night. Unfortunately, they encountered fewer bosses too. Only a single boss spawned that night, which made the all nighters feel like it wasn’t worth it. But what could they do? Boss spawns were completely random. At least they got the one boss. The other guilds, who stayed up all night, lost experience and equipment. Now that was not worth it!  

The sun came up. After receiving notifications of Misty Mountains coming online, everyone immediately logged off to rest. They couldn’t completely avoid Zhang Xinjie, but when they did, they would at least be able to face off against a tired Zhang Xinjie, while they were still full of energy. Right now, everyone was tired from staying up all night. How could they fight against Zhang Xinjie, who just woke up from a full night’s rest?

The morning would be given to Zhang Xinjie! That was a tactic as well.

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