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Chapter 725 - Two Bosses Spawned Simultaneously

Once Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash entered the Heavenly Domain, power leveling became even faster. Speaking of which, in the Heavenly Domain, “power leveling” didn’t really exist because players usually always beat the Heavenly Domain Challenge at Level 70. The only exception was when the level cap was raised.

When Qiao Yifan left Tiny Herb, he took his One Inch Ash back from the power leveler. One Inch Ash was now a Level 70 Ghostblade. Of course, the power leveler only cared about leveling. Clearing stat point and skill point quests required additional fees. Qiao Yifan paid those fees, so his One Inch Ash had the stats and skill points of an average character.

“So there’s a guide like that!” Qiao Yifan couldn’t help but be surprised, because he had come from a championship team. The things he had witnessed were on the higher end. Yet, even in Team Tiny Herb, their most powerful character, Vaccaria, only had 4855 skill points.

“It’s just so-so.” Qiao Yifan even dared to use these words to describe the God-level character Vaccaria. Because he could already predict that his little Ghostblade One Inch Ash, which had been sent over by an invisible player to be power leveled, would certainly have over 4900 skill points once he finished all of these quests.

My One Inch Ash will be better than Vaccaria?

It was just one aspect, but Qiao Yifan had never imagined it could ever happen. However, it was about to right in front of his eyes. Qiao Yifan couldn’t control his excitement. Vaccaria had always been a peak existence in Team Tiny Herb. To think he would be able to surpass it…...

Qiao Yifan suddenly stopped the current quest at hand. The next part had fairly strict requirements. Qiao Yifan didn’t want to mess up.

Ye Xiu continued to organize the materials. At the same time, he also pondered over how he would continue upgrading the Thousand Chance Umbrella. The foundation had already been established. The following steps required an even greater understanding of Glory. Ye Xiu had accumulated eight more years of experience than Su Muqiu. For this work, even Su Muqiu wouldn’t be able to do better than Ye Xiu.

For the Level 55 Thousand Chance Umbrella, Ye Xiu was currently planning on using six uncommon materials. It required even more resources than the Level 65 Death’s Hand, which only required four uncommon materials. Although uncommon materials were important, the choice of materials couldn’t be ignored either. The end result depended on how well each part worked with each other. From this perspective, the importance of dungeon materials and uncommon materials was the same. However, dungeon materials were a lot easier to get, while uncommon materials were extremely difficult. As a result, uncommon materials seemed much more important. It was because of uncommon materials that kept Silver equipment from flooding the market.

“How are things? Can the Thousand Chance Umbrella also be upgraded?” Chen Guo saw Ye Xiu looking through the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s blueprints and went over to ask.

“I still want to take a closer look at the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s blueprint.” Ye Xiu said. After all, he hadn’t spent years researching his weapon like Wei Chen had. It had only been seven months since he had left Excellent Era and started using Lord Grim and the Thousand Chance Umbrella. He had constantly been thinking about how to upgrade the umbrella past Level 50, but he had only started to take action starting from when he reached Level 50. Ye Xiu hoped things could turn out like Wei Chen’s weapon, where the theory was bulletproof, but required actual implementation to discover any issues.

“Are there enough materials?” Chen Guo asked.

“Normal materials aren’t a problem. We’re still lacking in uncommon materials though.” Ye Xiu said.

The blueprint might not be finished, but Ye Xiu would still take a look at what materials he might need when splitting loot dropped by wild bosses. The six materials required for the upgrade would all be Level 55. These types of low-leveled bosses weren’t valued as much by the top guilds, so the alliance’s success rate would be a lot higher. Their alliance was formed midway through last week though and they couldn’t stay on 24/7. It was hard to avoid missing a wild boss that Ye Xiu needed and he really did miss one.

Ye Xiu really wanted this wild boss and it still hadn’t spawned yet this week. However, from the looks of how things were going, Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie was very determined. He even showed up for Level 55 wild boss fights. If their team’s vice-captain personally took the lead, Tyrannical Ambition didn’t dare to hold back. Did Tyranny urgently require materials for some sort of Silver weapon? Ye Xiu guessed.

The morning passed. Ye Xiu still hadn’t received any messages from Loulan Slash or the other guild leaders. No news of any bosses spawning came that entire Tuesday morning.

“God…..” The four guild leaders said to him, “Not a single boss has showed up this entire morning. Shouldn’t we all go to sleep now? And then when we wake up at night, we’ll play while Zhang Xinjie isn’t on?”

Ye Xiu was the one who had told them this plan, but he never said when they should start it. Weren’t they still on right now? They had waited all morning, but no boss had spawned. They were still thinking about wild bosses, so they went over to ask Ye Xiu.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, you guys.” Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”It’s only been a day. Zhang Xinjie’s been with us from start to finish, but who knows if he’ll come today? Let’s confirm it before calling it quits! After all, it’s more convenient for us to work during the day, no? We have more people to work with during the day too.”

“That’s true.” The guild leaders nodded their heads. Even though the guild had a bunch of players, who played as if it were their jobs, relying on these players all the time wasn’t realistic. They often required the assistance of more players, especially for large-scale battles like wild boss hunts. They could look for these full-time like players, but it wasn’t like these kinds of players covered every corner of the Heavenly Domain! In particular, when looking for bosses, they needed to rely on every player in the guild. The guild wasn’t asking much. While you’re playing, if you see a wild boss around or if there are any unusual movements from other guilds, just notify us. Thus, it was much easier if there were more people online. More people also meant more competition, but everything had their pros and cons.

“Then let’s keep going into the afternoon?” Radiant’s White Stream suggested.

“Let’s keep going.” The others agreed.

They had opened up a QQ group. It was convenient to talk about things there. In the game, they each had their own guilds, so it wasn’t easy to get together in the same chat. Ye Xiu often switched accounts too.

In the afternoon, when everyone returned to the game, it was as if the wild bosses couldn’t endure it anymore and suddenly spawned. Two of them spawned too. Both Heavenly Justice and Parade received the news.

Level 55 wild boss, Red Ribbon Janna.

Level 65 wild boss, Green Magic Disciple Amofu.

It wasn’t impossible for two or even three bosses to spawn at the same time. If the two bosses were Level 70, then it would be difficult for them to choose because both were of equal importance. The current situation was more welcome though. The Level 55 boss didn’t require any elite troops. The boss could be given to their other groups, while the elite groups competed for the higher level boss. Fighting two at once also saved time.

However, the situation wasn’t so good for the alliance. They didn’t have the strength to fight on two fronts. God Ye Qiu couldn’t be at two places simultaneously. Making a decision was easier though: choose the more important one. The four guild leaders prepared to head over, when Ye Xiu suddenly said: “Let’s go to Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite?”

“Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite?” The four guild leaders stopped for a second, when they heard the name because that was the name of the Level 55 area. It was the location of Red Ribbon Janna. They were going to give up on the big fish and go for the smaller one?

“That’s fine too.” Conquering Cloud’s Yue Ziqin felt like he understood Ye Xiu’s intentions and said: “We didn’t really get any bosses yesterday, so we should start off the day well.” He thought Ye Xiu wanted to boost their morale, so he spoke up.

“Oh oh.” The other three immediately understood.

When Ye Xiu said: “Everyone, let’s work hard! Red Ribbon Janna has something I need!”

“What?” The four guild leaders felt dizzy. Was that the real reason why he was giving up on the Level 65 Magic Disciple for the Level 55 Red Ribbon? It was just because he needed something from it and not because of something deeper like boosting their morale?

There was no point arguing at this point. The four guild leaders grabbed their troops and led their troops over to Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite.

Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite was a Taoist location and an ostentatious little place. The symbol of a red cloud hung above the main entrance. In the middle, a black “武” looked as if it were about to fly out like a dragon. Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite was a Level 55 leveling area. The dungeon, Scarlet Cloud Ancient Altar, ended the lives of who knew how many heroes. However, the level cap was now level 70. Scarlet Cloud Ancient Altar had long since become empty. The occasional players that came were here for the Level 55-57 NPCs. The former most difficult boss, Red Ribbon Janna, was now a boss the big guilds were too lazy to send their elite groups to.

A group of players passed underneath Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite. Above their names was the guild tag: Blue Brook Guild.

At the very front of the group were two Blade Masters. One was one of the famous Five Great Experts of Blue Brook Guild: Blue Bridge Spring Snow. The other was someone that others wouldn’t recognize. However, everyone in the group knew that he was a kid, who Team Blue Rain had told to come over. It seemed like he had just come out from Team Blue Rain’s recent training camp. His name was Lu Hanwen. His character: Blade Master Flowing Clouds.

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