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Chapter 724 - Perfect Upgrade

Apart from Wei Chen, everyone else had left their computers. They stood behind Wei Chen, quietly watching.

The practice room just looked like a room on the second floor that had been created by linking several private rooms together. In reality, Chen Guo had put a lot of effort into its renovation. The practice room was well-soundproofed. After closing the door and the windows, practically no noise could be heard from outside. Surrounded by people watching him, Wei Chen carefully worked on his Death’s Hand in silence.

The first part was finished!

Wei Chen wiped his forehead. He wasn’t actually so nervous that there was sweat, but he wiped it subconsciously as a way to loosen up. Only then did he notice the people standing behind him. It could be seen just how focused he had been before.

“Not bad. You’re off to a good start.” Ye Xiu praised, after Wei Chen completed one part of the weapon.

“Shut up. Who needs you to say that? I say you guys go and do whatever you were doing before. Don’t watch.” Wei Chen yelled.

“This is to give you an excuse if you make a mistake. When you mess up, you can say that it was because were were bothering you.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Pah! Can’t you ever say anything nice? Hurry up and go outside to smoke or something. The air in this room is bad with you here.” Wei Chen cursed.

Ye Xiu laughed, but he didn’t go outside and smoke. He just told everyone to go back to their seats. Wei Chen didn’t insist on getting Ye Xiu to leave. After seeing everyone leave, he immediately began working on the next part. Even though everyone else returned to their seats, they would occasionally glance at Wei Chen from time to time.

Four parts.

Ye Xiu had looked at Wei Chen’s blueprint for Death’s Hand. The upgrade from level 60 to 65 had four parts, which all required materials from the Heavenly Domain. Three level 65 materials and one level 60 material. Because he knew about the blueprint, when they split wild boss drops, he had naturally prioritized these materials.

After Wei Chen finished one part, he would immediately work on the next part. Finally, Wei Chen wiped his forehead for the fourth time. Ye Xiu knew that he must have been able to successfully complete all four parts. Wei Chen wasn’t the type of person, who wouldn’t utter a peep if he were to fail. He was the type of person, who would curse out loud for at least five minutes!

“You’re done?” Ye Xiu asked.

“The crucial ones are done.” Wei Chen nodded his head.

The crucial ones were those four parts, which required Heavenly Domain materials. The rest of the materials weren’t nearly as precious and didn’t require him to hand-craft them. He could simply use his original template and have the equipment editor craft it for him, so there was no pressure after he completed the important parts. Soon afterwards, the rest of the parts were created and now he just needed to reassemble the weapon again. He couldn’t make any mistakes in this step, but it didn’t require as much precision as creating those four parts. As a pro player with good microing, he shouldn’t be making any mistakes on this step either way.

As a result, under Ye Xiu’s lead, everyone went over to watch again. This time, Wei Chen didn’t stop them. He shouldn’t be making any mistakes in this step.

The individual parts were quickly pieced together by Wei Chen.

“Done!” After Wei Chen put the last part in place, he heaved a sigh of relief and clicked “Confirm”. While the equipment editor saved the changes, the new form of Death’s Hand appeared on the screen. It was a black magic staff around 1.3 meters tall. The tip of the staff was a skeleton hand with its palm open. As it revolved on the screen, it looked like it was about to grab something. The entire staff looked like two skeleton arms linked together. 

After the changes were saved, Wei Chen immediately closed the equipment editor and returned to the game. He clicked on Windward Formation’s inventory and saw Death’s Hand quietly sitting there. Wei Chen sucked in a breath of air and turned to look at Ye Xiu. He had done thorough research on the blueprint beforehand, so he didn’t think that the weapon would fail to form after putting the pieces together. Whether or not the weapon was finished would depend on the stats!

If the stats were all around better than the stats at level 60, it would be considered a success. If only a portion of the stats increased, or if some of the stats changed, he would need to see which stats failed to increase, or which stats changed and figure out how to fix those problems. If the stats didn’t change at all or even decreased, it would be a complete failure.

The research teams of the Clubs conducted research with a strong foundation of related knowledge. They would never create equipment by blindly testing their luck. As a result, they would never fail or create trash. It just depended on whether the piece of equipment had been upgraded to its maximum potential. If it did not, they would continuously adjust and test it until it did. Materials would rapidly be consumed in this process.

Team Happy didn’t have the resources to achieve perfect results yet. In truth, if Death’s Hand only had a few flaws, it would still be used. They would perfect it in the future if their circumstances permitted it.

“How is it?” Chen Guo was starting to get anxious. Wei Chen decisively exited the equipment editor and opened his character’s inventory, but his mouse still hadn’t clicked on the weapon yet. Chen Guo didn’t know how to create her own equipment, but she would still know if it had failed or not. It wasn’t like she had never tried to make her own before.

Wei Chen finally clicked on Death’s Hand and the stat window immediately appeared.

Death’s Hand - Level 65.

Weight: 3 kg

Durability: 30

Attack Speed: 2

Physical Attack: 591

Magic Attack: 837

Intelligence +55

Darkness Affinity + 25

Darkness Resistance +25

Critical Strike Chance + 12%

Cast Speed + 12

Cast Range +3

“SUCCESS!!” Wei Chen roared. He slammed his fists on the table. The monitor trembled. All of the stats had increased. It was a huge success. The only numbers that didn’t change were the ones for weight, durability, and attack speed. However, none of those affected a Warlock’s fighting ability. The upgrade wouldn’t focus on those aspects at all. Everything else had improved and all of them reached Wei Chen’s expectations. There were unexpected improvements too. At Level 60, the cast range increase had only been +2. Originally, it shouldn’t have increased until its Level 70 form, but now, it had reached this step ahead of time. Wei Chen couldn’t be any happier. 

“F*ck. It’s a success on the first try! On the first try!!!” Wei Chen laughed. He looked so excited that he might try and grab the weapon from the screen to play with it.

While everyone was excited, Chen Guo was somewhat disappointed: “That’s it?”

“What else did you expect?” Wei Chen asked.

“You’re not going to give it a try and see if it won’t break?” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu laughed: “That’s indeed the case for the Thousand Chance Umbrella because some of the transformations might not have been successful. In that case, the Thousand Chance Umbrella wouldn’t be complete yet, but for his staff, what else is there to see besides the stats?”

“Oh, that’s what you were talking about. You scared me to death…..” Wei Chen wiped away some sweat this time. Chen Guo’s sudden words made him think that his Death’s Hand might have some flaws that he hadn’t noticed in his excitement.

“Then it really is a success! That’s great!” Chen Guo became excited too.

“I’ll go find someone to test it out on.” Wei Chen wanted to hurry and try out his new weapon. His Windward Formation just happened to be in the Arena, so he clicked on 1v1 and automatically entered a room with an opponent.

The two sides began fighting. Everyone was still there watching. They wanted to see the might of the newly upgraded Silver weapon, but in reality, with Wei Chen’s skill, he didn’t need a Silver weapon to beat a normal player. Even if his opponent had the Silver weapon, he would still easily beat him into the ground. He was really just showing off. The poor opponent became Wei Chen’s test dummy. He kited around utilizing the +3 cast range, got closer to show his 12% increase in cast speed, and checked the effects of the +25 to Darkness Affinity. Then, he checked his critical strike chance.

Unfortunately, his opponent didn’t have any darkness attribute skills, otherwise, Wei Chen would have let his Windward Formation take some damage to see the effects of the +25 to Darkness Resistance.

“Ha, another critical strike. Awesome!”

“Haha, this senior’s cast range is longer than you think, you weak chicken.”

Wei Chen chattered on excitedly. Ye Xiu had gone back to his seat long ago. Ye Xiu couldn’t help but sigh: “So shameless! You really are shameless…..”

Although it’s said that the Heavenly Domain had no noobs, all normal players were noobs to them. Wei Chen bullied his opponent happily with his Silver weapon. Ye Xiu couldn’t watch any further. He was busy organizing the materials too. The noise from Wei Chen was headache-inducing.

“Can you quiet down! It’s not like you’ve never used a Silver weapon in your life. How disgraceful!” Ye Xiu couldn’t help but say.

“One more time. It’ll be my last one, okay?” Wei Chen replied, while choosing another room.

“AH! He’s the same class as me! Hurry up and come watch me bully him!” Wei Chen didn’t find it shameful to bully a normal player. He was even proud of it and wanted others to share the joy with him!

Ye Xiu gave up and turned his head to ask Qiao Yifan: “Little Qiao, how’s that account?”

“My account has practically never touched a quest before!” Qiao Yifan was excited. Ye Xiu had given the skill point guide to him for One Inch Ash to use. His One Inch Ash had pretty much been power leveled by someone else. Power levelers seeked efficiency. When leeching off of a higher-leveled account, it was much faster to kill monsters than run quests. It was very dull and repetitive though. That didn’t matter for power levelers though. When killing monsters, the character would also get gold, materials, and equipment. For them, it was much more worth it than completing quests. As a result, Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash was lucky to be power leveled most of the time. Nearly all of the quests in the skill point guide hadn’t been cleared yet. Thus, with this guide on hand, his skill points soared.

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