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Chapter 716 - Xiao Shiqin’s Arrival

Did these people come here specifically to humiliate me? Liu Hao had been called “Liu Gao” by Wei Chen, and Ye Qiu had mercilessly exposed it, but logically speaking, that shouldn’t have been the case. He just happened to be passing by this way. How could Ye Qiu have arranged this encounter beforehand?

Thinking of this, Liu Hao felt that it wouldn’t be right to flare up, when he heard the person next to him mutter: “Oh? It’s Hao? Not Gao?”

That person’s tone of voice made it sound like the name Liu Hao itself was a mistake; Liu Gao should be the correct name. The contempt in his voice made Liu Hao furious. He was just about to say something, when he heard Ye Xiu say: “Old Wei, don’t annoy him. He has to catch the Route 9 Bus!”

“Oh?” Wei Chen turned his head to look at him. Sure enough, a Route 9 Bus was slowly pulling up to the stop. He didn’t feel embarrassed at getting someone’s name wrong. He even patted Liu Hao’s shoulders as if they were good friends: “The bus is here. You’d better hurry!”

Route 9 Bus…...

Liu Hao felt like he had been humiliated again. The Route 9 Bus was indeed one way to get to the airport, but did he need to use such an economical method? Did they think he didn’t have the money to ride a taxi?

Wei Chen swaggered away. Liu Hao didn’t look at the incoming Route 9 Bus. He stood straight up and started waving to hail a taxi. Not long afterwards, a taxi pulled over. When he looked back at Happy Internet Cafe, he realized that they had already left. He didn’t know if they had seen him hail a taxi or not…...

“Hey, are you going or not!” The taxi driver interrupted Liu Hao’s thoughts. He sat in the taxi and left this damned place.

At Happy Internet Cafe, when they saw Liu Hao turn around and hail a taxi, they entered the Internet Cafe, but they didn’t stop to watch him. It was tiring, standing by the entrance the entire time. After going inside and finding a good angle, they could simply sit down and watch from the comfort of the internet cafe. Wei Chen followed along everyone else to here. He grabbed a wooden stool and sat down, gazing at the crowd and saying: “Is that idiot coming?”

One of Glory’s Four Master Tacticians was about to transfer to Excellent Era and become a formidable opponent for Happy in the Challenger League, so Wei Chen referred to him as an “idiot”. However, Wei Chen wasn’t alone. Choosing to transfer to a relegated team like Excellent Era and needing to wait a year before joining the Pro Alliance again was certainly a controversial decision. Wei Chen wasn’t the only one who regarded him as an idiot. Wei Chen’s view was only because of his own position. Others actually thought he was being stupid.

“Tsk tsk, what a welcoming. He really is popular.” Wei Chen sighed. Even though he had been Team Blue Rain’s former captain and could be considered an influential figure, he had never experienced such a grand event. At that time, the Alliance had only just been created. There weren’t nearly as many fans as there were now, let alone such passion. Now that he had decided to return to the pro scene, he couldn’t help but sigh as he compared the past with the present.

“Okay, let’s not be concerned about them. We still have other things to do. The new week has just begun!” Ye Xiu got up and headed upstairs. The results from last week’s wild boss hunting had been quite good. The various big guilds had their cake stolen away though and definitely wouldn’t stand still. What would they do today?

In the practice room on the second floor, they all logged on. Loulan Slash and the other three guild leaders were already online and waiting for him to log on. Last week, Ye Xiu hid himself using Enlightened Lord, but the results weren’t that good. He didn’t have a guild tag on his head, and yet he had still been noticed in the large-scale battles. After a few fights, he was already exposed. Enlightened Lord suddenly became the priority target of everyone.

For the few times that Enlightened Lord had successfully been killed, the guilds discovered that killing him didn’t have the desired effect! Was this Enlightened Lord really Ye Qiu? This was the real problem!

At this moment, some people thought: Ye Qiu doesn’t only have one account. It’s too naive to only target Enlightened Lord. After he dies, he just switches to a second account. Do we really have the ability to kill them all off one after the other without getting wiped out by our opponents?

In the end, apart from cursing out “Too despicable, too evil.” What could the guilds do? They could only deal with the character, but not the person behind the character. The person, not the character, was the truly scary one.

Seeing these results, everyone stopped rushing to kill him as soon as he came out. If they killed him, he could just switch accounts. It would only make things worse too, because it would mess up their own formations. They might as well just go with the flow. If they encountered an opportunity, they would kill him. If they didn’t, they would regard him as their primary target and run into a dead end.

Ye Xiu logged onto Enlightened Lord. As soon as he came online, the four guild leaders messaged him. Four wild bosses had spawned in the Heavenly Domain between last night and now. The alliance failed to get any without Ye Xiu’s leadership . This was actually the alliance’s greatest weakness: their reliance on Ye Xiu. Without Ye Xiu to lead them, their competitive strength drastically decreased. Ye Xiu was irreplaceable. As a result, they couldn’t be competitive 24/7 like the Club guilds and could only be competitive for about two thirds of the time. Yet even in this kind of situation, they were still able to get 33 out of 74 wild bosses. These results were extremely terrifying. How could the various big guilds not be fearful?

“Call me if there’s any news.” Ye Xiu replied to them. This was how snatching wild bosses worked. If there were no bosses, the rest of the time was for themselves.

Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Little Cold Hands were following the training program that Ye Xiu created for them. As for Ye Xiu, his work wasn’t limited to just the game. The two million RMB worth of materials had gradually been paid over the course of this week. Samsara wasn’t trying to drag the matter out, rather Ye Xiu hadn’t been prepared to receive them until now. They needed enough accounts to store all the materials. It was two million RMB worth of materials! How could the storages of a few accounts be enough? The storages of all of the accounts they had on hand were completely filled to the brim. Ye Xiu was using most of his free time to figure out how he should utilize these materials.

The Clubs had their own logistics departments. The pro players didn’t need to worry about researching how to create equipment. However, as a player from an older generation, Ye Xiu wasn’t like the young pro players who only knew how to play the game. In the early years, pro players had multiple responsibilities. They had to compete, manage the in-game guilds, and even research how to create self-made equipment to improve their own team’s strength. Even though the Clubs created their own logistics department to deal with these matters later on, it didn’t mean that their experience was wasted! They just didn’t put in as much energy or time as they had before. It was because of this that Team Samsara’s Tong Lin directly joined Samsara’s logistics department after retiring as a pro player. The dual guns used by Cloud Piercer, Wildfire and Shattered Frost, were mostly his work. Tong Lin’s contribution to the title Great Gunner couldn’t be understated.

At Happy, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim and Wei Chen’s Windward Formation both had Silver weapons. Steamed Bun and Tang Rou still needed one though. They might not need to worry too much about regular opponents in the Challenger League, but facing Excellent Era, a bunch of Orange equipment wasn’t going to cut it. Silver equipment was a must. Ye Xiu had to develop numerous Silver pieces of equipment for these characters. He needed time to organize everything.

Everyone in the practice room was busy doing their own thing. There was no news from Loulan Slash or the other guild leaders. At around ten o’clock, a sudden clamor from outside their window interrupted the silence. The noise was almost ear-piercingly loud. Everyone in the room jumped up out of their chairs in surprise. After staring blankly for a bit, they realized what had happened.

Even the windows were shaking from the noise. “ XIAO SHIQIN! XIAO SHIQIN! XIAO SHIQIN!”

Xiao Shiqin had finally arrived.

None of the five players in the room pretended to be calm. They got up and went to the window to look outside. Compared to earlier that morning, there were who knew how many people at Excellent Era’s main entrance. Even a part of the road had been blocked off by the crowd. Fortunately, this road wasn’t a particularly busy one. It was strangely spacious too, so it didn’t actually cause any traffic.

The crowd surrounded a van stopped by the road. Ye Xiu recognized it. The van was a Ford E350 that Excellent Era rarely used. This time, it was being used to pick up Xiao Shiqin, which showed how much Excellent Era truly valued this All Star player.

The van didn’t directly go into the Club. Instead, it stopped right outside of the front entrance. Of course, before the fans could crowd in front of it, the security guards had quickly created a pathway. Excellent Era was well prepared for Xiao Shiqin’s arrival. They lacked the necessary manpower, so they even hired outside security to help.

Amidst the shouting from the fans, Xiao Shiqin finally stepped out of the car. As soon as his foot hit the ground, cheers instantly erupted, causing the electronic alarms of quite a few cars along the side of the road to go off. For a moment, the alarms added to the noise made by the fans.

Excellent Era hadn’t anticipated this would happen and it ruined the mood a bit, but from this, Xiao Shiqin’s popularity could be seen. Many fans heard the alarms go off and yelled even harder to suppress the noise created by the alarms.

Xiao Shiqin jumped with fright from the noise. A small team like Team Thunderclap couldn’t compare to the popularity of a famous team like Team Excellent Era. Along the way to the Club, the employees who received him said that there were many fans waiting for him to arrive. Xiao Shiqi didn’t think too much of it, but when he got off the car, he was stunned by the scene in front of him.

Xiao Shiqin truly felt like he had made a significant leap in his career.

Even though Excellent Era had been relegated, while Thunderclap was still fighting in the pro scene, from the amount of noise created just from his welcome, Xiao Shiqin could already feel that Thunderclap didn’t have such power. If Excellent Era was still in the Pro Alliance and stayed as a formidable competitor, what would the fans be like then?

Xiao Shiqin suddenly wanted to see this scene very much and he knew that the reason he came here was to make that scene a reality.

Once Xiao Shiqin finished thinking about what he wanted to say, he began speaking to the fans.

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