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Chapter 715 - You’re in Luck

Liu Hao and He Ming stepped into the elevator and headed down.

Liu Hao had come to a decision. The more the Club didn’t want him to do something, the more he definitely needed to do it. He didn’t dare disclose the matter of kicking Ye Qiu out and then being kicked out of the Club as a result, but ruining Xiao Shiqin’s welcome day could still be done. As the vice captain of the team, he was quite popular among Excellent Era’s fans. He believed that if news came out that he had been traded away, Excellent Era would certainly receive backlash from their fans.

The elevator soon reached the first floor. Liu Hao held his head up and puffed his chest out. Right when he was about to arrive at the exit, he was blocked by security guards once again.

“You can’t go this way.” This time, the security guard was much stiffer. He didn’t greet the two pro players and instead wore a grave expression on his face.

“And why not? I just want to leave through this way.” Liu Hao didn’t care and positioned himself in such a way that he could force his way out.

This security guard was much tougher than the two security guards on the floor above. He blocked Liu Hao: “Sorry. Someone important is coming today. In order to prevent any accidents, no one is allowed to exit this way. Please go through the side exit.”

No one.

Liu Hao was surprised by these word. He suddenly understood why the security guards above weren’t concerned. Arrangements had already been made on the first floor.

The two words “no one” didn’t allow for any form of objection. If Liu Hao tried to force his way through, the Club would be in the right: no one is permitted to go through. You’re no exception. If you try to force your way out, we have the right to stop you. This security guard was a huge guy. Don’t look at how Liu Hao and He Ming were two people. As pro players who spent all day playing games, their bodies weren’t exactly extremely fit. If the security guard stood in front of the door, they might not even be able to push him aside.

As for the excuse of preventing any accidents, Liu Hao knew arguing was pointless. If the security guard insisted on such an excuse, what could he do?

Helpless, Liu Hao could only grind his teeth and leave through the side exit with He Ming. When he exited through the side door, he saw security guards guarding the path to the main entrance. He knew that the two of them really would be departing from the Club sullenly.

Just because we had to leave through the side door doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways!

 Liu Hao was furious! Once they exited from the side door, there would be a road. Excellent Era couldn’t block off a public road, right? I’ll put in some effort and circle around then.

When Liu Hao stepped out from the side door, he didn’t call for a taxi and instead started walking towards the main entrance. He Ming immediately understood Liu Hao’s intention. He wasn’t as angry as Liu Hao was though and endured it.

“Let’s not?” He Ming urged Liu Hao.

“You don’t have to, but I can’t.” Liu Hao’s anger had reached the heavens. He didn’t stop and continued to head towards the main entrance with large strides.

He Ming had a sense of comradery with Liu Hao. Seeing that Liu Hao refused to budge on this matter, he sighed and followed behind.

More and more people were gathering around the main entrance. The fans holding up banners had clearly come prepared. Some had simply passed by and saw the crowd. Who knew if they were actually fans of Glory or Excellent Era. The media received the news and sent reporters to take pictures. As for whether or not Excellent Era had invited them over or not, no one really knew. The cameramen only added to the excitement. Liu Hao angrily stomped over. Seeing that there were even cameras, he didn’t feel happy, but rather somewhat discouraged.

If he walked out from the main entrance like a star, he wouldn’t be afraid of any interviews, but now that he had circled around from the side entrance, his intentions would clearly come through in front of the cameras. When he walked closer, Liu Hao saw the reporter with the camera and felt even worse.

He recognized this reporter. The reporter could be considered to be employed by Excellent Era. He would always stand by Excellent Era’s side and never report anything bad about Excellent Era. He would only say good things. If this kind of reporter had come, Liu Hao was certain that his action of circling around to the main entrance would be written a great deal about. His little scheme would be dirtied by the reporter.

He might be able to ruin the atmosphere of the crowd, but from a long-term perspective, the bad press would certainly hurt him more in the end.

Liu Hao had originally been on the north side of the sidewalk. After surveying the situation, he quickly crossed the road without anyone noticing. He Ming didn’t understand why, but seeing how Liu Hao had suddenly changed his mind, he immediately followed after him.

After crossing the street, Liu Hao continued to walk towards the main entrance. He hadn’t given up yet! When he was across the street from the entrance, he didn’t directly walk into the crowd. He thought he could cover up his intentions by doing things this way. He wanted to avoid the crowd, but be “coincidentally seen by fans”.

But being “coincidentally seen by fans” wasn’t easy! The street in front of Club Excellent Era’s main entrance was quite a big one. Even with the relationship between fans and pro players, the distance was a bit far.

Come on!

Liu Hao encouraged the fans. After entering their range, he slowed down his footsteps, hoping to give the fans more time to catch sight of him. After all, he only had one chance. Once he walked past them, it wasn’t like he could just go around and around until someone noticed him, no?

Unfortunately, the fans let Liu Hao down. After slowly walking past the crowd, no one noticed him. He really had been treated as some random passerby.

Liu Hao felt disappointed. Without any other options, he could only look back and see the crowd get smaller and smaller. He was quite sorrowful too. At this moment, he suddenly heard a voice in front of him: “Liu Hao?”

F*ck me! Right when he was at the end of the line, a glimmer of hope appeared! A burst of excitement filled Liu Hao’s heart. Who would have thought that someone would recognize him?

Liu Hao excitedly turned his head around, hoping this fan would hurry up and shout loudly to call people over from the crowd. That would be too perfect.

When he turned around to look at this fan clearly, Liu Hao’s bright eyes instantly dimmed.  His mood became even darker than it had just been.

This person wasn’t a fan. Wasn’t that Ye Qiu?

The one person that Liu Hao didn’t want to see the most just happened to be Ye Qiu. When Ye Qiu retired, he had clapped his hands with joy. Seven months later, it was his turn to be kicked out from Excellent Era. Wouldn’t Ye Qiu laugh at him to death?

Liu Hao was conflicted, but he didn’t want to appear weak in front of Ye Qiu. If he clearly saw him but pretended that he didn’t see him, wouldn’t that make him seem afraid? Thus, Liu Hao brushed his emotion aside and greeted him.

“Morning!” Liu Hao gave a common greeting. He felt like such a greeting would best show his current stance.

“Morning to you too.” Ye Xiu said.

“The Club has something urgent going on. It’s not good to oversleep! I don’t have as much free time as you.” Liu Hao said as he looked at the crowd of fans. He was feeling quite annoyed, but he still needed to make Ye Xiu feel bad.

“Hm? What does that have to do with you?” Ye Xiu said.

“How does that not have anything to do with me? I’m Excellent Era’s vice captain. I have to welcome such a skilled player into Excellent Era.” Liu Hao said coldly.

“You’re willing to give up everything and even be put up for trade?” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course.” Liu Hao heard “give up everything”. That was naturally a very good thing, so he had replied with an “of course”, but when he thought about what he said, he realized…...

“How did you know?” Liu Hao couldn’t hold his lofty facade together anymore. Not getting flustered was already quite good.

“How could I not know?” Ye Xiu smiled.

“Su Mucheng told you!” Liu Hao suddenly realized. With Su Mucheng in Excellent Era, how could Ye Qiu not know what was happening? He felt so stupid. He actually wanted to show off in front of him, so he wouldn’t be laughed at, but now he had become an even bigger joke. Liu Hao really wanted to slam his head against a wall.

“It seems like you’re not happy with it? You weren’t prepared to leave Excellent Era?” Ye Xiu said.

Liu Hao had been jabbed at his sore spot again. He had planned on leaving Excellent Era, but after hearing that Xiao Shiqin and his Life Extinguisher were coming to Excellent Era, his confidence in Excellent Era had been renewed. Who would have thought that he would become a bargaining chip. If he had been traded into a top team, he would have been fine with it, but Team Thunderclap…… without Xiao Shiqin, how bad would the team be in the Alliance?

In front of Ye Qiu, Liu Hao refused to admit defeat. Everything he had done in Excellent Era stemmed from his enmity with Ye Qiu. No matter the situation, Liu Hao could always find something to hold onto against him: “I just happened to be unlucky, but I’m still doing better off than you. Next season, I’ll still be playing in the Pro Alliance. And you?” Liu Hao continued to challenge him. 

“Unlucky? I don’t think so. I think you got lucky.” Ye Xiu smiled.

“What do you mean?” Liu Hao didn’t understand.

“If you stayed in Excellent Era, then let alone this season, don’t even think about playing next season. Excellent Era has to go through the Revival Tournament, but unfortunately, they’ll have to face us.” Ye Xiu said.

“True.” Tang Rou had come over to see what was going on and nodded her head.

“You really do think too highly of yourself!” Liu Hao coldly sneered, “I really do want to see who will lose, but if you both take each other down, that’d be even better.”

“Then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Humph, bye.” Liu Hao turned around and was about to leave with He Ming, when he saw two people coming over. One had long hair, while the other had a thuggish face and a cigarette in his mouth. The two had slippers on, shuffling their way over. Liu Hao moved to the side to let them pass. These guys shouldn’t be messed with.

When the two passed by them, a “Yi?” suddenly came out. The guy with the cigarette backed up and looked at Liu Hao: “Aren’t you that guy?”

“Who?” The other person with long hair backed up and asked.

“That guy from Team Excellent Era!” The guy with the cigarette thought hard.

“That guy?” The other one seemed to only know how to ask questions.

“Right, Liu Gao!” The cigarette guy suddenly shouted.

“D*mn…… are you stupid? His given name is pronounced Hao. We don’t know each other! Steamed Bun, hurry up and get away from him.” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes, sir!” The guy with long hair immediately distanced himself. Whether it was Liu Gao or Liu Hao, he had no idea what was going on.

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