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Chapter 698 - Arrival

After Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader fell, the troops fell into disorder. It wasn’t like no one could take over and lead the troops. However, their morale had taken a heavy hit. The other side simply lifted his hands and their guild leader disappeared. What type of expert was this?  

With Zhao Yuzhe leading the way, Howling Heights was actually able to suppress Tyrannical Ambition. Misty Castle saw that the situation had changed and immediately went over to help Howling Heights. They would first take revenge on Tyrannical Ambition and then see what to do from there.

At this moment, Howling Height’s guild leader, West Riding Wind, ran over to Zhao Yuzhe’s side: “We’ve discovered people from the four guilds.”    

“The four guilds?” Zhao Yuzhe asked. The four guilds that the guild leader mentioned referred to the alliance formed by Ye Xiu. Zhao Yuzhe had obviously never of it before. 

“Heavenly Justice, Conquering Clouds, Parade, and Radiant.” West Riding Wind explained.

“What’s so special about them?” Zhao Yuzhe didn’t understand. A guild’s strength was about the same as that respective team’s strength. Of those four guilds, Heavenly Justice was a newcomer that would be joining next season, while the other three guilds were weaker teams. Why was he making such a big fuss over them? 

“They’ve allied together.” West Riding Wind said.

“So what if they’ve allied together?” Zhao Yuzhe really looked down at the person in front of him, who represented Team Wind Howl in the game. He saw him occasionally in the Club, but he had never interacted with him before. Why was this guy so lacking? 

“The alliance itself isn’t too scary. The leader of the alliance is the truly scary one!” West Riding Wind said. 


“Ye Qiu.” West Riding Wind said in a low voice.

“Ye Qiu?” Zhao Yuzhe stared blankly, “One Autumn Leaf’s Ye Qiu?”

“That’s the one. He’s started over with a new account called Lord Grim. Lord Grim is classless, an unspecialized character.” West Riding Wind introduced Ye Qiu’s situation in the game, but he was certain that Zhao Yuzhe also knew about it. It had been a very hot topic this year. The Best Rookie of the season in front of him didn’t seem like someone who stayed inside all day, never looking outside his window.

“Ha ha.” Zhao Yuzhe laughed: “You’re still scared of him with me here?”

“Uh……” West Riding Wind didn’t know what to say for a moment. He had experienced Zhao Yuzhe’s arrogance before. Zhao Yuzhe didn’t care at all about a top force in the game like Tyrannical Ambition. He had the qualifications to do so, of course. A pro player’s might far surpass a normal player, but this was Ye Qiu! Known as the Encyclopedia of Glory, with three championship wins under his belt, and countless other titles awarded to him. Any of these was enough to decimate a “Best Rookie”.

What was Best Rookie? That was a award given to the Best Rookie of that season. Not every Best Rookie was like Sun Xiang, who could immediately contend for the MVP title. A Best Rookie award was certainly something to be proud of, but Zhao Yuzhe shouldn’t be that confident!

“Where’s Ye Qiu? It’s a rare opportunity to be able to receive a lesson from a senior in the game. I just don’t know what his level is at after having retired for half a year.” Zhao Yuzhe was eager to fight him. He couldn’t help but think of Tang Hao’s junior succeeds the senior. What an incredible moment that was! Even though the loser of the match had been his team’s captain, Zhao Yuzhe only had feelings of admiration and envy for Tang Hao. He also hoped that he could one day replicate such a beautiful scene.

He had already tried looking for this type of opportunity in his matches. Now, he had found one in the game. As soon as heard that he could contend with a God, Zhao Yuzhe immediately got fired up.

West Riding Wind was speechless at this kid’s arrogance. He had been managing Howling Heights for several years. He could be considered Zhao Yuzhe’s senior, but the problem was that even though pro players didn’t have any official authority over others in the Club, everyone treated them like superiors. While West Riding Wind didn’t like Zhao Yuzhe’s satisfied look, it wasn’t like he could order him around either.

In the end, West Riding Wind felt like he shouldn’t invite humiliation onto himself. He heard that Zhao Yuzhe didn’t even listen to his team captain Lin Jingyan’s words!

“Their people are coming closer, but we haven’t seen any sight of Ye Qiu.” West Riding Wind reported obediently.

“His character’s called Lord Grim? Okay. I’ll wait for him here.” Zhao Yuzhe proudly stated.

You’re waiting for him….. Does he even f*cking know who you are? West Riding Wind ridiculed him in his head. His mouth, on the other hand, moved in a different manner: “Thank you for your hard work.” And then he went over to lead his troops.

There were still parts of Zhao Yuzhe, which he appreciated. For example, Zhao Yuzhe didn’t require him to give up any of his authority as a leader. He simply took an account and rushed to aid their troops. Of course, he didn’t rule out the possibility that he might just be thinking of showing off his skills in front of everyone.

Ye Xiu and the others finally arrived at Dolaki Stadium. Because they had rushed over at full speed and everyone had different skill levels, the troops weren’t very organized upon arrival. The difference wasn’t too big though. Even for the small Club guilds, their elites weren’t bad. In addition, Ye Xiu was using a temporary account with make-do equipment, so he wasn’t too far ahead of everyone else either.

Dolaki Stadium wasn’t a small place. It had a diameter of 40 coordinate points or 400 units. It had multiple levels too. It wasn’t like modern-day stadiums with just one large open field, but rather many smaller sites separate from one another. It looked like there were streets and alleys. The monsters here were the ghosts of the ancient warriors who died in the stadium. The wild boss Gladiator Vitalivis was the strongest among them.

To put it plainly, this was a gathering place of undead monsters. The Glory world wasn’t limited to history. There were magicians, swordsman, and even people with guns. Some cities looked like ancient cities from the past, while others looked like steel forests of the modern-day era. It was rumored that, in the next expansion, apart from levels, equipment, skills, and other necessary updates, there would also be mounts.

The Glory world was so vast, yet there wasn’t a way to quickly move around. It was something the players often complained about. Glory would soon have such a method of transportation. 

Mounts were what players liked to call such transportation tools. The official name didn’t use the word mounts, but simply transportation tools. According to the leaks, the transportation tools in Glory wouldn’t just be limited to things that could be mounted such as cars.

Once Ye Xiu and the others arrived at Dolaki Stadium, they weren’t yet at their final destination. They still needed to locate the boss. They soon found the battlefield. During this time, quite a few reinforcements from Misty Castle and Howling Heights had arrived. Tyrannical Ambition had paid a huge price to deal with these two guilds. Tyrannical Ambition was currently in a very disadvantageous position. The Gladiator Vitalivis had already fallen into Howling Height’s grasp.

West Riding Wind might not like Zhao Yuzhe, but he had to admit that this Best Rookie title wasn’t just for show. Zhao Yuzhe didn’t lead any teams. He only contributed with his individual strength, yet he was still able to win a lead for Howling Heights. His attacks were difficult for the opponents to deal with, allowing their own side to smoothly realize their goals. His eyes were precise and his decisions were accurate. Even though he was up against elite players, they weren’t able to defend against his attacks.   

Misty Castle even began helping Howling Heights deal with Tyrannical Ambition, but after Howling Heights firmly took control of the boss, Misty Castle suddenly realized that they were on the wrong side. Howling Heights had seized a huge lead for themselves, yet Misty Castle was still fighting Tyrannical Ambition! It was as if they were doing free labor for Howling Heights!   

Misty Castle immediately switched sides. They had initially been beaten up by Tyrannical Ambition. Then, they were unclear about the situation. And now they were fighting against Howling Heights…...

All the guilds were here to snatch the boss, but Misty Castle’s showing so far made them seem like stirring shit sticks. Misty Castle appeared to have no interest in the boss, instead they only seemed to want to add fuel to the fire.

“What are they doing?” When Ye Xiu and the others arrived, Ye Xiu surveyed the situation and gave Misty Castle an evaluation.

“Howling Heights has control over the boss!” The four guilds leaders were mainly concerned about the boss. They were quite surprised that the boss wasn’t in Tyrannical Ambition’s hands.

Apart from their four guilds, three other guilds had also arrived, but they were fewer in number. Even though they were elites from the big guilds, when they saw the troops of the other guilds, they didn’t dare to make any rash movements. They were all hiding in different places, where others wouldn’t notice, and waiting for more troops to gather.    

Those three guilds were in an intense battle. Ye Xiu and the four guild troops were fairly close to the battle, but no one had time to pay attention to them. Ye Xiu was still observing the situation, but the other four guilds were in a hurry to act. They were afraid that, if they waited any longer, the boss would be killed.    

“Okay. Let’s make arrangements.” Ye Xiu watched for a bit, before finally saying something. The four guild leaders immediately listened attentively.  

The four guild leaders heard the arrangements. Yue Ziqin, White Stream, and Martial Awareness lead their guild’s troops and separated. Ye Xiu’s group joined up with Loulan Slash. They would be the main attackers in this battle.

“Charge!” Ye Xiu didn’t have too many words to his troops. They would first join the battle, before doing anything else.


Loulan Slash shouted and took the lead. Homeward Bound, Ocean Ahead, Night Tide, and Thousand Falling Leaves followed behind him. They were in a team together. Any fight together was an opportunity for them to practice their coordination with each other.   

How could no one respond to their arrival? Howling Heights currently held the advantage. They were naturally afraid that Cheng Yaojin would suddenly come out, while they were attacking the boss. The scouts dispatched by West Riding Wind obviously noticed the incoming attackers. Now that the four guilds had finally arrived, West Riding Wind and Zhao Yuzhe began paying more attention to this side.

“Lord Grim….. It seems like he didn’t come…..” West Riding Wind carefully observed the incoming attackers. He didn’t see anyone with that name though.

“He didn’t come?” Zhao Yuzhe was disappointed. 

“Over there! Heavenly Justice’s, Loulan Slash! He’ll be joining the Pro Alliance next season.” West Riding Wind pointed out Loulan Slash.

“Really? Then I’ll go over and teach them a lesson!” Zhao Yuzhe spoke as his Hazy Scene casually walked over.

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