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Chapter 697 - Best Rookie


It was a low-leveled Elementalist skill. Jiang You didn’t put it into his eyes. He simply stepped to the side and dodged it while counterattacking. Then, he saw that Haze Scene had leapt down from the stone pillar.

I’ll still fight you even if you’ve jumped down!

Jiang You didn’t hesitate. He finished casting a spell and aimed at Hazy Scene. Suddenly, he heard a boom. A pillar of fire erupted into the sky. Elementalist skill: Raging Flames.

The spell didn’t hit Jiang You’s Wandering Peak, so he didn’t need to dodge it. However, this Raging Flames caused him to lose sight of his target. When the pillar of fire erupted, Hazy Scene was enveloped in it. Not even a shred of his equipment could be seen. Jiang You was originally about to click on his target, but he suddenly didn’t know where to click.

Hazy Scene couldn’t have just disappeared though. Jiang You relied on his experience to guess his general location and cast his spell. 

Elementalist skill: Piercing Lightning!

A flash of lightning shot out from the tip of Wandering Peak’s staff. The lightning crackled as it moved in a straight line, piercing through the pillar of fire and hitting the stone pillar on the other side of it.

It didn’t hit!

Jiang You thought to himself. He suddenly felt like something strange was going on around him. The air surrounding Wandering Peak seemed to be emitting tiny sparks as if lightning had passed through. The ground below him was becoming darker and darker. His view was becoming hazier too, as if he were in a steam cooker.


How could the experienced Jiang You not know what was going on? He immediately tried to cast Teleport, but…...

It didn’t work!

All of Wandering Peak’s skill icons turned completely gray. Below his character’s health and mana bar, a debuff symbol appeared.  

Elementalist Darkness skill: Magic Prison.

No spells could be cast within the range of the prison. The prisoner wouldn’t be able to use any spells for 4 seconds. 

4 seconds sounded short, but Jiang You knew that, let alone 4 seconds, 1 second was more than enough.

Lightning and fire instantly enveloped Wandering Peak.

Elementalist skill: Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire. Jiang You could see the signs of this spell being cast, but he wasn’t able to dodge it because the other side had countermeasures set up to stop him. Magic Prison completely silenced his spells. Using his two legs to run out of Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire’s range  was impossible.

Under the barrage of lightning and fire, Jiang You could see the fire pillar from the Raging Flames begin to disappear. Hazy Scene stood on the ground with his staff pointed towards him.

An expert! An incredible expert!

Jiang You had the eyes to see that, even more so for someone with the same class as him. His opponent had been able to complete two spells during the short animation time that it taken to jump down from the pillar.  

Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire, Magic Prison…...

No, three spells! There was Raging Flames too!

Casting while in the air wasn’t anything new. As long as one had Mobile Cast activated, any spell could be cast while moving. The problem was that it only took the blink of an eye to jump down from that height. Let alone being able to cast three spells, Jiang You was certain that he wouldn’t have even been able to cast two before landing.

For someone to be able to do something far surpassing his abilities, what type of expert was this?

Jiang You only had one answer: a pro player.

As a Club guild leader, he obviously knew that during the competitive scene’s summer break, pro players would sometimes hop into the game, perhaps to help the guild or perhaps to pass the time. If a pro player came out, how could he not participate in something as important as snatching wild bosses?

A pro player from Team Wind Howl?

Which pro player in Team Wind Howl used an Elementalist?  

In the blink of an eye, he recalled a name: Zhao Yuzhe.

This very season eight’s Best Rookie: Team Wind Howl’s Zhao Yuzhe. His character was called Beautiful Light. Wasn’t that also an Elementalist?

Jiang You himself was an Elementalist, so he paid more attention to pro players of the same class, even if they weren’t from Team Tyranny. As a result, he was instantly able to guess his opponent’s identity.

Jiang You’s heart fell. He hadn’t expected Howling Heights to have a pro player participate. If a pro player came, the guild would obviously provide an account for him to use. The character would be wearing a complete set of Orange equipment too.

Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire was something Jiang You couldn’t dodge. His opponent didn’t show any mercy and cast several spells consecutively. By the time Heavenly Lightning dissipated, Jiang You was basically dead. Jiang You had previously attacked Misty Castle from the front lines, so the other side knew his identity and would obviously place great importance on him. Wandering Peak hadn’t been at full health at the start of the fight either. Now a pro player was specially taking care of him.


The instant Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire dissipated, Jiang You was about to escape by using Teleport to hide among his people. Before he could even cast his spell, his character could only complete a turn when lightning struck Wandering Peak from behind, piercing through his chest.

“F*ck……” Jiang You cursed. Wandering Peak’s health fell to zero. He died from his opponent’s Piercing Lightning, the very same skill that Jiang You had initially used to counter attack.

“Hmph…..” When Wandering Peak fell, Hazy Scene didn’t even glance at him as he coldly humphed and headed towards a different location.

Jiang You didn’t guess wrong. The player controlling Hazy Scene was from Team Wind Howl and season eight’s Best Rookie, Zhou Yuzhe.

The selection for season eight’s Best Rookie wasn’t as easy as season seven. In season seven, the Best Rookie was given to Sun Xiang, who also became a God that season. Every other rookie that year knelt before him. Sun Xiang had even been a candidate for that year’s MVP. However, the MVP award wasn’t given just based on his own record, but the team’s performance as well. Sun Xiang had been on Team Conquering Clouds, a relatively weak team. They didn’t even make it to the playoffs. How could he be qualified to be that season’s MVP? However, for the Best Rookie award, even a blind person would have given it to Sun Xiang.

But for season eight, Zhao Yuzhe had to win it over two other candidates. It wasn’t by a large margin either.

Zhao Yuzhe didn’t think about that though. To be able to win the award was enough to prove that he was an outstanding player for his first year in the competitive scene. Zhao Yuzhe was very excited to be able to win this award because it gave him a lot of confidence. He felt like his position on the team would certainly improve. Team Wind Howl’s current situation also gave him a lot of confidence for his future.

Team Wind Howl’s original ace player and captain, Lin Jingyan’s ability was declining due to age. In the All Star Weekend, he was defeated by Tang Hao and his popularity fell by quite a lot. Even his own team’s respect towards him worsened. Zhao Yuzhe only gave his captain respect on the surface, but in his heart, he never accepted it.

As for the other All Star on his team, Fang Rui, his skill level wasn’t low. His character Doubtful Demon was praised as the Number One Thief in all of Glory. However, the problem was that Fang Rui was the representative for all those who played dirty. Besides playing dirty, he knew of no other way to play. Support for playing dirty was very one-sided. There were a lot of supporters, but there were even more haters too. Putting this kind of player as an ace player meant that the team would gain, but also lose a significant number of fans.

Winning fans in this way wasn’t bad for new teams, but Team Wind Howl was a fairly strong and popular team, so dancing on the edge of a knife like that was too risky. As a result, Fang Rui’s playstyle prevented him from becoming an ace player.

Then who would be given the title of ace player in Team Wind Howl?

Selecting the Best Rookie was one option.

After being chosen as Best Rookie, Zhao Yuzhe imagined all sorts of things. He even dreamed that his team would buy him the number one Elementalist character, Windy Rain. He even thought that it was very likely. It was already widely known that Team Hundred Blossoms had purchased the number one Brawler Three Hits for Tang Hao. Why wouldn’t his team spend the money to buy him Windy Rain?

Zhao Yuzhe was excited from his own imaginations. He thought of his future as limitless. He gave up his vacation and ran over to the game to help his team improve. He already thought of himself as the team’s ace player. When there weren’t any matches, he should run to the game and contribute.

While the team buying Windy Rain for him was a bit excessive, Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t overstepping his bounds. Lin Jingyan was old. Fang Rui wasn’t suitable to become their ace player and pillar. Teams with someone who won Best Rookie would raise the Best Rookie to become their ace players. This line of thinking was completely reasonable. Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t the only person thinking about it. Others agreed too.

Such as the guild leader West Riding Wind. When Zhao Yuzhe ran over to the game to help him, he regarded him as the future ace player of Team Wind Howl. This made Zhao Yuzhe extremely comfortable. He took the character and equipment provided by West Riding Wind and helped the team snatch a boss.

As a result, he met Tyrannical Ambition in his first battle.

Zhao Yuzhe treated West Riding Wind’s introduction of Tyrannical Ambition’s strength with disdain. So what? Tyrannical Ambition’s elite group were just experts at a game level. Even if they were elites, how good could they be? To catch a band of thieves, first catch the leader. After killing off the other side’s leader, what were they going to do afterwards?

Thus, Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene stood up high. He was provoking the other side, so he could kill off their leader in one go and lower the other side’s morale.

He clearly succeeded. As soon as Jiang You and him faced off, Jiang You was killed. Zhao Yuzhe became even more delighted at his achievements. How could anything in the game be difficult for the Best Rookie and the future ace player of Team Wind Howl?

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