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Chapter 557 - The Arrogant Youth Whose Face Was Slapped

After being hit by another strong attack, Aldton twisted its neck furiously. Dragon breath continued to spew out like water from a hose. The ashen dragon breath swept past the dumbfounded team of players and headed straight for Unrivaled Super Hottie.

A shadow swiftly dashed out. It was Unrivaled Super Hottie.

He was running away from the dragon breath in a clockwise direction.

As a result, the others looked like they were watching a scene from an action movie. The ashen dragon breath chased close behind him. Four steps, three steps, two steps away….. It was about to swallow Unrivaled Super Hottie, but at this moment, the dragon breath faded away and Unrivaled Super Hottie came out safe and sound.

“D*MN!!” Everyone else shouted.

Before this, they had been crying in despair at Aldton’s dragon breath.

This time, they were crying out in joy, seeing Unrivaled Super Hottie escaping from the dragon’s breath in such a manner.

“He really is unrivaled!!” Someone remarked.


“What a hottie!!”

Everyone was praising him, completely stunned by Unrivaled Super Hottie’s performance.

Then, they heard Unrivaled Super Hottie yell: “Heal.”

“Oh!” Clove hastily responded and healed him. After the Sacrificial Roar, the boss cleansed itself from the forced taunt, but it was still attacking Unrivaled Super Hottie. Sacrificial Roar clearly had a huge aggro value, so Aldton’s aggro was now on Unrivaled Super Hottie.

Bang bang bang bang!

After a few quick attacks, Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted out again: “Attack!”

The DPS classes replied and quickly rushed forward.

Crispy Bean felt like he had been forgotten…...

No, he hadn’t been completely forgotten. When the others rushed forward, some of them were whispering to each other about him.

The Berserker actually said if Crispy Bean had run like Unrivaled Super Hottie, wouldn’t the problem have been resolved faster?


Crispy Bean really wanted to curse the Berserker “Are you an idiot? I was in the air at that time. Do you think I can just grow wings and fly around?”

Crispy Bean didn’t say it though because he knew that was just an excuse. At that moment, even if he had landed on the ground steadily, there was no way he had that sort of awareness. Even if he had that sort of awareness, it didn’t mean that he could react in such a manner. Even if he were able to react in that manner, it didn’t mean that he would be able to perform such precise moves.

He hadn’t been on the ground, but in the air. During his moment of panic, he had even forgotten to Quick Recover and crashed to the ground. How many of them had laughed at him?   

Why couldn’t he do it?

Crispy Bean ground his teeth. His heart was filled with envy and resentment.

Because he had been sent flying far away, Sacrificial Roar wouldn’t be enough to consolidate the aggro. Right now, the aggro had been completely locked onto Unrivaled Super Hottie. However, how could he give up? 

Definitely not!

Crispy Bean thought. He chased after the DPS classes and also attacked.

Crispy Bean relentlessly used strong damage skills and aggro skills. However, Aldton refused to turn its head. Crispy Bean’s heart trembled. His gaze had already paused on a few skills several times already.



Knight’s Spirit. He could use all of these skills too! In addition, if he used them, the skills would be effective. The bone dragon would be forced to attack him for a few seconds.

However, with the aggro already stabilized, if he suddenly used these skills, it wouldn’t be any different than the aggro being dragged from the tank. The others would definitely scorn him.

As a tank, Crispy Bean hated tank-related accidents. If he intentionally caused one, he would be violating the respect he had for his class. As a result, he decided not to use these two skills. Using such methods and using attacks in order to take back the aggro were very different.

With his equipment, he didn’t need to use Provoke or Roar to gain back the aggro.

Crispy Bean’s superior equipment became his pride. He continued to attack Aldon. This time, he was completely prepared and picked a good position. If the aggro returned to him, it wouldn’t matter what attack the Bone Dragon used. None of them would be able to send him flying away.

Come back! Come back! Come back!

Crispy Bean roared. He obviously wouldn’t let Unrivaled Super Hottie tell him to stop outputting damage, otherwise he would lose face.

He could only do his best and hope all the way until Bone Dragon Aldton fell.

What? It died? Just like that?

Crispy Bean couldn’t believe it. It only took that much time? How much health did Aldton have? Why wasn’t it fighting properly? He hadn’t gotten the aggro back, so why did it fall?

He hadn’t accumulated enough aggro. Crispy Bean could only flip open the damage charts.

He had actually dropped down to number two.

What type of joke was this!!

Even though he had initially been prioritizing establishing aggro, Unrivaled Super Hottie had switched out his Dragon Guardian Axe and had to balance between putting out damage and establishing aggro. How did he lose in terms of damage?

Crispy Bean couldn’t believe what was going on. Seeing how happy the other team members were, including Clove, Crispy Bean couldn’t help but feel like he really had been abandoned.    

“Leader, what’d we get?” The team wanted to know what the boss had dropped.

“It’s something someone in our team can use. Guess!” Clove began to tease the others.

“Is it a weapon?” Someone asked.  

“Yes.” Clove replied.

“Wow, what luck! This isn’t an abyss. It’s a weapon storage!” Someone joked.

Everyone laughed.

“Leader, stop playing with us. Hurry up and show us the weapon!”

Clove stopped dawdling and let everyone see the weapon in the chat. It was a Striker glove. Amidst everyone else’s envious gaze, the glove was given to the Striker.

The atmosphere was very warm.   

“Shall we continue?” Clove asked. In the Heavenly Domain, dungeons had a run limit. Bone Dragon Abyss could only be run twice a day.

“Continue! Continue!!” Everyone shouted.

“I have something that came up. I won’t be able to continue.” Crispy Bean suddenly spoke up.

“Okay. Good luck!” Clove didn’t try and stop him. After seeing Unrivaled Super Hottie’s performance, she didn’t feel like Crispy Bean was necessary. Of course, she had good intentions too. For someone at Crispy Bean’s level, this dungeon was a waste of time, so Clove didn’t want to trouble Crispy Bean. As for the mistake at the final boss, Clove didn’t have too many thoughts about it. Everyone made mistakes, no? At crucial moments, the off tank often made up for it.

Crispy Bean didn’t think such simple thoughts though. His arrogance made him unable to accept what had happened. Clove not stopping him suddenly made him feel very unhappy.

Without saying anything more, Crispy Bean left the team and directly left without saying goodbye to anyone. Clove was busy attending to the team, when she suddenly received a message from her guild leader. Senior Exterminate the Heavens: “Crispy Bean says he wants to leave the guild. What happened?”

“What?” Clove was at a loss.

“Didn’t he come help you clear the dungeon?” Senior Exterminate the Heavens asked.


“Did something go wrong?” Senior Exterminate the Heavens questioned.

“Nothing went wrong!” Clove was confused. In the eyes of normal players, the run had gone very smoothly, apart from the minor slip-up at the final boss. It wasn’t like anyone died, no?

“Did he get into an argument with anyone?” Senior Exterminate the Heavens asked.

“What did he say to you?” Clove asked back. If that were the reason, then it might be because of Unrivaled Super Hottie. In the beginning, Clove could also tell that Crispy Bean didn’t like him, but she didn’t think he had such a big problem with him. Then again, in the beginning, he had said Unrivaled Super Hottie was a leech, but after playing seriously, he became number in on the damage charts. Crispy Bean had looked down on him as a tank, but Unrivaled Super Hottie later showed incredible skill as a tank. There shouldn’t have been any problems! Clove thought from a bystander’s perspective. She hadn’t thought about it from Crispy Bean’s perspective. Unrivaled Super Hottie took number one on the damage charts and then displayed incredible skill at a crucial moment, which made him feel like he couldn’t show his face.

This was a story of an arrogant youth being slapped in the face.

“I asked what was wrong, but he said he didn’t want to say it.” Senior Exterminate the Heavens sent a helpless reply. A normal guild member didn’t matter, but a tank was different, especially the guild’s chief tank. He was a huge pillar for the guild.

“I’ll ask him.” Clove didn’t feel happy about Crispy Bean’s weird attitude. She was quite close with Crispy Bean too, so she asked directly: “I heard you want to leave the guild? What’s wrong?”

“It has nothing to do with you, so don’t ask.” Crispy Bean replied quickly.

“Everything was good before, but after running a dungeon with me, you want to leave the guild? How does this not have something to do with me?” Clove asked.

Crispy Bean didn’t reply. 

“Is it because of Unrivaled Super Hottie?” Clove asked. Even though she didn’t understood Crispy Bean’s thinking, Unrivaled Super Hottie was the most likely reason behind it.

“Yeah…..” Crispy Bean admitted. 

“Why?” Clove didn’t understand.

“No reason. I don’t want to be in the same guild as him.” Crispy Bean couldn’t say the truth.

“What’s wrong with you!” Clove wasn’t happy, but was also too lazy to deal with Crispy Bean. She had found the reason, so she told Senior Exterminate the Heavens.

“Because of that? What exactly happened in the dungeon?” Senior Exterminate the Heavens asked.

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