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Chapter 558 - Test

Clove was an honest person. She described everything that had happened between Crispy Bean and Unrivaled Super Hottie without adding in any flourishes. Clover couldn’t understand Crispy Bean’s feelings, but Senior Exterminate the Heavens immediately grasped the problem.

Even so, there was nothing he could do.

This issue was clearly a matter of face and wasn’t something that could be solved through logic. Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t done anything wrong. Even if he had, what was he supposed to do? Call him over and make him apologize to Crispy Bean?

This was a game. Face was even more important than one’s life! At worst, everyone separated. No one wanted to lower their heads to someone else. Even if it wasn’t logical, one should still stand up straight and take it. Apologize? For what reason would he need to? Because he was a tank? Face had nothing to do with being a tank.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens thought about it. If he wanted to resolve this problem, he had to figure out a way to get Crispy Bean out of this embarrassing situation. Unrivaled Super Hottie couldn’t get him out. It seemed like it was all up to him.

How depressing……. Senior Exterminate the Heavens was also troubled. Unless he was a famous money warrior or was backed by a Club, a normal guild leader didn’t have much status in the game. If a conflict came about, the guild leader better get busy! If the guild leader succeeded, then it would be worth it. The worse case scenario would be if the conflict didn’t get resolved. The guild leader would have to find outside help, which would really be quite depressing.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens sighed and sent a message to Crispy Bean: “Crispy Bean, we’ve already played together for so long. You plan on leaving the guild, but you didn’t even give us a reason. That’s not right! When the other members of the guild ask why Crispy Bean left, what am I supposed to tell them? You’re our guild’s chief tank.”

Senior Exterminate the Heavens pretended he didn’t know the reason whatsoever. His words suggested three things. First, he played the emotional card, making Crispy Bean recall his fond memories with the guild. Crispy Bean’s reason for leaving was very simple. If he had to reason with Crispy Bean, his only choice would be strike at Unrivaled Super Hottie, but if Unrivaled Super Hottie became dissatisfied with the guild too, the damage would be irreversible. Right now, it was only because he was unhappy with Unrivaled Super Hottie. As long as his feelings didn’t intensify, Crispy Bean would certainly feel reluctant if he left his guild and his friends in the guild.

The second thing was to tell Crispy Bean about his own problems. This would give Crispy Bean a way out. Crispy Bean was hesitating, but he could excuse himself by saying it was to help him. 

As for the third thing, it pointed out Crispy Bean’s status. Senior Exterminate the Heavens completely saw through Crispy Bean’s reason, so he emphasized his status  to appeal to him.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens was quite skilled. He wasn’t an ordinary person. On the surface, he was a normal guild leader, but in reality, he was one of Tyrannical Ambition’s core members. He was handling Club matters by expanding their power. In other words, he was on the same level as the tenth server;s Cold Night, an experienced and trusted core member. The only difference was that his relationship with Tyrannical Ambition couldn’t be exposed to the public. He could only protect Tyrannical Ambition’s interests in secret.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens placed great value on an MT, especially one like Crispy Bean. The core of a team couldn’t only have good technical skills. The core had to be reliable. Tanks would usually be trained by the guild and would be treated well. If you just reaped the benefits and then slapped your butt as you left, how sad would that be?

From this point, Crisp Bean being the chief tank was already a form of recognition. Senior Exterminate the Heavens was trying his best to mediate, but if worst came to worst, Crispy Bean would be his first priority.

After Senior Exterminate the Heavens sent his message, Crispy Bean didn’t reply for a long time. Senior Exterminate the Heavens had already reminded Clove not to interfere.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens understood Clove’s personality. If Clove tried to resolve this situation, she would definitely tell Crispy Bean that he was causing unnecessary trouble. This would clearly push Crispy Bean away from the guild, so he told Clove not to reveal the truth. Senior Exterminate the Heavens immediately told Clove to continue playing, while he dealt with the matter.


Senior Exterminate the Heavens patiently waited for Crispy Bean to reply, but at the same time, he saw Clove asking repeatedly in the guild chat if anyone wanted to go to Bone Abyss, but there was no reply from anyone. Senior Exterminate the Heavens suddenly had a thought and messaged Clove: “I’ll go with you guys!”

“Huh? You’re going?” Clove was surprised.  

“Isn’t that Knight really good? I want to see for myself.” Senior Exterminate the Heavens said.

“Lower your damage output!” Clove replied.  

“Of course.” Senior Exterminate the Heavens said before running over to Bone Dragon Abyss.

The nine players in the team waited and waited until the guild leader arrived. The team was naturally very surprised. Even though normal guild leaders weren’t celebrities or anything, they still had a higher status than a tank. The team members saw that today. The chief tank came to play with them in such a weak dungeon and now the guild leader personally joined them. They suddenly felt like the guild’s future looked very disastrous.

‘If everyone’s here, shall we begin?” Senior Exterminate the Heavens greeted everyone and then laughed. 

“Let’s go.” Clove instructed. Even though the guild leader had come, she still led the team.

The team entered the dungeon and began fighting. This time, the tank was naturally Unrivaled Super Hottie. Senior Exterminate the Heavens didn’t care about the others and paid attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie’s skill.

A tank’s proficiency could be seen through the tank’s ability to pull monsters, but to truly see a tank’s skill required the situation to be messy. The messier the situation was, the more a tank’s ability to control the field would be displayed. 

As a result, Senior Exterminate the Heavens planned on making mistakes from time to time. For example, he would “accidentally” pull too many monsters! And then an “accidental” mistake to cause the monster’s aggro to go off the tank! These types of mistakes happened often anyways.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens had an excuse ready for his mistakes.

He hadn’t played the dungeon in a long time, so he forgot how many monsters he should be pulling. He pulled the aggro off the tank because his equipment was too amazing. His excuses were fairly reasonable.

With his plan prepared, Senior Exterminate the Heavens immediately put it into action.  

“Ah, my bad! I haven’t been here in a long time, did they change the dungeon? There didn’t use to be so monsters on this side!” Senior Exterminate the Heavens cried as he brought a bunch of monsters with him. 

The other team members saw this scene, but he was the guild leader. What could they say? Hurry up and save him!

Unrivaled Super Hottie was the most calm though. He directly ignored the guild leader’s three monsters, allowing the monsters to attack the guild leader. All he said was: “Attack those three. Guild leader, hang on.”

The implication: you become a tank for now!

It wasn’t logical according to common sense, especially because the team only had one Cleric. However, Senior Exterminate the Heavens had good equipment, better than even Crispy Bean. Even though his defense couldn’t compare to Crispy Bean’s, if his equipment far surpassed the dungeon minimum requirement, then who cared? Damage was more important. 

Senior Exterminate the Heaven’s health dropped fairly quickly, but the health of the monsters dropped even quicker. In the end, he hung on, while the three monsters all died. Unrivaled Super Hottie had only given them a glance to show his concern.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens was depressed. He was too strong. The monsters he pulled along could be killed with him acting as a tank. If he pulled along any more monsters and even he couldn’t deal with them, then Unrivaled Super Hottie wouldn’t be able to either.

It seemed like this method wouldn’t work. Too few monsters and Unrivaled Super Hottie would have him take the role of a tank. Too many monsters and….. Everyone would die. What was the point then?

If that didn’t work, then on to the second method. 

Senior Exterminate the Heavens was a Striker, a pure DPS class, so he began attacking like crazy, but despite his efforts, no accident came about! 

Why was it so difficult to cause an accident? Senior Exterminate the Heavens persevered and continued to try and cause an accident, but before he could do so, the boss fell. Senior Exterminate the Heavens dominated the damage charts, but no accident occurred.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens didn’t need to test anymore though. If no accident occurred, it could only mean one thing. Even under his brainless attacking, the tank was maintaining a stable aggro. This Unrivaled Super Hottie had even better skills than Crispy Bean. 

“What do you think? Isn’t he pretty good?” After the dungeon ended, Clove messaged Senior Exterminate the Heavens. Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t made any mistakes in the dungeon run. He had done everything an outstanding tank needed to do.

“Quite impressive!” Senior Exterminate the Heavens nodded his head. This Unrivaled Super Hottie had surpassed his expectations. No wonder Crispy Bean felt pressured. If this person developed, he would certainly take Crispy Bean’s position.

Under normal circumstances, he would be extremely happy having such an outstanding player join the guild, but this time, the newly added player had a conflict with the chief tank of his guild. This wasn’t an easy situation easy to deal with. Crispy Bean had replied to him during the dungeon run. Senior Exterminate the Heaven’s words had failed. Crispy Bean had a deep opinion on Unrivaled Super Hottie. It’s either me or him.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens had already made up his mind long ago, but after witnessing Unrivaled Super Hottie’s strength, Senior Exterminate the Heavens felt a little hurt to be losing such a talent. From his guild’s perspective, this person couldn’t be kept, but as a branch of Tyrannical Ambition, it wouldn’t be hard to make arrangements for him.

Senior Exterminate the Heavens quickly contacted Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader, Jiang You and told him of this incredible Knight that had just joined the guild. However, because of a conflict with one of his players, he couldn’t keep him in the guild, so he wanted to see if Jiang You could bring him over to another guild.

“Something like that happened? I’ll make arrangements! What’s his name?” Jiang You asked. If Senior Exterminate the Heavens couldn’t bear to abandon such a talent, then Jiang You wouldn’t either.

“Unrivaled Super Hottie.” Senior Exterminate the Heavens replied.

“This name…… how arrogant!” Jiang You said.

“It really is arrogant, but he has the skills to back it up. I just dungeoned with him. His control over aggro is incredible. I intentionally tried to cause accidents to see his skill, but I couldn’t even do that. My equipment is far better than his too.”

“That good? I’ll hurry and make arrangements.” Jiang You was moved.

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