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Chapter 548 - Unrivalled Super Hottie 

“Why do you need a Knight account?”

Wei Chen asked through QQ. Chen Guo, who was sitting beside him, also asked.

Ye Xiu laughed, typing and saying the same thing, “To be a tank!”

“You don't say!”

Wei Chen replied as he sent a “rolling his eyes” emoji. Chen Guo, who was beside him, demonstrated a real life eye roll while repeating the exact same words.

“So what are you planning on doing?” Chen Guo asked again.

“I’ll join a guild and play as a tank.” Ye Xiu said.

“Did you mean to say that you’re also going to be a spy?”

“Pretty much!” Ye Xiu’s reply wasn’t too clear. It looked his role couldn’t just be described as being a spy.

Chen Guo didn’t fully understand what Ye Xiu meant, but she didn’t ask any further. Ye Xiu was still playing on Lord Grim. He was very close to Level 55 and reached Level 55 that afternoon, finally passing the level 50-55 stage, the most difficult stage he would face as an unspecialized character. 

“You’ve finally reached Level 55!” Chen Guo felt the barrier had now been passed.

“You’re right, I’m finally level 55. I can start running dungeons to level up from now on. Leveling through dungeons is a lot easier.” Ye Xiu sighed. Chen Guo didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The difference between dungeoning and leveling areas was that you gained more experience through dungeon runs, but you could never say that it was easier. How hard was a dungeon? If you died carelessly a few times, you might lose even more experience than you would gain! However, Ye Xiu was a freak. He was the most hated player in the eyes of the big guilds and had to play cautiously while leveling in leveling areas. He had to leave every time he saw a random stranger. Inside a dungeon, it really would be a lot easier for him than in leveling area.

“You said just yesterday that Loulan Slash isn’t afraid to oppose the other big guilds, but I don’t think you were ever afraid of them in the first place! I’ve never seen you try to maintain a good relationship with them.” Chen Guo said. Ye Xiu smiled and replied in a bitter tone, “I don’t have a choice. I don't have much time.  I can only take the risky path. High-risk high-reward. Other than that, what can I do to create a whole new team? Our aim isn’t to pass the seeding tournament, but to be a threat to the other teams.”

“I see!” Chen Guo understood, “Let me bring you through a dungeon!”  Right after she said this, Ye Xiu logged out of Lord Grim.

“Since I’m already level 55, leveling isn’t priority anymore.” Ye Xiu smiled. Actually Wei Chen’s long year of research about earning extra skill points was now his priority. Along with that research, managing his account became a lot easier, so Ye Xiu had more time to do other things now.

Ye Xiu pulled out the Knight account card, after he logged out from Lord 

Grim. Logging into the game, he turned his head and asked Chen Guo, “ Do you have any money?”

“Yes? How much do you need?” Chen Guo reached for her purse immediately.

“I meant in-game money……” Ye Xiu was speechless.

“Oh? Game money, Chasing Haze has about 10,000 gold!” Chen Guo said.

In Glory, 100 or 200 gold coins wasn’t considered rich. 1000 to 2000 would be the starting point and was the amount most players had. 10,000 gold coins was the border between being rich or not rich. Chen Guo used to a member of a Club guild, so she could be considered as a high end player. 10,000 gold coins was a healthy amount of money.

“Give me everything, I’m going to buy some equipment.” Ye Xiu logged into his brand new Knight account. All the accounts that Ye Xiu had won last time had been checked by himself and Chen Guo. They were almost all completely empty accounts. Even if they had equipment, they were at best green mission equipments. Speaking of which, Ma Chengyi not giving them normal server accounts was already considered not being cheap. The difference between level 70 characters in normal servers and the Heavenly Domain was huge. Ma Chengyi’s 24 accounts were all blank, but at least they were Heavenly Domain accounts.

This knight account had 4160 skill points, which was a very common amount. The few items he had equipped were all green recycle equipment. After a short scan, the stats for this character hadn’t been completed either. Apparently, it had yet to finish all the missions that gave stat books. It would be really hard to figure out which quests were missing unless the previous owner was playing. Ye Xiu didn't care about these 5 or 10 extra stat points. It was the previous owner’s ID that truly showed how extraordinary he was.

Unrivaled Super Hottie was its name, extraordinarily not low key.

Ye Xiu couldn’t be bothered by the incomplete stats, however this badass name made him a little uncomfortable deep inside. Ye Xiu had long since passed the age where one would tell others how good looking he was with his ID.

“Come and get your money…..” Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu controlling Unrivaled Super Hottie, causing her to laugh inaudibly, then logged into Chasing Haze to give Ye Xiu the money.

Chasing Haze had 13251 gold coins. She gave Unrivaled Super Hottie 13000 gold coins, keeping the remaining 251. 

Ye Xiu was thinking as he walked to the trading center and in a very short while, he walked out in new clothes. Chen Guo quickly ran over because she wanted to know how a pro player would choose equipment for a tank. 

She was shocked the moment she leaned forward.

“Click on them so I can see!” Chen Guo said in disbelief.

Ye Xiu opened Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipment panel, showing them off one by one to Chen Guo. While saying, “There is still 8000 coins left, you can have them back.”

“You……. Why are you saving so much money? Go get better items.” Chen Guo said. All the equipment that Ye Xiu bought were blue. Who in Heavenly Domain didn’t had a few purple equipment, even if they didn't have any orange ones? Especially for tanks, in a stable team, it was always the first character that was invested in. A purple weapon and purple shield were the bare minimum. Turned out that Ye Xiu gave Unrivalled Super Hottie a very random blue weapon and shield.

To be honest, a tank's job was probably the most important and a tank’s equipment wasn’t expensive. Because playing as a tank was a harsh job and the difficulty was high, ordinary players either misplayed the class or were too lazy to bother. It lead to a small amount of tank players. The fewer players, the less demand and the price wouldn't go up. With 13000 gold coins, players could barely afford a luxury weapon, but if you wanted to get a set of blue defensive equipment, a purple weapon and shield, it was more than possible.

“It’s all right.” Ye Xiu smiled and continue sending a trade request. 

“Just keep the money, there’s no meaning in giving it back to me.” Chen Guo waved her hand and rejected.

It was only a few thousand gold coins, so Ye Xiu clearly didn't really put it to mind. Chen Guo didn't want it back, so he just kept it. He then switched to QQ and messaged Loulan Slash.

“Your recent move was very well played!” Ye Xiu started the conversation.

“Haha, I just happened to get the chance.”  Loulan Slash was pretty satisfied with his move. 

“Seeing how aggressive you were, are you sufficiently prepared?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“It’s going so-so!” Loulan Slash replied.

“The reason I wanted to message you is to ask for some information.” Ye Xiu said. 

“What’s up?” Loulan Slash asked.

“Do you know which sub guilds belong to Tyrannical Ambition?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“God, you don't know ?” Loulan Slash was surprised.

“It’s because I am a God that I don't know.” Ye Xiu said.

“I see…” Loulan Slash suddenly realized the reason. Ye Xiu was at the very top. Low tier jobs, like guild management, wasn’t something he was informed about. 

“Let me check.” Loulan Slash had clearly been preparing for a long time. From the guild to the prol team, the had both carefully been planned out. For their future opponents, they were also investigated from the guilds to their pro teams.

“There are a lot of sub guilds in each large guild. Some are very obvious and others are more hidden. You want information about Tyrannical Ambition, right? I’ll send you a copy after I compile a list!” Loulan Slash didn't hide their grasp of the situation. 

Although Ye Xiu hadn’t given them any material assistance, but he had helped give them a lot of mental guidance. In particular, he allowed them to see their true position. This alone had greatly helped their chances of survival in the pro scene.  If they really thought that they could win the championships like they had in the old days, they would be packing up as soon as they entered. 


Ye Xiu received the document that Loulan Slash sent him shortly after. According to the document, Tyrannical Ambition had 27 branch guilds. Of these 27 branch guilds, 5 were publicly known, 7 of them were hidden and only Loulan Slash knew about them. The other 15 were marked with question marks, indicating that they were still unconfirmed.

Ye Xiu took a look and it was similar to what he had predicted. Although he did not know the exact situation of Tyrannical Ambition, as the former leader of 

Excellent Dynasty, a lot of information would flow towards him, even if he didn’t want to know. Tyrannical Ambition and Excellent Dynasty were both old school guilds, so the difference shouldn’t be that huge. Loulan Slash had dug out 27 of them, but he also knew that his list might not be complete.

The reason they hid them was not to hide their overall power. In fact, the real power of each guild could still be directly seen from their main guild. The members of branch guilds were players that might not necessarily fans of Tyrannical Ambition, but the guild was definitely secretly supporting or directly controlled by Tyrannical Ambition. They hoped to expand their control over resources and information through this method. Keeping them a secret was to prevent competitors from causing problems,

And for those guilds that everyone knew, it was the same as the main guild, full of fans. Even if you weren’t one, you had to pretend to be one in order to acquire the benefits.

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