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Chapter 547 - The Wealthy are Aggressive and Powerful

The spawn camp on Lord Grim operation had failed again. Windward Formation and his group of people were still employing guerilla warfare tactics. As these guerillas fought, they became weaker and weaker. Two teams wasn’t considered a lot, but it still surpassed the number of players on a standard team. Their tactics were dirty and nimble too, making the big guilds unbelievable annoyed, but what happened next threw Wei Chen’s little annoyance into the back of their minds.

The post, which the guilds had nervously hoped wouldn’t come, finally appeared.  

Heavenly Justice! 

This guild had already been officially announced as the guild for the new incoming team and used their identity as a Club to make a statement. For the business structured Club guilds, this action was highly looked down upon. Heavenly Justice declared that they would always put their players first. They definitely wouldn’t be like other Clubs, who prioritized their business and treated their own guild members like slaves.

This statement made the large guilds go crazy. Slaves?! Didn’t we already give a clear explanation? Which guild dared to treat their supporters like slaves? The guilds really obtained a lot of goods and materials from their guild members, but it wasn’t like they completely took it all for themselves! The guilds had a solid guild storage system. Everyone donated items on their own volition and gained corresponding contribution points. The higher the contribution points, the greater the benefits they would receive. This was clearly a win-win situation for both sides. How could this be called slave labor?

But before the guilds could respond, someone posted the guild storage systems of each of the top guilds and analyzed them. The poster picked out a random second-rate Orange equipment from one of the guilds. In order to obtain an equipment of this grade, the player required 15,000 guild contribution points. In order to get 15,000 contribution points and, excluding the points earned from doing daily tasks, according to the guild’s set-up, the amount of items required to be donated would be equivalent to around 30,000 gold coins. 

“30,000 gold coins is enough to buy several second-grade Orange equipments. I believe that everyone in the Heavenly Domain should know this.” The poster concluded, “As for the guild, this donation of 30,000 gold coins is theirs to use. In addition, if the equipment traded in is ever lost, there will be a guild contribution penalty. 15,000 guild contribution points can’t get a player a full set of second-rate Orange equipment either. There’s a limit to the number of equipment that can be traded in. For this guild, the limit is four pieces of equipment…….

When the guilds saw this analysis, they went into a frenzy. This analysis made the issue seem very black and white. The other side’s analysis wasn’t wrong, but it neglected a few important points.

Firstly, the other side lightly skipped over the part about compensation from participating in daily activities, but in reality, guilds had a lot of daily tasks and every player who participated in a dungeon run for the guild would receive all sorts of compensation for their work. People who accumulated 15,000 guild contribution points definitely didn’t get all of it through donations.

Secondly, the other side neglected the value of second-rate Orange equipment. How many pieces of second-rate Orange equipment could 30,000 gold coins get? That was hard to say. Even if you had the money, you would have trouble finding even one to buy.    

Thirdly, the penalty for lost equipment and the limitation on the number of equipment. These were completely necessary. If not, spies would rack up the necessary guild contribution points, trade it for equipment, and then have others kill him for the equipment to drop. Without a penalty or limit, the spy could rinse and repeat forever…… how could the guilds allow something so stupid happen? Heavenly Justice’s guild storage system must have some sort of similar system to prevent this from happening too!

Lots of intentionally misleading analyses came out. Before the guilds could refute them, Heavenly Justice floated in and spoke frankly of the discrepancies in these analyses. This type of thing was because of this. For example, the limit on the number of equipment and penalties for losing equipment had to be implemented. However, in comparison, our Heavenly Justice requires less guild contribution points and so on.

The guilds were still writing their refutes, when Heavenly Justice jumped out to do it for them. When they took a closer look, f*ck, the people analyzing never said whether or not they were from Heavenly Justice or not. Before anyone could respond, one of the analysts replied, saying how just Heavenly Justice was. Compared to other Club guilds, their benefits were much better. Heavenly Justice was very mighty.

Soon afterwards, Heavenly Justice quickly replied, showing their humbleness. How can our grassroots team even be compared with those powerful pro teams?

One side gave praise, while the other side replied. The other guilds didn’t even have time to reply. Everyone was coughing blood from anger! The two sides were clearly in cahoots! The guilds had been kicked to the opposite of the people’s side. Heavenly Justice seemed to be the leader of the people.

Grassroots team? Grassroots my ass! Heavenly Justice’s guild leader was a famous money warrior in the game. If it weren’t for his money, how could he evenly compete with the Club guilds? How could people like him even be considered grassroots?

Of course, Heavenly Justice’s guild storage system required less contribution. Their guild storage system couldn’t come close to the top guilds. All of the top guilds knew this to be fact. Because the rewards for wild bosses and dungeon records were completely monopolized by the Club guilds. Money couldn’t buy these rewards. If a guild storage didn’t have good equipment, the guild contribution required would obviously be less. Heavenly Justice failed to mention this point. They enticed players by saying they required less guild contribution points and supported it by posting screenshots of the guild storages of other guilds. 

Every single big guild madly gave their statements.

Giving a detailed explanation of their guild storage system.

Saying how rare and difficult it was to even find second-rate Orange equipment on the market.

Some even pointed their fingers at Heavenly Justice, daring them to post a screenshot of their own guild storages. Your guild storage don’t even have anything in it, so you obviously would require less guild contribution points for the highest tier of items.

Others directly had their spies screenshot Heavenly Justice’s guild storage. Sure enough, the higher tier items couldn’t compare to the big guilds.

However, Heavenly Justice simply laughed, saying we required less guild contribution points, so a lot of our players already have enough points to rent out those items. Right now, those players were wearing the equipment, so of course you can’t see it in the storage. Unlike you guys, who have such high requirements that all of the equipment is left in the storage, unable to be traded away.

For a moment, the forums heated up. Everyone favored Heavenly Justice’s words. Their eyes opened up, unable to take in everything that they witnessed.

Chen Guo once again discovered the war of words while browsing about in boredom. She hastily pulled Ye Xiu over to see. Ye Xiu looked and praised Heavenly Justice’s powerful move.

“Are they going too far?” Chen Guo asked. This time, Heavenly Justice directly challenged all of the Clubs. 

“What’s there to be afraid of? Their previous statement already ridiculed the Clubs. Now, they’re putting themselves and the other Clubs on two different sides. It’s really smart you know. They know that directly stealing fans away from these Clubs is practically impossible. However, by challenging all of the other Clubs, some of the players will certainly waver during this dispute. Even if there weren’t a lot of these players, these players only have one way to go! For the other Clubs, you have so many choices to choose between, but the opposite side only has one Heavenly Justice. With this one move, they made themselves much more popular.”

“But souring their relationship with the other Clubs won’t be good for them, no?” Chen Guo asked.

“Yes, that’s certainly true. But the problem is, think of the other side’s background. You said it before about Loulan Slash. He’s a famous money warrior in Glory. He relied on throwing money at the game in order to compete with these Club guilds and form a pro team. His family background definitely isn’t simple. He has confidence that he can reach the top. Why should he act so timidly in front of them? The wealthy truly are aggressive and powerful!” Ye Xiu sighed.

After saying this, Ye Xiu took a look at the posts and then pointed at some of the content: “Look, something like this isn’t possible for someone like me who’s building a guild from scratch!”

Chen Guo looked. Heavenly Justice made a statement saying that they had a lot of players apply, but because of the player limit in the guild, they decided to create another branch of their guild. The branch’s guild storage would be set up quickly. However, the guild’s level would require the effort of the players.

Chen Guo thought about how it hadn’t been long since Heavenly Justice had announced the creation of their pro team, yet they had already become so popular. On the other hand, their side was faced with numerous difficulties. She couldn’t help but become depressed and hated how powerless she was.

At this moment, Ye Xiu received a message from Wei Chen on QQ. Wei Chen had also seen the war of words on the forums from Heavenly Justice. 

“F*ck, this Heavenly Justice is quite aggressive! This senior has heard about the wealth of their guild leader a long time ago, but I didn’t think he was ambitious enough to create his own team. Speaking of this, didn’t your Lord Grim join them? Don’t tell me this guy is going to be our boss?” Wei Chen asked.

Seeing Wei Chen’s message, Chen Guo couldn’t help but feel ashamed, when she saw Ye Xiu quickly reply: “No, our boss is the woman who you ridiculed the other day!”

“F*ck me, what am I doing here then? I should pack up and seek asylum at Heavenly Justice.”

“You want to go to Heavenly Justice to spy on them? No need for that. Didn’t I say our accounts came from Heavenly Justice?” Ye Xiu replied.

“D*mn, you thought that far ahead and already saw the potential in Heavenly Justice so long ago?” Wei Chen was surprised.

“No, no. It was a pure coincidence.” Ye Xiu said.

“Even if it’s just a coincidence, you still have to be able to seize it. I already know how shameless you are, but speaking of this, I had something I wanted to ask you about. I almost forgot.” After mumbling to himself, he was quickly reminded of something and immediately followed: “Right, about the accounts you gave me, why aren’t there any Knights?”

“Oh, I kept the Knight. I have a use for it. You’ll have to make up for this discrepancy yourself!”

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