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Chapter 539 - Conclusion to the Hunt

Changing Spring laughed coldly. Herb Garden and Tyrannical Ambition had also realized something wasn’t right. The others soon noticed too: not good, not good at all.

“Everyone, haven’t we forgotten something?” Changing Spring asked.

The other guild leaders started to sweat. They obviously forgot something.

The guild leaders immediately exchanged information and regretted not doing this earlier.

There were a surprising number of guild members who hadn’t been dispatched to participate in this hunting game. It was also very clear why these people would be the winners: they had more people.

“Who are these people?” After the guild leaders carefully added them up, they discovered that these people just happened to belong to their five guilds. In addition, they had clearly planned this in advance. They acted in concert with the internal strife between the guilds and killed off all of the deployed hunters in the swamp.

“Hurry up and send back-up. Who still has people left?” Arisaema quickly shouted. All of his hunters had been killed, so he had no information on the situation.

“We still have people.” Jiang You replied. He was just about to send the list of names to his players and tell them to be careful, when the last survivor of his Tyrannical Ambition messaged him in sorrow: dead.

Soon afterwards, the remnants of Misty Castle, Void Walk, and Blossom Valley couldn’t hang on any longer and soon sent reports of their deaths. The hunters dispatched by the five guilds all died. This meant they had lost all hope in finding the Swamp Hunter’s whereabouts. The other side clearly wasn’t going to have the boss stay in one place for them to find it.

“You two are still fighting? The boss has been stolen away!” The guild leaders were depressed. Seeing that Samsara and Excellent Dynasty were still fighting, they didn’t want those two to feel better about themselves. The boss should have belonged to these two. Now that the boss had been stolen, those two guilds should feel extremely bitter, right?

“We’re not fighting for the boss. We fight for justice.” A very normal member of Samsara replied in a cold voice and continued to fight like mad.

“F*ck, Samsara’s crazy! We won’t accompany you!” Excellent Dynasty had originally been incited by Samsara. After hearing Samsara speak, their rationale returned. This fight was pointless. As a result, the guild players began picking up any equipment dropped on the ground and went into a retreating formation.

Samsara had fought a huge battle with Blue Brook Guild and Excellent Dynasty, and naturally suffered heavy losses. If they actually continued to fight, Excellent Dynasty would probably win. However, they didn’t want to continue with such a pointless battle, so they prepared to retreat.

The other guilds hoped the conflict would grow larger. It would be great if Samsara and Excellent Dynasty went to war and splattered the entire Heavenly Domain with dropped equipment. According to convention, such a thing was unlikely to happen, but today Samsara seemed to have gone crazy. Who knew what stupid thing they might do next?

Excellent Dynasty originally had the advantage, but decided to retreat after thinking rationally about it. If Samsara still refused to rest, what would the resulting scene be like?

Full of expectation, the guild leaders almost forgot about the bitterness of losing the  boss. If these two Club guilds actually went to war with each other, then losing the boss would have been worth it.

Today clearly wasn’t their lucky day. Right when they hoped Samsara wouldn’t be reasonable, Samsara suddenly became reasonable again. Seeing Excellent Dynasty’s retreat, they didn’t pursue them and continued to put on an appearance. Excellent Dynasty understood tacitly and didn’t bicker. They just picked up their own dropped equipment. Many of Samsara’s equipment also dropped, but Excellent Dynasty didn’t find it appropriate to pick those up.

“Everyone, Excellent Dynasty will take its leave first today. However, I’m going to need an explanation for today’s events.” Excellent Dynasty finished picking up their items. Chen Yehui gave a cold statement and then left along with his guild members.

“Explanation? What the f*ck is there to explain?” The guild leaders felt wronged. They had originally planned on sending players to pursue the boss again, but they didn’t feel like doing it anymore. With that proof post, someone might use the opportunity to cause trouble. As the losers, it would be best not to touch the boss.

“Tch, isn’t it just a Swamp Hunter Leipu? What’s so special about it? We lost. Whoever got the boss can kill it!” Herb Garden’s Arisaema spoke and then left with his players.

The other guilds were in the same situation. They said a few words out of formality and gave up on Swamp Hunter Leipu.

In the end, only Blue Brook Guild and Samsara remained. Changing Springs and Three Worlds Six Paths stood at the head of their respective teams, facing each other, neither side speaking.

After a period of silence, Changing Spring spoke: “Three Worlds, you must have had a plan when you decided to do your actions today, no?”

“Oh?” Three Worlds answered calmly, completely different from his previous hot-blooded appearance from before. 

Deep in Poison Fang Swamps, Wei Chen’s Windward Formation led his team in killing Swamp Hunter Leipu. This wild boss wasn’t easy to beat. Most guilds needed an entire group to kill one. However, even though Wei Chan had retired many years ago, he hadn’t left Glory. He wasn’t like one of those old antiques who couldn't keep up with the times. With his skill level, killing off the Swamp Hunter Leipu with his team could be done. If not, he wouldn’t have arranged this operation with Ye Xiu.

“Pushing Sea, go right. You’re f*cking blocking the mage’s view!”

“Big Head, are you a cheerleader? Go up and attack! If you can’t, just tank it.”

“Shield Attack! Use a Shield Attack! Are you a turtle who only knows how to hide behind his shell?”

Wei Chen’s leading was quite ruthless. Even though his bros played with him a lot, it was their first time against such a boss.

Luckily, Wei Chen was there to control the field. Warlocks were proficient in control skills too. Level 70 was also higher leveled than the wild boss. He might not be able to completely suppress it through his level advantage, but his skills worked effectively, which was exactly what a control mage needed.

In addition, they were all playing in an Internet Cafe, so they could look at each other’s screens. Wei Chen’s shotcalling was like a fish back in water. Slowly, the situation stabilized.    

“Go go go! Good, attack while pulling him this way. We can’t keep staying in the same spot. Formation! Stay in formation. Watch the f*cking distance between yourselves. Maintain your position!” Wei Chen never stopped talking. He didn’t dare be negligent. They could kill the boss, but it wasn’t going to be easy. 

Suddenly, he saw a few shadows slowly creeping up on them from the corner of his eyes. Wei Chen suddenly became nervous. If they encountered any strangers, let alone experts, even a few noobs could ruin everything.

But when he saw the players, Wei Chen relaxed: “F*ck, you scared this senior to death. You could have at least said something.”

It was Lord Grim and his team.

When Wei Chen saw them, he happily spoke: “Everything’s been resolved?”

“Yeah, I left five people behind to follow behind us from a distance away. If someone pursues us, we’ll notice them. Let’s hurry!”

“Okay, everyone, hurry!” Wei Chen roared.

Ye Xiu’s team joined the battle. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was a pitiful Level 54. Against a Level 65 wild boss, his attacks were worthless, so he didn’t really go up and attack. He just showed up and then disappeared into the background. In any case, with Wei Chen there, he didn’t need to do any leading, so he went to do other work.

With more helpers, the situation stabilized even more. Thinking of materials he would get after killing the boss, Wei Chen became extremely excited.




Swamp Hunter Leipu’s health continued to decrease. No one came to bother them either. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. At this moment, he suddenly received a message.

With the situation stabilized, Wei Chen had some time to reply. He opened it and saw it was from Lord Grim: “Have you killed the boss yet?”

“We’re halfway done. What’s wrong?” Wei Chen immediately became nervous.

“Lower your damage output.” Ye Xiu said.


“It’s good for us?” Ye Xiu replied.

“How is it good for us?” Wei Chen asked.

“I’m fighting for it!” Ye Xiu said.

“What are you talking about!” Wei Chen was extremely anxious.

“A guild has come looking for me, they’re willing to pay a high price for this boss.” Ye Xiu replied.

“What? That’s a thing?” Wei Chen was puzzled.

“He he, this boss isn’t as simple as just materials and equipment. This is a rare opportunity. If we get this type of opportunity again, we’ll benefit greatly.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Really? Then I should hurry and get a list out, so they can give me all of the items I need.” Wei Chen replied.

Ye Xiu naturally didn’t pay attention to this message. He turned his camera around to look at two people.

Changing Springs and Three Worlds Six Paths.

“You two should hurry. The boss is about to become enraged. If it becomes enraged, it’ll be difficult for us to hold back. So what do you think of the list of materials I sent you?” Ye Xiu laughed heartily.

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