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Chapter 540 - Extortion

Seeing Lord Grim’s list of materials, Changing Spring realized how Blue River’s helplessness towards Lord Grim in the tenth server was formed.

A god was truly a god. He quickly figured out their weakness. The list of materials that he had received wasn’t impossible to accept, but it wasn’t easy to accept either.

Changing Spring let out a sigh and turned to look at Three Worlds: “Samsara guild leader, your thoughts?”

‘No problem.” Three Worlds replied bluntly.

Changing Spring could only sigh in his heart. Of course Three Worlds would be blunt because for Samsara, they would certainly profit, but for Blue Brook Guild? It was the same as if someone punctured your tire, but there was only one person in the area who could repair it. Don’t repair it? If you don’t repair it, then you can only abandon your car. What else could you do? The only option was to get ripped off.

“If Samsara has no problems with it, then we’re the same!” Changing Spring wasn’t happy, but his tone of voice appeared calm. He turned to look at Lord Grim: “We’ll send the items immediately. What about your side?”

“No problem. We can wait.” Ye Xiu smiled.

Didn’t he just say it would be very difficult to hold back? Now he’s saying we can wait. Changing Spring and Three Worlds rolled their eyes. What else could they do? They could only wait as well!

Ye Xiu wasn’t going to release the hawk until he saw the hare. He needed to receive his payment first before giving them the goods. It wasn’t the same as before. These guilds could easily cheat him. He didn’t have the slightest doubt that, with the guilds’ enmity towards him, they would view him in a different light and wouldn’t treat him in an honest manner.

“Old Wei, persevere!” Ye Xiu encouraged Wei Chen.

“How’s it going on your side?” Wei Chen asked.

“I’ve helped you directly get Swamp Hunter Leipu’s Rotting Ash.” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s it? If I kill the Swamp Hunter Liepu, Rotting Ash is practically guaranteed to drop! What else is there? If that’s it, then aren’t we losing too much?” Wei Chen said.

“Of course not. The rest is for me!” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck, you’re not nice at all! I worked so hard and all I get is Rotting Ash? Hurry up and give me some more materials. If not, I’ll immediately kill the boss for you to see.” Wei Chen shouted.

“Okay, I’ll try.” Ye Xiu said and then turned to look at the two guild leaders.

“The situation has changed a bit.” Ye Xiu said.

“What? Something’s happened to the boss?” The two were alarmed.

“It’s like this. I feel like the price I proposed to you two is very fair, but you see, my partner is a very bad person. He’s a dishonest fellow. Seeing that you two are in a hurry, he is heartlessly taking advantage of this. Even I feel awfully ashamed to say this, but there’s nothing I can do, the boss is in his hands after all! I can only send his list of materials for you two to see.”

Ye Xiu sent them his list of materials. After hearing Ye Xiu’s first few sentences, they could tell he was just blathering. Their faces darkened. However, they didn’t act immediately. After taking a look at the list, the two were shocked.

“Are you joking!!” The two were relatively blunt guild leaders and directly expressed their thoughts.

“I agree.” Ye Xiu added.

This made the two of them were extremely angry because they didn’t want to face him right now. They wanted to face this dishonest person. As for whether or not this person actually existed, the two had no clue.

Right when they were about to speak, they heard Lord Grim say: “Hm, I’ve contacted the dishonest guy and told him your replies. The dishonest guy asks, aren’t you guys the ones joking?

“We made a deal.” Changing Spring said.

“I want you two to imagine that you have met a despicable and shameless disciple, take out your limit, and fill in his wickedness! If this isn’t enough to satisfy his disgraceful self, then it seems like today’s win-win cooperation will be destroyed in this dishonest guy’s hands.” Ye Xiu said.


After a long period of silence during, which the two might have been discussing with each other, Changing Spring finally spoke up. While replying to the list of materials, he said: “This is our limit. Please pass this onto your partner. His shamelessness is something we have never seen before.”

“I feel like it’d be best to complete our cooperation before I send this message on.” Ye Xiu said sincerely.

“......” The two had no words to say. The two had privately cursed at Ye Xiu hundreds of times already. They felt like he was playing two roles and cheating them, but from the looks of it, maybe the dishonest guy actually existed?

Lord Grim alone was already enough for them in the Heavenly Domain. Now another evil villain had arrived?! How grim did their future look?

The two guild leaders deeply felt a type of foreboding in the future. Lord Grim replied at this moment: “Congratulations, you two. Through the efforts of both sides, we have finally reached an agreement.”

The two guild leaders cried. Through the efforts of both sides? You didn’t put in any f*cking effort! Or did you mean putting in effort to extort us?

Hearing this response, the two guild leaders didn’t even feel like saying false words out of formality like they usually did towards their competitors. They only spoke coldly: “If everything is set, then you can hand the boss over to us now right? At this point, you’re just wasting our time.”

“I’m very sorry. I trust in the honesty of your guilds, but the problem is…… think about it. For a despicable and dishonest person, if they don’t see the hare, do you think he’ll let the boss go?” Ye Xiu said.

“If this keeps dragging on and something happens, who’s going to take responsibility?” Three Worlds Six Paths asked.

“If something happens, the losses will be shared between both sides. Speaking of this, our losses would be worse. We would lose all of the materials on that list, but you two? It’s just a Level 65 Swamp Hunter Leipu. You wouldn’t feel worse than us right?” Ye Xiu said.

The two guild leaders wanted to die. For this guy to actually say something like this, a God truly was far above them! According to you, why should we trade all of those materials for a stupid boss? You’re clearly speaking nonsense! 

Despite coughing blood, the two didn’t leave. They could only wait, but what were they waiting for? Were they waiting for their people to hurry up and send the materials? It seems like the delay was because of them. Changing Spring understood now. He completely understood why Blue River would have a no resistance policy towards Lord Grim.

Ye Qiu!

God Ye Qiu!

If you only thought of him as a knowledgeable Glory player with incredible skill, then you were wrong, very wrong.

Changing Spring only hoped that the items would hurry up and arrive on time so that he could resolve this problem. He didn’t want to interact with this guy any longer. It would be best if they never had to interact with each other ever again.

But was that possible?

Last time, it was a struggle in Wilderness Town. This time it was a robbery in Poison Fang Swamp. This guy clearly wanted to quarrel with their Club guilds. Hide? How could he hide? Even if he wanted to hide, Ye Qiu was planning on creating his own team. Changing Spring might want to hide, but he couldn’t say it out loud!

Out loud, his words would appear relaxed: that guy Ye Xiu is very arrogant! Let’s go and crush him.

Ugh! Changing Spring thought of this scenario and felt nauseous. He wanted to vomit…...

“Guild leader, the items are here.”

Finally, Changing Spring heard a voice. He turned around and saw a member of his guild carrying the items. Samsara’s delivery person wasn’t any slower. He was about 20 units away from Blue Brook Guild’s runner. 

“I have the items.” Changing Spring took the materials and said to Lord Grim.

“Okay.” Lord Grim replied and sent a trade request.

Changing Spring held back his anger and declined the request: “Isn’t it about time you brought us to the boss?”

“Sure. Once I get the items, we’ll go.”

“We’ll pay you, when we see it.”

“That’s not good. It’s too easy for you to cheat me.” Ye Xiu said.

‘Then how can we trust that once you get the materials, you won’t just run?” Changing Spring asked.

“Ask Blue River. When have I ever went back on my word?” Ye Xiu said.   

Blue River was the intermediary Changing Spring went to when he wanted to contact Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. Ye Xiu had set it so Lord Grim couldn’t receive friend requests, so Changing Spring and Three Worlds had no way of contacting him. However, Changing Spring had an urgent matter at hand and needed to contact Lord Grim, so he found the quickest way to reach Blue River and asked him if he had any solutions.

Blue River actually had a solution. He had interacted with Ye Xiu many times. In fact, he helped manage Guild Happy, so he knew how to reach Ye Xiu.

Blue River contacted Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, and Chen Guo’s side account. From them, Ye Xiu received messages through Chen Guo’s phone and added Changing Spring and Three Worlds as friends. Once they met each other, Changing Spring and Three Worlds wanted to hide their intentions, but who was Ye Xiu? Without needing too much information, just from seeing their arrival, he linked together their circumstances and quickly figured out their true intentions. Then, he used his extortion technique and the two guild leaders immediately realized they had been seen through. Thus, the transaction took place. They had no way of setting any conditions and could only suffer. They couldn’t even ask to see the goods first.

“We'll trade!” The two discussed with each other and then made the decision.

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