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Chapter 53 – Battle Mage

“Right, right. That one. What class is that Battle God?” Although Tang Rou couldn’t even remember the famed name “Battle God One Autumn Leaf”, Chen Guo’s constant reminders left an imprint in her heart. Besides this, the only other one that left an even bigger imprint was the Launcher “Dancing Rain”, directly because Chen Guo also played Launcher. She was Chen Guo’s number one idol and the character Chen Guo talked the most about.

While Tang Rou said this, she looked towards Chen Guo and immediately saw Chen Guo’s face dim.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Rou jumped in fright. She knew Chen Guo for two years. Angry Chen Guo was a common occurrence, but sad Chen Guo was a first.

“Ye Qiu…… retired.” Chen Guo said.

“Ye Qiu? You mean One Autumn Leaf’s owner?” Tang Rou said.


“Then One Autumn Leaf?”

“One Autumn Leaf is still there, but……”

Chen Guo couldn’t clearly describe her concerns. In the ice-cold Professional Alliance, characters and athletes were divided into two categories. For players that liked Glory, some people admired those powerful characters, while others admired the athlete’s excellent technique. As a result, for titles like Battle God, there were some that believed the title should be given to the character One Autumn Leaf, while some believed that it should be given to Ye Qiu, the athlete operating One Autumn Leaf. And in the middle, there were those in dispute. But gradually, similar disputes all gradually gave the title to the character.

This was because the character was the iron army camp, while the athlete was just one of the numerous soldiers.

Athletes would transfer clubs. Athletes would deteriorate and go past their prime. Athletes would eventually retire. But the character never would. As long as the club wanted to, the character could firmly stay in their hands and continue to be upgraded. The older it was, the more skill points it could have and the better the equipment. Currently, most of the world-shaking characters in Glory were all created in the first server and had already existed for nearly ten years.

Their operators had already changed who knew how many times, but their fame never fell.

A flower may blossom again, but a person can never turn young again.

As long as a strong character had a strong athlete controlling it, then its strength would be revealed. But the athlete? By natural law, no one could defeat the merciless killer that was time.

Ye Qiu and One Autumn Leaf were a rare exception. Both the character and the operator had been together for ten years, which was rarely seen in the Alliance. Other characters experienced changes in their operators. Each and every one of those athletes disappeared behind the scenes, leaving behind their famed characters. But the title Battle God had been shared with Ye Qiu and One Autumn Leaf the entire time. From when this title was given, Battle God had always belonged to the both of them.

Unfortunately, One Autumn Leaf was also a character, while Ye Qiu was merely an athlete. Athletes were destined to be the first to leave, while the character’s fame would continue to be carried on.

While other characters had already been handed over multiple times, it was only the first time for the Battle God. As a result, a large handful of players bitterly wept and like Chen Guo, would sadden at the mention of the Battle God One Autumn Leaf. As for her, once Ye Qiu left, the Battle God title was no longer intact. A lot of hopeful feelings that she had were suddenly ripped apart just like this.

Tang Rou didn’t understand Chen Guo’s grief. She could only quietly sit there accompanying her and hold her hand without saying a word.

But all in all, Chen Guo was Chen Guo. She had already grieved yesterday. Being distressed over and over wasn’t her style. After a while, her spirit had already lifted and she spoke towards Tang Rou: “The Battle God’s class was Battle Mage. What, do you want to play that?”

“Okay! I might one day become that One Autumn Leaf’s owner. When that time comes, wouldn’t I be the new Battle God?” Tang Rou said.

“Ah! This goal is a thousand times better than beating that whatever Ye Xiu! Little Tang, you have to try hard and reach this goal!” Chen Guo smiled.

“Okay!” Tang Rou also smiled and then nodded her head.

“Then do you want me to teach you about the Battle Mage right now?” Chen Guo said.

“Yeah.” Tang Rou nodded her head.

“The Battle Mage belongs to the Mage Class. They use magic to strengthen themselves and battle in close combat. They are proficient in two weapons, Poles and Battle Lances. Poles usually have an Attack Speed of 8, extremely quick. Battle Lances usually have an Attack Speed of 2, fairly slow, but their damage and range are high. I personally like Battle Lance because they’re more tyrannical. If it wasn’t tyrannical, how could it be called Battle God? See, One Autumn Leaf also uses a Battle Lance. One time…..”

“Guo Guo……” Tang Rou reminded Chen Guo that she was going off topic.

“Oh……” Chen Guo coughed and continued explaining, “The Battle Mage’s main features is that they can buff their own attributes using magic; after awakening, they also have Battle Spirit. Battle Spirit is a passive skill that completely relies on the operator’s skill. If you see that the Battle Mage gets stronger as he fights, don’t be surprised. One Autumn Leaf was considered a Battle God because Ye Qiu’s skill could……”

“Guo Guo!” Tang Rou was already helpless.

“Okay, okay. Let’s look at a video. While you look, I’ll explain, okay?” Chen Guo said.

“Okay, okay.” Tang Rou nodded her head. Chen Guo didn’t even need to look up videos on the Internet. How could she be short of Battle God videos? She didn’t know how many she had collected. After choosing one, she delightedly gave it to Tang Rou and explained it. After explaining it for a bit, the only words she said were gasps of surprise.

“Wow, look look. This time….”

“Woah woah woah. An 88 Combo! Do you know how much Battle Spirit will buff his attributes?”

“Ha ha ha, this stupid guy. He walked into the knock-up.”

“Guo Guo……” Tang Rou helplessly said for the third time.

“Don’t you feel that I should look at more beginner-leveled videos? You want me to just start by learning from the greatest expert among Battle Mages?” Tang Rou powerlessly said.

“Oh, so it’s like this! Then let me look for a bit!”

The two girls immersed themselves in learning about the Battle Mage in this way, until an employee ran over to tell them that it was time to eat. The employee was impatiently driven away by Chen Guo.

Only until a voice, which had irritated Chen Guo every time she heard it, came: “Oh? You’re learning about the Battle Mage?”

Ye Xiu!

Chen Guo immediately turned her head: “What do you want? Do you mind?”

“Little Tang wants to play as a Battle Mage?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yeah.” Tang Rou nodded her head.

“I can teach you then!” Ye Xiu said.

“Humph! No need.” Chen Guo expressed her disdain.

“Boss, do you know what you just refused?” Ye Xiu said seriously.

“Tch.” Chen Guo completely ignored him and turned her head to Tang Rou: “These are all Battle Mage guides written by Ye Qiu. Look, I’ve already ordered them for you. From shallow to deep, from attributes to skills to equipment, real combat skills, experience, technique, practice methods, and even a few collection of the best videos.

“Okay okay.” Tang Rou nodded her head.

“Really! You don’t want the actual person to teach. Do you really want to teach yourself?” Ye Xiu mumbled.

“You go somewhere else. Can your teaching even compare to 0.1% of these guides?” Chen Guo said.

“Sigh….. you’d better not regret it!” Ye Xiu sighed.

“So noisy!” Chen Guo’s head didn’t even turn. But Tang Rou turned and smiled towards Ye Xiu: “If I have any questions, I’ll come ask you.”

“Ha ha, you’ll come across one soon. That guide you’re looking at is from nine years ago. There have been many changes in the game within those nine years. Although you can still look at this guide, there are four places you have to pay attention to. The things mentioned there aren’t suitable at all for the current Battle Mage.” Ye Xiu said.

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