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Chapter 52 – Picking a Class

By the time Chen Guo finished looking at the Thousand Chance Umbrella, Tang Rou had already returned downstairs. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo both looked at her without saying anything.

“How can you just leave your money there like that?” Tang Rou walked to her original spot. She neatly folded the money on the table and handed it over to Ye Xiu.

Chen Guo sighed. This girl really did take things seriously. She wouldn’t back out on her word. Chen Guo now hoped Ye Xiu would hurry up and take the money and not let side issues keep popping up.

Ye Xiu didn’t let her down. He stood up to take the money. Although this was clearly what Chen Guo wanted, after seeing Ye Xiu get ready to take the money, Chen Guo immediately became angry.

“You have the nerve to take it?” Chen Guo said.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xiu and Tang Rou both said.

Chen Guo lost. After all, in the end, she wasn’t a part of the bet.

“I’ll win that money back sooner or later.” Tang Rou said when she handed over the money to Ye Xiu.

“I’ll be take responsibility and tell you. That’s much harder than you think.” Ye Xiu laughed. After putting the money in his pocket, he logged out of the game. He said goodbye and then left.

“Doesn’t this guy just make you angry?” Chen Guo grinded her teeth towards Tang Rou.

“Relax, relax.” Tang Rou, who was looked down upon, said pleasantly.

“Hurry up and practice. Afterwards, ruthlessly sort out this guy and put him in his place.” Chen Guo said.

“How big of a difference do you think there is between me and him?” Tang Rou asked Chen Guo.

“This…….” Chen Guo reddened a bit. Even if Tang Rou didn’t know how to play, only Ye Xiu dared to say this. In Chen Guo’s eyes, Tang Rou was already considered an expert. Tang Rou was better than her. Ye Xiu even more so. Both of these players were better than her, so how could she see how skilled they were? To say nothing of the difference in their skill levels. If she could tell the difference in their skills, then she wouldn’t have needed to randomly test for Ye Xiu and Tang Rou to PK.

“I really can’t tell.” Chen Guo could only admit this.

Tang Rou lowered her head to look at Chasing Haze, who hadn’t yet logged out. After a while, she said: “It looks like he’s right. I can’t even tell how far apart we are. I have to take a comprehensive course.”

Chen Guo was secretly delighted in her heart. This Tang Rou was finally interested in playing Glory. But she didn’t show it in her face and said with a deadpan look: “Luckily, the new server opened yesterday. I’ll go and get you an account card.”

“Okay.” Tang Rou obediently let Chen Guo be bursting with joy. When she opened the Internet Cafe, she obviously had Glory account cards ready. She promptly took a card and helped her create a character.

After choosing a name, she entered the game. The beginner village quests couldn’t be any easier. If this was an ordinary day, Tang Rou would have already thrown aside this sort of easy task after half a minute at best . But today, she was unexpectedly serious. She even read parts of the beginner guidebook that even Chen Guo felt unnecessary. This girl finally used her seriousness for Glory. Chen Guo felt a type of good feeling after obtaining a such a positive outcome after so much effort. She was itching to start discussing a very important issue with Tang Rou .

“What class do you want to play?”

“I still haven’t thought about it!” Tang Rou said.

“There’s no need to be in a hurry. Before Level 20, you can learn any skill from any class. You can try them all and see which class you find the most suitable.” Chen Guo said.

“If you keep leveling and simply don’t change classes, then you’ll be an unspecialized character like Ye Xiu, right?” Tang Rou asked.

“He’s recklessly playing. Don’t learn from him.” Chen Guo jumped in fright.

“Reckless playing?” Tang Rou didn’t understand.

“After a character reaches Level 50, they need to complete a class awakening quest in order to continue gaining experience and leveling up. But unspecialized characters don’t have a class awakening quest, so when they get to Level 50, they have no way of leveling. This was the reason why the unspecialized playing style disappeared.” Chen Guo explained.

“Didn’t Ye Xiu say a moment ago that he could continue leveling when he got into the Heavenly Domain at Level 50?” Tang Rou said.

“Please! It’s the Heavenly Domain! That dueling quest that you did for me was so difficult. How could a Level 50 do it?” Chen Guo said.

“Then Ye Xiu, he’s…..”

“He’s crazy.” Chen Guo interrupted Tang Rou.

“If he can do it and I can’t, won’t that mean he’s better than me?” Tang Rou said.

Chen Guo was startled for a second and then immediately said: “If he can do it, you can also try it! Anyone can start the Heavenly Domain skill challenges at Level 50. There’s no restriction for this.”

“And more!” Chen Guo followed, “Do you remember Ye Xiu’s weapon? That’s the reason he chose to play as an unspecialized. That guy actually has a self-made weapon. The server just opened for two days! I don’t know he got it.” The more Chen Guo said, the more she doubted herself. This was one of the many questions she had, but she was too embarrassed to directly ask him.

“Self-made weapon? The extremely strong equipment that you said only professional players had?” Tang Rou asked. These questions thoroughly exposed that she was a true newbie in Glory.

“Right. Moreover, it’s extremely powerful. Although it’s only Level 5, it’s a Silver Equipment that suprasses Orange Equipment. It looks to me that this guy has the means to continue upgrading this Silver weapon. Otherwise, there’s no way he’d play unspecialized just for this Level 5 Silver weapon.” Chen Guo said.

“How do you make a Silver weapon?” Tang Rou asked.

“Sister, your questions are too high-end. That’s what I want to know!” Chen Guo said.

“It would be better if you just became a Launcher like me! You’ve also played my account card many times. You’re most familiar with this class, so you’ll definitely learn it quickly.” Chen Guo didn’t want to talk about self-made equipment with Tang Rou for too long. She was afraid that after describing the difficulty of self-making, she would excite Tang Rou into this direction instead of the game. That would be bad. Self-made equipment were truly too complicated. So many people had challenged it, but in the end, they all died doing so. Chen Guo didn’t want Tang Rou to waste her energy doing this sort of task.

Launcher…….Tang Rou refused to comment. Although she didn’t have much interest in Glory before, she did play it ever so often. In her heart, she really wasn’t too interested in the Launcher class. She was more interested in those close combat classes. She felt that these classes required more skill. But Chen Guo was very fond of the Launcher class. Tang Rou didn’t want to just splash cold water on her. Right when she was thinking, she suddenly remembered the other class Chen Guo often talked about: “Right, that one you often talked about. The one you said was the strongest. That something god? What class was that?”

“Battle God One Autumn Leaf!” Chen Guo blurted out. After saying this, her expression dimmed.

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