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Chapter 526 - Killing Amidst the Chaos

The Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry pressed forward, but after crashing into several ice walls, their momentum finally slowed. Happy’s Thief team closed in. They didn’t ask for any single target or look for any route. They simply placed a trap wherever there was free space. Everyone put down as many traps as possible and then immediately ran far far away.

Peng peng peng peng!

Moments later, the sounds of ice walls breaking stopped. The charge made by the Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry had been stopped. Numerous ice walls still stood. Needless to say, after the cavalry was forced to a halt, the leading Aquamarine Knight brandished his sword and shattered the ice wall in front of him with a swing. 

Advance! The Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry continued to head towards their intended target. Several ice walls were quickly smashed apart by them. The ice fragments sprinkled onto the ground. The scene didn’t look like it belonged here in the desert. However, no one had any time to appreciate it. Everyone could already see the light glinting from the Aquamarine Knight’s sword.

At this moment, the mage team fell back. The Knights moved forward to be the defensive line.

“Shields up!” Lord Grim ordered. The Knights in front lifted their shields and hid behind them.

“Cleric, get ready!” When Lord Grim gave his second order, the Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry arrived. Except this time, the short distance between them wasn’t enough for a full charge. The Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry strided over and raised their swords.

Dong dong dong dong!!

The sounds of metal colliding with metal repeatedly rang. The Knights didn’t care if there were even enemies in front of them. All of them raised their shields in front of them at a 45 degree angle. The Knights who were attacked could clearly feel their shields jumping back and forth. Blocking the fierce attacks affected their control over their characters. Their health also fell like waterfalls with every attack. In this type of situation, even if there were Clerics healing, the Knights were already worried if they would be able to properly block the second attack.

Fortunately, Lord Grim didn’t have them take the second attack. When the Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry made their first swing, Lord Grim gave another order.

“Ninjas!! Underground Tunneling Technique, Body Bind Technique!”

While the Aquamarine Knight had been breaking through the ice walls, the Ninjas had hidden themselves under the sand. Now, they popped out of the sand into the air and threw the rope attached to their ninja blades towards the knights on horseback.

They didn’t have any targets in mind and simply aimed at the most convenient target. There might be slip ups or repeats, but those weren’t important. It was more important they took the opportunity in front of them.

Ye Xiu knew very well how unskilled his Happy players were, so he didn’t set up anything complicated or difficult.

The mages cast ice walls, easy.

The thieves set traps, simple.

The knights block an attack, no need to talk about it.

The Ninjas had a slightly more difficult task because their Underground Tunneling Technique and Body Bind Technique were combos. Both of them had to be chained correctly and the Body Bind Technique had to used in the air. It was an easy task for any Heavenly Domain player, but it wasn’t so easy for these tenth server noobs. As a result, Ye Xiu didn’t have any requirements. All they needed to do was hit whatever target they could and not care about anyone else.

A few of the attacks might be repeated, but a single person’s mistake could be made up by someone else. A few attacks might miss, but even more mistakes would occur with anything more complicated anyways.

The thirty or so Ninjas launched their attacks against the nineteen Aquamarine Knight cavalry. It was nearly a two to one ratio. But because Ye Xiu didn’t put any requirements for them, there might be a target hit by several attacks or there might be a target hit by none.

In any case, people went up and horses flipped.

The majority of the knights hit by the Tunnel Bind combo were dismounted. Some of them were hit but didn’t fall and the Ninjas ended up on the horses.

This wasn’t strange. After all, the Aquamarine Knight was a wild boss. All of his underlings were powerful elite monsters and had strong resistance towards many attacks. If the player didn’t aim correctly, the intended effect might not occur.

“Battle Mages, Circle Swing!”

At this moment, another wave of attacks flew out. The Battle Mage team pincered from the left and right. After the Ninjas used the Tunnel Bind combo, the Battle Mages immediately stabbed at the knights who hadn’t fallen off their horses.

Some of their attacks might miss or might be late, but in the end, the remaining mounted knights were thrown off. One wave after another wave came.

Moreover, when these knights fell, there was even a small shockwave, knocking the ones lifted off by the Ninjas back down to the ground.

“Witches, Level 50 and up use Doll Shururu, under Level 50 use Lava Flask, Ice Rain!”

“Launchers, Stinger!”

“Spitfire, Incendiary Device!” 

“Mechanics, Machine Drop!”

“Summoners, surround them with pets!”



“Qi Masters……”

Lord Grim gave out order after order. Ye Xiu had already set the chat up so that besides him, no one else could speak, so no one would be distracted by any messages other than the orders. Happy’s players continued doing their tasks.

Witches flew through the air, bombarding the cavalry with the items that Lord Grim had instructed them to throw down.

Bang bang bang bang!

The Launchers stood at the backlines and shot their Stingers into the air. The Stingers flew over everyone’s heads and exploded above the cavalry. Each missile exploded into eight smaller missiles, which rained down onto the battlefield.

The Spitfire’s Incendiary Devices worked together with the Lava Flasks thrown down by the Witches and covered the sand with a sea of fire. 

The Mechanics’ Air Drops filled the skies with winter melons. Their stomachs opened and poured down trash.

The summoned creatures advanced and filled up the little space left.

The other classes also attacked. In an instant, the Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry were submerged in attacks. In this area, the only thing that could be seen were struggling shadows. Nothing else could be seen clearly.

“Don’t squeeze. Let me go through. I still haven’t used my skill!!”

“You Berserker, you’ve already used your skill, right? If you’re done, move aside!”

‘Who’s Goblin is this? Can’t you let me go through? Don’t make me kill it!!”

“Ah, who hit my butt???”

Amidst the noise from attacks, the constant yelling from Happy’s players could be heard too. The spies within Happy followed along, but couldn’t see anything properly.

As Glory veterans, Happy’s way of fighting the boss was unbearable to look at. Everyone was crammed together as if they were in a crowded train.

But they also discovered that their coordination might look unsightly, every person contributed to the fight. Everyone attacked and moved. Of the around six hundred people in the guild, not a single one was left doing nothing.

The spies were at a loss. They had already received orders to find some way to stop Happy from killing the Aquamarine Knight. But in this chaotic mess, there was nothing they could do because the battle had already reached an unimaginable step. It might be chaotic, but the attacks continued. How were they supposed to stop it? Make the battle organized?

Watching from inside the battle, Happy looked like a complete mess, but from afar, it looked like a war zone filled with fire, spells, sword light…...

It looked like a highlight reel for skills. Currently, all of the Level 50 and under skills were flashing left and right. The surrounding players entered and exited kept this bustling movement going.

The remaining players of the thirteen guilds stared in complete astonishment. The feeling they got from the spies was completely different. They felt it was a next level boss battle. The Aquamarine Knight’s cavalry had been surrounded by these players and were struggling helpless to do anything.

“Pay attention, don’t harm your own allies!!!”

Ye Xiu repeatedly sent out this order.

There was nothing he could do about it. Apart from special events, a hundred man group was the largest unit in Glory. Those in the same group couldn’t injure each other, but anyone outside of their group could be hurt. Happy had six or seven hundred players, so there were six or seven groups. In this type of situation, it was hard to avoid self-injury. These noobs weren’t good at controlling their attacks!

“Ah! I think I killed one of them!!!” Someone suddenly shouted in surprise. The system had clearly notified him that he had killed off one of the Aquamarine Knight’s subordinate.

“Ah! I killed one too!”

Even though there were around six hundred players, the system could tell them apart and gave out system notifications accordingly.

“I killed one!!”

“I also killed one!!”

The Aquamarine Knight's underlings had the same stats. Against a relatively similar offense, they would fall around the same time.

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