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Chapter 487 - What’s the Situation

Chen Yehui was a veteran with many years of experience in battles. Even though he wanted to know the details from Golden Fragrance, seeing how he didn’t receive any response, he immediately knew that the situation wasn’t looking good. The situation had already deteriorated to the point that she didn’t even have time to reply.

How had Ye Qiu and Deception forced the team into such a position?

Chen Yehui was astonished, but he couldn’t slip up. The very first thing he did was tell this information to Arisaema and Changing Spring.

“What? How’d they get there?”

The two guild leaders were very surprised. They hadn’t known that Chen Yehui had intentionally let them slip through the encirclement. According to their original plan of shrinking the encirclement, their two targets may have escaped, but they shouldn’t have been able to escape without anyone noticing.

Following this logic, because the two guild leaders hadn’t received any news, the two guild leaders thought that Lord Grim and Deception were still trapped inside their circle!

Their encirclement had shrunk and shrunk. Their two targets would have to appear soon. The two guild leaders couldn’t help but begin to feel excited, until Chen Yehui told them the news. They looked at the map and the coordinates were a good distance away from their encirclement.

“Who knows how they got out?! More importantly, one of my teams is currently fighting with them. Do any of you have troops nearby?” Chen Yehui was extremely cunning. As soon as he realized the situation wasn’t good, while not knowing the details, he wasn’t going to run in blindly. First, he was going to have these two guilds probe the situation.

Chen Yehui completely tricked the other two guild leaders. Neither of them thought too much of it.

“Let me see.” The two replied and immediately called out to their respective guilds.

“I have one team here!” Arisaema quickly said.

“Have your players hurry and assist them. Our backup will be there soon.” Chen Yehui said.

“We have to create another encirclement. How troublesome.” Arisaema was still confused as to what was going on. He thought Lord Grim and Deception were still using hit and run guerrilla warfare tactics. As for Golden Fragrance, her side was in a tragic situation. Chen Yehui hadn’t received any confirmation, but he was certain of it. However, he didn’t tell the two of them.

Sure enough, Ye Qiu was out for revenge against Excellent Dynasty! Excellent Dynasty really is trash though. We’re not going to be able to catch them here like this. Arisaema thought. He was happy to see Excellent Dynasty’s players being attacked, but he was starting to get impatient.

Street intersection.

Golden Fragrance and her five allies weren’t able to hold on any longer. However, this time, they weren’t gathered together and swept away in one wave like the others. As a result, it took some time for the situation to worsen. As their first ally fell, a group of players appeared at the intersection.

That group of players saw the commotion going on here and hastily ran over. Golden Fragrance and her allies were at first happy, but soon, they realized that the support was only made up of half a teams worth of players. Their hopes immediately dwindled.

Let alone half a team, a whole team wouldn’t be enough in front of them!

But these new arrivals weren’t aware of this. They charged forward aggressively. As they got closer, they were able to see that they were members of Herb Garden.

Most of the teams participating in this activity were made up of five players. This team wasn’t an exception. After receiving personal orders from their guild leader, they quickly arrived at the designated location. They hadn’t reached the location yet, but when they saw the huge commotion at the intersection. This desolate Level 55 leveling area shouldn’t have anyone inside, so what else could a commotion mean?

This was why the five players didn’t wait to see what the situation was before rushing forward. When they got closer, they noticed Lord Grim’s and Deception’s names. Apart from them, there were ten others! It was clear who had the advantage in numbers!

The five players excitedly came over, but as they got nearer, they suddenly realized that something wasn’t quite right. The ten other players didn’t seem to be surrounding Lord Grim and Deception and fighting them. There seemed to be two teams fighting.

“What’s going on?” The captain of this five-man team shouted in surprise. Soon afterwards, he saw the Excellent Dynasty players fall and the ones who killed them didn’t have a guild tag next to their names.

These killers picked the dead clean. Next, they headed towards this five-man team.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…..

The captain counted the number of people heading towards them. They had seven people, two more than their group. Plus, with Lord Grim and Deception, two exceptional experts, how were they supposed to win? Hurry and run!

The five players had been a bit slow at first, but this time, they acted nimbly. Without even asking or trying, they turned tail and ran. The captain hastily sent his guild leader a message: “They have a lot of people. Seven!”

This message was sent out at the cost of his life.

It had only been seven words, but it was enough time for the enemies to arrive and surround him.

Editor Note: Ten words is correct because in Chinese, including punctuation, it’s ten characters total.

“You guys go ahead!!!”

The captain was very heroic. As soon as he saw that there was no chance for him to escape, he let out a line straight from a drama and then died as a sacrifice for his teammates.

He died.

After making his final cry, he didn’t do anything else.

The captain felt like he was a piece of straw and the enemies were like a swarm of locusts. The locusts swept over him. He was merely a lone piece of straw. Soon, they ate him clean.

“F*CK! WHAT’S GOING ON!!!”  The captain’s ghost flew up into the air and then looked down. The seven wolves pounced onto his other teammates.

Why are they doing this? Why are they so enthusiastic?

The captain was planning on waiting for a Cleric to arrive and revive him, but because of this, he had to watch a tragedy unfold.

His other four teammates weren’t able to actually escape like in the movies just because he said “you guys go ahead.” The locust-like mob of seven chased after them and used their instant movement skills to block their path.

And then there was a fight.

A fight between blades and words.

The four poor teammates weren’t able to do anything but curse. They quickly fell under their opponent’s hands and then became four corpses on the ground. Their ghosts floated into the air. Ghosts weren’t able to see each other though, but because their corpses were still there, it meant their ghosts were there too.

“What? Seven????”

Chen Yehui and Arisaema received the news at nearly the same time.

Golden Fragrance had been killed off, so she now had time to report to Chen Yehui. As for that captain, he died soon after she did.

“Seven people? What’s going on?” Arisaema asked Chen Yehui. Chen Yehui wasn’t going to reveal anything.

“I only just got the information too.” Chen Yehui replied, “The previous reports didn’t say this. They only asked for help.”

Arisaema didn’t say anything further. It wasn’t the time to bicker.

“Apart from Lord Grim and Deception, who else could there be?” The two guild leaders asked the same question.

“I don’t recognize them. I didn’t recognize the other five of them. They have no guild tags and I’ve never seen their names before either.”

Their responses were the same.

Chen Yehui suddenly shivered in fear because he suddenly remembered that Ye Qiu had gathered a group of incredible experts around him. All of them were at the pro level and were likely to be a part of his pro team.

Golden Fragrance’s detailed description of their opponents’ strength only helped to confirm Chen Yehui’s suspicions.

To be able to completely suppress the top guilds through their explosive strength indicated that even if they weren’t at a pro level, they weren’t far from it! A lightning like offense required exceptional levels of coordination, the sort of cohesion seen at a pro level. This was the only way such a display of strength could be made.

Could their troops block these types of players?

12 players killed in one minute. This meant that against their current strategy using small teams to stop them would only be crushed through their opponent’s brute force.

Three players against Lord Grim and Deception resulted in a team wipe.

Five players against Lord Grim and Deception resulted in two deaths and their escape.

Now that they were against seven players, how many troops did they need to send out? Even 25 players wouldn’t be their opponent.

If they couldn’t kill them, then they couldn’t stop them. Stall for time? One or two people could stall for time because one or two people had a limited amount of killing power. However, against seven people, if they attacked twice, focusing on one target, they would be able to kill the target. In addition, with their mobbing strategy, stalling for time and dying was basically the same thing.

What should we do? What should we do…...

Chen Yehui felt a headache coming, but Arisaema and Changing Spring didn’t know that the opposing side had only killed half a team of players. It wasn’t any surprise five player stood no chance against seven! The other side had Lord Grim and Deception, two exceptional experts and had a numbers advantage. Of course, it would be a one sided battle.

“Small teams combine and form full teams as individual units. Hurry!” The two guild leaders ordered.

A full team was ten players. Before, it had been five players as a unit. Now, they were going to increase the unit size to ten in order to fight back.

“They might be thinking they can kill us off one at a time. We have to hurry and gather our troops together. Don’t have them reveal themselves. Wait for the enemies to enter our attack range and wipe them out in one swoop!” Arisaema and Changing Spring discussed.

“Mm, sounds good!” Chen Yehui was the one to agree. He already knew how strong the enemy team was, so he hoped for Arisaema and Changing Spring to experience it for themselves. In reality, despite having a pro team above them, the guilds rarely had a chance to experience their team’s strength for themselves. Sometimes, their guild would have a spar with the pro players, but that was just for fun. No one took it seriously.

“East West 3rd Street, heading west!” A report informed.

“Don’t rush in rashly. Wait for them to move deeper into our range. Good, they’re going into our previously formed circle. Our encirclement hasn’t been completely broken up yet!” Arisaema  ordered delightedly.

“Yeah, yeah!” Chen Yehui agreed, while sending out a message to his teams. His orders consisted of only half of Arisaema’s: “Don’t rush in rashly. Wait for my orders.”


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