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 Chapter 486 - No One Escapes

Golden Fragrance had originally never intended to call for help. Firstly, because she believed there were enough people, and secondly, because if her equipment dropped, she didn’t want it falling into someone else’s hands. Despite being in the same guild, when faced with good equipment, the trust between one another was almost obsolete.

Chen Yehui had obviously thought about this, which was why he arranged it in such a way. He even hoped people from Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild to be far away from them, let alone calling for assistance. The path he left would already be considered fairly out of the way.

As a result, Chen Yehui was shocked when Golden Fragrance called for help.

Even if it's Ye Qiu! Even if Deception was also very strong! They had over 20 people! Wouldn't calling for more assistance be over the top?

Chen Yehui could tolerate if the two escaped again, but he found it hard to believe that the two couldn't be defeated?





Miss Golden Fragrance managed to survive till now, as long as she used her Aerial Cannon without error, she still had quite an advantage in running away. Unfortunately, her advantage was nonexistent now because the opponent she had to face was Lord Grim.

Normally, Golden Fragrance would be happy to tease a Level 52 player and feel all high and mighty. However, now that she knew of her opponent’s identity, Golden Fragrance didn't have a teasing mood or attitude.

“What sort of good equipment do you have?” Ye Xiu asked, as if he were a hijacker.

Golden Fragrance had died twice today and dropped two pieces of equipments, both of which were orange. Even if she was one of the guild’s core members, she felt pained over the loss of her equipment. Core members of guilds were still far from a pro-gamer’s situation, where orange equipment was regarded as basic gear.

Now that the bandit who targeted her equipment was blocking her once more, Golden Fragrance truly wanted to cry. Not only was she not going to get her equipment back, but now she would lose another piece of hers.

Golden Fragrance looked left and right, and saw that her other five teammates had battled into a mess. At this point, she had to fight with all she had, because no matter how one looked at it, they were the ones being surrounded.

“The great god Ye Qiu bullies me, a girl? Is it meaningful??” Golden Fragrance asked.

“Hehe, sorry about that.” Ye Xiu replied.

Golden Fragrance was about to say something else, but Ye Xiu had already sent a smiling emoji along with: “I will be more aware next time.”

After Lord Grim sent this sentence, he rushed forward.

Golden Fragrance was surrounded in the center, so she had nowhere to escape to. In addition, with someone as skilled as Ye Xiu, she was caught before she even took two or three steps. Golden Fragrance’s struggle merely proved her existence, to let people know that her character was under her control and not a block of wood.

Golden Fragrance was depressed. Why was this god picking on her so much? If it was someone other than him or Deception who was intervening her escape, she could have had a chance to escape…...



Little did they know that at this moment, a ray of white light would shower onto the Elementalist.

Soon afterwards, the white light flashed towards the other players.

The people coughed up blood, as they looked around, they realised that the opposing team’s Cleric had just arrived. Only now did they remember that they also had a Cleric. As for their own team, they no longer had a Cleric. Their Cleric had already been killed by the opposing side.

No wonder Lord Grim’s group blocked them with such hardness. Under the assistance of a Cleric, they had no reason to hold back. This was a very logical and sensible tactics choice.

As the group had feared, they had no hope. The mob was in complete despair. At this very moment, a band of players appeared on a crossing that led off from the road ahead.


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