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Chapter 481 – Another Encounter with Golden Fragrance

The entire battle took about a minute.

When the teams received the news, it took them some time to figure out how to get to the location. By the time they arrived at the place, they couldn’t even find the corpses.

The poor players had already been killed.

This was the news that Changing Spring and Arisaema got. Their people arrived at the location and found no traces whatsoever.

“What’s going on?!” The two shouted out at the exact same time. They were asking Chen Yehui because the information had come from Chen Yehui.

“They already escaped…” Chen Yehui replied.

“What about your men?”

“Dead….” Chen Yehui said.

“Dead?” A hint of schadenfreude could be heard in their voices.

“Cough, sorry about your losses…” Arisaema tried to hide his joy with a slight cough.

He truly is targeting Excellent Era! Arisaema couldn’t have been happier. He had no idea what was happening on Changing Spring’s end, but he planned on releasing the news later. He wanted Excellent Era to suffer, but he did not expect this would cause them to lose track of Lord Grim altogether. It had only been a minute! Ye Xiu was indeed powerful, but how strong could a level 52 character be? Even a Silver class weapon had to follow the level rules. Maybe… That guy’s Silver weapon had a special attribute that lowered the required level?

For example, a level 50 weapon with an attribute that lowered the required level by 5 meant that a level 45 character could use that weapon. Similarly, if the required level was lowered by 10, then a level 50 weapon could be equipped by a level 40 character. This type of equipment was undoubtedly worthless to a max level character, but it was pretty useful for a character who was still in the process of leveling up.

Arisaema guessed. He checked and found Lord Grim hadn’t logged off yet. With the target missing, he could only ask his men to continue searching the area.

“Slow, too slow! Do you have any decent equipment? What kind of trash are you wearing? With this kind of lame attack power, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” The two ran along the streets. Deception was feeling very good about himself from the previous battle. Initially, he was a bit bitter about Lord Grim, so he tried to mess him up. After having enjoyed the benefit of teamwork, he started to cooperate with Lord Grim. The high efficiency of killing three players within a minute made him extremely proud of himself. In the end, he got scolded solemnly by Ye Xiu during their escape.

“How do you still have the shame to laugh at my equipments?” Deception was surprised by the sudden outburst. Is this guy seriously mocking me with his ridiculous rainbow set of equipment? It was true that he didn’t wear his best set this time, but at least everything he was wearing was from the Heavenly Domain!

“Which level am I? Does the Heavenly Domain have anything that I can use?” Ye Xiu retorted.

“…” Deception didn’t know what to say. Heaven’s Realm was released when the max level in the game was still 55. As a result, the lowest leveling area and lowest equipment level were both level 55.


“Quiet!” Ye Xiu abruptly interrupted Deception. Lord Grim, who had been walking in front, came to a sudden halt. Clearly, there were enemies up front.

“I am going to lure them out. Get ready to use the Underground Tunneling Technique. Wait for my signal.” Ye Xiu explained as Lord Grim charged out.


A female shouted from outside. The voice sounded a bit familiar to Deception.

“Woah!” Lord Grim also cried out in surprise and scurried back.

“Shameless!” Deception looked down on Lord Grim’s acts, but he still used the Underground Tunneling Technique. His character dove into the ground and stayed underground. This skill allowed the character to stay underground for awhile. The only requirement was the use of a ninjato. The sheath on the ninjato could be used as a straw to draw air in for breathing.

While underground because of the Underground Tunneling Technique, the player would only be able to see a small area above his head. The player could adjust his view, but not by alot.

Just after Deception dove under, a rainbow figure ran across his screen. No one other than Lord Grim would wear such a disgusting combination of equipment.

Lord Grim took a sharp turn into the narrow alley and then jumped up onto the roof immediately. The chaotic footsteps told Deception that a huge crowd of people had rushed into the alley after Lord Grim. There was at least half of a patrol of them.

Deception was shocked by the crowd. Then a message popped up in the chat, “The same Launcher as before! Attack her! Then destroy her!”

Deception looked through the small view and spotted the Launcher immediately. The ID above her head: Golden Fragrance.

He still says he has nothing against Launchers?

With such targeting, Deception seriously doubted Lord Grim’s intentions. Right now, attacking anyone was the same, so I’m going to deliberately attack someone else. Deception thought happily and was about to attack when he heard the Launcher yell,“Where is he?! And also that Deception! I’m going to tear him to pieces along with the other one!”

Tear me to pieces? You’re the one who’s going to get torn to pieces! Upon hearing her threats, Deception redirected his attack towards Golden Fragrance right away. Underground Tunneling Technique’s attack didn’t attack a set point, but a place in his visible range, so it could be used as an underground teleportation type skill. Deception set his sights on Golden Fragrance. He shot out from underground and went directly towards her the moment she entered his attack range.

Golden Fragrance was launched into the air by the sudden attack. Deception followed Ye Xiu’s advice for the moment. His character flipped, his head down and feet up, as he delivered a kick straight to Golden Fragrance’s chin with a Broken Flash.

The airborne Golden Fragrance flew even higher than before. While the surrounding players were still reacting to the sudden ambush, a battle spear shot down from the roof top. Its tip embedded itself into Golden Fragrance. With a fluid arc, the Circle Swing smashed the girl onto the rooftop. Lord Grim then swung out his hand, and a grenade leisurely fell into the crowd.

The crowd screamed for cover. The shock wave of the explosion had a blow away effect. Unless one went into a super armor, there was no way for one to deal with the effect.

On the other hand, the shock wave has no effect on Deception because he was on the same team as Lord Grim. He jumped up and stabbed his ninjato into the wall. Due to the low walls, he was on the rooftops within a second. Lord Grim already started to bash Golden Fragrance. Still annoyed by her earlier statements, Deception joined in without any hesitation, turing the situation into a group fight.

“You two are seeking death!” Golden Fragrance shouted.

The two continued attacking without replying.

“Our Excellent Dynasty won’t let you off easily!” Golden Fragrance continued.

“Humph, Excellent Dynasty Era? What’s that?” Deception didn’t even put these big guilds in his mind. He always stole these big guilds’ kills, so he was never scared of them anyways.

“Sister, are you a new to this? Do you even understand what the situation is right now? Do you know who I am?” Ye Xiu was also puzzled. He found this girl’s arrogance to be extremely childish.

“She’s the Golden Princess. She doesn’t care who you are.” Chen Guo cut in. Upon seeing Golden Fragrance, Chen Guo was excited. This time, she jumped right into the mood without any doubts. Her only regret in that moment was that her Chasing Haze couldn’t teleport to their location and join in on the fun.

“I know who you are, but with only yourself, what can you do?” Golden Fragrance was actually looking down on Ye Xiu, but it was Deception who got annoyed.

Only myself? These people don’t even see me in their eyes! Am I not a person???

This time, Deception completely misunderstood the conversation between Golden Fragrance and Ye Xiu. The two of them were talking from a different angle. Golden Fragrance wasn’t ignoring Deception at all. Deception had made a huge mockery out of her earlier by stealing her equipment with Ye Xiu earlier. Those actions had ensured a solid enmity between her and Deception.

“GO DIE!!” Deception roared and attacked even more furiously. This confused Ye Xiu even more. Are we on such a good terms already? She was talking about me, so why are you so angry? Ye Xiu didn’t realize that Deception had misunderstood the conversation.

“You take over?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I got it!” Deception replied without any hesitation.

“Faster.” Ye Xiu said and then took out a Gatling Gun. Bullets rained down in a downpour, washing down all the players who were trying to scale the wall.

Spells, grenades, missiles…

Ye Xiu threw down all of his long-distance skills to sweep the players away. The total damage couldn’t be considered to be fatal in any way. However, their attempts at reaching the rooftop were thoroughly crushed.

This time, Golden Fragrance was in a ten-person team. After she was knocked up, the other nine players tried their best at jumping up to rescue her, but all of their attempts were fruitless. Lord Grim defended the roof ferociously with all kinds of attacks. He wasn’t aiming to deal damage. All he wanted was keep the enemies at bay and make them fall back down.

Lord Grim glanced down from up high. There were other teams rushing over. After their whereabouts had been reported, the enemies had clearly called for reinforcements.

“How much longer?” Ye Xiu asked Deception.

“These garbage equips really suck!” Deception even cursed at himself. The attack power of the set he had for kill stealing was way too low for his liking. It didn’t help him vent his anger at all.

“Tell her to hand over her weapon, then we’ll spare her.” Ye Xiu continued.

“What kind of nonsense is this?” Deception didn’t understand Ye Xiu.

“Take it at face value.” Ye Xiu jumped out sideways while talking. With a Collapsing Mountain, he smashed another player, who was trying to jump up, back down into the alley.

“DIE!!!!” Deception roared. Ye Xiu turned around and found Golden Fragrance flying away with blood spilling from her mouth. He had no idea what skill Deception used to do that.

“F*ck! What a waste of time!!” Ye Xiu immediately abandoned the edge of the roof. Lord Grim jumped after her.

“She’s already dead!” Deception yelled.

“Equipment!” Ye Xiu yelled. With an agile leap, Lord Grim secured another piece of Golden Fragrance’s equipment that flew out from her corpse.

Deception was puzzled. I don’t understand him at all!

The three we killed before dropped equipments too, why didn’t he go after them with the same crazed excitement?

Could it be…… another Orange equip!!!

This time Deception had fun killing Golden Fragrance. He didn’t really care what equipment dropped. The corpse of the girl flying away was nothing more than a corpse in his eyes. He didn’t even bother looking at it. As of now, the equipment dropped was already in Lord Grim’s pocket. Was it another Orange equip? Is he one of those high level scrap pickers who only look for Orange equips to steal?

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